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oooh sorry i can’t see the blog pages or am i missing something? badly wanna get this! please when do you wanna add blog pages?


Yes. I am going to add blog page in next week. I will definitely notify you.


Please do so. Would appreciate!!!!!!

Hello, template updated for blog, thanks.

Hello grepfrut!

Whats the easy way to customize this great template?


Thank you.

Hello Sands2k,

Dreamweaver or any HTML editor you are comfortable with.

Thanks, Tansh

Is blog set up yet?

thanks. my partner just purchased and downloaded – will he have to redownload?

Yes, he will need to re-download. I will let you know, once theme is updated.

Hello, template updated for blog, thanks.

Hi Tansh,

I seem to be having an issue on my site on iphone 5. Its not on yours as it works properly but mine only when trying to scroll past the image below the menu. On mine it won’t scroll unless I do it fast enough that it scrolls over that part. Can I PM you details somewhere?

Not a huge issue but one thats been bugging me. great theme by the way. Will get WP one when released.


Hello PP,

Drop me your link through profile page form. Will ask for your folder if necessary, later.

Thanks, Tansh

Mine doesn’t look anything like the live demo here either.

I get a weird menu bar rather than the real one .

And I get two scroll buttons that often lock the site.

Hello Sands2k,

Menu is converted to simple select dropdown, and prev-next arrows are provided instead of icon-tabs for slider, for mobile versions.

Menu has taken style according to browser. I do not have iphone, but do have ipad (ios5), getting same menu as yours for my demo too.

You can remove arrows easily, if do not need them.

Thanks, Tansh

when is the blog pages updated?


Update is in review queue, will get approved by tomorrow (guess so..!). I will let you know once it is approved .


Hello, template updated for blog, thanks.

thanks, sent you an email

Yes, read it yesterday, thanks.

sent you a reply

One of the nicest themes I have seen in some time!

Many thanks Michael!

The slider doesn´t work in iphone 4 and 4s. What is happening.

Working fine for me.

send me the link where you test from. Is working on google chrome but not in safari

Demo link? Same as provided for live preview.

Really nice looking theme.

The only issue I have is that the indentation in the HTML and JavaScript files seems to be a bit funny and inconsistent.

Beside that, great work!

Many thanks :) . Comment from a man with “Envato Developer” badge means a lot.

Will surely consider your suggestion.

Thanks again.

Could you update the demo with the blog template? On the fence and that might do it. ;)

Beautiful template either way, and obviously well supported!

Thanks Apposl. Demo is updated for blog. You can find link in header navigation, under ‘Pages’.

Demo still points at nothing for Blog. http://tanshcreative.com/grepfrut-st-demo/index.html# is the link for every ‘Blog’ part of the demo, under the header ‘Pages’ and at the footer.

I WAS able to find the BLOG for those looking by typing this in manually: http://tanshcreative.com/grepfrut-st-demo/blog.html (unable to view individual blog posts though, would that be a ‘not included’ additional page?)


Hi again,

Links are there in header navigation (third level).

1. Pages > Blog > Multiposts
2. Pages > Blog > Single Blogpost


Great work. Any suggestions on a PHP mailer and implementation of a “success” for sent mail via the contact form?


Help document will provide help regarding contact form. Drop me mail through profile page if any query while setting it up.


Hi, Great template! Could you please let me know where you sourced the images used in the slider in the home page? Maybe with link? Very many thanks.

Hello, Please mail me through profile page. Thanks.

quick question about color for some of the text…I changed the text color in the header and footer and it displays fine on the desktop with different browser sizes, but on my IPad the color of the numbers are different…any ideas?

Could you please mail your link through profile page? Will have a look and let you know.

just sent

Any suggestions for a more elegant “message sent” notification from the contact form? Most preferably a modal or success message on the same page

Hi, success message is displayed on the same page. You may refer demo.

ok, i think that I missed a step….let me check


how can I define different galleries for the photo carousels in the home page? inside


Hi, it will just need to add two separate ids for carousels and separate rel attributes for prettyphoto of each carousel, in their function (head section of home page) like …

$('#carousel-1, #carousel-2').elastislide
$("a[rel^='prettyPhoto[gallery1]'], a[rel^='prettyPhoto[gallery2]']").prettyPhoto({

Then give ids and attributes in HTML.

It will be better if you could drop me mail through profile page, I will send the detailed help file.


Guys, any plan to do it for wordpress ? Best, Niels

Hi, Will take some time. Not sure about exact time period. Thanks

Hello, Grepfrut WordPress Version available now. Thanks.