Oxygen - WooCommerce WordPress Theme

Oxygen - WooCommerce WordPress Theme

Oxygen – is a WooCommerce theme, built exclusively for online shopping and offers great variety of options to customize the look and feel of the theme via theme options panel.

You can choose between 4 header types, change typography, toggle shop and blog settings and create unique page layouts with Visual Composer premium plugin, which comes free as a part of the theme.

Slider Revolution its also included as a free component for the theme and you can create great beautiful and stunning slides for your site.

Oxygen is featured on Behance and updated regularly!

MicBergsma a youtube superstar that has 350K+ subscribers uses our theme (but he need to work a bit more with the look of it)

We can’t wait to see what you have created with Oxygen theme, if you are proud with your site, please submit it to our showcase.

Theme Features:

  • Fully support of WooCommerce
  • Responsive
  • Full Retina Ready
  • 5 Header types
  • Visual Composer layout builder
  • Revolution Slider
  • WPML Compatible
  • Catalog Mode
  • 9 Custom Visual Composer Widgets (by Laborator)
  • Updated: 700+ Google Fonts
  • Custom Skin Builder
  • 7 Predefined Theme Skins
  • Rich Custom CSS area
  • Tracking Code area
  • Child Theme
  • Text + Image Logo
  • 4 Cart Ribbon icons
  • Product Sharing
  • Blog Post Sharing
  • Sticky Menu
  • Quick View
  • Footer, Blog and Shop Widget
  • Typography selection
  • Contact Page
  • WooThemes Wishlist
  • YITH Wishlist
  • Touch Carousels
  • Icons Collection
  • Blog page
  • Search page
  • 404 Page
  • Blog Post Gallery
  • SEO Optimization
  • 7+ Custom Visual Composer Shortcodes
  • Products Carousel
  • Image + Category Banner
  • Feature Tabs
  • Social Networks
  • Payment Methods Icons
  • Text Banners (Call to action)
  • Blog Posts shortcode
  • Products shortcode
  • Lookbook with carousel
  • FAQ’s (Accordions and Tabs)

... and we are carefully extending this list on every update!

The sample images viewed in the live preview are for demo purposes only and are not included with your purchase.

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Oxygen Supports:

Quality theme with the best customer support ever! I’ve bought many themes before, and it is the first time I’ve rated any product on themeforest. The frequent update & support reply is truly amazing! :) Keep up the good work!!

Bought and worked with over 60+ themes. Overall this is one of the finest themes I have ever worked with. Complete package, top notch design, quality code and most important… service level is perfect. To Art and Team congrats! Regards, Paul

Very flexible theme, easy to use, easy to customize, and the design is gorgeous. It’s really affordable and packed with a tons of features. They reply to your inquiries very fast. One of the best themes I’ve purchased so far, I’m very happy with this purchase, kudos to the Laborator team for this awesome creation :)

I’m really really happy with this theme. Looks great, works like a charm. Great documentation and A+ in support. Would recommend to everybody!

Beyond awesome customer support. Not a single issue so far that hasn’t been resolved. You get MORE than you pay for. Definitely recommend any product by Laborator, just because of the effort they put in their customers!! Wish I could rate with more stars.

Best theme, best real time support. I think there should be 10 stars for Oxygen!

The theme is really well done… and in addition the creator has incredible customer support. I’d rate 6 stars if I could :)

Truly the best customer support I have ever received on Themeforest. Many thanks!!!!

Awesome design! Thanks for creating superb theme for WooCommerce :)

All questions are answered very fast and friendly. The theme is very good, complete and updated continuously updating things and adding improvements. In summary, the best theme!

Design: Clean, beautiful, timeless! Support: The best on Themeforest!

Great theme! Highly adjustable and customizable. And great support. Not just general support but also fixing individual problems if you might run into one. Great design also!

The author of this theme gives the best customer service on the themeforest website.

Love this theme! Really simple interface and nice and light on the front end. Nice and easy to customize either through css or through the dashboard. This is the theme I’ve been hoping to find for years!

