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Why is the WP theme so much more expensive than the HTML5 theme? Would be perfect if the pricing was the same.

Hi, if you check other vcard wordpress themes, you can see even the price is lower than others.

Love it – but two quick questions:

1.) Can the typefaces be easily swapped in the admin panel – Google Fonts?

2.) If I wanted my logo up top (instead of the Thomas Edison text and tagline) is that possible? Is it an option within the theme, or would extra coding be required?

Thanks and cheers! Great work….


1-) Yes you can change fonts easily via custom settings panel to any Google Webfont 500+, see this image.

2-) I will test to put an image logo to header, and made some modifications if needed, it will be available in the next update(will be out in a few days). Thanks for the feedback.

very nice

good luck with seals :)


Is there any sort of How-To guide about setting up the theme?

You can see the Documentation.

Is it me or I need glasses :D on your demo text and social icons have a blur effect, why?


And one more thing, in the next update we can add our own logo? left or right? Thx

Sorry, another question. Can we add as many skills we need?


this is weird i see sharp on chrome (v23).

I am using Versión 23.0.1271.64 Chrome and still blur, weird. In safari and Firefox it looks great

Same problem like virplay. Please answer to my post on you forum!

Regards, Tomas Marek


Can I change the resume section on the left hand side? I just want a “About Us” one the left and development skills on right? Possible? Also, how many more pages can I add? Can I add a logo where the Edison name is? Will you add a blog? Thanks and great stuff…love the creative look.


1-) You can edit-combine-duplicate-remove-change column witdh of page sections easily with custom shortcodes, we have made them all dynamic shortcodes to make page layouts flexible.

2-) No limit on creating pages, add as many as you want.

3-) Image logo support will come in the next update.

4-) Blog is out of the scope of this theme. You can link to any other seperate blog site in the menu as an alternative.

This is an awesome theme! I’d love to use this more for an “agency” type of site, can you provide some idea of the shortcodes and page-building possibilities? Is this explicitly to be used only as a personal resume theme?

Hi, well this theme is designed as vcard in mind. But you can add more custom pages easily, and all page sections are structured with custom shortcodes you can edit-combine-duplicate-remove-change column witdh of page sections easily.

Thanks for the reply. Do you have page templates for a blog?

No, blog was out of scope in this design.

Just wanted to comment for those having the blur problem (Chrome) the solution might be to hit “command +” or “command -” because the browser may be zoomed in or out instead of set at the default.

I’m thinking about purchasing this but had a few quick questions. How hard is this configuring to work for all devices? And how does this display on a mobile phone will you see the transitions when going to different pages?

Hi, yes 3d layout is supported on mobile devices, but due to the poor performance on some mobile devices, it is optional and set to off by default on settings panel, and mobile phone users sees the pages in classic layout with less complex transitions(we call it safe mode). Also you can choose classic layout for all devices.

Hi I’m interested in buying this theme for a Wordpress install. I noticed that in the html version preview, for overlay you get a photo as the background, but not in the WP preview. Can you put a photo background in the WP version?

Additionally, can you put a logo in the header

Hi, we have added overlay background to wp preview too. Also we have added image logo support, it will be available in the next update, in a few days.

I really like this theme but quick question before I make a purchase. I’m a Unity 3D develop and need to display my work via the Unity3D WordPress Plugin: http://unity3d.com/support/resources/assets/unity-wordpress-blog-plugin

Do you think it would be compatible with this plug in? I suppose the only way to know would be to test it so if you do try here’s a quick test: [WP_UnityObject src=”http://dl.dropbox.com/u/26933777/LD17/LD17.unity3d”  /]


I have tested, it is working.

Its f**kn awesome design :)


Awesome layout.



Thank you.

is there any sliders that work with this theme for the portfolio images?

You mean the images on portfolio details ?

Great theme! Customizing now!


Just purchased, can’t wait to try it out. I had a problem installing it but it was my host configuration again. Just installed.

Hi, I love your theme. I’m considering buying it. I’m not an expert on vcard field so I apologize for my question (it’s maybe silly). How can I download the vcard? Thanks

After you have purchased you can download it, in your profile > Downloads .

I’m sorry I didn’t make myself clear. I need to insert “download vcard” button in order to make people adding my datas to their outlook or other email client. I don’t know if the theme has this features. Thanks in advance

Hi, after you have created your vcf file, and put it to your server, you can use the “download vcard” button on the resume page by giving a link to it. You can change the place of the button if you want.