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THANK YOU so very much for the version 2 of your Lore Knowledge Base theme for Wordpress. Having everything editable with the Gutenberg editor and having the modularity that the plugins allow for is great. I am really enjoying it thus far and just wanted to let you know how sweet it is. :-)


z00000mer Purchased

Hi Lubos, I never saw a response so I had to change the theme to another. Things are OK now. I hope that all is well with you.

I did replied right away, check out your spam folder, here is my reply:

Have you created the "page for posts" (it can be set under Settings / Reading)? The title of that page will be used for "posts" button label.

z00000mer Purchased

Oh, I believe you. I have had trouble with Envato before on things like this. It’s all good. I have another project here that your theme will be perfect for. I was actually concerned about your health & welfare. You have a good day and I’ll be back to bother your with questions again later on. :-)

Hi Lubos,

We’re currently in production of setting this theme up as a knowledge base for our assessment software as it has everything we need over other themes! However we’ve taken a commitment to only deliver products that comply with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.1 and we’ve noticed some issues with it which we can’t fix ourselves with custom CSS or plugins.

We’re hoping you would be willing to look into addressing these issues as it’s important to us that disabled users aren’t disadvantaged and still have a good experience when using the site. There may be more things which could be improved upon, but these are the biggest issues we’ve found:

1. The search icon in the nav bar needs an aria label. It also needs to be AFTER the header menu in the code, as currently it’s tabbed onto first even though it appears last.

2. ‘Was this article helpful?’ the ‘Yes’ and ‘No’ buttons need an aria label – currently a screen reader will just read the number of likes and dislikes with no context.

3. In article view, the side navigation chevron buttons to expand/collapse the menu need an aria label as well as an ‘aria-expanded’ attribute to let a keyboard user know if a parent item is expanded or collapsed.

4. Furthermore, the expand/collapse toggle button needs to be BEFORE the children holder list in the code, as currently if you expand the menu then tab to the next link, it will skip over the children and just go to the next parent item.

5. When the sidebar is set to view on the left, it is still below the main content in the code – meaning that keyboard users are forced to tab through the whole content of the page before getting to the side navigation.

Please let me know what you think of these? We’re keen to collaborate further!


thanks for feedback, however which version are you referring to? There is already version 2.0, currently available in the beta, here is its URL. Please let me know if those issues do apply to 2.0 as well and we can discuss it.


Thanks very much for getting back so soon. This is feedback from version 2.0 but I believe this will probably be in previous versions as well.

I’m more than happy to send through more details to discuss? Please let me know if so (and if you’re okay to talk via email instead?)

Thanks Kerry

The 1.x version won’t be developed anymore (except for some critical bug fixes and so on) so it doesn’t matter there. Any potential changes will be implemented only to 2.0:

1.) I can add the aria label, however the search already is after the header menu in the code, just examine the code via browser’s object inspector and you will see.

2.) no problem, I will add those

3.) again, it shouldn’t be a problem to implement

4.) the toggle button already is before the list in the code, maybe it will be possible to fix via some aria attributes? Will need to take a look into that

5.) sidebars are always below the content in the code because of the mobile version. The only solution would be to add some sort of additional sidebar above the content which will be displayed only if needed, either by some automatic detection or some toggle button. It would definitely require some custom coding though.

I will be releasing a final 2.0 version in early May. I can try to implement as much of these fixes as possible till then. Feel free to get in touch via PM and we can continue discussion via emails.

Hello master. Is it possible to customize the icons of the categories? For example, use a .svg or .jpg file (example: http://www.ipsaonline.cl/home/1-videoteca.svg)

Thanks for your help


unfortunately, that is not possible without some custom coding.


Hey there! Love the theme! I’m planning to get this, but could you tell me if this would suit my needs?

I want to have a knowledge base for my team, internally. E.g. I want only “editor” level or up users to be able to see certain posts. And, it shouldn’t be available publicly.

Do you think I could have that?



functionality like that is theme independent, it is more about the WordPress itself. Take a look into plugins repository if there are plugin for that. You can try it with standard WP posts and default WP theme. If it will work like you want, it will most likely work with Lore and its Knowledge Base articles as well.


Hi! Is there any compatible plugin to convert a set of knowledge base articles to pdf?


I am not aware of any, however if you find plugin which will work with standard WordPress posts, it should work with Lore Knowledge Base articles as well.


We’ ve tried most of them including desktop converters but it appeared impossible to convert without additional php and css coding. Most of them cant parse knowledge base articles.

