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Looks wonderful, All the best!

Thanks :)

Looks really good!

Fast question: possible to disable the 3rd column on productpage?



When you add a category description, it wont show up above the products, but a bit above the breadcrum…

Can you fix that? Thanks!

And p.s. have sent you also a link with some errors. Please check that. thanks!


1. Let us change color of the: Add to Cart button 2. Let us change color of the: “Proceed to Checkout” (in cart) Button 3. Let us change the font of the seperated elements. 4. Fix the little bug of no image -> blank product page. 5. Fix the little (bug?) of the category description not in right location.



#1, #2, #3, You can add the css styles into /skin/frontend/smartwave/porto/css/custom.css file for changing color or font, etc of the seperated buttons and elements.
example: “Proceed to Checkout” (in cart) Button 
button.button.btn-proceed-checkout span {
    background-color: #0f0;
#4, It will be fixed in the next release. #5, It’s from design, you can add the sliders or images into the description to show full-width category banner like http://newsmartwave.net/magento/porto/index.php/electronics.html.

Thanks for your feedback.

Regards, SW-THEMES

Awesome job! Good luck with sales :)

Thanks :)

Oh, this is huge, GLWS man :)

Thanks :)

So Awesome , Good Luck ;)

Thanks :)

Hello, beautiful theme, to work fot magento :)

Thanks for the feedback. Of course it works fine with 1.7.0.x

Nice theme! GLWS! :-)

Thanks :)

Hello, I just bought the template, and installed in my store magento 1.9.1.

But is not working, see: www.corpsys.com.br

I checked the permissions and everything is ok.

My web server is nginx and varnish will use in the future. I bought another template you (ZONDA) that does not work with nginx, only with apache (tested several times).

I saw that you advertise free installation, I would ask.

Thanks for your 1st purchased “Porto”.

It’s working with magento 1.9.1, please email me your site access in my profile page, I will install this theme on your site.

Regards, SW-THEMES

Love the theme. Is it possible to have a sticky header, revolutionary slider and the ability to add available size and color to product catalogue overview.

We’re developing for that, I think it will be done within this weekend.

Hi, just following up if plan to include the ability to filter (shop by) by multiple selections..e.g. visitor can select multiple sizes and colors.

We will implement it to the theme in the next release.

Congratulation SW-THEMES. This is a wonderful work! I can say this is a best Magento theme on this market place. Keep up the good work! And Good Luck!

Thanks, mate :)

So cool theme :) Good luck with sales

Thanks :)

Hello, the homepage 5, and 6 also homepage has option to appear more product number? And highlight has option to highlight some categories? Thank you


Of course you can show any amount of products you want. You can highlight categories by changing color or show hot label.

Regards, SW-THEMES

Amazing Theme, Congratulations :-) !!! I already bought your html porto theme which is also great !!! Im doing a magento marketplace and i would really like to use this theme… would it work for a marketplace ? Could you do some custom job if needed (extra cost of course) ? Thank you and good luck with your sales !

Thanks for your interested in Porto.

Yes, I think it will work for a marketplace, and I can do also customization job.

Regards, SW-THEMES

I just bought the theme and I got installation issues. Is there an email address you can be contacted on?

Thank you.

Thanks for using Porto. You can contact us through here or profile page. http://themeforest.net/item/porto-ecommerce-ultimate-magento-theme/9725864/support

Great Work! GLWS! ;)


Great work done. Congrats and GLWS :)

Thanks. :)

Can you please provide me with the change-log for the update today (12/11/14)?

Updated change log in the item details page, and also documentation included change log.

Very nice and functional theme.

Would you make the comparison more useful by enhancing the add to comparison Ajax dialog (with compare/remove buttons) or by adding a mini comparison list button in the header beside the mini cart dropdown?

Thanks for your nice feedback. We will definitely add this function. Thanks.

Awesome. One more thing. Is the background slider revolution slider? Is it possible to see the documentation before buying? Can you give me the link? Would like to check the features and the admin options in detail. Thanks.

We used owl slider for entire demos, we’re trying to upload documentation online. You can contact us through profile page if you need to see asap.

Regards, SW-THEMES

The dropdown list (<select>) next to the search bar is not showing nicely in Mac Safari webkit, the styling of the select button is not displaying correctly. Is there any quick fix? or should wait for the next release?

Thanks for your feedback, we will fix this issue in the next release.

But, I can fix this issue on your site as soon, when you install the theme.

Regards, SW-THEMES

We already upgraded theme version to 1.1.0 with fixed this issue, please check it.