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Hello Tansh,

I really your help here, im developing a website for a client based on your html version Grepfrut.

The client is from brazil and its hosted on a local server, this server only allow the contact form from contact page (linked to submit-form.php) works if it sends from a local mail account, static. I’ve to change the php file as it works sending the forms only tru a static email.

All the incoming form mails have to be sent by a local mail acc.

Example: Website: www.xyz.com Email sender: email@xyz.com

I’ve been trying to change the php file but i just cant undestand, can you tell me how can i put a email account static to send the email forms?

Regards, Fabiano

Hi Fabiano, replied to your mail. Thanks.

hi tansh
i purchased this theme, if I want to use on facebook as ‘Grepfrut Business Facebook Template’, I must buy ‘Grepfrut Business Facebook Template’,right?
I just confuse why ’’Grepfrut Business Facebook Template’ is cheaper? what is main differrent? ..
is ‘Grepfrut Business Facebook Template’ stand alone product (don’t need this theme)?

Hi Anek,

Right – If you want to use ‘Grepfrut’ on facebook, it will need to buy ‘Grepfrut Business Facebook Template’.

Right – ‘Grepfrut Business Facebook Template’ is stand alone product (don’t need this theme). It is built with same styles as grepfrut HTML template.

Let me know if any further query. Thanks.

thanks for information.
I am interesting on Facebook Template,it will be my Q (for next step).

Hi, I just bought your theme and it looks great. However, I can’t find how to switch right to left language (Hebrew). Can you please help out?

Hi, replied to your mail. Thanks.

Hyperlink dont work inside carrousel


Add ‘onClick : true’ in function for carousel in head section ( ~ line no. 30) as below:

        imageW         : 300,
        margin        : 20,
        border        : 0,
        easing        : 'easeInBack',
        onClick : true

Links to other page will work. Hope this is what you need. Thanks.

Excellent!, TY!

Hi author I purchased your theme and modified it but it’s not getting displayed correctly on mobile. Please help me as soon as possibe. My website is



I think only issue is, menu is not working for mobile view?
- Attach twitter feed properly as per the help document provided with the template, it will work fine.

If you do not need twitter feed, you can temporarily disable it. It will need to disable twitter jquery attached to every page with twitter feed and its function in ‘custom.js’.

Drop me mail through my profile page if any other queries. Thanks.

This is a wonderful template. I am very grateful to Tansh for helping me with some questions I had. This guy is the best, highly recommanded!

Many thanks :)

Will there be a High Res (retina) version and a Wordpress version coming? Thanks.

Hi, WordPress version is coming within 3/4 weeks, but not considering retina ready for initial release. Will consider in update. Thanks.

Hello, Grepfrut WordPress Version available now. Thanks.

New icon? Looks much better.

Glad you noticed :) . Thanks.

Hi Tansh, I am using the tab menu shown in the shortcode section I would like to link to one or two of the tabs from another page how can I do this ? Each tab generates a url with a #nameoftab but there is no way I can see of being able to link to these.


Hi, so you need to link, any tab link to another page. Try removing function for tab from ‘custom.js’. It will work. If any further query please drop me mail through my profile page (through the account you have used to purchase the template). Thanks.

Hi, when i install the theme everything goes blank!

I installed the right zip file but after that i cant access the admin panel or nothing, everything goes white.

What am i doing wrong?


This is a HTML template. Can not be installed with any CMS (like WordPress) as such. Thanks.


I can’t see the menu / navigation (HOME/ABOUT/FEATURES…) display in mobile website.

But work correct in desktop browser.

How ?



It is due to twitter feed (OAuth requirement). Attach twitter feed as per the help document. Menu will work fine.

If you do not need twitter feed, drop me your link through my profile page. Will let you know how to remove it. Thanks.

Hi. For the blog page – what is the best way of putting in a new entry? Would it be to copy the previous entry and just change the text, headings, user etc?

Hi Kevin, as it is a HTML template, yes, this needs be achieved as you mentioned. Thanks.

Hi Tansh,

I recently got Grepfrut and while It’s awesome I cant figure out how to remove the Page Header? I have looked through all the theme options and there is nowhere to turn it off. I’ve tried all 3 header variations and the page header populated for all of them. I eventually went to the page.php file and deleted the following lines:

<section id=”page-header” class=”clearfix”>

<?php $show_icon = rwmb_meta(‘rw_show_icon’, ‘type=checkbox’); ?> <?php $icon_url = rwmb_meta(‘rw_icon_url’, ‘type=text’); ?> <?php if ( $show_icon == 1 ) { ?> icon <?php } ?> <?php echo the_title(); ?>

<?php get_template_part( ‘includes/templates/headers/page-header’ ); ?> </section> <!- #page-header ->

THE PAGE HEADER REMAINED!! Can you please let me know how to get rid of it?

In future updates of this theme I would suggest you simply put a tick box on the page header options page (in theme options) that allows me to have or not have it, alternatively make it so I can drag it and delete it in the visual editor (which is super cool btw).

hmmm, that formatted my copied lines of code very weirdly. but you wrote it so hopefully you can figure out what I’ve pasted and where from.

Will definitely add this option in options panel in future update :). For now please drop me mail through my profile page. Will be easy to send help. Thanks.

Great template! Only missing styling for password fields and checkbox fields. Please test more type of fields to make all work out of the box. From there, I love it!! Really clean and nice template. Using it now on a own projects website and it looks awesome.

I also have made the footer sticky to the bottom and updated Bootstrap to 2.3.2 (v2 latest).. would you like to have the sticky footer part?

No sticky footer ;)

Okay.. why not? When the page is to short for the screen, the footer is somewhere in the middle.. that looks very awful :p

Hi, very nice template :-)

My company is a software manufacturer.

Can regular license be used for my company website or shall I use extended license?

Thank you for clearing it out


If it is for company website, even to sell company products, regular licencse will be enough. Thanks.

Really cool template, going to buy by along with wordpress and facebook templates as well.

Just one quick question. As you know IE8 comes with fresh Win7 installation, thus it’s important for us to support this browser. Does your template support IE8?

Thank you!

Hello, Thanks for your interest. Please check all the templates/themes in IE8 browser before purchase. HTML was IE8 compatible at the time of release. Not sure if it is still compatible after updates. For WP I haven’t provided compatibility officially, but it still may render good. Thanks.

Why does this theme show the top menu when OFFLINE and in mobile view. But when ONLINE wth mobile view it does not show the menu.


Please check if you have attached twitter feed as per the help doc. It may be interfering with jquery functionality if not attached properly.

Remove twitter.js ( find this in html right at the bottom before body end tag – twitter / twitter.js), if you do not need twitter feed. It should work fine.

Please drop a mail if any further query.


Thanks Boet. I moved it to js folder and its working fine.

I wanted to express to everyone how GREAT the support was when using this template! I had always received a fast-response from tech support. Some of my requests were custom to my needs in building the site and were all met successfully – I highly recommend this website template and thanks for all the amazing support!!!

Many Thanks, really appreciate this :)

Just upgraded to the latest version of Grepfrut for WordPress for a client—now the Envato plug-in pop-up dialog shows on every page in the dashboard. Dismissing it doesn’t make it go away – it displays continually and my client is getting frustrated.

How can that Envato plug-in “bug-me-to-install” pop-up be disabled?

PS – I sent an email to Envato support and they said it’s a problem for theme authors to resolve.


Replied to mail. Drop a mail via support tab if didn’t received it, as thread I replied was quite old, so in case change of mail id meanwhile.