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Hi, pixelwars.

I like the look of this theme, but I have a few questions:

1) I’m a freelance writer and would like to use it for my business. Would the portfolio page be suitable for a writing portfolio? (I need to be able to link to articles on the web and display PDFs of print articles.)

2) In the demo, the text on the ‘About Me’ page is only one paragraph long. Is it possible to fit a longer bio there, or a ‘read more’ link that opens up into a longer bio?

3) What would be the difference between using the Wordpress version of this theme and the non-Wordpress version? Pros/cons?

Thanks! Chris.

Thanks for that.

Can I upload and display PDFs on the portfolio page, for my print-based writing?

You can upload pdfs in wordpress admin. Then get the url of that pdf, and use it as a direct url on a portfolio item. When users click on that link, pdf file will be opened in a new tab, and if browser has built-in pdf viewer(chrome has) it will show it directly, otherwise pdf will be downloaded to user’s pc.

hello how to reproduce the same effect as the demo?

Hi, please use our support forums for support requests, thanks.

Hi there, I am working with a client who really likes your theme – but a blog component is a must have for the type of content he posts. Is the reason you don’t plan to allow the option of a blog that it is not possible to do because of the way this was designed – or is there some other reason or limitation? It seems a lot of people are asking for this – I know for my client if he can’t have a blog we can’t use this theme. Do you think, if you do not wish to create this feature, this would be something we could customize ourselves – or is there a reason I should know that a blog would be difficult to add to this theme? I have a few developers I work with I could ask to help me with this – but want to know if it will even be possible before we decide to go that route and purchase?

Hi, we have not (and will not) added blog feature since this is a just v-card theme, we think blog is out of the scope for this theme. It can be possible to develop blog but it may require solid javascript/ajax knowledge. Also a user (rdrgmrqz) says that he has developed blog for this theme;

rdrgmrqz says; Hi, For all of you who want the blog part on this template, please contact me. I just developed it. rdrgmrqz@gmail.com

Hi again, thank you but I am going to go ahead and add the blog with my developer as we will have a few other tweaks we will need to make as well – it will be easier to do it all with him. Does a psd file come with the theme when I buy it? This would make it easier to mock up the changes I would like, and what I want the blog to look like, before I get my developer to do the changes.

There is no psd file available for this theme.

hi, good wordpress theme, thanks :) I am wondering if I can change mobile menu button into typo ‘menu’ instead of ’+’ button?

Hi, it is possible and answered in our support forums.


Before I buy the theme I have a few questions :

- Can I put as many portfolio item as I have (about 30) - Can I build my page using a totally different layout (I do not want a resume and I have a wider illustration on the about page.

Thanks for your answers !


1-) No limit for portfolio items, put as many as you want.

2-) You can remove/add and modify pages with columns shortcodes.


Just bought the theme. I already put it going www.anajramos.com however it appears the Wp menu….

Do you have any ideia whats happening?

Tks in advance!


just replied to your topic in support forums.

Hello, great Theme! I think Ill buy it. One question: Is it possible to add a Blog to the Theme? Thanks for your help.


Hi, since this is just a v-card theme we have not included a blog page in this design.

Hi! I bought your theme and I love it. One question, my departments are showing only 15 items p/ page.

For example the “ALL” department is showing only 15 portfolio items but should be showing around 30 :)

Can you please help?

Hi, please use our support forums for support requests, thanks.

Hey! I bought your theme. And it’s almost set up. There is just one more thing I need to fix: How can I make external links work?

Here’s the site: http://www.irenepacha.de

Hi, please use our support forums for support requests, thanks.

I was about to buy this theme but here is a simple yet important question (at least to me): On the portfolio page videos can be seen as pop-up styled windows, can this also be aplied for audio files embed from a provider such as soundcloud?

yes, you can show soundcloud in lightbox.

Question before buying this theme. Can pages be added using this theme? And or can the pages be edited and their titles?

Yes, of course.

I just purchased this theme and am having problems using an SEO plugin for this site. Before I put hours into this theme does it support 3rd party plugins such as Wordpress SEO Plugins outside the one you have developed in this theme?

Yes, this design is one page, you can optimize the theme for seo only the frontpage and single portfolio posts.

I also left another support request on the support forum. I posted it here as a result of no answer on the forum. Sorry but I need to move forward.

When clciking on a thumb of the portfolio image it brings up the lightbox effect fine. However it is full screen. I would like to have the (x) right next to the picture in the lightbox effect as in your examples on your theme product site at themeforest. How do I accomplish this? Thank you in advance.

You will get answer in your topic, thanks.

This might be far fetched but I bought the HTML5 version because I stumbled upon it before I realized there was a Wordpress version… is it at all possible to either get a refund for the HTML5 version and I will buy the Wordpress version…. or get somewhat of a discount on the Wordpress version?

The theme is awesome, I really like it but I have a feeling that adding portfolio items will be somewhat easier via Wordpress.


Hi, envato is responsible of our sales on themeforest. You can contact to envato support and start a ticket about your request.

I’m having trouble with my form change the language: the translation can not be set. The files left in the directory: wp-content/languages/themes (impressivcard-pt_BR.mo, impressivcard-pt_BR.po)

Hi, please use our support forums for support requests, thanks.

Hi there. I have a pre-purchase question…..

Is it possible to have the scroll bar appear all of the time as opposed to just when you drag the page down? On your demo site (Resume section) it is not clear that there is more to the page than what is at first visible. I’m worried that less savvy users will not see all of the content.

Thanks in advance!


Sure, you can make scrollbars always visible in the theme options.

Brilliant! Thanks for your help.

Hey, I purchased this time and it fails at install. WP says it is missing the style.css file. Please help. Thanks.

Hi, unzip the package first, also please use our support forums for support requests, thanks.

I can’t open portfolio pages

Hi, i just checked our preview site and portfolio pages are working fine. If you have purchased the theme and have problems with setting it up please use our support forums for support requests, thanks.

Hi Pixelwars I have sent a PM to you Im having an issue but dont want to post my URL publicly in the forums.

Hi, you can crate a topic in support forums, then mail us your url privately. Thanks.

Are these comments still active?

yes, thanks for the patience.

Sill no blog for this theme? Or a method to have a blog even if it uses a free theme. i don’t care if the blog design is different.

Maybe I will try to add blog if I have enough free time for it in the future.