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Hi Everybody and Themejive.. next quest… when we turn in a phone to horizontal view the menu header part is zooming super large so the half of the phones screen is covered already with the Menu… and tablets are not reading the Tablet version so also when we open the page in a tablet it uses the phone layout and also there we have the issue of half screen is covered with zoomed in Menu Bar.. is there a way to keep the phone version VERTICAL only with exception of the full screen videos? or any other tips how we let the menu bar keeps its size in horizontal view and does not zoom in… Thanks for an answer. Cheers, Berkan

Hmm, those are interesting questions. First, I would recommend unpinning the navigation for mobile. I meant to do that in the source as it is not really a good move for small interfaces plus pinned nav forces the iphones chrome (top and bottom nav bars) to stay visible upon scroll.

What phone are you using by the way? I don’t really get any zooming on my iphone beyond the normal zoom to accommodate the landscape view. Can you take a screenshot with your phone and send it my way?

As to the tablet version, please make certain that your ftp contains the tablet folder. If it is there, please see if you can hit it directly (or whatever your path is)

Please let me know if you need anything else :)

I too am having trouble editing the video to a YouTube video. I’ve followed the directions on the screencast and I still only see your videos. I’ve tried editing the code on the Home page and on the YouTube Header page. Neither seems to result in showing my video.

I did notice that on the Home page you still have 4 “slides” and on the YouTube Header page there is only one. But, I can’t get either to work.

Help please?

I’m also having trouble with the nav bar on the Phone page. I needed to change my header to white (from black), but now I can’t see the nav bar trigger, I’ve switched colors, but I still can’t see it. Help?

Sorry for the delayed reply. To use the youtube header, either use that page and not the home page or you can delete the header on the home page and copy and past the youtube header in it’s place.

As to your second question, I am not sure exactly what is happening. Maybe you have a layer/ordering issue? feel free to send me your file to and i’ll have a look :)

Hi. Is there nay way to hide the videoplayer/slideshow when the video end?

Oh that would be nice! Unfortunately that is not something Muse supports. Technically you could write some custom javaScript to do this.

is it possible to make the huge video header scale with the user’s browser window size?

Yes I think so, but not as a video slideshow. I can make a single background video though that can scale I believe. (no promises but I can try)

that is what i’m looking for. let me know if you manage to figure it out. thanks!

For the life of me I can’t get the youtube video to loop. I know I’m doing something dumb. I copy and pasted your code and just changed out the video name. Thoughts?

or for the controls to disappear at the bottom once the video completes. thanks in advance for any help you can provide….Man when you dont use a program for a couple of years it makes you want to throw your laptop through a window.

I am having a problem – probably something simple, but still… I uploaded the base file to a test page, and it errors out. “Some files on the server may be missing or incorrect. Clear browser cache and try again. If the problem persists please contact the web author” That message is followed by “Java script exceptino; error calling selection function: type error: cannot read property ‘msie’ of undefined. Please help!

So sorry I missed This! If you still need help, please make sure you upload all the required assets including any javascript files.

Never hosted images anywhere before on built a site. How do I find a server to upload my mp4 video to and link into the code? tinypic didn’t work

SO sorry for the delayed reply… You can simply upload your video to your host where your site is hosted then link from there.

For gallery images do they all have to be the same dimensions? Like if some are 5×7 and one is 7×7 will the sides if the 7×7 be cropped off, or will the entire image be displayed and the image box expanded to accommodate the dimensions of the image?

can you please provide more info on how to modify the theme video at the top of the page, Do you have any video tutorials on this theme? thanks.