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Great work! Congrats! :)

Thanks AirTheme!

Excellent work!!! Good luck with sales!

Thank you Juan!

nice work, gud luck :)

I’m a big fan of MODX and your work. This is a great combination Simon.

Thanks! Inspiring words coming from an inspiring author :-)

I think I am your first customer for this theme and while the UI is nice, the documentation / support is very poor – especially in comparison to the other MODX themes avail here.

In addition, the Configuration component to customize this theme doesn’t seem to exist – just the one for the FORM.

Lastly, I followed your instructions to visit your website for support, inputed my Purchase Code and - nothing.

I would like to continue to use this theme however these obstacles have made any progress on my work impossible.

Your assistance and prompt attention is sincerely appreciated.

Thanks in advance,


I see this post after our e-mail exchange, so i believe you have my e-mail :)

What variables to consider are you talking about? If you mean the TV’s (template variables from MODX), they are all controlled from the customisation panel in the admin manager.

Again, i just created the support thread for the MODX theme this morning after the first purchase occurred during the week-end while i was away. You should now be able to enter your purchase code and open a ticket.

Alternatively, i am happy to provide help via e-mail, since we have already started going that route.

I hope that at the end of the day you can re-assess your “very poor” support and documentation comment..

Thank you Simon for helping me resolve my issue quickly via email.

I look forward to your future works.

~ S

No worries :-) Glad we got it sorted!

One of the most helpful authors on Envato.

I highly recommend Simon and his work.

~ S

Thank you – happy to help. Good luck with your launch!

Hey Simon,

I love this theme, really well done!

One question: is it possible to add a qualification form at the bottom to include alongside the sign-up? E.g. Name, company, role…Sign-up.

Thanks, M

Hi M,

It’s not possible out of the box, but pretty easy to implement if you know MODX a bit (FormIt plugin) and the bootstrap form markup.

It’s just a matter of creating the new fields in the form, adding optional validation to them and adding these in the notification e-mail.

Hey Great work!

Actually i want to know how to update the contact details and i am getting twitterx Error too so can you please help me with this

double up, see below :)

Hey Great work!

Actually i want to know how to update the contact details and i am getting twitterx Error too so can you please help me with this

I would be happy to help if you provide me the purchase code for the template – right now i don’t see a ‘purchased’ badge next to your username. If you purchased with another account, you can contact me with that account :)

Really beautiful

Thank you sir!