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A beautiful template. Congratulations mate ! :)

Thanks JOGJAfile, glad you like it :)


Lovely work :) This is going to be a seller !

Thanks mate, appreciate your comment, fingers crossed ;)

briliant ! little slideshow for top photo will be great !

Thanks borninmotion, glad you like it :) I would love to add some slideshow but since it’s guaranteed to work only on iPhone and Apple Mail and browsers which support css3 but not on Outlook, Hotmail etc… I don’t think it’s worth to load many images if most of people won’t see them anyway. I hope soon more email programs will start supporting such features.

Great template, the only problem I have is when dropped in the mailchip, some images are not editable. Can you please let me know if there is a way to fix this.

Hi artversion,

Thanks for purchasing Idea Mail glad you like it, please send to gifkynet {@} a copy of the compressed file you uploaded to Mailchimp and I’ll check it out.


Hi artversion,

Just released version 1.1 which contains additional Mailchimp version of the template, should solve any issues you had with Mailchimp’s editor.


Thanks for the template. I’m enjoying it and look forward to sending it out.

I only have one problem.. When I send it to an iPhone, there is a problem with the footer: Go to then click on photo.PNG to see what happened.

The template is in that same folder and is called djm_photography.html.


I checked the code and I think during editing you made some code mistakes, that could be the reason, will fix your code & email it to you.


Your a LEGEND.. thanks mate. All good now. Time to send out this great template of yours.

Thanks, glad everything working fine, enjoy using it :)

Thanks for the beautiful theme. I am a novice using mailchimp. One of the features I liked the most about the template was the aspect of the first banner that is colored and says “introducing our new collection”. Is there a simple way to edit this with my own picture and text. Thanks

Hi noahschu,

Thanks for purchasing Idea Mail. In order to edit the text of that banner you need to open elements.psd file located in the color theme you wish to use and edit it there. Once you are done just export it like explained in the help documentation file.

Hope that helps.

If you have any other questions feel free to contact me via my profile contact form.


Hi, the live preview is broken – it same no input. Looks like a great template from the screenshots, but I want to see it in action before I buy it. Thanks!

Hi digitalretouch,

Had hosting changes, live preview should be back now :)


Thanks for the quick response! Will go look now. :)

Once uploaded is this FULLY editable in MailChimp? My client does not know HTML and would like to simply change out content as if she always has.


Hi adminsuperwoman,

Idea Mail includes separate MailChimp version with all needed merge tags. The template is editable in MailChimp. You can edit images and all text blocks in visual editor without HTML knowledge. But if you want to change the layout structure for example duplicate or remove content blocks you will need to switch to HTML tab.


It seems that the theme has problems in Gmail app on Samsung Galaxy. I can’t get the newsletter (when sending in mailchinp) to be responsive. Using version 3 of the template and it’s generally looking to big in the gmail app for android.

Any fixes for this?

Hi loenne,

Thanks for purchasing Idea Mail, currently Gmail mobile app (on all platforms) doesn’t support media queries but the native Android email app supports media queries, so try to open the email in Android’s email app and it should be responsive.

For more information about the support for media queries on different devices please check out this stats.


I’m not getting the responsive design when viewing on iphone. I’ve even tried loading the code straight from the zip file of layout 1 and it still tries to display as it does on the Desktop

Hi melissphillips,

Thanks for purchasing Idea Mail, it’s possible that the email client/program you are using to send emails strips out some of the CSS code or the doctype declaration which could cause such problem, just send the email to gifkynet {@} directly from the the email client you are using and I’ll check it.


Sure – just sent it on. I will also send you a screen shot of what I am getting on my iphone

Hi melissphillips,

I got the test email and will send you an email with detailed answer, the short answer is Constant Contact current editor isn’t compatible with responsive emails because it removes the doctype which cause a bug with responsive tables on Webkit browsers, in addition Constant Contact place a default footer which isn’t responsive and has fixed width bigger than phones screen width.


I just bought this template. Need some help Do you have a instruction manual how to create the HTML newsletter, when to upload it (also where to put the hosted images) and how to redirect to them the HTML? Best

Thank you for purchasing Idea Mail.

Please check the Help Documentation included inside the download package. It should give you idea how to edit and send the template. For sending it’s best to use service like Mailchimp (they host images for you and sending template from Mailchimp is covered in the Help file).

If after checking Help file you will have any doubts feel free to contact me via my profile contact form :)


i am using this with mail chimp. I need to make this slightly wider. Whenever I add an image (product) i am limited to something like 150px in size. I need to be able to make the product images bigger and the template does not let me. If I import an image and make it 250px or so it keeps it confined to the box and distorts the image.

