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Tnx bro!

we have a WINNER!

I’m very glad, I’m trying my best. Thanks!

Excellent example of creativity! You guys rock – Way to go!!

What a great compliment man. Thank you jsmakkar

Hi there, your theme looks really great. I have some questions about it.

Is it possible to ad header-pictures of any size instead of the small bar with page name and bread crumbs?

To load new pages it takes about 3 – 4 seconds I wondering if it take longer on usual webspace and if its possible to reduce loading time. I have a quite fast internet connection…

Do you ad the feature to put pictures and modules like recent posts and stuff into the mega menu in the future?

Is there any change that you ad a masonry picture gallery like that one: besides the “standard” portfolio in future updates?

best regards Hendrik

- Yes, you can apply image on bg and increase space on title area as this example

- Yeah, I included there 2.5mb image for promotional purpose and it slows down :p. Practically it is fine if page size up to 1mb.
Main theme is very thin except few woocommerce heavy scripts. Also there have automatic css compression function and we can apply similar this js files too and combine as well.

- Yeah another people requested and I have a plan of image for mega menu columns. It will be included very soon

- Can you send me the link again? Your sent one is with iframe and directs me to home of the demo. Remove frame first and go to the page and send me the link.

Thanks a million

Hi themeton, great 1.1 update! Here is the right link to the gallery:

I have some further basic questions (blog site):

The blog-sidebar and it´s elements are quite slim with about 212px. Is there a way to bring it to a width of 260px or 300px? It would fit much better for other plugins and later advertisement.

The divider line is quite thick. Is there a way to make it thinner?

And i hope it´s my final question – Do I have the option to turn of “recent from blog/portfolio” shadows? For me the shadows are a little bit to much.

If these point are to special to bring them in an update, is there a way that you guys could help me with that? Regards

Blog and sidebar : Please create new blog page and build it with blog + sidebar elements, those are stretchable. Typically sidebar prints by Bootstrap 3 columns on large screen and If changes needed on regular category page, we need to add css/php some adjustment (for regular styles, centered regular, right or left sidebar).

Divider : Divider element has 2 types such as lines and white space. Simple divider line has 50px margin from bottom.

We can add there simple custom style for reducing spaces
.blox_element.blox_elem_divider { margin-bottom: 15px }

Also every element has extra class option and we can use it for any customization

Shadow : I hope your are talking about hover shadow. So please put this simple style on Custom css field.

article.entry:hover {

You need to prefer to use Custom CSS field always which helps you to keep your changes on next updates. So it is the safe place :)

All the best, TT

Hello, please I would like ask some prebuy questions -Is this theme translation ready? -Can I change background colors, other than the white in the demo?

Thanks a lot for your help

Yeah it is possible. :)

Would I see a language selector in the home page, when using WPML?

thanks a lot for your help

You can show language flags at top bar right or left as Just select an option on “Theme Options => Top Bar” when you finished wpml configs

Thanks a lot

Beautiful theme. Nice job. Any plans to include additional data viz elements…i.e. bar chart, pie chart, line graph, gauges, etc?

Not yet but I think those are very brush up theme performance. I’ll do it

Thanks for the interesting suggestion ;)

Great theme. Love the flexibility and that it’s mobile-first with Bootstrap 3!

I was reviewing your documentation and have a question about the required plugins… 1. Why do I have to install plugins I do not intend to use? 2. Can I build a menu without icons?

Thank you. Keep up the great work.

Thank you lwORT,

1. Yes it is an optional. If you don’t want them, just click on Dismiss link.

2. Yes of course, just leave the icon field when you creating your menu

Thanks a lot

Hello, first of all fantastic job! Just a question or idea for future updates… Is it possible develop this features? a) Create custom fields in the portfolio post type and making them searchable? b) Making them possible to be populated via front end submission (this could be done via compatiblity with outside plugin) c) Google Map page template and compatibility with Google Maps API search You are such a great coder that maybe this is not as hard for you and could open the propose of your theme even more(directory themes of all kinds, real estate, auto themes,etc). Thanks

Hi PipeLine,

a. There you/me can add custom fields for a reason on specific post type (for post, page and portfolio). Seems need to learn me how they searchable for WP searches

b. Hard to tell. I think contact to plugin author is more relevant and always seems beyond scope of theme developing when you customize the theme for them.

c. Good idea man, but not in this time. Haven’t there good one for this kind of purpose?

Best wishes, TT

Hi themeton,

a) but how would I add them to the custom template that was previously saved making them ready to be populated (called in the template) Had to edit the code or could be done on the page builder? c) With great design and theme features there´s none. For coders/web designers there is a great opportunity in this kind of themes because till now doesn´t exist a theme with great design and great listings features. There was a good one Spotfinder but incredibly and despite the great sales, the developer let the project die and was removed from themeforest. You can be sure that this kind of theme would be a success. If interested and for a start point check youtube for spotfinder theme.

I understand the BTOA. They tried new purpose of theme and developed well in their mind. But new thing is always entrain some risk and requires more implement/research of ux.

I scare to face same as they because I have 0 experience of directory theme now. And hope they will be back soon with more prepared theme on market.

Thank you PL

Looks great…Just curious if you have a styled individual team member page. I don’t see one on the demo site.

