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Hi, my client and myself absolutely love the theme! I was wondering though, is it possible for the area on the homepage that pulls from the latest portfolio entries to pull from only 1 category? My goal is to always have the same three options there to be viewed. I hope you can help, and thanks in advance!

I had the same issue as cpds above. By pasting the following code right after the -start latest portfolio entries- line in the index.php file, I now have the latest 5 entries showing. It’s not category specific but the code to do that could easily be found. I disabled portfolio posts on homepage in the custom admin panel.

Here’s the code I used to add posts: <?php query_posts(‘showposts=5’); ?>

    <?php while (have_posts()) : the_post(); ?>
  • <?php the_title(); ?>
  • <?php the_content(__(‘(more…)’)); ?>
  • <?php endwhile;?>

Hope that helps.

Thanks colortheory! I will be looking deeper into that and tinkering with it. Do you have any places to recommend to search for that possible code?


Open index.php from the root of the theme. Check this code:

if ($homeport_type == 'portfolio type 2') { query_posts("paged=$paged&cat=$pcat_id_2&showposts=$latest_entries_no"); } else { query_posts("paged=$paged&cat=$pcat_id_1&showposts=$latest_entries_no"); }

Depending on what portfolio type you are using, the cat=$pcat_id_2 and cat=$pcat_id_1 retrieves the category. Replace the $pcat_id_2 or $pcat_id_1 with the id of the category you need. The category id is a number which is determined when you hover your mouse over the category name in the wordpress categories section. So for example paged=$paged&cat=7&showposts=$latest_entries_no will retrieve all entries that belong to the category that has id 7.

That worked perfectly!! I appreciate the response and the great theme!

Hello. I need to build the site in two linge … Italian and English. I’m using the plugin qTraslate … but I can not change the “General Page IC Option” on pages and posts.

I’ve tried:

Page Title: <!--:it-->ichpage_desc<!--:--><!--:en-->ichpage_desc<!--:-->

but does not work … always displays both pages. how can I do?


sorry… the problem is in: “Post Title” and “Post Description” of IC General Page Option.


I am not sure I understand properly your question. Also, I don’t know how the qTranslate plugin works.

Hi starshade,

I have noticed, date format in your theme is incorrect. It shows like “17th Sunday, 2010” on single post page and “Sat.16.2010” news listing pages.


Yes it’s a small bug that will be fixed in the next update. To fix it yourself you should open template_news.php and replace:

the_time('D'.'.'.'d'.'.'.'Y') with the_time('d'.'.'.'M'.'.'.'Y').

Hi Star

Great theme

I am unable to create lists , Numbered or with dots can you tell me what to do



Please post with the account you’ve purchased the theme.

oops I need to post this in the html version …...


I noticed that the news page lists a number next to its title. The number being how many articles you wish the page to set. You can see it on the demo of your template.

Just thought I would let you know :)


I have a trouble with the module Innova Construct Settings. When i click on another tab that General like portfolio i rest on General

I have search but Im afraid to change the code, can you help me ?


I have the same problem as Splatsh (poster above) i cannot access the other settings of Innova Construct!

Yes, the panel is broken in wordpress 3.1 unfortunately :(. Please use 3.05 for now, I will make a major update to the theme in the following weeks with lots of improvements.

Sorry for this inconvenience.

Hi Starshade,

I like your theme a lot and have managed my way through getting most everything set up.

Of course, I hadn’t realized I would be limited to a single portfolio category, and I too am wanting to populate different pages with different portfolio types .

Do you have any estimate on when you might implement this feature?

Thanks again for the great theme! :)

Hello, I purchased the Innova Construct template and find myself changing the speed of the slide. I tried to change the field in the file jquery.cycle speed but with little success. How can I slow the speed of the slide?


Slider duration can be changed from js/custom.js, timeout parameter.

I just upgraded to wordpress 3.1 and now the tabs on the setup page in admin section will not work for this theme.

Very frustrating having a theme break after a wordpress upgrade.

Hello Soren,

Yes the theme doesn’t work properly with wordpress 3.1. I don’t think I am to blame for this since it’s impossible to anticipate wordpress core changes, but in the next few weeks I will update the theme to make it compatible with wordpress 3.1 too. Until then, please use the wordpress 3.0.5 version.

I will also update media consult wordpress – actually I will release major updates for both media consult and innova construct, will take 1-2 weeks but it will be worth the wait.


