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Discussion on Royal - Responsive One Page Parallax WordPress Theme

Discussion on Royal - Responsive One Page Parallax WordPress Theme

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Hi, I translated my theme using poedit, but I cannot translate the “Phone” field in the contact form. Same thing for the button, I cannot fin where to translate “Send message” button of the form. Can you help me?

Contact form is in Royal Addons plugin. Open Plugins / Plugin Editor. Select shortcodes/contact.php and edit texts or edit the plugin language file.

Thank you, I found and translate it.

Ok. Thanks!

Thank you for your work and the Royal theme. I currently have the following issues with the Royal theme:

1) I upgraded from version 1.9 to 2.0 of the Royal theme and the parallax behaviour of my website (https://www.ourmeditationchannel.com/) broke. Because of this I reverted back to version 1.9. Please advise on how I should handle this.

2) When I make a change to ‘Our Community’ page and preview it looks like this:


Note: that I have deleted the cache using the ‘Delete Cache’ button on the theme admin panel.

I thought this was because previously the portfolio template was chosen, but I have since changed this:


3) On another page ‘Classes’ which has never has never been based on the portfolio template (i.e. created based on the default template) I am making a change:


When I preview changes it takes me to the landing page (i.e. Home) and when I scroll down to the ‘Classes’ page I cannot see the change:


As an experienced developer, I can modify the code and update without using preview mode but I need to pass this responsability on to someone less tech saavy. We really need for the preview mode to work. In addition, please advise why the theme upgrade broke the parallax behaviour of the website. Thank you.


I removed some options and made them available in WPBakery as element.

So, I suggest you to install the new version as demo somewhere and look changed theme sides.

Hi – it is fixed. I installed the demo as you suggested on a staging site. In the end though, I believe that I didn’t have the Royal Addons plugin updated to version 2.0. Somehow I missed this. Once I did this, I saw that my sections were called ‘Untitled’ and a readded these and it now works. Thanks for your help on this!

I changed Site Sections saving method for WPML multilanguage fix. You just need to reselect each page.


chhoje Purchased


i need the mobilemenu to be on all other sizes than desktop and laptop.

it is currently not on ipad, how do i do this?

Mobile menu will be visible according to Bootstrap. There’s no a custom JS/CSS code for it.


My name is Fabián Pinilla. I bought this template some days ago and I’m really happy with it. However I have a couple issues:

1) google maps is not working. I modify all the settings but the map doesn’t appear.

2) when I try to modify the portfolio items, there isn’t the editor (WP Bakery Page Builder) that the pages section has. So, if I try to upload a video or change the text, I can’t preview the final result and I only see the code of the layout.

Thanks in advance.

I’ll stay tuned for your feedback.

Open Plugins / Plugin Editor. Select Royal Addons. Open shortcodes/video-background.php. I used following variables:

videoURL:\'' . esc_url( $video_url ) . '\',
mobileFallbackImage:\'' . esc_url( $video_image ) . '\',
startAt:' . esc_js( intval( $video_start_at ) ) . ', 
mute:' . esc_js( $mute ) . ', 
vol:' . esc_js( intval( $volume ) ) . ',
You can view all variables here: https://github.com/pupunzi/jquery.mb.YTPlayer/wiki

I had to scale the video according the crop/zoom. Hope it still working like that, Otherwise I’ll check the variables trying to find an optimal setting.

One more question here: I can see the play button of the video background (Front page) on the desktop, but in mobiles that button isn’t there. How could I fix it?

Thanks in advance.

Open Appearance / Theme Editor.

Then, select layout/js/main.js. Go to line 501 and remove following code:


Hello I have been using the Royal Theme since Feb 2021 and used the progress bar widget on one of my pages. Last week I opened the website on my phone and when I scrolled to where the (Royal Theme Progress Bar Widget) was supposed to be displayed it was not and it crashed the rest of that page to where you could not see anything below it. It works fine on a computer and phones or tablets (apple) that were not updated to the most recent IOS. All apple products with the recent update did not support the progress bar widget.

Did you update Royal theme? If yes, you need to remove & reinstall Royal Addons plugin.

You can PM me to have a look.

How is it going, where you able to get on and see what the problem was?

I will check it in a few hours.

2 questions. How do I register my copy of Royal? And how do I remove the logo from the demo? in the logos section it’s not showing any logos.

You don’t need to register theme as seen you bought. You can open header.php of my theme to remove logo section.

Thank You. Can you detail please the changes to be made in the header.php to remove the logo. Thanks Philip

You can open header.php of my theme to remove logo section.

You can PM me WP admin login info. Do you want to remove logo or your logo invisible?

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Hi guys, just a short question. Can I include a Vimeo video in case of a Youtube video on the starting page? If yes I purchase the theme :-) Best, Micha

michak Purchased

Icon = done. Rate = done.

michak Purchased



michak Purchased

It’s my pleasure.

Ok. Thanks!


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Hi there, love the theme but having issue w/ header main nav items crashing into logo before mobile menu breakpoint activated.

I need to have the mobile menu activated at 1000px width instead of 767px. How to do this?


Mobile menu is activated by Bootstrap. I didn’t add custom CSS to show it.


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Hello, I tried to update my Royal Theme to 2.1 and hopefully did a full backup of my website, because this update did fully lockdown my website! I had to delete this version and upload my saved version!!! How is this possible? Thanks http://moulinderecord.fr/ – running on WP5.8. and Royal theme 1.7.6.

I changed most of things since v1.7.6

I can add sample data of intro page if you send me WP login info as PM. Then, you can change it.

michak Purchased

Hi, just a short question. It seems, that the video is not responsive on handhelds.. Are there some settings what I can do? https://w-zeitler.de/ By the way. Otherwise the theme works and looks great. Best, Micha

You should add fallback image. Because, most of mobile devices don’t allow to run background videos automatically.

michak Purchased

I did it, but there’s a white screen only. If you want, you can send me for further details an email: info@livinglingo.de

You can PM me demo site url from my profile to check. Or, open Developer Tools of your browser.

Hello sir, i got a problem after i imported the demo of this theme. 1.There is not show the menu bar (navbar) 2.In the portfolio’s section , there is not show the categories. 3.After i added royal’s plugin , there is not show the button or icon in side bar

Actually , i got more but this list is important to use it. Thanks you sir , i wish this problem will be resolve.

I updated demo data and checked it on localhost again. Please, re-download and make a fresh installation.


Could you help me figure out why the theme style color will not change? Seems to be stuck with the aqua color?

Also how to change the color of the menu (Home, about, contact)

You should set custom color as default in Front Page editing pages.

You can add custom CSS by Appearance / Customize / Additional CSS.

You can PM me your site info with custom colors if you can’t do it.

Thanks I found it – much appreciated!

Ok. I’ll be so happy if rate my theme.


where do i edit which pages are pulled into the homepage as id like to temporary remove some and reorder them on the page

also how would i make the header bar a bit deeper when you scroll?

sorry to be a bother but ive looked through the options and in some of the pages in theme editor, but cant seem to see where the list is being made from


You can add/remove or reorder homepage items via Site Sections.

I couldn’t understand 2nd question. If you provide a screenshot, it can be better to explain.