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Oh! finally! I’ll have a look around and then I’ll make a purchase 100%. I hope the patience have paid.


Yes, sorry for delay, I had submitted it to review at 4 o’clock Sunday in the morning. Later this evening I will submit the first update for it.

Hi Starshade,

quality theme and will certainly be purchasing this one… best wishes.


I was also waiting for this theme in WP version. Very nice and simple design. Definitely will purchase in a nearby future.

Thanks :)

Just to inform everyone, the first update for this theme is already in the queue. More updates to follow. I will also populate the demo with more stuff, because not all available features are illustrated in it.

Ok, the theme has been updated to v1.1. To everyone who bought it – please redownload the archive.

I bought the HTML version by mistake a few months ago – as I actually mistaked it to be Wordpress version – but finally it’s ready.

Will buy it soon :)

I have updated the demo with a shortcode screenshot, so you will know better what you get.

This evening I will create a skin switcher so that you will able to see all the skins that come with the theme.

Hi really nice clean design. I wondered can the front page be modified to include a 4 column section?


Yes, the theme homepage can be changed to do this, but only by editing the index.php file and write classes for the 4 boxes. It can’t be done directly from the admin panel.

Thanks Starshade, if I buy this theme would you help me integrate a 4-column look? Basically just 4 boxes with a rounded edges? I know PHP /CSS/HTML so it shouldn’t be that difficult, but as you’re the designer your help would speed up the time it would take me to do it.

Unfortunately I don’t have the time for a complete integration, but what I can do for you is to make the 4 boxes in photoshop, export the images and write the html/css styles for them. I will leave it up to you to integrate the content you want in them. Also, let me know what skin you plan to use so I would know what colors I use when I create them in photoshop. And also, tell me if you want the boxes to have that top color decoration or not and do you want to have sidebar and all boxes in the left area or no sidebar and boxes will be on full width ? Drop me an email if you decide to purchase with all this info.

Hi, I have a problem with the slider, it don’t seems to work. I follow all documentation, I have 2 entrys in a “slider” category and select it on the homepage options. It just shows 1 of the post and don’t pass to the other Any idea?

Thanks in advance


I would need to take a closer look to figure it out. Please drop me an email with your user/admin from wordpress installation. Also, make sure you don’t have a plugin that interferes with the slider’s javascript, even though this shouldn’t be happening because I was very careful to the way the javascript is included in this theme.

Solved! It was a silly thing, the maximum the number of entries on the Reading setting was only 1. I turned to 10 and the slider moves.

Thanks and great work!

Glad you solved it. Good luck with it :)

can i see some screen shots of the other colours?

Yes sure thing I am working right now on a css skin switch for the demo, but unless I get it done in let’s say, 3 hours from this post, then in the item description I will post a couple of screenshots from the other skins. Meanwhile, you can take a look at the html version screenshots – they are basically the skins.

Hey starshade, Good WP theme and layout. Very functional and intuitive. Couple of minor issues… 1) When I insert Home page text in the administration, the photo I placed does not show up but clearly does on a sample page on our site. (And I used single quotes). You can view it on our sample page here: http://www.zebragraphics.com/JCDCDATA.htm 2) Having a difficult time finding a language translator plug-in that does not conflict with your theme. Any suggestions?

1) yes this is a bug, I’ve done some checks – links don’t work properly when posted in the textarea and text inputs. I already sent an update that fixes this issue to review staff. I don’t know how fast they will accept it(especially since it’s weekend) and since you might not want to wait for it, I will post here the fix:

Open the file admin_panel.php found in lib/admin/ .

Change the line:

$options_array[$value['id']] = $_REQUEST[ $value['id'] ];


$options_array[$value['id']] = stripslashes($_REQUEST[ $value['id'] ]);

And also change the line:

if( isset( $_REQUEST[ $value['id'] ] ) ) { update_option( $value['id'], $_REQUEST[ $value['id'] ] ); } else { delete_option( $value['id'] ); } }


if( isset( $_REQUEST[ $value['id'] ] ) ) { update_option( $value['id'], stripslashes($_REQUEST[ $value['id'] ]) ); } else { delete_option( $value['id'] ); } }

To everyone who bought the theme, please make this change or wait until the update becomes available. I will post here when the update gets accepted.

2) I can’t help you with this because the theme is currently not localized so language translators won’t work with it.


Where do i find a documentation on how to use this theme?

I have added a Page but it only appeared in the footer.

Hello molnarve,

In the package you downloaded there is a folder named documentation, in that folder you will find a file named index.html – open this file to read the documentation.

To be more specific to your question, in the documentation there is a whole chapter that describes how to setup both your footer and header menus.

Let me know if I can be of further help.


Thanks, i could solve those issues with the help of the documentation. However i couldnt yet find out how to add the custom button to the slider.


It’s written in the documentation – you need to use the button link shortcode. Check out the shortcodes section.

Important announcement:

The theme’s demo has now a css switcher so you can see all the skins that come with it.

Also, the update for the links and image links in admin text / textarea inputs and few css fixes it’s still in the queue. Please refer to my reply to zebragrf to fix it yourself.

Hi. Great theme! I would like the homepage slider to cycle pages rather than posts… have a quick solution to that with this theme ? One more thing – why is all my pages turning up on the footer insted of above the slider to the right ?

Found out how to edit menu in the documentation :) – but still would like to cycle pages rather than posts….

You can’t add pages to the slider. But you simply create a post that contains stuff that previews a certain page, then make that slider post link to that certain page. So you can have as many posts as you like that will basically be previews to different pages – which I guess is basically the same thing you want to achieve.

Hi, great theme. I’m having trouble getting the home page to look like your sample with the slider. can you provide an email to correspond too? thanks,

Hello, please send me a message describing me more in depth your problem via my profile contact form here on theme forest. Also, make sure you read carefully the documentation first about how to set up the slider by adding posts to it.



Hi, it’s a silly question but the theme color options will be hidden from view and only available in the admin dashboard right? It will not be shown as your current preview page?

Yes, the theme color switcher is only available in the demo so that clients would see all the available skins. The theme’s files that are available for purchase don’t contain the demo switcher, of course.

Hi starshade,

Would like to know if it is possible to have more than 1 gallery (portfolio 1) ie. I would like a unique gallery on 3 different pages.

Could you please point me in the right direction.


Hello Darren,

Unfortunately the theme doesn’t support multiple portfolio pages.