The best customer support that I have ever experienced dealing with a Wordpress theme. The developers are more than happy to help with any issue no matter how big or small. Most importantly, the developers have created a beautiful theme that works out of the box. I highly recommend this theme!

I rate this theme with 5 stars but it was difficult to select the main reason for the rating. I mean, design, code and support are really awesome. 100% recommended! I hope they keep updating with some extra features that would be nice to have!

The theme is great, very flexible, but the most important thing is the great team, and the support!!! Love it!!!

My favorite theme of all times – great work by the developers.

It’s an amazing theme, that’s one thing. But the support is quicker then lighting! It’s amazing how fast these guys helped me out with my questions. The theme is coded to perfection and it’s beautiful designed but the support puts the biggest smile on my face! Thanks guys!

Version 3.9.6 — Apr 16, 2016

    NEW: Oxygen is Retina ready now on every part of the theme.

    UPDATE: WordPress 4.5 Compatibility added
    UPDATE: Visual Composer updated to latest version – 4.11.2
    UPDATE: Revolution Slider updated to latest version –

    FIX: Add to cart button not styled with predefined skins
    FIX: Minor bug fixes and improvements

    Note: Laborator recommends to not update WooCommerce version upper than 2.5.5 before 
    we release compatible version of latest WooCommerce update.

    P.S: New delicious updates will come continuously. If you like Oxygen don't hesitate to 
    rate us :)

Version 3.9.5 — Mar 25, 2016

    NEW: Envato – Theme & Plugin management for the Envato Market
    NEW: Option to set number of product columns in shop – http://d.pr/10NA0
    NEW: Option to set number of shop categories to show – http://d.pr/130Z8

    UPDATE: WooCommerce 2.5.5 Compatibility
    UPDATE: Visual Composer updated to latest version – v4.11.1
    UPDATE: Revolution slider updated to v5.1.6

    FIX: Clearer images on search page, header cart, wishlist and testimonials - 
    (requires thumbnail regenerate)
    FIX: Horizontal scroll on sidebar menu type
    FIX: Link URL-s on "media print" mode removed
    FIX: Responsive issues on tablets
    FIX: Few minor bugs reported by community

Version 3.9.1 — Jan 28, 2016

    UPDATE: WooCommerce 2.5.1 Compatibility
    UPDATE: Language files updated with latest theme strings

    FIX: Small improvements and bug fixes

Version 3.9 — Jan 21, 2016

    NEW: Option to show one or two products per row in mobile devices – http://d.pr/61DG
    NEW: VKontakte to social networks and to Share Product Networks
    NEW: Google Fonts list updated with latest fonts (700+ fonts) – http://d.pr/11RtQ
    NEW: Blog post images can now open in lightbox

    UPDATE: WordPress 4.4.1 Compatibility
    UPDATE: WooCommerce 2.5.x Compatibility
    UPDATE: Visual Composer updated to latest version – v4.9.2
    UPDATE: Revolution slider updated to v5.1.6
    UPDATE: Language files updated with latest theme strings

    FIX: Add to cart button background not styled
    FIX: Zero value not allowed to add product to cart
    FIX: Custom font not being applied on some parts of the theme
    FIX: Google Maps sensor warning removed
    FIX: Breadcrumb links not showing in shop sub categories
    FIX: Social networks on sticky menu breaking the menu structure, now are removed
    FIX: Many other minor improvements and bug fixes

Version 3.8.6 — Oct 6, 2015

    HOTFIX: Urgent security vulnerability fix applied for Visual Composer
    UPDATE: Visual Composer updated to latest version – v4.7.4

Version 3.8.5 — Oct 2, 2015

    UPDATE: WooCommerce 2.4.7 Compatibility added
    UPDATE: Visual Composer updated to latest version – v4.7.3
    UPDATE: Revolution slider updated to v5.0.9
    UPDATE: Demo Content Packages updated to latest version
    UPDATE: Language files updated with latest theme strings
    UPDATE: TweenMax and TweenLite updated to latest version
    UPDATE: Theme FAQ's updated on Appearance > Theme Help
    UPDATE: Child theme code reconstruction

