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Hi i like your Diamond theme, but i found a problem.

Ich i show the photos on your gallerie demo with the smartphone, the lage image from the see dont autoswitsch in the middle on the screen.

So i must scroll down if i like to see on the middle, but i dont like this for my visitors.

Have you patch for this?

You can check the demo, it has been updated

The Gallerie doesnt work more on Smartphone and Computer :(

Please clear the cache because the CSS has been updated.

Hello! I´d like to know how works the photo proof feature. When i visit the menu, i see heart icon and nothing more. How is the admin panel regard to the proffing feature? Will I see different items for each client in control panel?


GT3_Help Author Team

Please indicate the screen dimensions of your mobile device. We will test everything. Unfortunately, I don’t know the mobile device you are talking about.

i will not buy your theme. my questions has niot been answered cleary. good luck


GT3_Help Author Team

I asked you to provide screen dimension to be able to test the theme and restore all the reported issues on our end. This is standard procedure ask questions to understand whats wrong.

I notice the About page is different to the other pages in your demo which I prefer. How is the image added to the background? Is it a “featured image” or done vie a page builder? Thank you.

When you select the custom template, there is an option to add background image

Ah great! Very easy! Thank you! :)

You are welcome

Does your video background support youtube/vimeo or self hosted ones?

Hello! It support Youtube and Vimeo only. Thanks

Hi, is this theme support RTL?

Hello! We did not test the theme for RTL support.

You should consider mobile users when creating a template as amazing as this… i love the theme on desktop but tried inspecting it on different devices the menu doesn’t show well on mobile while the background video distorts the site, is there a way one can see the welcome message on mobile too? Need to know all this before i purchase cos most of my audience are mobile users

Hello! 1. We do not experience any issue with the mobile menu, tested on different Iphones and Ipads. Please be more specific what phone do you test it on? 2.Are you referring to this page ? 3. What welcome message do you mean? Thanks for your interest in our theme.

Hello, I have a 404 error message when I create a nex portfolio or gallery. Could you tell me why? And how can I do to have a fullscreen diaporama on my home page? Thanks for your help! Bye

Hello! Please go to the permalinks and save them.

Hello! Yes, we are aware of this, thanks. It was stolen, the report has been issued.

I am having 404 error on every page

Hello! Please update your permalinks. If it does not help, please provide your site credentials using the contact form on our tf profile page. Thanks


piphoto Purchased

Why in a fullscreen slideshow with fotos and videos after a vimeo video won’t jump to the next picture? Thanks

Hello! There is an issue with Vimeo API, we are aware of this issue


piphoto Purchased

So there is no solution to this? Is it possible to get the video to start automatically from a youtube link ? Thanks

Please let us know your email and we will get back to you once we have some info from our devs. Thanks

The submenu doesn´t work very well, it closed so fast and I dont have time to choose the link ¿How can I fix this?


GT3_Help Author Team

Hello! Did you link the main menu items to pages? Pleas read the forum post.

In the mobile versión works very well but at the computer the submenu dissapear in 1 sec, Ive read the forum post but I dont see how to fix it, if I change the name of the submenu with the ”#” the name its going to change ¿How can I solve it?


GT3_Help Author Team

You don’t need to change the name of the item. Please read the info more carefully. You need to use Custom links to add the menu item and replace link with the sign #

Hello! One of or clients had purchased and setup this theme on their website. They have asked me to add more time to the “testimonial slider” – is this possible? I’ve been trying to figure out how, but no luck. I appreciate your reply.

Thank you

Hello! Yes, its possible, please post this request on our help forum at

Hi A friend of mine has this theme with installed polylang plugin and added as widget below the menu. Is there are way to move it above menu items and below logo (also centered) Thanks

The code can be added to the header file.

Is there a chance that you can write a little more specific the exact position in header.php to add code, because i can’t figure it out. Thanks

We provide support and assistance only for customers who purchased the product.

Hi ı have a problem when ı want to login admin, ı am writing username and password but writing to me “Sorry, is not allowed to access this page.” what can ı do thank you

Please wait some time. If the content will not loading please increase timeout for single PHP function

ı wait bu ti dosent do this code ini_set(‘max_execution_time’, 300); //300 seconds = 5 minutes ı must put in functions.php file or another

Please send the website credentials to support[at]

How did you do your contact page like in the demo where you have the box in the middle of the page with all of the info and the large google map in the background. In your demo it says its the fullscreen one, but there is nowhere that i see for me to select that option

the email came from to the contact us section on the GT3 theme help page, username is scrapbookme

did you find the support ticket? I have not got a reply

Can’t locate any ticket, you can also send it to help at gt3themes dot com

Hello, Where can I change the hover colour of the text?: #00d8ff

Hello! TF stats shows that you did not purchase this item. Thanks

On your demo, when you go to galleries>album, what template is that, when I select the template that I have which is gallery – albums, it does not have the white borders around the albums, and when i click on the albums, the side menu and the circle images at the bottom like you have in the demo done automatically appear, I have to click on the black option circle to get that to open, how do i get my galleries to look exactly like you have yours in the demo?

Hello! Are you referring to this type of the gallery Did you import the demo content ? Thanks

Hi, I am looking into buying the Diamond theme, but I was curious: is there any way to show the info of an image through your theme? Specifically: can I show the caption? My work relies heavily on captions and I need it for my portfolio site. Kindest,


Hello! Thanks for your interest in our theme. What type of the gallery are you interested in, or maybe you are looking for portfolio functionality? You can check the demo here

I did look at the demo. I was wondering if i could incorporate captions into the Ribbon gallery. Like an info sign or something where I can show captions? I don’t see one in the demo

Please check this page at the very top you can see the title of the page + images titles.

hello dear author i am trying to get some answers for my broken diamond theme since a few days i am posting anywhere and you dont reply maybe it is the best to cancel diamond and you give me the money back hope to hear from you, you recomended author hahahaha sonja if you cannot fix my problems now i will contact envato for next steps if you want to know about my problems go looking for them in the forum

It feels like an annoying jungle … Man does not really know where and when to contact … I think we have fixed the problem … I hope it does not come any more …

... the errors were difficult to analyze. Then forums are pointless.

German support would also be helpful …

it would be nicer and help fuller to have an e- mail address of you!


GT3_Help Author Team

Sorry for inconvenience. We always try to do all the best to help our customers. We will consider your suggestion and take into account the situation that happened. Thanks for your understanding. You can contact us directly via the contact form at our website or send emails to support[at]

Is this theme Woocommerce compatible?

Hello! We did not integrate the full compatibility for the woocommerce. If you need one, you can order this integration. Thanks