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I love this theme and the transitions! Love it!. Would purchase if it had a blog component. Great work. :0


Meant for it to be a smiley face. Lol :)

Where in the documentation does it explain how to set-up the homepage with the photo? I might be missing something…

Hi, please use our support forums for support requests, thanks.

When will update the theme with a logo image support?

Hi, v1.1 is already supports image logo, you can download now.

Love this! Please add a page for Client Testimonials (or LinkedIn recommendations and I will buy this theme in a heartbeat!

Any chance of that being added in the future?

Hi, sorry we don’t plan adding “Client Testimonials” page for now. But you can create a custom page with column shortcodes, and with some extra stylings you may get what you want.

Hi! First of all thanks and congratulations!! it’s a great theme! I would like to buy the theme but I have some small doubts. 1. the demo does not work in IE8 , it is possible? you know if it’s either the theme or just the demo? In the div “container” I see the scroll this auto, but I do not see it. To see all the projects I can only use the touchpad on my mac, but if they have no wheel on your mouse or touchpad, how can you do the scroll? I’m wondering if I can see some wordpress working on this theme.

Thank you.

Hi, we fixed the issue about IE8 , will be available in the next update, which comes in a few days. Users can scroll not only by mouse wheel by also dragging the the content with mouse.

Thanks for the feedback.

Hi, I just purchased this theme and I imported dummy content. Now, all pages are blank, nothing there.

Hi, please use our support forums for support requests, thanks.

OK I posted it on your support forum. hope this will be sorted soon. thanks

Hi… nice theme! I am thinking of purchasing this theme but would like to know something first:

Under Portfolio – when you click on the thumbnail icon, is there the ability for this to take you to another page where you can explain and describe the work?? Or is it just a light box?

I need the ability to explain each item in my portfolio…. i this possible?

Yes this is possible, both lightbox and single page is supported on portfolio items as you can see in our live preview.


I love this theme but it does not work in IE8 just IE9 , why??? It says IE8 Compatible.


Best Daniel – http://www.stalback.net

Hi, we have fixed IE8 compatibility issue, next version will be available in a few days, thanks.

Hi, Thanks for your reply, will the next version be available this week! That would be great!!

Best Daniel – http://www.stalback.net

yes, it will be available in this week.

Content not showing up at all with a blank white screen. I have read/posted some threads on your support forum, but with no answers. I have made sure the “slugs” are correct and match page names and read documentation as well. I’m a veteran WP user and it’s not working. Let me know asap.


please use support forums for your support requests.

Is there any change of adding a blog page to this theme? I love it!

sorry, blog is not on the horizon.

Waiting on the new version. Quick question. I’ve never dealt with a “vcard” theme before. I’ve always used a portfolio based theme. Are there any draw-backs of choosing a vcard theme over a full-blown WP portfolio theme?

Hi, vcard themes have a few pages when considered to portfolio themes and no blog pages usually, suits good for personal use.

Also, I didn’t realize that there was more than two rows of portfolio items available. It appears that you have to scroll from within their bounding box for it to scroll down. I wouldn’t expect most people to do that. Is there a way to scroll anywhere on the page to scroll through the content?

Hi, you can force the scrollbar to show always to indicate there is more content. Scrolling can only be done by dragging related box content.

Another thing that I noticed: On 27” screens, the “About” content never leaves the screen on the right when you’re looking at the Resume view. It looks like it still needs another two inches to completely be out of site.

It can be adjusted easily via settings panel, all pages coordinates are customizable in an easy way.

Hi all, we just released v1.2. We have fixed IE8 compatibility, added inline video shortcode and updated documentation.

Hi, great with the v1.2 – What files have you updated in v1.2 so I do not have to replace all??

Best, Daniel

Hi, please use our support forums for support requests, thanks.

Can’t post in forum.. when I try to verify my purchase code I get this message.

Warning: [link removed]


Hi, i just checked our support forum sign up process, it is working, please try again. If you still encounter problems, let me know.

Where to find the purchase code?

Last questions before I buy: 1. I like the overlay look. It looks good on every page besides the resume page. Is there a way to either add a semi-transparent rectangle behind the content? 2. If not, how hard would it be to substitute the page for something else? (I’m assuming that it’s a predetermined style and adding in custom content will end up giving it a generic look.)

Hi, i think it can be possible to add a semi-transparent background to content boxes, we try to help you about this on our support forums.