    FIX: Added https:// protocol to social networks links (where applied)
    FIX: Minor CSS bugs fixed

Version 3.8 — Sep 9, 2015

    NEW: Oxygen is now WordPress 4.3.x compatible
    NEW: Option to show top menu in mobile – http://d.pr/1l7Nu

    UPDATE: Visual Composer updated to latest version – v4.7
    UPDATE: Revolution slider updated to v5.0.7
    UPDATE: Language files updated with latest theme strings
    UPDATE: Buttons are now replaced with new shortcode [laborator_button]
    UPDATE: New tabs and accordions are styled properly with theme style

    FIX: Add to cart button not being theme styled in variation products
    FIX: Product variation with image showing it in low resolution
    FIX: Grouped products quantity buttons break in rows
    FIX: Breadcrumb showing wrong description in product category page
    FIX: Reduced rounded corners for "Add to cart" tooltips 
    FIX: Other small improvements and bug fixes

Version 3.7 — Aug 13, 2015

    NEW: Oxygen is now WordPress 4.2.4 compatible
    NEW: Compatibility for Laborator Widgets to work with latest version of Visual Composer
    NEW: PHP warning for demo content importer, configuration limits
    NEW: Option to import widgets for demo content packs

    UPDATE: Visual Composer updated to latest version – v4.6.2
    UPDATE: Demo Content Packages updated to latest version
    UPDATE: Importer plugin updated to latest version
    UPDATE: Language files updated with latest theme strings

    FIX: IE9-11 quantity buttons not displaying properly
    FIX: YITH wishlist not working properly on some cases
    FIX: Menu search form not submitted when clicking the magnifier icon
    FIX: Quick View now shows on tag product page
    FIX: Footer was not fully fit in theme grid
    FIX: Disabled scroll zoom on first page impression
    FIX: Other small improvements and bug fixes

Version 3.6.1-3.6.2 — Jun 30, 2015

    NEW: Wordpress 4.2.4 compatibility
    UPDATE: Security Vulnerability fix applied, read more - http://d.pr/12ZUp
    UPDATE: Visual Composer updated to latest version – v4.5.3
    UPDATE: Language files updated

    FIX: Blog posts from VC not showing when combined with products
    FIX: Visual Composer elements not working in full functionality

Version 3.6 — Jun 07, 2015

    UPDATE: WooCommerce 2.3.10 compatibility improved
    UPDATE: Visual Composer updated to 4.5.2

    NEW: Clicking outside of mini cart will hide it if its visible

    FIX: Addressed skin colors to elements who weren't styling properly
    FIX: Product images in Cart not being the same size
    FIX: Missing menu (menu type 3) on tablets
    FIX: Minor CSS fixes and other improvements

Version 3.5 — May 12, 2015

    NEW: Minimal store demo added – http://d.pr/1gmx4
    NEW: Bootstrap v3.3.4 – latest version of Bootstrap
    NEW: Social networks in header and mobile menu – http://d.pr/i/XvX2
    NEW: Retina pins for contact form – http://d.pr/i/1fQnV
    NEW: Catalog image dimensions control – http://d.pr/i/15Gcn
    NEW: Quick links added to admin navbar – http://d.pr/i/1iLUd

    UPDATE: Revolution Slider updated to v4.6.93

    FIX: Variable product showing lowest price in header cart (AJAX mode)
    FIX: YITH Magnifier compatibility improved
    FIX: Tab index on cart page, allowing easier navigation between item quantities
    FIX: Sticky menu for header type 3 not working
    FIX: YouTube & Vimeo videos showing outside of blog container
    FIX: Lots of CSS/JavaScript fixes and appearance improvements
    FIX: Cart widget will now update contents when new product is added to cart
    FIX: 404 error on docs removed

    P.S: When you update Revolution Slider, don't forget to export sliders first,
    in case something goes wrong with the plugin.

