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I’ve registered on your forum, entered all data – but still – Diamond forum is locked for new topics. So I write here. I have two problems with autoplayer: - arrows, and play / pause button do not work. After click nothing happens. - autoplay for vimeo doesn’t work (I’ve read comments here before purchase and you said that all it takes to turn it on is just autoplay checkbox).

Then once you activate the purchase code you will be created an account where you can log in and submit the support ticket. Right there you can also manage all your purchase codes. Can you please do that. You can also send us your wp-admin details and we will check it for you. The information can be sent via a contact form on our TF profile page.

I cannot login using GT3 account. My e-mail is not found in database. Once I click “Go to your account” in wp-admin/gt3_activation_submenu_page it requires my login and password, but… I haven’t already created one. What can I do?

We’ve received your email and get back to you shortly. Thanks

hallo! How to remove prettyphoto deeplink in URL to my gallery photos? thanks

Hello! We provide support only to the end customers. TF stats shows that you did not buy this item

Hi, is there any way to remove the heart (like) buttons from the Gallery – Masonry? Also is there any way to make the thumbnails for landscape oriented images to display a little bit bigger? As of now, portrait oriented images are about double the size compared to landscape. Thanks.


GT3_Help Author Team

Hello! We don’t provide support via comments.Please register your profile in Product activation area in your theme. You will get access to your account in GT3 end. There you will be able to manage your orders, codes and ask for support. Please note that you didn’t purchase support. According to Envato’s (Themeforest) changes issued on September 1st 2015, we can’t provide support if the support service wasn’t purchased. You can find more official information here: You’ll need a valid Support License that you can purchase from the item page. Again, sorry for the inconvenience but we have to follow these guidelines to be fair to our customers who’ve purchased extended support & and follow Envato’s rules. Thank you very much for your understanding.

piphoto Purchased

hello, after updating the theme i had to activate it once… then it was restored i updated again and now its not taking the code for activation and i deleted the old themes… but i payed

Hello! Please do not worry. If you provide us with your purchase code we will asssist you. You can send it using the contact form on our TF profile page. Thanks

Hi, I’m trying to post for help on the official support forum but it is locked? I can’t view my site on any mobile device…it shows a blank screen or times out…only when editing or viewing on desktop it works. I need some help please and thank you.

Hello! We provide support forum via personal gt3themes accounts. Please update the theme to the latest version and you will be able to set up account and get dedicated support through it

Hello, I want to add a language switcher to a site could you recommend some plugin wich is good for black diamond theme? Thanks!

Hello! We support wpml and loco translate plugins

I sent an email, however I am unable to register my site after I moved it to another web provider as I get a message stating the site is already registered

Hello! Please send your envato purchase code via a contact form available on our TF profile page

Hello, im very interestet in this Theme but my Question is: Is it possible to use Woocommerce with this Theme? I found a answer from 2015, that the theme isnt working with Woocommerce. Have this updatet? Thanks for your answer.

Hi there! We had a low number of this feature requests, that’s why we haven’t integrated it. It can be done only as a custom solution

I emailed them 3 times as the theme does not allow me to play youtube videos on mobile device and emulator. 10 days after, still no acknowledgement or reply to my email which was posted via their support page (contact us). I would appreciated a FULL refund please. Your support system is 100% shambolic and that is an understatement as now I have failed to deliver a project in time for a client. One would not even add a post in the forum as it’s locked!

Thanks but no thanks!

Hello! 1. We’ve already answered your review submitted several minutes ago. 2. We use the ticket system which is available for all our customers via zendesk system. 3. The forum is not available because we’ve integrated personal accounts where our customers can get dedicated support

I did not receive your response having waited 3 days! I have checked my email and forum. It was not sent via the post (RoyalMail) as there are lots of backlog this time of the year.

Mind you, when I signed up to your forum, I received a notification (see below), ever since then, I have not received an acknowledgement to the 3 emails sent to you and I just tried logging to the forum today and it does not seem to recognise my information!

*Email starts

Hello Administrator,

The following is an e-mail sent to you through the administration contact page on “GT3 THEMES HELP FORUM”.

The message has been sent from an account on the site. Username: bizrusonline *Email Ends

Once again, I await your response to my query. If the issue cannot be resolved, a refund would be appreciated and I can get another theme that would meet my client requirement who is already cheesed off for not delivering at the stipulated time-frame!



GT3_Help Author Team

Hello! Please send the request via the form Our support team will assist you asap

Just updated the theme and now getting the message “This purchase code already activated!” when having to activate, is this a nice way of getting existing customers to pay $41 to renew the support???

Hello! It’s not related to the support renewal in no way. You either moved your site to a new domain or the Wordpress has been reset. We’ve already answered to your email. Please check it.

Is it possible to switch the Background Color of the Theme to white?

Hello! Are you looking for a light version of the design?

Yes exactly. A client likes the Design. And i cant see how easy it would be to switch the background color to white. For the Menu and the Text pages.

The thing is that there is no light version, it requires significant changes in the theme. It can be done as a custom solution.


ipala Purchased

After i activated theme than I delete and reinstall DIAMOND, but wordpress gives Purchase Validation error (already activated). I created a ticket but still no answer…


GT3_Help Author Team

Hello! We will reply asap. Please indicate your ticket id.


ipala Purchased

request id (9904) thanks.


GT3_Help Author Team

Our representative has replied to your ticket.

Is the description field on the full screen view unfiltered to allow for html5 embed. i.e can i put a Soundcloud embed in the description field. Do i need to remove a character limit or syntax filter? Thanks (check picture for what i mean )

Hi there! It’s supported in Fullscreen slider, you will get this

Hi all,

I have a little problem about gallery options. I need edit to opicity settings from gallery images. I didnt found this option. Please advise me.


This Import demo content not working Been waiting half an hour and nothing happened Please help me

Hello! It’s impossible. Please provide your site credentials and we will check it, you can send them via a contact form available on our TF profile page

i sent information

We will check it ASAP