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This is an amazing theme! Well done! I am thinking about purchasing this theme, but I was wondering about incorporating advertisements.

1. What are the options for implementing adsense in this theme?

2. Can advertisements be incorporated to look like a masonry blog post?


1. There don’t have an specific option for ads. I just put ads on sidebar with text widget (like raw html) and works fine

2. It requires some improvements in the theme. What kind of ads do you want to use?

Thanks sirbdavis



  • NEW FEATURE : Video background option for Row and Pages
  • NEW FEATURE : Auto search function on search box of top bar
  • NEW FEATURE : Go to top Button except styled in footer
  • NEW FEATURE : Background image option for Mega menu columns
  • UPDATE : Compression of javascript files
  • FIX : General color issue
  • FIX : Small issue on WooCommerce Cart

Thanks a million

Hello nice Theme,

is it possible to make a background Video into the header?

you can explain how to do that? if i understand i buy ;-)

Yes of course :)

Hello themeton,

Before purchasing this theme i want to know.Is that possible to insert the same dummy content as per your demo site??

Regards Piyush

Okay.. I send the mail to your e-mail id… Please send me..

Regards Piyush

I am waiting for your mail.. Regards

Sir have you purchased? I don’t see ribbon on your reply. Thanks


Theme looks great :)

Is it possible to use Visual Composer plugin rather than your page builder? Client is familiar with that one :)

Just heads up … last update .. VERSION 1.1 – OCT 31 2014 ? :)

Again haha, I tested here with VC latest version and works really fine. Seems you can use them together mix content of VC and our PB there if you want :)

More explain, our PB based on Shortcode (shortcode + visual skin) and puts them on main editor. Main content converts to plain text with square brackets when you switch the VC then all those shortcodes render well on front view even if you using VC or not.

Yes, theme supports custom sidebar. And you can show them on page side with general layout (right & left) and anywhere (right left middle, wide & narrow) with PB element

Best wishes, ThemeTon

Thanks. Now purchased :)

Hello themeton,

Before purchasing this theme i want to know.Is that possible to insert the same dummy content as per your demo site??

Regards Piyush

Double post friend :)

where do I get import files for sliders?

I didn’t included it on download yet. Please send me a mail from my profile. I’ll send you a link there :)

I was checking and I love the theme, is it feasible to make a corporate site without an icon menu?

It uses WPML?


Yes, you an use menu without icon.
Also it is compatible with wmpl

Thanks a lot

Awesome, I’m in, thanks! XD

Hi, Great theme guys , nice work I cannot get the plugins to install, I keep getting the following error for all three plugins: Download failed. A valid URL was not provided. any ideas?

Thanks steve

I see sir. Another 2 people mentioned about it and I believe there have a path issue on the TGM configuration or elsewhere. Hope you understand me it isn’t intentional and I have tested pure installation on multiple places both mac and pc & on MT hosting. Can you tell me your hosting provider?

Anyway I’ll check & update the theme on Monday and you’ll get fixed version. And you should install those plugins manually now. They exist in “framework/plugins” directory.

Warm regards, TT

Did you receive my email?

Please download the theme and it has xml content.
If you need include instruction I can give you it. Also can update the documentation.

Thanks a lot

Yes I saw that but I thought you’d said you could provide a way to import Only demo 5 instead of ALL the demos so I wouldn’t have to delete so many pages and media content. Anyway, I had to import all since I am on a deadline for tomm for the client I bought your theme for… I emailed you last night that the Countdown timer and Responsiveness is not working on Mobile, if you could pls check the email/login credentials I sent you asap as I must fix this right away Thnks!! -Also potential buyers Mana is GRT Theme, amazing page builder, tons of customization flexibility, awesome demo content!$

Awesome, Great that you can import demos separately, now I see! please let me know about my email: Responsiveness not working on mobile view (I have it checked ON) and and there is extra header space (emailed you few screenshots) THNKS!

Hi Themeton, thank you for adding Images to the Mega Menu so fast! I will buy this Theme for a Shop Site, so I have some more questions concerning Woo:

1) Is the Drop Down Cart visible when a responsive Menu is used e.g. on iPhone? 2) Same with the search functionality? 3) I cannot see a Search-Field in your Demo. Do you have an Example? 4) Can I set the Sidebars on Shop, Product and Category Pages individually e.g. left or right?

I saw a “Before/After” Comparing Element and a Countdown Shortcode in another Theme. They would fit perfectly into Mana :-)

Thanks a lot for this great Theme!

1. I see sir. I added it on my to do list and will update when I completed it here.

2. Seems this item’s demo site is dead, hope they will fix it soon

Anyway thanks a million ;)

Demoside seems to work again! Thanks

I see. You can get this option/element on next version updates. Thanks a lot

I also tried the dummy data, but it seems it didn’t grabbed the whole information. This is always an issue with WP.

Wouldn’t it be easier to put an actual copy of your local folder and a gzipped database, basically all you need to edit is inside wp-options, to point the copy to a localhost. :p

Seems that an update is coming, I’ll wait for the new files on Monday, thanks!

I’m just updated the theme with separated xml data of home pages and LayerSlider content. Hope you can get it soon

Also can you leave a ticket. I can send you db content or your required things If you don’t think full content is too heavy

Thanks a lot

Awesome, I’ll open a ticket :D

This was too amazing to pass it up. I am looking forward to using this one really soon. I have a great idea for a project we are working on and this will fir in perfectly.

Thanks Brad

Hello Brad,

I hope to receive news from you soon, have fun with it. Regards, TT

Hi I am having a big problem. I finally get to the point of trying out page builder, after problems with color, and pagebuilder does not work. I am on V1.1 and latest wordpress….

Any ideas??I have submitted a ticket

OK working now…

Sounds good. I’ll look at your ticket and see what was the problem :)

Quick questions, is it possible to change the color scheme on categories? And is there a function to filter alphabetically or some sort of plugin perhaps?

This theme is very nice, good work as always sir.

I also would like to know is there a filter for the masonry portfolio so users can sort between Graphic Design and Web Design as an example?

OK found out there is a filter on portfolio. Reading helps lol.

Guess you sorted out all those issues. If it isn’t let me know and talk about them again. I’ll be ready to help you always

Thanks for the compliment ;)

This looks insanely good.

Many thanks Notorious!

Required plugins installation error:

If you get this when installing initially, it may be because of the “Plugins” folder having a capital “P” – just change it to a lowercase “p” on your server (themes/Mana/framework/plugins) and it should work

Oh man you are ROCK!
I don’t wanna use PC anymore :P

Really appreciated :)

Hey folks … just an fyi, this is a css error I found.

In the responsive.css file you were missing:

line 21

line 47

You have p.page_teaser but that does not apply as in the markup you have that class wrapped in a Div. Hope this helps. :)

Cheers Mike

Amazing Mike, Appreciate you taking the time to inspect it and comment!

Just changed it what you have done with it :)

Your welcome themeton … anytime. Keep you the amazing work. :)

Great theme!. I’m now starting to fill in the required logos/icons on General and finished adding all the required plugins.

Just to share: The required plugins have missing/wrong links though. I noticed the source link has capital “P” Plugins and the external source is reading “plugins” [.../wp-content/themes/mana/framework/Plugins], so I changed it to small letter via FTP (can also be changed via cPanel).

It works perfectly fine!

Oh. I just read the post of azmalkhan. :) So many heroes in the world the villains.

Appreciate you guys taking the time to inspect it and comment it!
It feels awesome :)

you have para problems at anywhere near 1600h

Thanks for your time.
Can you give me more information about this? Is this on demo site and which page? Screenshot image would be awesome :)

Thanks again