Hi frankic,

Thanks for purchasing Idea Mail, I assume you want to place that 250px images instead of the 100px icons in layout #2, by default the images have max-width of the parent table to ensure they remain responsive, for those tables the width is 130px all you need to do is to either locate that table which contains the icon and change width=”130” to width=”280” or you can open the layout in any text editor and search for

and replace it with

Feel free to contact me via my profile contact form if you have any other questions.


Having an issue with insert logo into header. The constrants are currently 255×17 however my logo is 255×80. Is there a way to change this?

Hi ignitemc,

Thanks for purchasing Idea Mail. Current logo is 126×17. You can insert bigger logo instead of it and it should be fine. Just to be safe try to not exceed 255px width. If you have any other questions feel free to contact me via my profile contact form.


Hi There,

i am friend of brain kelly . i want to ask you one question . currently i am building email newsletter plugin for wordpress .

so can i use your templates for it . means my plugin’s user can only use some templates but they can not edit or resell it .


Hi MarketProper,

Thanks for purchasing Idea Mail, for that kind of usage you would need to purchase extended license, in case you plan to sell the plugin on CodeCanyon would need to know which files from the newsletter will be included in the download, feel free to contact me via my profile.


Hey thanks for help , i just need some css code , not any other file not a full css , just some selectors.

I see, extended license would cover it in that case.


Hello, I have this product. It supports video embedded? Best

Hi besanson,

Yes you can insert videos following the method described in this link. In general many email clients/programs doesn’t support video embedding, but following that method (described in the previous link) will result in displaying picture with link to the video whenever the program doesn’t support displaying the video.



How can we change the “Introducing our new collection” image/text?


Hi Prepenligne,

Thanks for purchasing Idea Mail. To edit that banner you need to open elements.psd file (you will find such file inside each color folder). After you edit that banner export it like explained in the help documentation file.

Hope that helps. Regards.

hey there – i am absolutely new to mailchimp. i am working with wordpress and have mailchimp connencted.

1) can i use theses templates to replace (or in addition) to the mailchimp templates? 2) this does come with an own control/layout panel? 3) do these templates cover the newsletter templates only or also the backend forms from mailchimp (such as welcome mail, unsubscribe, etc..)? 4) are all fields translatable?

thanks in advance

Hi aovivo,

Thanks for your interest in Idea Mail, here are the answers for your questions:

1- Yes you can add/import any layout you wish to Mailchimp. 2- No it doesn’t come with control panel, once you follow the documentation to import it into Mailchimp you will be able to edit the images and text in Mailchimp directly. 3- It cover both newsletters and other automated system emails, if you want to use it as a template for unsubscribe or welcome email etc… you will need to host the images on your hosting-space/server then update the location of the images in the template to read from the new location. 4- Yes all fields either text which you can translate directly or images which you can edit their text in Photoshop then export them.


Hello! I think of acquisition of your Email Template for use in the Mozilla Thunderbird e-mail client. Please report, whether there is for you a descriptive file (instruction) about that how to apply Email Template in the Mozilla Thunderbird e-mail client.

Thank you very much!

Sorry. Advise me please. Maybe for my purposes other more suitable Email Template from your collection. For example Delicious Mail 2, or the other?

Hi alburlak,

All our email templates which are not responsive can be sent from Mozilla Thunderbird, so Delicious Mail 1 and 2, Clean Mail, Rocket Mail, etc… will be fine.


Hello Gifki, May I know if it is possible to have the link “FORWARD” in order the clients to send the newsletter to others? Many thanks for your answer.

Hi alatorre61,

Thanks for your interest in Idea Mail, any automated forward button needs to be handled by the email marketing service you are using, otherwise you can upload an online version of the newsletter to your website and use a forward link from which points to the online version.


Hi, First off thank you for a great theme!

I’m working with the html layouts and everything seems fine except that the entire email is shifted over to the right. How can i make everything line up on the left side rather than centered?

Hi VistaMatic,

Thanks for purchasing Idea Mail, if you are using Dreamweaver the layout could appear shifted to the right side due to some bug in Dreamweaver with tables but this is only during editing the template in Dreamweaver and once you view it anywhere you won’t see that issue. If you want to force Dreamweaver to render it correctly remove the “margin: 0 auto;” from the .row tables, but I would rather just ignore the way Dreamweaver renders it as it won’t effect how the email renders in any browser or email client.

If that’s not the issue you are facing, please send me the layout you have edited and a screenshot of the issue to gifkynet {@} and I will check it.