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Hi, Please check FlexSlider is not working in IE9 http://www.odeskclients.com/IE9-Issue.jpg

Working fine. Check your compatibility view / or whether you have allowed blocked content.

Hi, I can not get the accordion to work within multiple tabs, is this possible do you have some sample code? Thanks, Ben


Accordions have ‘id’, id can not be repeatedly used in same page. Give different ids to all accordions, they will work fine.


level 2 submenu doesn’t show up in chrome

I had to manually put .ddsmoothmenu{overflow: visible} then it worked.

Great product. Thank you

Great you worked it out. Thanks.

I wanted to buy your theme but can’t until you sort out this problem. The error is with flexslider. Open the demo site, then click on the first tab in flex slider then you are not able to click on the other tabs if you first clicked on the first tab. Please sort out this problem asap, so I can buy it.

Hello, making animationloop ‘false’ for slider solves this. Check demo now. Will consider it in coming update. Thanks.

Awesome theme!!

Got one question though: It seems that my top sub-navigation opens horizontally instead of vertically. How can this be fixed?

Mail me your link (through profile page). I’m not available for support for 2-3 days. Will let you know as soon as possible. Thanks.

How’s the solution coming along? Thanks.

Replied to your mail. Thanks.

This is a phenomenal theme. Thanks!

Thanks a lot!

I’ve downloaded the theme, and its working fine on the browsers, but each time i try to open in it dreamweaver cs5, the program crashes :s

there is a problem loading the bootstrap.css file into dreamweaver, is there anything you can help me with to overcome this problem?


Hi, working fine me with dreamweaver. No clue about this. Thanks.

Hi Tansh, as mentioned by a few other people in the comment, I am also having the same issue with the website ‘freezing’ on an iphone.

I think the issue is that the area where the slider content sites, cannot be used to scroll the website up or down as it is being used for the slider functionality.

The only way that the website can be scrolled is by using the area to the far left or far right of the slider.

This is a big problem as it makes the whole website inaccessible from the home page.

Have you, or any other user found a solution?

Other than that, great theme! I look forward to a solution for this issue.

Thanks Bec

Hello Bec,

Was not available for support last week, thanks for your patience. Could you drop me mail through profile page along with your link? Will look into this.

Really nice and cool theme, but it dosen’t look well in IE8 and I’m assuming is the same in IE7. No rounded corners or images, topmenu breaks, no text-shadow tec. Is there something I can do to “fix” it. I’ve added a reference to http://html5shim.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/html5.js but no effect. You can have a look at it here: https://dl.dropbox.com/u/2238830/GrepfrutIE8.png

Best regards

Hi, use of PIE works for rounded corners etc. As far as from my side purposefully ignored beauty in IE8 :)

PIE dosen’t help at all.

I’m sorry to be rude, but what you’re saying is totally lame: half of my clients are employed in some large companies that are still using IE7 and 8 and few of them even 6. So they do not choose which browser to use. They are forced to use it. I agree 100% to drop the old Microsoft browsers-crap, but it is not as easy you and me might think. By boycotting old IE browser many of us are boycotting our own business. And that’s money, that pays my salary and your beautiful work. I think you should correct one important detail, Compatible Browsers, and remove IE8 from the list, as it is not true: the design breaks.


Let me clear, what I’ve written in compatibility is true. Template do not break in IE8, it works totally fine. As far as IE8 is concerned, template doesn’t have to look identical in IE8, but it does have to be functional, and it is.

It just do not show up border radius and box shadows, it is considered as rendering not breaking. PIE works for it. Drop me mail through profile page if you need help while attaching PIE.

One more point to note here, I always give note for IE8 on item details page. Hope you have gone through it. Thanks.


Quick question – i’m trying to add things such as the bootstrap breadcrumb but the site is rendering strangely – what components have you included from Bootstrap and could the site be upgraded to later versions by overwriting the bootstrap files?



Hi Si,

You can upgrade to later versions by overwriting bootstrap files. It should not create any problem. Let me know if it creates any. Just keep bootstrap-override file as such.

Regarding breadcrumb, it is because bootstrap breadcrumb uses class named as ‘divider’. In grepfrut template there is class ‘divider’ with some other properties. Rename template’s ‘divider’ class, breadcrumb will work fine. Thanks.

Excellent – thanks for the quick reply :-) – will let you know how we get on

Hi Tansh,

We love the template and were wondering about the icons you use on the index slider. Did you create the icons from scratch? If so, what is your contract rate, and are you willing to create a set of icons from scratch, at 64×64px? If you didn’t make them from scratch, where did you find them? At what rate?

Thanks for your time.

Hi weshays,

Sources for icons are provided in help document. Icons I’ve used are from free file, but they do have premium set too. Thanks.

Any plans on releasing this as a WordPress theme?

Thanks for your interest Lorenz. Working on it, but not sure about the time frame.

Hello, Grepfrut WordPress Version available now. Thanks.

Really nice theme, well done.

Where did you get the icons in the slider and the icons below with the 3 icons from?

In the credits you only have icon sweet and people vectors which are not any of.


Link is -

Will update it in help document too. Thanks.

Hi Tansh, hoping you can help but how do I have the contact page submission go to another page. like <form id=”contactform” method=”post” action=”submit-form.php” but on submit it leads to thanks.html


Hi PP,

Drop me mail through profile page. Will send you the help file.


I’d like to know whether I would be able to add a video on the Flexslider on the home page?



Yes, you can add video in slider.

Please note, no such script provided which will make slider to stop, while video is playing. Making pauseOnHover ‘true’ or slideshow ‘false’ will work.


Thanks for your quick response, much appreciated!

Do you know of some way I can get this to work as a wordpress theme?

Perhaps there is a plugin that will allow bootstrap CSS in wordpress that will make it happen?

There is no such plugin which will make HTML template to work with WordPress directly (as I know). You will need to refer some tutorials regarding converting HTML to WordPress. Thanks.

Hello, Grepfrut WordPress Version available now. Thanks.

Hi there, is there any way I can add a login widget like http://themeforest.net/item/cheerapp-premium-app-html-template/full_screen_preview/286942 ? I want to be able to integrate it so that users can click “login”, and a CSS animation will bring out the username and password fields. Thanks!

Hi, it is a HTML template, you will need to add HTML/CSS for the form. Login form in Bootstrap modal box will work for your requirement. Thanks.

Hi there, When I upload the “green”, “cyan” and etc folders (unzipped) I get a “template is missing” error from my WordPress Panel. I’ve checked all the fixes on the internet and still no fixes. What do I do! I really need to get this working. If not, I kindly ask for a refund. Thanks!

Hi Andy,

It is a HTML template (as its name suggests and placed in site template category), not a WordPress. It can not be installed as such with WordPress.

Regarding refund you need to contact envato support. Thanks.

Hello, Grepfrut WordPress Version available now. Thanks.

How do I edit the HTML/ CSS template? I can’t be using notepad all the way! There has to be a faster and simpler way to edit it! Please help!

Some of the free code editors are notepad++ (PC), jedit (PC & Mac), TextWrangler (Mac). Hope this helps.