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Discussion on Foundry Multipurpose HTML + Variant Page Builder

Discussion on Foundry Multipurpose HTML + Variant Page Builder

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Hi, This template is amazing. Does this come with the page builder? Does it also contain the source files of the page builder?


Yes, the Variant page builder comes in the download package, and you should use the version that comes in your purchased zip file. Just open builder.html in the variant folder. Sorry but no, the Variant source is encrypted. It is intended only as an aid to help you build a site using the template.

Please remember, each site you publish anywhere requires you to purchase another single license.

Thanks, James

Why is this still in bootstrap 3? It contains vulnerability. :(

bootstrap 3.3.5 has Cross-site Scripting (XSS) vulnerability.

You can drop in bootstrap.min.js from v3.4.1 to resolve that. I’ll update the package soon.

Thanks for the heads up!


Thank you! Looking forward for the Bootstrap 4!

Hi, I want to buy another template that uses Variant. I exported one local page made with the template I have and tried to import it to your demo and it says “JSON error”. So my question is: if I want to design a page with all your modules (and let’s say I buy 3 more Variant templates from you), will I be able to do that. Add more modules? or edit the page I already have built with a new template and add a different module to it? Thanks!

Hi there,

No, each template is completely separate and they are not intercangeable. JSON error is because you are trying to import pages that were exported from a different template.

If you want to get crafty (and we don’t support this process) you can edit builder.html to change modules that are available to you in variant. This is an unsupported action, but if you are confident in HTML you will be able to add some sections to Variant.


Do you have plans to update to Bootstrap 4? If you do, what’s the timeline? HTML template looks good, but that’s the only thing holding me back to make the purchase.

Sorry but no, at this point, the return on investment for updating Foundry to Bootstrap v4+ would not be strong enough to warrant the work.

Foundry is to be purchased as-is.


Hi. Are all pages included in the live demo included in the package? Is the license unlimited?


The license means you can publish one site. If you want to publish another site, you must purchase another license.

All pages you see in the live demo are provided in the download package, however they are provided as HTML pages, not editable .variant files.


Hi, The template looks great, is there one-page layout in the template? thanks

Hi there, yes, you can make a one page site with Foundry.

To do this, you would link to sections within your page and smooth scroll will handle the animation.


I see medium_rare has many “Multi Purpose HTML with Page Builder” like: Stack, Foundry, Pivot, Pillar.

I want Builder to use Bootstrap 4, help me choose the best, the latest one. Thanks

Hello, Jumpstart is our latest product here on Themeforest but Stack is the most fully featured builder.


Dear James,

do you have any news regarding the instagram feed? Are there any solutions to make it working?

KR Nik.

Sorry but there is not working solution for Instagram feeds.


Will you update the template for Bootstrap 4?

Sorry but no, Foundry will not be updated to Bootstrap 4.


Hi, we’ve been using Foundry for some time now but have noticed that recently Vimeo videos aren’t playing in Chrome, Firefox and Edge. It looks like this is an SSL issue as inspecting the url of an iframe video the link shows as http rather than https. Is there a solution to this?

Hi, just to update, YouTube videos play no problem but Vimeo videos won’t play in Foundry. Any update for the issue?

Hi there,

On line 382 of scripts.js, add an s to http and it will be solved.

Kind regards, James

I have the same problem of the the comment above, if SSL is active, Vimeo don’t play the video.

Just another think, I buyed the extension support but it’s not active

Hi there,

On line 382 of scripts.js, add an s to http and it will be solved.

Kind regards, James

The builder is good – okay.. The only thing i can see that takes alot of time as a developer is the menus (NO Clone for multiple pages).. That a pain having to add link on menus for each page u create or maybe I am missing something here. ( Is there a shortcut to clone the menu ?


When you first edit the menu (the first time you edit it with a key stroke) you will be prompted to save that menu with a name. Then once it is saved you will see it as an option on the Nav selector. If you choose this nav on a different page the changes that you made will be applied to that page. From then on, the changes you make to the nav are made across all pages that share that nav.


Please release an update. It is very OLD!!

Sorry but Foundry will not be receiving further updates.

Hi ..I’m not sure support is working… Can you tell me how to reverse the opacity on the masonry images. It currently goes dark when you roll over. I really I would like it to be a darker opacity to start and as you rollover this is removed..effectively lighting the tile up

This template was last updated on 24 May 17.

We want to buy it or we need it but wondering whether there is an updated version somewhere.


hello user can make website url from my website and use this pahe BULDER

Hi there, I’m not sure what your statement or question is. Can you please clarify?


i,mean tje user can make account amd use websitebuilder i want male blogger website user make blog under my website my website wi9.co i want use this to male blogger

Hi guys,

did you not see my support ticket? #2864677 It’s two weeks old and you haven’t replied yet.


ccanham Purchased

Is it easy to change the google fonts? Looking to use Averia Serif Libre.


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