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very nice theme, can you just confirm if you support videos in your portfolio section?

Thank you, of course I am confirming you can use: vimeo, youtube and swf in the portfolio section.

This looks great! Lots of detail, and who doesn’t love shortcodes? I look forward to purchasing and trying it out. Thanks!

Thank you Ryank :)

This is awesome!!!

Thank you thePhoenix!

hey this is very nice..!! is there a light version?

Hi, thank you, there is only a black version at the moment.

Very good template. I just want to know which are the options colors of the template, you say you are 5, you can put any image to view them. Thanks!

Hello, thank you, for the weekend we will do the preview of all colour versions.

This is an AWESOME theme. I have used one of your themes before. They are designed and coded well. Very easy to use and edit. I will definitely be buying this one.

Oh, that music section is SUPE GREAT !!!!!!


Very nicely for us. We are pleased that our work is for you satisfying.

Thank you!

In the description of the theme, it’s written:

Wide pages and posts

Does that mean wide pages and wide posts?

I’m looking for a theme that can publish posts (not pages) on full-width (without side-bars)...

Thanks for any information and for such a nice design!


of course our theme supporting ‘wide post’. You are marking in options of the post ‘hide sidebar’. Below list of our supporting sides with the one options:

- Elite Force

- Spinr

- Pendulum

Hi, please send us a link to preview the other lighter color options, thanks

Hello, for the weekend we will do the preview of all colour versions.

really cool stuff. Good Job.

Hello, thank you WPExplorer!

I bought the theme… I love it… but I seem to be having trouble with the navigation working properly… my pages are listing right justified in html text… not like the preview… ??? ... please help.

You have installed Wordpress 3.0? Theme is working only with this version of system. If this way apply it WP menu manager (is simple and useful).

Admin panel – > appearance – > Menus.

here’s a screenshot… notice the top nav… how do I fix this? http://www.kingmisfit.com/screenshot.html

yes… using wordpress 3.0… tried what you said… looked easy, but the menu dissapeared…

sorry… I figured it out… simple thing I missed… thanks again!!


it’s possible to set the portfolio page as the home page??

The portfolio itens can link to posts instead of videos and images.

It’s possible to put more itens per page in the portfolio section?



there is a possibility of placing the portfolio as the main page.
You can place custom link in the portfolio manager.
You can place how many you want.


1) Go to Admin panel -> appearance -> Menus
2) Create new menu
3) Add pages, categories…
4) Save menu
5) Add theme locations ‘Main Menu’

More about WP 3 Menu:

willhawksworth, how did you fix the problem with the menu? i am having the same issue. Also, do i have to create a page name “Home” before I configure Reading Settings?

I’m interested in purchasing the theme, but noticed under MUSIC category that if a song is playing and I decide to play another song without turning the first song off then both songs are playing at the same time. Has this been a problem for others who’ve purchased this template? My only requirement is for only one song to play, so if the second song is turned on then the first song would automatically turn off. Does that make sense? Is this something you plan on implementing in the near future?



we think that we will implement such a possibility at the moment we must extend the player Javascript API .

hey, the Upcomin Events section at the Home Sceen – is it a widget or coded by you?

Hey, it is homepage feature created and coded by us.

Dear Seller,

i bought your template but i keep getting this fault when in save or update a post/page:

Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /usr/home/deb4428n2/domains/dennisbrugman.nl/public_html/site/wp-content/themes/db/lib/admin/custom-fields.php on line 664

Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at /usr/home/deb4428n2/domains/dennisbrugman.nl/public_html/site/wp-content/themes/db/lib/admin/custom-fields.php:664) in /usr/home/deb4428n2/domains/dennisbrugman.nl/public_html/site/wp-includes/pluggable.php on line 890


Possible reasons for the error:

1) Try changing the permissions for the following folder to 777 or 755 wp-content/themes/pendulum/cache

2) Your sever needs to have allow_url_fopen = ‘on’ in your php.ini file.

If your server not supporting of this function, you can turn off ‘Rascals Labs Dashboard widget’.

Go to -> Admin panel – > dashboard – > screen options – > uncheck ‘Rascals Labs’

Thanks! When do you plan on changing the player feature?

At the moment it is hard for us to say, we will be trying quickly to do it.

Totally dig the theme look and functionality, but the ugly menu is keeping me from buying it… wish it could be prettier and graphically connect a little better with the rest of the template.