Did it worked with regular WP posts? Also, you don’t have a buyer badge so I do not really understand how you’ve tried it with Knowledge Base articles?

Lubos, sorry, dananet is our account. Yes, they work, but we also need to save our categories structure in pdf book as well as parse shortcodes and convert links to internal.so it should be off-line pdf book with full functionality.


I am sorry but if there is no 3rd party plugin which suit your needs, then I am afraid I can’t really help you with that.


Hi, Lubos!

Where I can change the slug for the initial wiki page /knowledge-base. Now we use redirection to link to our custom page, but the problem is that i need to use /knowledge-base slug for my custom page. This one: https://wiki.dotcom-monitor.com/knowledge-base-main/ Thanks.


under Setting / Permalinks.

Please note that since your support has already expired, you will have to extend it for any further assistance.


lsvr_framework_remove_wpautop function breaks the Elementor Landing Page because it adds
into buttons and elements


try to add this to your child theme’s functions.php:

if ( ! function_exists( 'lsvr_framework_remove_wpautop' ) ) {
    function lsvr_framework_remove_wpautop( $content ) {
        return $content;


2 issues:

1. At https://hidemywpghost.com/article/difference-between-safe-mode-and-ghost-mode-in-hide-my-wp/

It’s a custom post type and it has set custom category (article_category) and custom tags (article_tag). If I click on the custom category in this article, I am redirected to category and not article_category as it should.

2. I can’t add a custom Sidebar for the custom post types. Is that possible or not?


1.) You should create a template file for your CPT via a child theme, something like single-article.php. Copy content from single.php (or single-lsvr_kba.php) into it and change “category” and “post_tag” taxonomies to custom taxonomies of this particular CPT.

2.) you will have to use “lsvr_lore_sidebar_position” and “lsvr_lore_sidebar_id” hooks for that. Take a look into wp-content/themes/lore/inc/lsvr-knowledge-base/actions.php lines 398 and 419 to see how it was done for the LSVR Knowledge Base articles. Just copy both blocks into your child theme function.php, rename function names and replace “get_theme_mod” calls to the IDs of your custom sidebars (for example “lsvr-lore-custom-sidebar-1”)


Thanks. A lot of tech advices but I managed to follow your advice. And to change the category links with custom category links when I get to a category and see all the articles?

Which category links do you mean exactly? Anyway, anything to do with custom taxonomies have to be done via filters and stuff like that. Just take a look into wp-content/themes/lore/inc/lsvr-knowledge-base/actions.php file to see how I am handling stuff for my LSVR Knowledge Base article CPT. Please note that customization is not included in the support. I can give you some hints but I can’t help you with everything.


mcdasdmr Purchased

Hi, No shortcode generator in v2?


no, shortcode generator is very outdated concept. The Lore now supports the Gutenberg block editor which is way more easier to use.


HI! Where I can find the link to update to 2.0? And what is the procedure to update from my version? Thanks!


either use the Envato Market or just install it manually as you did for the very first time. You can just follow the documentation. However, if you are updating from 1.x read this first. 1.x is NOT compatible with 2.x version, so you will have to basically set everything from the scratch (only standard posts and pages will be preserved). You can try this plugin to convert your 1.x KB articles to 2.x ones.


Hello Is it possible to display the results of the search both in the form and on the search page, split and group? If yes, do you do the next update? Please enter a text (for example, install) in the search form as desired. Like the site below: https://help.us-themes.com/zephyr/search/?q=install


something like that is not possible. It is a nice idea though, maybe in the future, but definitely not anytime soon.


Hi, I have purchased downloaded the knowledge base theme on 29th May. I have decided to install the demo content to see how the content has been organised. I have followed instructions given here: https://preview.lsvr.sk/lore/knowledge-base/demo-setup/

Although I had no issues installing demo content, whenever I preview any demo pages a blank page appears. I have double checked the static page customizations etc aswell. Just to check I have installed one of wordpresses default themes and that worked immediately. If you have any feedback back regarding this It would be appreciated. Thank you

I am sorry but PHP 5.6 is the supported minimum. I can issue you a refund, however it is very likely that any modern theme will require at least PHP 5.6 (even if not now, then most likely in the future if author keeps updating it), but it is up to you. If you want to proceed with a refund, just send me a PM.

Thanks, I understand. We may try this out on another server with PHP 7. I’ll get it in contact with you if I have any issues with that. Thanks again for your feedback.