I guess You thought it is a post type. Team member is an element of PageBuilder, not a post type. You can bind it with any custom page and different sites there with button shortcode on bio section. Of course PB has potential to create any custom page what you want :)

Regards ThemeTon

Very useful and adaptable theme. Your page builder looks very similar to Visual Composer. Is it a reskinned version of VC or is it proprietary to your themes? We like to bookmark and encourage our designers to use VC themes.

Thank you, DesignPoint

We inspired layout little bit from VC but page builder entirely different than that.

Thanks DesignPoint

Hey looks great. Could you please answer some pre-purchase buys:

i) if my logo is deeper thant he demo, where will the primary menu sit? aligned with the middle of the logo, or preferably at the bottom of the logo?

ii) Can you remove icons from menu?

iii) Do the icons have an on hover colour function as well?

look forward to hearing from you

thank you. Will buy

Hello – can you show me how to create on hover color for the icons? I want to reverse the background and the icon color on hobver.

Also, I am havinbg trouble with revolution slider and Chrome. Is there any known issues?


Do you mean reverse menu bg and hover color?
I don’t have known issue related Rev and chrome. If you send me your site link, I can take a look and inspect

Thanks a lot


Cracking looking theme!

1) Is it possible to offset posts using shortcode? For example, on a page I may have the latest 2 posts in as featured items, then have a carrousel underneath with the next 4 posts? Is such a thing possible? If not, is it possible for a future update?

2) Is it possible to hide the featured image inside a post for individual posts?


1. Skip last X posts? Very strange option indeed but interesting. I never see like this on popular plugin and even on recent posts plugin. Probably it needs for some magazine style … So it is fine to update Blog element only for you, if you purchase

2. Okay it is fine.

Thanks again

1) I don’t like mentioning a rival theme, but Enfold (and I’m sure others) has an option for the post shortcode where you can ignore an amount of latest posts. So say on the homepage, you could feature your most recent posts on a slider, but you don’t want them repeated in a ‘news’ carrousel below, so you’d ignore the last 2 or 3 most recent posts.

Drupal is brilliant for this, with it’s Views plugin. Wordpress has Query Wrangler, though I’ve no experience of it myself yet.

Thanks for sharing your experience and those details. Understand the purpose and I’ll improve it what you want.

Thanks :)

If you guys would be able to add a calendar or events, that would be awesome. Also countdown functions to those events would be neat :D

I don’t have an idea about calendar/events. Demo page has a page that presents countdown
I’m curious, Don’t there have good plugin for that?

Thanks a lot

Well done! Good luck ;)

Thanks codeex, best of luck

Pagebuilder is not working on my install, running wordpress 3.7, it is there but nothing happens when click add row/element etc


Please send us a ticket with your site details. Thanks leongovier

Support Ticket placed thanks

Answered there ;)

Thanks for the video, pagebuilder doesnt work on firefox for mac, works on chrome but i use firefox/firebug for all site development

I see, checked it OS X with FF and found some issue. Fix it asap. Thanks for sharing it

Hi, First of all great theme! I have a presale question, the mockups you use in the slider on the Company Home page do they come with the theme or do i have to buy them somewhere else, if so where can i buy them? Thanks

Looks you talking about perspective mockup. Another people asked about it and I gave it. You can download PSD from here

Have a nice day!

Have you fully tested the theme on various devices? I am seeing some issues viewing the demo on Android…so far on OS 2.3.4 and 4.0.4

Hmm annoying, this html5 player doesn’t allow android devices ….
Probably looking for proper one with androids soon

Thanks lwORT

I don’t understand why no one else is mentioning this problem. I cannot view this theme on Android…click on menu icon and the stupid Support panel pops up, covering everything. How are people purchasing a responsive, mobile-first theme they can’t view on mobile? I don’t get it.

Sir those support button and Style switcher don’t show on your theme. Those are just purpose of demo. Please check the demo site now, I’ve removed those on mobile/small displays. Probably you need to clear cache of your browser there

Thanks a lot

How can I make the homepage look just like Demo#1 (the black one with steve jobs at the bottom). I installed the dummy content.

Do I have to rebuild it or did it come with the dummy content? I cant seem to find it.

great theme, thanks

I got it to work but for some reason each sections .wrapper has a black background. I have changed every background option and cant seem to find where the color is being changed. Same with the menus. The colors arent changing. Im sure im just missing something.

I had an old CSS plugin messing with the wrapper. I did a fresh install but cant figure out the menu item colors. I have changed every theme option color and cant figure it out.

I’ve updated the theme recently and now it is on review process Hope new update helps you because there have some color improvements. And of course you can create ticket there with specific information of your site

Thanks a lot

Hey folks,

So far, this theme is looking fantastic, great job! The one issue I see if when I use the “Custom Menu” open in the Top Bar … it does not allow for submenus … shows them all scrambled. So, wondering if you can add that to an update?

Cheers Mike

Thanks for the reply …

What I was thinking is using that area for customer profile access etc. I have provide a snapshot of what happens with sub-menus.

Just a thought so the main navigation doesn’t get so busy or cluttered. Other than that, the theme is awesome … love it! :)


Thanks for the image. We have a plan for user menu at top bar. Seems you need this too. But I’ll make more styles for it further. Thanks a lot

Awesome! Many thanks for your great work. :)