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Something like:

Exclusive Content Password Protect

Is it possible to work fine on your template?

I’m not aware of this plugin.

I’m interested in purchasing this theme and have a few questions…

1. The scroll menu…if I don’t load images to the portfolio, this wouldn’t appear correct?

2. There are only two items on the footer menu. Can I add more than just “About” and “Contact”?

3. Does the “About” page have to be transparent or can I change that? My images will be black & white and the white letting will be hard to read.

4. Do the borders have to blue or can I choose another color?

5. Can I add/remove the social icons or other icons entirely? Can I make them bigger?

Sorry. These may be easy questions for most, but I’m a novice.


Hi, thanks for your interest! 1. The scroll on the right is posts from a category, so if you don’t put post in a category, it’ll not show neither on the left. 2. Yes you can add more, and it will fit on all width of the footer with 4 items by column. 3. By default it’s transparent, but if you want to put a background on it, you need to do some custom CSS . 4. Blue is the main color, but there is a color picker in the admin, so you can change it easily. 5. You need to do some custom work for this.


My bands is considering buying this nice theme.

We have one question:

Is it possible to NOT have the theme show the headlines of each page?

Here is a picture of what I mean: https://www.dropbox.com/s/hukcs9oavid5v75/picture%20of%20webpage.tiff

Thank you!!

Regards, Morten Skoett, DK.


Thanks for your interest. Yes but you’ll need to edit one file to have this. It’s really easy, one line to remove and that’s it. I’ll show you how to do it.

Fantastic theme, only have a small problem. When sending a message from the site I receive a red 0 next to the send button, and the email never arrives. Is this a problem with the host or configuration?

This depend on the host you are using. Are you sure to have every mail function activate with your host?

Hi, is it easy enough to implement non-stop background audio since this is ajax powered? I’m assuming that this isn’t included in the theme by default?

By default it’s not implemented but if you know how to code it should be easy. I know too that someone found a plugin that did that but I can’t remember the name. it’s in the comment I think.

Hi, First, thanks for your template, love it. I’m having an issue with columns. The first column tends to be about 20 px higher on the page the the following columns. Is there something I am doing wrong?

Thanks reference: http://www.redmonddentistry.com/membership

ps I’m sure that it is not the image pushing the 2nd column down, I’ve tested with and without the image.

This is not my template :)

My version says 2.0.3, yet here on your theme’s page it says that you are up to version 2.1. Why won’t the update show up when I manage my themes? I also tried re-downloading the theme here and reinstalling it, the install fails because it says the style.css page is missing from you zip file.

Are you sure you’ve download it again? Before I just download the zip, and the version is 2.1 You should have some problem with your browser, or maybe it’s cache? Try to empty it.

Note too, that you need to unzip the zip before upload. Only the minimalista folder need to be uploaded a FTP program. Or zip the minimalista folder and upload it via the wordpress admin.


Hi, I was interested in purchase this theme but as more of a blog, but I’m not sure if the theme allows for it. If it is possible, will the posts have distinct URLS ?

Blog post have distinct URL , yes. But I don’t recommend this template for blogging even it’s mine. Better to have a normal layout template, this one is more for picture.

Is there no way to enable scrolling of page/post content? I’ve got some posts with large galleries and scrolling down is important. :)

The only scroll that is include is the one you can see online.

OK, my bad. This was a plugin conflict with an activated plugin, Justified Image gallery.

Hello, i update wordpress en the templates, but post on the right hand side are not showing up anymore, disabled all the plugins (3) to avoid confilicts but that does not work.

livelink http://www.janstapfilm.nl/web/

kind regards matthijs

Hi – I know from searching that the css.style sheet issue is common, and I’ve tried all fixes that you’ve recommended, but I can’t get it to work. I’m really stuck.

Help much appreciated…..

Can you reming me what you’re trying to achieve?

Hello, after purchased the template i’ve tried to customize the “about” section . i’ve change the title in “pages” menu but now it disappear from the footer . please can you help me ?

another point all the “accents” in french like : éèàç etc… are not well display with this font

thanks for your help fred

Can you show me an URL to visualize what you’re trying to do?

hi.thanks i’ve fixed this “strange” issue. i still have french accents problem . any idea ?

i try to integrate too a mp3 sound player and video player but i got some layout issues. any advices for choosing the right video and audio plugin ? thanks a lot fred `

About the mp3 player, I thing you can look into the comment (I know this is hard) but someone already found one that work.

Can you show me the URL for the french accent problem? DId you try to change the iso in the header?

This theme looks great. I have just a few questions before purchase. Is it compatible with soundcloud widgets and tumbler blog widgets? Or if not soundcloud is there compatibility with any other audio players? Also would anyone care to share any of their sites they built with it so others can get a bit of a feel for it? Thanks, HG

Hi, I just purchased your template. But in the Contact page, there is automatically an send e-mail field. But not working….Where can I change the settings or remove this?

And now the complete contact info is gone, only the Google Maps is visible. How can I ‘turn off’ this Contact page from the menu? I’ll make my own contact page, I think that will do better.

Comment line 12 of footer.php file.

Hi, I’m interested in this theme Is it possible to use this theme without the dotted filter over the images? I want my images to appear natural without any filter, does this theme add the filter or have these images been processed before hand?

yes you can, just remove the css of it.

I purchased and installed your beautiful theme, but if I choose “off” to use the Experimental Slider, I can’t see the backgroud image!

Do you have any activated plugin?

Another question, I don’t see my latest post as home page post, the homepage is empty, black thanx