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Thanks for the response to my previous question. Another one for you, how do I edit the slide order for the bridesmaids and groomsmen slides. I added a new slide that became the first slide but I want it to be the last in order.

Thanks, Tyler

My pleasure Tyler.

There is an update on it’s way (in the next week) that will contain slide ordering. That being said, in the interim, if you need to accomplish this then you could always upload the slides in the original intended order.

Once the update is approved by the review team you will be notified by email.



Hi Tyler,

Just a follow up to this thread – you can change the order of the slides by updating your published date.

e.g. If you want a specific slide to show first, then change the date to be the most up to date. If you want it to show last, then back date it as you need to.

Let me know if you need more help with this.



Hey Leo,

Great work on this Theme.

Please advice, if “blocks” (i.e. Grooms etc.) are editable? Can I remove and add them?

I mean, I need structure below: Logo, Static/sliding photo, Text on wedding, Gallery, Adress block, and my fiancé wants comments block, like HyperComments, or something.

Will I be able to construct such a structure on your template?

Maybe this is a stupid question, Thanks,


Hi Artem,

The theme currently only supports only one photo gallery as it is part of the Photo custom post type.

An alternative, could be to add your extra photos in the Blog section, this is just a thought of course.

If multiple Photo galleries are requested I will consider it as a future enhancement to the theme.

Yes, the 10 photos in the gallery is a bug. I have limited internet access so I am unable to submit the fix. That being said, if you follow these instructions it should do the trick from your end.

Step 1 – In your WordPress admin area go here

Plugins > Editor > Eternity Collection Suite Plugin > eternity-collection-suite/eternity-gallery.php

Step 2 – find this code block

$the_query = new WP_Query(array(
            'post_type'           => 'photo',
            'post_status'         => 'publish',
            'post__in'            => $post_include, //array
            'post__not_in'        => $post_exclude, //array
            'ignore_sticky_posts' => 1,

Step 3 – replace with this

$the_query = new WP_Query(array(
            'post_type'           => 'photo',
            'post_status'         => 'publish',
            'posts_per_page'      => -1,
            'post__in'            => $post_include, //array
            'post__not_in'        => $post_exclude, //array
            'ignore_sticky_posts' => 1,

Let me know if this does not work and I can email you the file instead for you to replace.



Hi Leo,

That thing worked!



How do I make the Groomsmen and Bridesmaid photos smaller? I want them at about 1/2 the size that they are now.


Thank you!

Hi @verserkristen,

Thanks for the purchase. In regards to your question…

You can reduce the size of the images in those sections by reducing the container size.

Essentially, follow these steps.

1. Go to Groomsmen/Bridesmaids pages 2. Find the shortcode that displays like this

[column class="small-11 small-centered large-8 large-centered columns"]
3. Change the
attribute to something smaller, perhaps
? 4. You’re done

Note, that by doing this, your images will allow show smaller on desktop, if you need tweaking for mobile then you can adjust the small grid accordingly as well.

See how you go and if you have any further questions let me know.



Hello, first I want to say this theme is awesome. I have installed and edited this theme at www.thelongestwedding.com

I have two questions. The first is, why does it take so long to load the page ( i have a 30mbit connection). Is it because the images I chose are too large, I wanted them large so when people click on the photos they will go to full scale. My second question is in firefox it shows one of the photo gallery images on the 3rd row in column 1, it is supposed to be 2nd row column 4. However, in chrome it doesn’t show up like this.

Also it seems to freeze when I get to the bridesmaids when using an iPhone 5s. Could this be due to the large size of the picture? I used 889×558 resolution. Any tips or suggestions? Should I use jpg images or png images? Sorry I’m very new to all of this but I have learned quite a bit by playing around with it for the past 2 weeks. I figured I would comment and ask on here for help. Thanks in advance!

Thanks buddy. Really appreciated.

One last question…how do you recommend I link facebook and pinterest in the header? I have tried a couple of plugins but none have been appealing. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance. The site has come a long way and since I have optimized the images for web it seems to run more efficient.

