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This theme is grand.

Question: Can the music section of the site be linked so that visitors may purchase songs.


Hello and thank you,

You can add the custom link to your music items.


I have to say this theme is wonderful! however I have had a few small issues. one of them is; (I haven’t had the time to debug to see why the php file doesnt work).

I used the slider manager to upload my image and the preview does not show


when i either go to this url or to thumb.php direct I reiceve a 400 bad request message

any ideas?

also, is there a way to use shortcodes on the main page?

thanks in advance,

I got that one to work,

I have a suggestion, a file upload button for the music files would be nice :)

We thank for suggestions, at present we are writing new R-Panel and own frame work (completely new code), which it will be possible to add files directly from WP Media Libary (Images, mp 3…). We want managing our template to be pleasure.

Hi everyone,

I could use some support with this theme if possible. I am very new to all of this an so far can’t find an answer to my basic question.

I’m having trouble just simply uploading my slider / header image properly.

When I try, either by directly uploading the file from my computer or by copying an image URL from photobucket, it shows that it’s uploaded but I don’t see it when I go to my site. I have it in JPG . format. Does this simply mean that it needs to be in PNG to work ? Can anyone tell me how to do it correctly ?

Thank you ! Lindsey V.

Hi, you can send us the address of your side we will see where the problem is.


just purchased the template, installed it, but I have this error:

“Fatal error: Call to undefined function: simplexml_load_string() in /homepages/15/d332823042/htdocs/wp/wp-content/themes/pendulum/lib/admin/custom-fields.php on line 57”

Logo is not showing on IE and Firefox, but in Safari is ok. No home slider in all versions, what’s wrong?

Installed last Wordpress 3.O version…

Here is my link http://www.rayondecrits.fr/wp/


1. Unfortunately but you must turn off our dashboard widget (screen options), since your PHP version doesn’t have the installed simplexml module. It can be older PHP 4 version.

2. Logo doesn’t appear becouse error is into the link to the your image:

3. You must add new page e.g ‘Home’, and in attributes to choose the template – ‘Homepage’

Im not sure to understand your first point answer, is it possible to talk via email? How can I know my php version? What is that widget for?

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Great theme.

I am having problems making the prettyphoto plug in work with images within posts. Simply linking the thumbnail to the full sized image brings up the photo on a new page, it does not zoom the photo.

The only way I have found around this is to use the [image] shortcodes, but this does not allow for any flexibility with the thumbnails and photos that are not horizontal in orientation look terrible.

Is there a way to fix this or to disable PrettyPhoto and use FancyZoom instead?

Thanks in advance.

Thank you! Everything is working all right, you aren’t installing ‘FancyZoom’.

Try use code below [html]:

<a href="link to your big image"><img class="alignleft" title="image tititle" rel="lightbox" src="link to your small image" alt="This is alternative description" /></a>


Insert image to the post then go to: Media Libary -> Advanced Options -> Link Rel ->

Enter: lightbox

click on Update

is there a way to set the resize value somewhere for the large rotating banner on the home page? it is messing up the image on the front page rotator…. i have text on the image so its a big thing im having trouble with. i tried making the image the exact size and it still looks distorted. can you advise….



Get in touch with us via our Themeforest user page


Spent a day yesterday configuring pendulum for a client. He is absolutely delighted with it. Everything worked straight out the box and the documentation was very thorough.

Really top class stuff.

Thanks very much.

Looking forward to the custom_date on the ‘IncomingEvents’. Will be extremely useful.

Once again, thanks for a great theme.



Thank you dannysatch!

The navigation bar isn’t showing up for me. Any suggestions?

Sorry. Wasn’t paying attention to the new Wordpress Menu options. I figured it out.

Where can I find the fonts?

Fonts are in a folder ‘pendulum/lib/scripts/fonts’

Hi Everyone,

Pendulum theme is really awesome. I only need some advise.

Need a some help with how dropdown works on navigation using pendulum theme. I am really not good in wordpress, maybe some advise with the experts will help :).

Thanks to all.

Regards, Buddz

Hi there Great theme! I have a couple of questions.

1) How to I create a sub menu? A page under a main navigation page?

I created a page and chose the parent page I wanted it to appear under but it does not appear.

Also, while I got the menu to show with the style attached, I do not under stand the last instruction on the following list. I didn’t do it that way so I am wondering if this may be why the sub menu isn’t showing???

I did everything BUT the last instruction. I don’t know what you mean by “Add theme locations ‘Main Menu”

2. - Go to Admin panel -> appearance -> Menus - Create new menu - Add pages, categories… - Save menu - Add theme locations ‘Main Menu’

Also, I upgraded to the latest greatest version of WordPress before installing the template which may have been a mistake :(

can you tell me if i set my menu up correctly and how to create a sub menu thank you http://imustudios.com/cms/

Hello thank you,

please read the official WordPress instruction:


Hello, very nice theme…

How can I control de time of the transition of the Intro Slider… The small one…

Thanks for the help…

Hello thank you,

Go to -> Admin -> Pendulum -> General settings -> Homepage

Slider options: delay, transition effect, duration, easing

If you mean the speed of moving sliders change it Duration value.


I want control the small slider in the other pages not the one in the home page… I am not using the home slider.

I want to control the slider delay in the rest of the pages and post….

thanks for the help!!!


Recent work slider:

open: home.php, find line 87 and edit code

Intro slider:

open: intro.php, find line 36 and edit code

<div class="rs-setup"><span class="delay">10</span><span class="duration">500</span><span class="transition">horizontal</span><span class="easing">easeOutQuart</span></div>

hi there, i have a small problem with the music player, see here


when you roller over the player controller doesnt fill the whole area as in the demo site, my imahe is 290×210.

not sure what my problem is ?

thanks Richard


we checked it and everything is all right with your theme.

Hi Racals,

I want my Main Page (HOME) to display the large slider and text above.

In the preview it appears as I want, but not on the actual site.

Please help me with this issue, cause i’m definitely missing something here.

Thanks in advance.

Disregard the previous call for help….. The issue is corrected.

:sunglasses: Thanks.

How can I make the twitter feed work?

Am I suppose to enter the user name only, or the entire Twitter URL + the username?

Do please let me know.



In ‘Twitter Username’ type your username e.g: themeforest

In ‘Twitter’ type your twitter link e.g: http://twitter.com/themeforest

Hello, Thank you for the link to the codex on my sub menu question previously. I got it working.

I have another question. My client would prefer the intro image box on the home page instead of the slider. They don’t want a slider at all, just a static image and they want the narrower style of the intro image.

What is the best way to get this done?

Thank you in advance

1. Switch off ‘Intro’ from homepage.

2. Place one image in homepage slider.