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Hey Twi, Excuse me for possibly asking something you answered previously. It takes a lot of time to browse all the discussions and questions here. I wish I could use a searchfunction…

Anyway, I’ve been trying to add a page to my site, let’s name it ‘info’ here. The word ‘info’ appears in the footer, as it should and is working fine. However, when I exclude it from the footer, and link to it from another pages, it cannot be found. i tjust does nothing. What am I doing wrong?


You can’t link that easy link to any page. As everything is Ajax powered… it kinda complicated. Sorry :(

I would like to change the behavior of the #network. For now, they al blink at once on mouse over. I would like to have them blink separate. When my mouse is on facebook, only the facebook has to blink, not al four network images. How can i change that? And alt tekst for each #network item, like follow me on facebook is another one i like to change.

It works! Thanks! I changed it to ul because i want the #network vertical and not horizontal. How do i get that done? I thought by changing from li to ul makes it vertical and it did. Only the brightness wasn’t right.

Do both

#network ul {
   //stuff here

#network li {
   //others stuff here

Ok, thanks. All changes made are getting in the right direction. But the behavior is still not what i expected. Pleas have a look at www.jaydouble-u.com en tell me what is wrong with the behavior of the #network

hello twi!

im not sure whats wrong with my website http://www.diiiverse.com/ for some reason when i click on a category, the page goes wonky.


& thanks in advance :)

Send me all your info via mail, I’ll try to check this as soon as. Please remind me the problem in the mail too.



I’ve sent you an email with my information. Hopefully you received it?

Thank you in advance!

Yes, it’s working now!


I tried to update my wordpress with the automatet update function after this I got this error

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_STRING in /var/www/web335/html/wp-content/plugins/adminimize/inc-setup/admin-bar.php on line 233

so I checked line 233 admin-bar.php if ( ! ( $current_user instanceof WP_User ) )

but I don´t know what to do with this

hope you can help me


It seems that the plugin is giving the error, not the template. Try to deactivate it to see if it print error again.

okay thank you but I can´t log in the adminstartion section do you know how I to disable the plugin?

Connect to the FTP and delete or rename the plugin folder. (“adminimize” in your case)

thx man!!!

Maybe i’m not that smart, but when I trie to install the theme, it says: the theme misses the style.css stylesheet.

What am I doing wrong?

Hi there, thumbnails are disappearing http://www.janstapfilm.nl/web

can you help?

kind regards matthijs

Do you have the latest version of timthumb.php? Update the file if you didn’t download a recent update of minimalista.

I have downloaded and installed this theme successfully, however I create a post with an image and no image shows up in the background or anything. I can’t change the John Doe logo at the bottom left. I am new to wordpress and have been unsuccessful in changing anything with this template. Help please?

Did you follow all the step from the documentation for the installation?

I installed it on my site www.zhaobei.us

When I click the category on the left. Nothing happens. I actually have 4 posts posted already. I see on your demo site that when you click category tag on the left, on the screen right there is a scroll list or posts thumbnails come out. Am I missing any plug-ins? or anything I didn’t configure right?

Did you follow the step form the documentation? Specially the part to create the ajax-page-load page template?

Thanks you are right twi! Thank you very much. Could you please also let me know how to make the light box gallery work? right now I insert a wp gallery in a post, the image doesn’t pop up when I click them. http://www.zhaobei.us/#/portfolio|dubai/ambiance-lighting-in-atlantis Could you please let me know what I need to do? almost there. thanks in advance.

Thanks you are right twi! Thank you very much. Could you please also let me know how to make the light box gallery work? right now I insert a wp gallery in a post, the image doesn’t pop up when I click them. http://www.zhaobei.us/#/portfolio|dubai/ambiance-lighting-in-atlantis Could you please let me know what I need to do? almost there. thanks in advance.

Sorry but lightbox is not compatible with the gallery. Please check the FAQ : http://themeforest.net/item/minimalista-an-ajax-wordpress-template/faq/92607 (tested by a buyer a while ago)

Hi TWI ,

I tried reading about 10 pages of comments here first to see if my query was already answered, but I can’t seem to find an answer. I’m trying to find the line of code that I can modify in the header to add more social networking icons and their links. I’m not as familiar with AJAX and am having problems finding exactly where to modify the header code. Can you help? Thanks!

Hi, You can find them in index.php on line 4 to 18. Good luck!

Hi Twi,

I’m very pleased with your theme, you did an amazing job and it was really easy to setup. The few problems that I encountered, you promptly replied and I have my website completely functional and beautiful!

My only problem right now is the lack of mobile version, could you do one? I would be happy to buy it. If not, do you know any mobile theme compatible with your awesome theme?

I would like too, the ability to add more social links.


Paulo Capdeville



Sorry but there no plan to made a mobile version right now. This would be to be rewrite completly to put responsiveness.

Hi Twi,

I really like the theme and i think am gonna buy it.. but i want to make sure before if i can replace the slider full background with google map?


SOrry but this is not possible.

Thumbs aren’t showing at a fresh 3.3.1. install (downloaded yesterday). I’ve tried both setting a path to the background and the thumbnail but it doesn’t make any difference.

I’m also wondering where the ‘Home’ button can be found?

Problem with thumbs solved! The ‘cache’ dir wasn’t writable, my bad…

I purchased this theme for a client and I’m having some trouble getting hyper-linked images to work on my Page. They’re Facebook and Twitter icons and I’ve hyper-linked them. I keep getting a “The requested content cannot be loaded. Please try again later.” message. It’s just a regular tag with target=”_blank” wrapped around an tag. What am I doing wrong?

Any help is greatly appreciated!

I don’t have the problem on the contact page. It’s working great. Did you manage to fix it?

I haven’t fixed it, however the client is ok with using icons in the top left. My intention was to put it into the content area of the page (which didn’t seem to work) rather than use the small icons in the top left. Thanks anyway.

You have a great theme and you’re providing great support for it! Thank you so much, hopefully I won’t have to bother you again with the same issue. :)

Thanks for king word jmaing, I try to do my best :)

Hey! Really great theme! However, I’m having some trouble with it showing up correctly in IE9 . Couple things I noticed:

- the H1 header background is stretching across the screen instead of just behind the text. I changed some of the headers for the time being until i can fix it. - Other header text isn’t showing up correctly. It looks like the shadowing doesn’t show up or something.

Any thoughts on how to fix it? All the plugins are disable. The site is: www.freeindeedwomen.com.


Hi, I don’t remember to test it in IE9 and having this problem. Right now I don’t have a PC, I’m only on Mac… I can’t test it again :(

Hi, recently purchased the theme and have a question. This seems like a stupid question but i’d like to add some navigation on the left side and link to individual pages per link. I cannot seem to do this!

please help


Thanks for the purchase! You can’t add more than the basic navigation you can see on the live preview… sorry.

Hey there I can’t change “John Doe” To ready my name and every time I save something the contact details revert back to the the original template???

You need to replace the logo image from the “images” folder.

Hello, how can I put a ‘Login, Password management’ into your template?, or should I do it externally??

Thanks, Jean Pierre Kun

Sorry, I don’t think that it would work as every is AJAX driven :( Maybe with some luck… but you’ll have to test it.