Sure, just keep in mind please that I offer refunds only within 30 days from purchase.

Hello, Sorry but i don’t find anymore the url with incons named like “loreico loreico-heart”... I’ve just find this, but it doesn’t work… http://docs.lsvr.sk/lore.wp/content/icons/index.html Thanks for helping me

LoreVersion : 1.1.0

In that case, check out this link.

Thanks !

I can edit the pages with WPBakery or any other website builder?

Is there any video editing the theme? I’d like to know how easy or dificult it is to edit.


you can edit the pages using the built-in block editor (Gutenberg). If you have your own WPBakery license, then it should work too, however most of the theme custom elements are not available outside the Gutenberg editor.

There is no video about the theme but take a look under Item Details tab for some admin screenshots. Generally, the theme works the same as any other modern WordPress theme. You have the Customizer to edit theme options, Gutenberg for editing pages and posts and stuff like FAQ and Knowledge Base articles is handled via custom post types, so basically the same workflow as standard posts.


Can you explain me wich is the ways of editing your theme? Is it dificult? I also would like know if i can use some page builders like WPBkaery, Elementor, etc.


you can use WPBakery and Elementor (however there is currently known incompatibility issue with Elementor which will be fixed in the next update), but most of the custom theme’s elements won’t be available in those editors. The Gutenberg editor is the recommended and the only officially supported editor for this theme. I do not provide support for any other editors, so you are on your own when using them (but I am willing to fix any glaring incompatibility issues if possible).

I can’t tell whether it is difficult to use, because that is obviously very subjective.


Hi, it’s me again, can you please help me with taht..? I don’t know how to edit the content on the right side (site-1), as you can sse on the file “site-2”, i can’t see the gutenberg editor.

site-1: http://uploaddeimagens.com.br/imagens/site-1-png

site-2: http://uploaddeimagens.com.br/imagens/site-2-png

Sidebars are edited under Appearance / Widgets.

On the Lore Sitemap Block, how can I add an icon to the top of the menu name>

That helped a ton!, but I am also lost on how to set the icon like you have it set on the demo. Where you have the categories sitemap buttons with the icon on each category. under the category settings I add the icon name but it does not appear, what am I missing to enable these?

The Sitemap element works a bit differently. To add an icon, edit your sitemap under Appearance / Menus and add an icon name into the Description field of the top level menu items. If you don’t see the Description field, click on Screen Options in upper right corner and enable it. I will add this into the documentation.

I’ve just updated the documentation, check out this screenshot (point 3).

Hi, how do i add an article to a category? look in this picture, for the exemple, i don’t know how to add a new article on the title “editar conteudo”.


You can disable them under Settings / Discussion. This is a basic WP functionality. If you are new to WordPress, please read through some beginner tutorials. Support covers only theme-specific stuff.

Sorry for so many questions, i wordked with wordpress before but just with page builders and i didn’t learn differenciate elements that belong to a theme than elements that belongs to wordpress

No problem.


z00000mer Purchased

Hi Lubos- I see you updated the theme. I ditched the alternative that I had gone with and am back with Lore. Keep up the great work and thank you. Kindest Regards-


glad to hear!



mediabene Purchased

pre sales question: 1. Is the theme SEO friendly (do pages / comments / posts get easily indexed?). In line of this: is it easy to modify on-page SEO (header tags, titles, etc). Or is the theme article layout not very customizeable? 2. I want to build my own content pages using Visual Composer. I already read that compatibility is not guaranteed. But I don’t like Gutenberg so I will use VC. Are there known issues when using VC in this theme? 3. Is the top header also customizeable? (where now the search bar is). 4. Is the homepage easily customizeable? (can I add text blocks, some images, etc?)


1.) I haven’t heard any complains from customers when it comes to SEO, also you should use a 3rd party plugin like Yoast SEO for some advanced SEO config. Not sure what you mean by “article layout”, but the KB article detail page works in the same way as standard WP post.

2.) the main issue is that you won’t find custom theme elements in the VC, so you will have to use shortcodes. Also, I do not support VC, so if you come across any incompatibility issues, I can’t guarantee I will be able to fix them.

3.) it depends what you mean by customizable. You can change BG image, logo, site tagline and description, menu, language switcher and and toggle the search area. All the basic stuff. If you need to completely change it then you will have to do it via code.

4.) the demo home page was created using the Gutenberg editor so it is customizable. I guess you can use VC instead, but as I’ve said earlier, you won’t find those elements you see on the demo as VC elements.