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+1 for GigPress Support, this is the most popular event listing plugin for WP, it would be great for this theme to support it. Any chances of that happening?

Unfortunately but in this moment we don’t have it in plans. We have a lot of work now, at new solutions.

Is it possible to change the text on the homepage, ie “About Us” and “Incoming Events” ? Is it also possible to disable the oncoming events section?

Thanks fo ryour help.

Nevermind, I’m an idiot, found it :-)

An excellent theme for musicians, artists and the like. I absolutely love it.This theme and it’s fabulous admin section has hundreds of hours of labor and love put into it. It is a music wordpress dream. Thank you for your excellent theme, support and hard work. I would buy ten of these. I hope more music related themes are on the way. 90% of my business is artist websites for musicians. This is the best one yet!

My client is overwhelmingly happy with it.


Lisa Muse

thank you Graphicsnjeneral!!!


I have a trouble-shooting question regarding this theme. Is this the proper place to ask the question ?

I am using wordpress through Godaddy, building my first site. ( I am a musician and bought PENDULUM ).

I love this theme, am excited to use it, but it’s not letting me install it through my dashboard ?

I am using the Zip that I downloaded and currently have Wordpress vs. 3 installed. Any reason why this would fail ?

Perhaps it is obvious and I am not seeing it, but I am not able to even get it up and running at this point.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, thank you, it is a beautiful theme.



Try to copy template via FilaZilla (the description is in theme documentation)

/wp-contents/themes/pendulum/ -> themes files (index.php…)

The title post, not support russian lang. How to rectify this error?

Fantastic theme

What size should the images be fot the home page slider as mine are looking very stretched ….!

Ive looked in the docs and cant find anything regards the height and width for the images or the wordpress media setting !

many thanks


Thank you!

Images dimensions:

homepage slider: 940×380
recent works slider: 210×210
intro slider: 950×190
r-post widget: 60×60
music, portfolio 2:290×210

I’m having exactly the same problem as LindseyVona.

@ Postovski @JSanderson

It is a Cufon problem font, you must turn off Cufon from Pendulum Cpanel or generate the font with special chars, a font used in the template is Colaborate light

fonts: http://www.fontsquirrel.com/fonts/list/mostdownloaded

font generator: http://cufon.shoqolate.com/generate/

1) copy font to /lib/scripts/fonts/

2) select font from Pendulum Cpanel

Quick question about the blog date format: How do I get it to display US format: MM/dd/(yy)yy? Not sure if that is a theme question or a WP question.

Thanks so much.


open page.php and find
<?php the_time('d/m/y'); ?>
replace on:
<?php the_time('m/d/y'); ?>

I love this theme. Great support from the Rascals team. Mine is still all over the place but got support for the initial bits. Hope all you guys get yours up and running.

thank you djnthando! :)

Awesome theme!

Very stylish and simple to use and customize once you get to know it.

There is just 1 problem so far – the navigation does not appear propperly How do i get the same navigation as the one in the preview


never mind… I’m dumb :) I didn’t know i had to create a Menu from WP to get the theme to work :) Thanks for the the good theme!

Hi !

Thanks, So I got my theme working. I LOVE this theme. My first attempt at building a website.

JSanderson : To get a theme working make sure you unzip the theme, open it, and go directly to the theme folder. ( it contains all the css….colors etc…) then zip up and upload just the theme folder. it took me a few tries ( slow connection ) but eventually it worked out fine. good luck !

Thank you LindseyVona! :)

Wow. I bought this theme yesterday and I must say it’s one of the most feature packed and well coded themes I’ve tried so far. I’m extremely happy with it. Now all I’m waiting for is the custom date field feature for the Upcoming events section.

Regarding the homepage slider: 940×380 information above, I believe it’s not accurate. The window is indeed 940×380, but putting a photo there get’s resized or something. I’ve tried many different resolutions, but I just can’t find the right aspect ratio and pixel settings. Can you double check?

Here’s a screenshot: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/23441/slider-1.png

And here’s what the uploaded file looks like (and it’s 940×380): http://dl.dropbox.com/u/23441/slider-2.png

We checked your slide everything is looking good therefore please send to us your site address (with this slide)

Jezper – looks like you have automatic image scaling enabled: Pendulum>General Settings>Enable Dynamic Image Resizer.

I’ve had the same problem as you – even with Dynamic Image Resizer image quality at maximum, the homepage image slider still looks compressed/blurred somehow.

How about the option to disable the Dynamic Image Resizer on a page by page basis, or just disable it for the slider? It’s useful in some areas of the site but others, not so much.

We already wrote the function which is checking image size – if the picture is smaller or equal then script isn’t changing image dimensions. This change will be attached to next updating.

You rock, thanks for the updates!

Hi. Is it a must that I have to upgrade my 2.9.2 to 3.0 first to use your theme? Because I have just purchased this and when I use it on 2.9.2 it doesn’t work and I got these lines below:

Fatal error: Call to undefined function register_nav_menus() in /home/alex/domains/tongpakfu.com.hk/public_html/wp-content/themes/pendulum/lib/functions/functions.php on line 26


Hello, yes you must do updating to Wordpress 3.0. This theme is working only with Wordpress 3.0