Version 3.0.5 — May 05, 2015

    UPDATE: WordPress v4.2.2 compatible
    UPDATE: Visual Composer updated to v4.5.1
    UPDATE: Revolution slider updated to v4.6.92

    FIX: PHP error appearing on single product page
    FIX: Small improvements and bug fixes
    FIX: VC problem with URL links

Version 3.0.1 — Apr 22, 2015

    FIX: PHP error appearing on single product page

Version 3.0 — Apr 22, 2015

    NEW: Alt attributes added to thumbnails in shop items
    NEW: Support of sticky menu for centered menu type - http://d.pr/i/1hM2Q
    NEW: Filters for changing product thumbnail sizes

    UPDATE: WooCommerce 2.3.7 and 2.3.8 compatible
    UPDATE: WordPress v4.1.2 compatibile
    UPDATE: Demo Content Installer in v1.1 with better interface and new features
    UPDATE: YITH Wishlist files to support latest version of Wishlist plugin
    UPDATE: Visual Composer updated to v4.4.4
    UPDATE: Revolution slider updated to v4.6.9
    UPDATE: Envato WordPress Toolkit updated to v1.7.2

    FIX: Coupon code not working in cart page
    FIX: Negative quantity for products
    FIX: Repeated menu items in some shop pages
    FIX: Variable product thumbnail not switching
    FIX: Sticky menu issues in IE (thanks to apogeedesign for the fix)
    FIX: Cart coupon code not working
    FIX: Strings that could not be translated added to po/mo files
    FIX: Styled woocommerce product search widget - http://d.pr/i/13fFL
    FIX: Left sidebar shop on small screen devices bug
    FIX: A lot of other minor fixes

Version 2.9.5 — Feb 14, 2015

    UPDATE: WooCommerce 2.3.x compatibility
    UPDATE: Visual Composer updated to v4.4.2

    NEW: Products carousel can now have up to 6 columns of products
    NEW: Products shortcode + carousel can now select only "on sale" products

    FIX: Cart quantity buttons are now showing properly on all browsers
    FIX: Footer now is moved to separate container (for styling purposes)

    P.S: If you’re updating WooCommerce you should totally update the theme as well. 
    It includes all the fixes needed to ensure compatibility.

Version 2.9.1 — Jan 21, 2015

    UPDATE: Visual Composer updated to v4.4.1

Version 2.9 — Jan 20, 2015

    UPDATE: Visual Composer updated to latest version v4.4 (previous version v4.3.5)
    ADDED: Support for "Comission King" plugin (My Account section)
    FIX: Cart URL not being translated when switching language
    FIX: Blurry images in shop catalog are now shown properly in most browsers
    FIX: Other bug fixes reported by customers

Version 2.8 — Jan 08, 2015

    UPDATE:Visual Composer updated to v4.3.5
    ADDED: Auto update cart contents and cart counter with AJAX (see Shop Settings)
    FIX: Contact form not sending emails (troubleshooting error)
    FIX: Overall theme improvements and bug fixes (CSS + JavaScript)

Version 2.7 — Dec 20, 2014

    ADDED: WordPress 4.1 Compatibility
    ADDED: Ability to select featured products with Products shortcode and Products Carousel
    FIX: When browsing product tags, mobile menu could not be open
    FIX: Other bug fixes and CSS improvements
    UPDATE: Visual Composer updated to v4.3.5 (recent v4.3.4)
    UPDATE: Envato WordPress Toolkit updated to v1.7.1 (recent v1.7.0)

    Cheers to a stable holiday from Laborator Team!

Version 2.6.2 — Dec 13, 2014

    FIX: (Urgent) Products cannot add to cart
    FIX: Left sidebar on tablet fixed padding
    FIX: Issue with disappeared logo

Version 2.6.1 — Dec 11, 2014

    ADDED: Custom variation image for products in cart based on selected options
    ADDED: Meta data is shown in header cart under product title (if available)
    FIX: Changed the priority of Featured product badge to display over Sale badge