How can I change the font used in headings etc.?

Fonts on headers are replaced with Anivers cufon. You can disable the cufon from the admin panel, then change the font on h1-h6 from css. Otherwise, if you need other font instead of Anivers, using the same cufon technique, then generate your the font js, paste it in js folder, then in header.php change this line:

Cufon.replace('h1, h2', { fontFamily: 'Anivers' });

Instead of Anivers, type the name of newly generated cufon js file.

Status on Wordpress 3.1 update? The host for our new site is not able to downgrade the Wordpress version to 3.0 so I am out of luck until the update. Thanks

I have decided to complete the Media Consult 2.0 first, then I will update Innova Construct. It will take me few more days to complete the update to Media Consult, then around 1-2 more weeks for Innova Construct update. Both are major updates that’s why they take me so much to complete.

I appreciate your previous assistance, you helped me make the area on the homepage that pulls from the latest portfolio entries to pull from only 1 category? My goal was to always have the same three options there to be viewed and your advice worked perfectly!

If it is possible could you tell me how to have those options link to a page rather than a post? I look forward to your feedback and thanks in advance as always!

You can make all those entries link to a page, but it can only be done by linking all of them to the same page, I don’t know a way to make each of those link to different page. In index.php, look for those 2 lines of code:

<a href="&lt;?php the_permalink(); ?&gt;" title="&lt;?php the_title(); ?&gt;"><img class="fw-img" src="&lt;?php echo $p1_imgh; ?&gt;" alt="&lt;?php the_title(); ?&gt;" /></a>


<a href="<?php the_permalink(); ?>" title="<?php the_title(); ?>"><img class="fw-img" src="<?php echo $p2_imgh; ?>" alt="<?php the_title(); ?>" /></a>

You should change this part of code: <?php the_permalink(); ?>. Replace it with the absolute link to your page.

Hi starshade,

Do you have an estimated date of launch for your updated theme that works with WP 3 .1 ? I look forward to this, and hope that you can add more colour skins too.

Please advise.

Cheers, Jason

No estimated date yet but I just finished the Media Consult 2.0, now I will set up the new demo and re-write it’s documentation so that tomorrow I can send it for review. After that, I will start working on the Innova Construct update right away. You don’t have to worry that the update for Media Consult took me about 3 weeks to complete, because it won’t be the case for this one. I will take a different approach for this one by making a suite of updates for it, not 1 big update. The first update will fix the critical issues and assure compatibility with both wordpress 3.0 and 3.1. It will take me few days to complete it and I will announce it’s status on twitter: http://twitter.com/goldenwork

Unfortunately I won’t have time to add any new skins, but making a new skin starting from the existing ones is rather easy(they are controlled from a single css file).

Thanks for responding. I’ve checked out your Media Consult theme, and I personally feel that Innova Consult is cooler =)

Just wondering if there’s a way to fully maximise the Nivo Slider’s image, while the text area be slightly transparent to reveal some of the image in its background … That might be even cooler still =)

Looking forward to your update soon.

Does this template work with Wordpress 3.1?

Currently no – see my post where I responded to eljkmw, just before your post.

I will make 3.0 and 3.1 compatible in a couple of days.

Can you use portfolio v1 with multiple portfolio’s. For example, I have 4 portfolio pages and want to use porfolio v1, can this be done?

The theme at this stage doesn’t support multiple portfolios of the same type, but in one of the following updates that will be released this month(April) you will be able to do so. I will announce the upcoming updates on twitter: http://twitter.com/goldenwork

double post…


Is your theme’s homepage flexible? Can we add more images or texts to sidebar & inner-content on the homepage?

Is it possible to use navigation from left?

If yes i will purchase your well designed theme.


The sidebar is widgetized so you can drag and drop widgets and fill them with whatever content you need. The homepage content is also editable, the welcome area is a textarea box in the admin to fill your content and you can also change the number of portfolio entries from homepage.

About navigation from left, if you are referring to the theme’s top menu, no, at least not from theme’s backend options. You can achieve this by editing the css styles though. If you were referring here to the sidebar, then yes, you can choose where you want the sidebar to appear, on left or right side from the admin.

Also I will mention that the theme doesn’t work on wordpress 3.1 right now(works on 3.0) but very soon I will submit updates to fix this and also extend its functionality.