Hi @jglongest,

Do you have an example of how and where you want to link up those social network?

Happy to hear the site is more efficient and great work on taking action with that!

Hello! Thanks for this amazing theme. I have a problem when trying to asign a new header image: it shows me a blank page after the crop step.

Do you have any idea what it could be? I’ve searched over google and wordpress forums but with no success. I know it is something to do with wordpress, not with the theme, but I need sugestions on what it could be.

Thank you so much!


Of course! I really recomend this theme! :D

If you go here you can do it directly http://themeforest.net/downloads, thanks again @susipop

Just saw it, thanks so much.

Great template, could use a bit more documentation on customizing certain aspects but otherwise—really love it.

Question, how do you alter the max amount of photos allowed in the gallery section? it seems that I’m being capped off at 10 visible thumbnails.

Hey Leo,

Thanks for following up! As far as the install, I followed your instructions via the documentation and used the dummy content as filler per your instructions.

Even when I take out my custom CSS—I am capped on 10 photos. Are there any themechills plugin settings that would be causing this?

Thanks for checking @brytdesigns,

Could you private message me your login credentials for your website and I’ll see if I can pin point the issue?

I’ll have access to a desktop in the coming week or so.



P.S: Re plugin, not sure, but that’s what I’ll investigate as well.

Great theme! Would there be any way to add widgets below the menu?

Many thanks

Thanks @kendojoe, appreciate your feedback.

Currently the theme doesn’t support custom widgets under the menu. If it becomes a highly sort out feature then I’ll be sure to add it to the list on the next update.

Out of curiosity, what information did you want added in that area?

Thats ok. I was hoping to put social media links under the menu, but have put this in the footer section instead. I was also thinking of maybe adding a twitter feed under the menu.

One other thing – is there a a way to have the flex slider autoslide? I cannot seem to find this option within the theme but see from the flexslider that it should be possible.


To have the flexslider autoslide is definitely possible. What you could do is define the necessary parameters in the custom.js file.

Once you do this, the functionality should kick in. Bear in mind, this will only work if the plugin has been activated, otherwise it will throw an error so make sure you set it up this way.



Hey Leo, quick question again…lol My fiance wants people to be able to comment on the site. The only way I see that happening is by creating a blog page and then having like a thank you submit your comments below (she doesn’t want to blog). When I did that i noticed that the Easy Backstretch links do not work because the root directory goes to thelongestwedding.com/thankyou/#ourstory for example, which is not a valid link. Any suggestions or how to create a different comments box at the bottom of the page without using the blog? I noticed it does this on the live preview version as well.

Because that is new functionality the theme would not support that out of the box. That’s not to say it’s not possible, it just means it would be a custom job.

One idea that comes to mind is to look into a third party commenting system like Disqus…I’m not 100% sure how the integration works, but if they have some kind of shortcode, then you could add it as a page and you would have comments available.

Just an idea, but like I said, you may need to investigate this further…



Hi I’m having trouble with the navigation on the page. I’m trying to get it to just be a single page and slide to the section but when the link is clicked it just reloads the page. I saw that something with the navigation was updated in 1.4 and do have that version. Is there something else I might be missing?


Hi @nsw1216,

Thanks for the purchase. So I looked at your site, are you wanting to setup your website for each section to have its individual pages? Or do you want it the same as the live preview?

Note that the fix that was put in place, was for when you are in a corresponding single page view, you can then click back to the one page setup and not the corresponding section (this being where all sections are displayed on the one page).

Hope that clears things up, though if you need more help let me know. I will have limited internet access over the next 2 weeks, though will try my best to get back to you.

Thanks again,


Thanks I ended up figuring it out. I had a page selected on the static page. Thanks for replying so quickly!


Purchased this for a wedding website. I purchased it because I saw that there’s been a new side-menu update. I’m having trouble accessing the new side-menu.

Do you have a more updated download link?

Thanks @boogiegraphics,

You will see my response to @timwoolsey. Once I push through a fix for this you will be notified. That bring said, side navigation will only show on desktop devices or those with high resolutions.