Version 2.6 — Dec 10, 2014

    ADDED: One-click demo installer is now available with this them (access in: Laborator
    > Demo Content Install)
    ADDED: Better lazy loading for shop images
    ADDED: New "Custom CSS" interface for better user experience (also supports LESS
    and SASS compiling)
    ADDED: Products carousel can show 6 columns of products (will look a little tight)
    FIX: Image url on products images carousel (single shop image)
    FIX: Contact form footer margin bug
    FIX: Language files updated
    UPDATE: Revolution slider updated to v4.6.5
    UPDATE: Envato Update Toolkit updated to v1.7.1

Version 2.5 — Nov 14, 2014

    ADDED: Support for "WooCommerce Additional Variation Images" plugin
    FIX: Price is shown for variable products
    FIX: Demo Store notice now shows properly on the header
    FIX: Logo not showing in checkout page
    FIX: Image Banners Text is centered via CSS
    FIX: Other bug fixes and CSS improvements

Version 2.4 — Oct 24, 2014

    UPDATE: WooCommerce 2.2.7 Compatible
    FIX: Unnecessary H1-s replaced with H2 or H3
    FIX: Improved compatibility with "Use Google Libraries" 

Version 2.3.5 — Oct 21, 2014

    FIX: Add to cart (via AJAX) updated and now fully works
    FIX: Comments count works properly now

Version 2.3 — Oct 15, 2014

    FIX: Repeating post title on Products Shortcode
    FIX: Custom Google Font is now working for Headings fonts
    FIX: Checkbox and Radio replacement with better approach and bug free
    FIX: CSS styling fixes

Version 2.2 — Oct 6, 2014

    ADDED: Support WooCommerce API Manager plugin
    ADDED: Mobile menu will appear on iPad devices too
    FIX: Performance improvements reported from v2.1.2
    FIX: Custom font is now loading on header
    FIX: Sale flash ordering is now aligned properly

Version 2.1.2 — Oct 2, 2014

    FIX: WooCommerce email templates are arranged properly
    FIX: Laborator Banners outputting a warning message
    FIX: Several minor code improvements

Version 2.1 — Sep 26, 2014

    UPDATE: WooCommerce v2.2.4 compatible
    UPDATE: English po/mo translation files updated with latest terms
    ADDED: Font color option for Image Banner in Visual Composer
    FIX: Cart shipping method change will now update the total cost in cart
    FIX: Item/items string can now be translated in Image Banners
    FIX: My Account / change password field missing for current password

Version 2.0 — Sep 11, 2014

    UPDATE: WooCommerce v2.2.2 compatible
    UPDATE: Visual Composer updated to v4.3.4
    UPDATE: Envato Update Toolkit updated to v1.7.0
    FIX: Other improvements and bug fixes including CSS, JavaScript and PHP files

Version 1.9.1 — Sep 04, 2014

    UPDATE: Contact form styled properly in small screen devices

Sep 04, 2014 — Version 1.9

    ADDED: Ability to disable separately featured image in single post only and/or in loop.
    See: Theme Options > Blog Settings
    ADDED: Different logout URL for WooCommerce customers to prevent them from obtaining the
    Admin Path
    UPDATE: Revolution slider updated to v4.6.0
    FIX: Blog page not showing category name under some circumstances
    FIX: Shipping to different address form not opening when checked (applied for Create
    account as well)

Version 1.8.2 — Aug 29, 2014

    FIX: Broken support for custom Google fonts in v1.8.0

Version 1.8.1 — Aug 28, 2014

    FIX: Problem with shipping calculator in Checkout page is now fixed
    FIX: Coupon code now will be applied in Checkout page as well

Version 1.8 — Aug 27, 2014

    UPDATE: Visual Composer updated to v4.3.3
    ADDED: Include your custom Google fonts (primary and heading font). See: Appearance >
    Theme Options > Typography
    FIX: Text separators on Visual Composer now work properly
    FIX: Product single page issue with image link (php warning)
    FIX: Common issue when shop page and single product page not fully displaying
    FIX: Shop product ordering URL in category page redirecting to shop base url
    FIX: Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘nodeName’ of undefined joinable.js:1370

