Discussion on Pool Services WordPress Theme + RTL

Discussion on Pool Services WordPress Theme + RTL

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Tetryx Purchased

I purchased this theme years ago and have kept it up to date but now after updating to the newest update, it’s telling me, “No Activated Licence Found” when attempting to activate via envato… I cant submit a ticket because my support is out of date. ...

Please send me email from our profile page Thank you


Theme functionality seems great, couple of pre-sale questions:

1. Can remove sticky menu? 2. Can use full-width slider, what slider system do you use? 3. Can remove subheader from all the pages?


Hi, can you send info?


1. yes you can remove the sticky menu.

2. You can use the full-width slider too just give our support team a knock for that we will add the functionality for you. The slider is made with elementor swiper slider js

3. It is possible to remove the subheader from all the pages.

Thank you, SmartDataSoft Team

Great, thank you!

Plugins update not included in the theme… Update failed: The package could not be installed. PCLZIP_ERR_BAD_FORMAT (-10) : Unable to find End of Central Dir Record signature

Please deactivate and activate again and try again. If your licence is not active other site. You can activated and update. Soon we will release update where you can easily manage your activate sites

Thank you

buying the theme will i get a demo exactly like the one that is live? with all the features?

Yes, same. Image may be blur

ITEM ID: 19213092

I can’t activate the license. HELPPPP!


The license checks if the license is activated or not. So before resetting the site you didn’t deactivate the license that’s why you couldn’t activate the license. Just deactivating the license before resetting the license would do the work. But as may be you have uninstalled the site without deactivating the license from the old site.

I have removed the old licence from testing site. Now you can active the license to your new site.

Thank you, Asif Mahmud, SmartDataSoft Support Team


wpatl Purchased

Hello, we purchase a license for Item ID: 19213092 Item Title:Pool Services WordPress Theme + RTL and the license will not activate. We have sent several emails and have not recieved a response. Please advise.


I have removed the old licence from testing site. Now you can active the license to your new site.

Thank you, Asif Mahmud, SmartDataSoft Support Team


I want to upgrade my 1.3.0 old version to the latest version but I noticed that it currently supports Elementor builder only and when installing it ask to active Elementor plugin listed as required. My site is built using WPBakery (comes with 1.3.0 ) is it still possible to upgrade without changing builder from WPBakery to Elementor and to rebuilt everything using Elementor?

Thank you.


You can use the wp bakery version of the theme. But you will not be able to the latest design of the theme. Our new design of the theme is elementor editor supported only.

Thank you, Asif Mahmud, SmartDataSoft Support Team


skola15 Purchased

Why your Ticket system is not working. You also do not reply to emails. Why?

I am sorry to know you face issue with open ticket. You can email me from my profile page with your site access and issue. Secondly, we never share any email address for support. So not sure where you email.

Thank you

I am attempting a fresh install and new site on my domain. The theme will not reconize my purchase code and my support has expired

it says “Try again or cantact with support”

Please check your hosting is connected with fopen and curl enable. This issues seemed to server related issue. Open ticket in our support system our technical team will help you tomorrow. Today is our weekend. https://support.smartdatasoft.com

Thank you


On the home page, when I hover over the “pool our services” section, the icon and sticker become white.

What settings should be made so that the sticker does not become white as well?


In the gallery “pool project” when I get the name of the headings in “list of category tabs” the photos attached to the headings do not go into the categories.

Do you have a solution?


As the ThemeForest comments section is only meant for pre-sale questions and general questions, we are not able to provide detailed support here. Please create a support ticket using the link below, we will assist and guide you in details.

Click Here To Create Support Ticket on SmartDataSoft

Thank you, SmartDataSoft Team

I can’t delete the demo images from the slider on home page, please help.

Please enable Elementor editor and from elementor editor you are able to delete the image For any help open ticket in https://support.smartdatasoft.com Thank you

The plugin which is used for editing the pages is WPBakery Visual Composer. I believe that updating the plugin to the latest version will resolve the issue in question. However, since the plugin is a premium one, in order for us to update it, you will have to provide us with the ZIP file regarding the latest version. You can download the ZIP file from the website where you originally bought the plugin, or if you got the plugin with the theme package, you will have to send us the ZIP file regarding the latest version of the theme. In that case, after the theme is updated, the update for WPBakery will become available. Please note that in case we need to update the theme, any customization made to your theme without the use of a child theme will be lost when re-installing or updating the theme. This will most likely result in your website not appearing the same. We suggest always utilizing a child theme when making theme modifications/customizations.

Doesnt have WPBakery plugin update, cant update pages, site broken

Please send me email for our profile page, I will send you the plugin.

Almost 1 year ,we update theme with elementor.

Thank you

Hi the website ive made for my customer is now not coming up on the front end im seeing php codes id like this to be looked at and sorting out please

Please disable the cache plugin and check. If you need our technical help open ticket in our support system after extended your support pack Thank you

Hi im sorry its late replying back my customer has renewed his support so will need help from your technical help team on how to take the php codes off from the front end of the website please.

Please open a ticket on support.smartdatasoft.com we will look into the site for you as our customers are not facing any issue right now. Please give us the site access in the ticket too. Thank you, SmartDataSoft Team

When I click “Import Demo Data” the Notice appears in the log file: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Y0igKQ2HWgg58lj16qPJ9Da964JO51Mw/view?usp=sharing I don’t know if it’s a bug? and please help me how to fix it.

Thank you so much.

This is a small notice do not worry about it. Check your site import correctly or not. Disable the debug mode and then check. Please make sure your all plugins and themes is uptodate. Thank you

Can’t instal to live. Please install a program that allows us to activate and deactivate licenses. I can’t install again and can’t get anyone to deactivate the license on an old development install – again :( I’ve sent 2 emails in the past 4 months and really need to be able to deactivate and reactivate across dev and live environment.


We have deleted the license from your old site

Now you can activate the license in your new site.

Thank You

SmartDataSoft Team

Thanks you so much :) Sorry to be a pain in the butt. It would be great to have a dashboard, like Elementor does, where we can remove licenses from sites ourselves. I’m sure it’s not fun answering these questions and deleting on your end. Really appreciate the help!

We are sorry to inform you, we have no dashboard for that. Elementor use own system which is managed by easy digital download software. It is painfully to manage a new system only for us and security. Just email us, when we will remove that. Deactivate licence all time before remove. Than no peoblem

Thank you

Are all images from demo template free for commercial usage?

They are for demo purpose. You need to alter with your own images Thank you

Kindly respond to my Ticket #36472

Our team will answer you Sunday. Saterday is our weekend.

Thank you

stock images not included? how do we get them?

All image are for demo purpose.you can follow our documentation and import demos with image Thank you

Hi, is there an option so that the logo will be on the left side instead of center? Thanks!

Thanks for your reply. Does it mean that there’s no theme options that we can select so it would be aligned on the left side?

Hello, right now their is no direct option to do that. But you can do that by overwrite that. Our developer can help you to do that. Thank you

Thank you!

Hi Guys, I am working on this site – looks great but I am wondering where I go to edit the text in the footer. I went to Pool Options> Footer Settings and there was no option to edit the right and left text. Can you point me in the right direction? Cheers jim

Hello, please check two area admin->widget or elementor->templates if it create with elementor. Open ticket in our support system our technical team will help you Thank you

Thanks I figured it out. Another question – Could I use the elementor header and footer to replace the current Header and footer – then the site would be fully editable using Elementor.

I think we need small code update to do that.yiu can contact our support for that. They will help you Thank you


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