Hey Leo, hope your overseas trip went well. I’m currently using the Mac Book Pro 13 Inch and when I zoom out of Chrome, I can tell that the sidebar navigation comes on screens over 1280px.

Is there anyway to lower that # to something like 980px or higher.


Still actually overseas but yes it’s going really well, thanks for asking. I’ve replied to your other comment so feel free to check it out.

Thanks mate,


Hi there,

I’m having the same problem as @booglegraphics.

My website is showing up with the black navigation bar instead of the sidebar, but when i go full screen in my browser the navigation bar comes back. For some of my friends it shows up correctly, for others it does not.

This seems to be a recent problem – could you help?


Hi @timwoolsey,

Thanks for your comment.

The black bar should show on smaller screens and not on larger screens (usually desktops). That would explain why you and your friends are seeing different things. The theme is responsive which means it caters to the device at hand.

That being said, there is a minor bug on iPad landscape mode with the navigation that has been identified.

As soon as a fix is in place you will be notified.

Thanks again and apologies for the inconvenience.


Hi there!

Just purchased your theme (Great by the way) but i’m having so much trouble to understand how to post photos like in the demo…. Epic fail i know… I created my “photos” page etc. But i can’t find the shortcode or the gallery plugin i need.

Thanks a lot!

Hi @fige,

Thanks so much.

Have you uploaded the demo content? This will greatly help so would recommend doing this first as it will replicate what is on the live preview.

Otherwise, what you can do is now that you created a Photos section, go to your Photos custom post type and add your collection as featured images then the corresponding title you wish.

See if that works.

I won’t be contactable for the next week as I will be in a remote area but if you have any other questions add it to the thread and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can

Thanks again,



Thanks! Ok just did it! Works great! =)

Awesome! :)

I am having the same sidebar/navigation issue as @timwoolsey and @boogiegraphics

Essentially this theme replaces the left hand navigation with a black “Navigate To” top bar for smaller screens. However this menu only works on very small screens. If you load the site on say an iPad (in landscape mode) the menu does not work. It does however work in portrait mode on an iPad as the screen is then smaller. You can test this on your computer by reducing you browser’s window size and testing if the top black menu works. My guess is that the javascript files determine the screen sizes at which the left or top navigation will appear and there is a missing set of screen sizes. I believe the javascript files are encoded so I can not check this.

I would be grateful for a suggested fix for this ASAP as our invitations have been posted and we will have guests going to the site from today!

Thanks in advance.

Thanks for that @realworldcs.

You are correct. The navigation seems to have a small bug when on iPad landscape view. I will prioritise this fix as soon as I have access to a desktop.

I am currently overseas till the end of July though will try my best to get this sorted as soon as I can.

That being said, the site content will still be fully accessible to your guests so it won’t be as though they won’t see the information.

Please know as soon as this is fixed I will personally let you know.

Apologies for the inconvenience and I appreciate your understanding.



Hi there,

I would like to purchase this theme but want to know if I can customise the options in the RSVP a bit more. For example, there are meal choices, high chair options, music options, accommodation options etc that I would like guests to choose. So I would like to ask the questions in my own words and also have the answer options available as radio buttons, check boxes and/or empty text fields if possible.


Hi @lava123,

Thanks for your question. Yes, of course you can customize the form to suit your needs. It will require updating the inputs you need but it shouldn’t be anything too problematic.

The form itself is powered by Contact Form 7, which is a very popular plugin for WP. If anything check that out first and see if it suits. I think it will.

Any other questions just let me know.



Temporary fix on the sidebar issue

Warning: This merely a temporary fix for people like me who HAS to publish this website right now. When Leo releases a better fix then please use that one as I’m not sure what this will do to your site.

I’m currently using a Mac book pro 13 inch and I’ve tweaked the code so that the sidebar appears on screens my size (Up to 968px).