Version 1.7 — Aug 07, 2014

    UPDATE: Visual Composer updated to v4.3.2
    UPDATE: Revolution Slider updated to v4.5.95
    ADDED: Lighter version of Demo Data import which works fully on any host
    ADDED: Warning for missing menu locations (for main menu only)
    FIX: Minor code issues

Version 1.6 — Jul 23, 2014

    FIX: Improved thumbnail processing and decreased their size to 50% or more.
    FIX: Email address RegExp fixed for validating all domains
    FIX: Cart thumbnail filter "woocommerce_cart_item_thumbnail" added for
    FIX: Admin error function: "laborator_main_page" not found
    FIX: Products query issue with Quick View preventing the page from loading

Version 1.5 — Jul 18, 2014

    ADDED: Testimonials feature, read documentation about how to add testimonials.
    See: http://documentation.laborator.co/kb/oxygen/other-settings/testimonials/
    ADDED: VKontakte to social networks and to Share Post Networks
    FIX: Product appearing with the same name
    FIX: Blog dates showing even the "Show blog dates" option is unchecked
    FIX: Header cart variable product price showing only lowest price
    FIX: Language files updated
    FIX: Other minor code issues
    FIX: CSS Improvements

Version 1.4 — Jul 11, 2014

    ADDED: Catalog mode only. See: Theme Options > Shop Settings > General Shop Settings
    ADDED: Support for YITH WooCommerce Zoom Magnifier plugin
    FIX: Blog featured image showing different thumbnail rather than selected Featured Image
    FIX: Quickview not working on certain pages
    FIX: Removed frontend theme customizer (mistakenly added on previous update)
    FIX: Pink skin colors are now set up correctly

Version 1.3 — Jul 10, 2014

    UPDATE: Page Builder (Visual Composer) updated to v4.2.3
    UPDATE: Revolution Slider updated to v4.5.9
    ADDED: Theme Skins Introduced: 7 predefined skins + custom skin builder
    See: Theme Options > Theme Styling
    ADDED: Sticky Menu support for Header Type 3
    ADDED: FAQ and Documentation frame added on Laborator > Help, for quick access to
    ADDED: Favicon & Apple Touch Icon added. See: Theme Options > Other Settings > Favicon
    and Apple Touch Icon
    ADDED: Oxygen child theme created
    FIX: Visual Composer issues related to Oxygen theme
    FIX: Issue with Lookbook linking to wrong quick view products
    FIX: Image Banner plugin error with image size
    FIX: Pinterest share thumbnail size
    FIX: GreenSock AP updated to fix the JavaScript animations
    FIX: Slider appearing on Search results page
    FIX: Add to cart + quantity buttons are now aligned in a row
    FIX: CSS improvements

Version 1.2 — Jun 14, 2014

    ADDED: Extra map locations to Contact Page
    ADDED: Featured Product badge feature (can be enabled from Theme Options > Shop >
    Featured Product badge)
    ADDED: Support for products categories (above) in catalog page
    ADDED: Change ribbon position for "Top menu" header type (left - right). See: Theme
    Options > Header > Cart ribbon position
    ADDED: Custom CSS option with media queries support. See: Theme Options > Theme Styling
    UPDATE: WooCommerce compatibility updated (v2.1.11 full compatible)
    UPDATE: Revolution Slider updated to 4.5.3
    UPDATE: Visual Composer updated to 4.2.3
    FIX: Header type 4 mobile menu is showing
    FIX: Contact page broken code
    FIX: Issues with typography
    FIX: CSS compatibility fixes
    FIX: Footer social networks shortcode hyperlinks now are fixed

Version 1.1 — Jun 08, 2014

    ADDED: Thumbnail Quality manager (Appearance > Theme Options > Other Settings >
    ** Thumbnails Generator **)
    ADDED: Route finder options in Contact form page: http://cl.ly/VxUT
    UPDATE: Visual Composer updated to 4.2.2 (from 4.2.1)
    FIX: General fixes and code improvements
    FIX: Catalog page error
    FIX: Single blog page error
    FIX: Shaking image on product page
    FIX: Image Banner showing only category link, not custom link when required
    FIX: Missing TweenLite.min.js file, now its added