The media queries are written in em not px… but here’s a nice converter if you need this in a specific size: http://pxtoem.com/

Step 1: Go to foundation.min.css (themes_folder/assets/css/) Do a global search for 80em (which is 1280px) and bring that number to your desired screen size (I did 60.5em which is 968px)

Step 2: Go to media-queries.css (themes_folder/assets/css/) and do the same as above… changing the 80em into what ever your heart desires.

Then you’re all set.

Bonus: I found it redundant to have the logo there again and it was also messing up with my display so I went into the style.css (or you can do this on your child-theme css).

Add the following code:

.logo {display:none;}

Take a look at my site here… http://jcqu.es/1oikPov – Now to go and actually fill it in.

Ps: My proposal video http://jcqu.es/now_engaged

Hope this helps.

Thanks @boogiegraphics. I appreciate you sharing what you did.

I do want to clarify that the fix I will be putting in place is for the navigation to be displayed on iPad landscape view. There will be no side navigation as that is not how the break points have been designed to work. So essentially the top black bar nav will show and expand on the users touch event.

That being said if one does want it enabled on smaller devices then your approach will work quite nicely.

Just wanted to clarify the above so we are all on the same page.

Thanks again mate,



I’ve just bought your theme. It’s beautifully designed.

How do I translate the theme? I need to translate the “and” that shows in the header between the names of the two people.

Would you please tell me how to do that?

Thanks a lot! Leonel

Never mind about that, I’ve already found the solution.

Another question, what shall I do if I wanted my contact form to look exactly like yours?


One question more please,

I need to have a page at the top, before the header. Is it possible to do that or the header will always be at top?


Hi @leonelargentina,

Thanks for the lovely comment. Appreciate it.

Re your questions…

1. For the contact form to look like that seen in the live preview you could upload the demo content and an exact copy would be created. I show how this is done in the video walk through. Just note this is recommended for a fresh install only, so keep that in mind.

2. By header what do you mean? You can email me a screenshot if you like so I have a better indication of what you need.

Note, I will be away over the next few days so may not be able to get back to you straight away.

Thanks again,


I’m still only able to allow up to 10 photos as well. I’m on the 1.3 version and noticed the 1.4. I downloaded and tried to upload but said fail. How do I update to the 1.4 version without losing all my work on the 1.3 version already online. Need the fix for the iPad landscape and the photo gallery.


Hi @lalaboowho,

To update to the latest version you can do this by uploading the parent theme folder and overwriting the old ones. As long as all your changes were done through the child theme then you will not lose anything.

The fixes you speak of I’m aware of and will be available on the next version.

You will be notified through email when this is approved.



Hi there,

Like another customer, I’m also being capped at 10 photos for the photos section. How can I enable the theme to do more than 10 photos?

Thank you!

Another question—is there a way to password protect the RSVP portion of the site? I can do it on the page level (/rsvp), but on the homepage it still shows the form. Thanks!

Hi @juliabinti,

Re cap issue, yep, I’m aware as soon as I know more I’ll let you know.

Re password protecting the RSVP on the one page view, this is not supported. That is not to say it’s not possible but will require custom coding to achieve this.

Hope that clears things up, thanks.


If you click into a blog post none of the menus work in the left panel to navigate back home or any of the pages. I tried in different browsers, am i doing someone wrong if is this a big and will it be fixed?

Hi @ecmweb,

Can you check if you have the latest version of the theme? The intended behavior of the navigation when on a single page view is for it to link back to the homepage, this was a fix that was put in place within the latest version of the theme.

You will see this functionality on the live preview.



I’m having the same problem as @timwoolsey @realworldcs @boogiegraphics (instead of sidebar “Navigate to…” shows up.)

The sidebar used to show up fine until yesterday on my 13-inch Mac, and now it doesn’t anymore. So, this is not just an iPad problem.

Please let me know when this is fixed.

Hi @DeeKeilholz,

Thanks for letting me know. I am aware of the bug. Though a reminder that the black bar will show dependant on the breakpoint. Usually on iPads it is this, unsure about 13 inch Mac as it’s not part of my testing suite.

Once a fix is in place for the menu items to display you will definitely be notified.

Currently overseas but this is high on my to do list once I’m back.