Discussion on Royal - Responsive One Page Parallax WordPress Theme

Discussion on Royal - Responsive One Page Parallax WordPress Theme

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Hi there, sorry if it’s been already answered but I couldnt find.

How can you edit Clients images and links?

Formatting is [client image=”56” website=”url:%23”]

What do these numbers refer to ?


You should enable WPBakery editor in order to edit it easily.


Nop. I’ll be happy if you rate my theme.

Hello, I have installed and started to edit my Royal template in Wordpress and all of a sudden it has stopped working. I’ve tried everything I can but can’t figure out what is the problem. really need your support on this. http://galaxyofom.com/wordpress/ Many thanks

If you PM me your site WP admin login info, I can install my theme. https://themeforest.net/user/athenastudio

Which is your email address?


Please, backup your site if there’re old datum. And, make a fresh WP installation if you can.


I have imported the demo after installation of theme and required plugins. But the background images of sections are missing. I have tried to update them from Site Sections, but not working. Please advise



You should enter “Google Maps API Key” in order to use Maps. If you keep it empty and go on using the map, other JS codes don’t run and gives empty background image errors, too.


I imported the demo content. But some issues in Portfolio section can you help me to fixed that issue. Portfolio link not working.

Open Settings / Permalinks. Set Common Settings as “Month and name”.

If you can’t do it, you can PM me WP admin login info to do it for you in a few min.

By the way, I’ll be happy if you rate my theme.

Hi, How to make the image banner slideshow as responsive? currently the text on the image are responsive based on screen size, But the image doesn’t fix based on the screen size or mobile view. Any solution for this?

Slider image fixes automatically according to screen size and it’s responsive. If you want to change the code, you can look at assets/js/main.js and slider styles in assets/css/style.css

By the way, you MUST buy it for support!


arby Purchased

hiya in the our team section, where would i change the types of socials, say discord, insta, fb, email?

You can change them by PHP coding. Open Plugins / Plugin File Editor.

Choose “Royal Addons” from the selectbox on the right.

Then, open “shortcodes/worker.php”. You’ll see all required codes there.

Edit it and Save.


arby Purchased

AMAZING thankyou

Ok. Thanks!


arby Purchased

hiya, im trying to make a dark version of the royal theme, but cannot seem to find where the text color and background color is, ive changed in the theme sections but the body background seems to remain white

many thnks



arby Purchased

sorry, figured it our with css overrides

Ok. Thanks!


arby Purchased

hiya, i have a small problem with the theme, the parallax effect isn’t working , it just shows a grey background and not the picture as specified in the SITE SECTIONS part

i’ve tried changing this picture for different images, and also the type.

it can see the filename, which is accessible in the source e.g.

<section id=”parallax-video” class=”section parallax” data-image=”http://www.madebymachines.art/wp-content/uploads/2022/08/paratesty1.jpg”>

Watch Video Now

can you help?

You should enter Royal / General / “Google Maps API Key”, or remove Maps page.

Otherwise, empty map API key results not working other JS codes.


arby Purchased

thanks thats fixed it

Ok. Thanks! I’ll be happy if you rate my theme from Downloads.

Hi there, I have removed some site sections. And now the dark grey background just above the contact form has somehow disappeared. I see the original theme image on that block, which was not intended. Could you help me out? Also I noticed my pagespeed is not so great. Except cropping images do you have any advise on how to improve this?

You can change background color & images from Site Sections. If you PM, I can try to have a look.

You can use JPEG high quality images. I used so big and max quality images.

I have a question, I’m really happy with this theme so far. But it’s not quite clear where to edit the part where it says in 3 columns: responsive layout (in demo), retina ready, well documented. I couldn’t figure it out in WP bakery or WP (native) custumizer. Help would be welcome. Will keep looking for the solution in the meantime.

Ok. Thanks!

I just noticed, recently I deleted the part with the tweet section, and that’s fine. But unfortunately I just noticed there is a big ‘blank space’ at the end of my website because of this. The footer did not ‘move upwards’ by removing that section of the homepage.

You just had to remove it from Site Sections.


DAS010 Purchased

Hi there,

I wanted to change the portfolio items, but it seems like it’s a lot of coding. When looking at the explanation I get to see an image of an edit-menu within Wordpress. However when I click on “Portfolio” in my menu I get a lot of coding. Can you please let me know what I did wring?

How to I change the page title colors from white to something else?

You should add manual styles by Appearance / Customize / Additional CSS.

If you tell me which page title, I can write a sample style.


I do not use this theme anymore and I want a refund please. Is it possible? Thank you

If you downloaded it no refund by the Envato policy. Sorry!

I downloaded it but I do not want to use anymore, I am using other theme on the website

No refund if you downloaded!

Hi there,

I purchased your theme. I cannot change the color in the options (Styling -> Color Schema) and I cannot change the background image of the “Watch Video Now” section. It’s just grey. Do you have any idea what I could do to fix that?

Best regards Ansgar

You should set the Color Schema to None as written at the bottom of it.

No parallax image issue occurs from empty “Google Maps JS API Key” which can be entered by Royal / General options.

Thank you – the parallax image issue is fixed now. Unfortunately the color still can’t be adjusted though it’s set to “None”.

Can you PM me your site login info and RGB color to check?

How do I change a page that is parallax to a separate stand alone page? For instance, this page is a single page template: https://thriveivloungewny.com/iv-push-products/ and I want this page to be a single page also: https://thriveivloungewny.com/#iv-cocktails

So how do I make a page that attaches to the home page a single page like About Us or IV Push Products?

You just need to remove it from “Site Sections”.

ok that worked. Many thanks!

Ok. Thanks!

How do I edit the Header of a single page? I want to add a header photo and possibly remove breadcrumbs. https://thriveivloungewny.com/about/

You can PM me your site’s WP admin login info if you couldn’t do it.

I just emailed you login credentials. I really appreciate the support on the featured image!

I did it.

You can view it live here: https://thriveivloungewny.com/shortcodes/

I’ll be happy if you rate my theme.

Hi, with the update to the latest version of the Royal theme, only the head, the menu and the footer are visible on the website. The central part has disappeared. Is there a solution that you can suggest me?

You should update Royal Addons plugin, too. If you updated from a version which was installed before one year, I suggest you to revert the install back. Because, I made huge updates since one year.

The royal addons plugin is not activated by the system, I don’t know why. Try to follow your advice and install the theme again. I’ll let you know if I can fix the problem. Thank you

You should remove its old version at 1st.

I’m almost done but I have a pretty big problem.

Images in my portfolio sometimes appear incorrectly. To big and dont follow the grid.

Usually the problem occurs when a person comes for the first time in the site. When I reload the page or when I resize the page it solves the problem. Except that I would like the grid to appear correctly the first time for everyone.

I have no errors message in my console and I start not being able to know where to look.

Thanks for your time :)

Then, why do you ask that portfolio not working?

Cause I had a problem about the picture not displaying correctly. The display was broken. But I found a way to correct it today.

Ok. Thanks!

I just post the site online yesterday. But I have a problem with the lots of my picture.

My console say : “60 Mixed Content: The page at ’<URL>’ was loaded over HTTPS, but requested an insecure element ’<URL>’. This request was automatically upgraded to HTTPS, For more information see <URL>”

When I look in the site i realise that all the picture that are not in the “portfolio” have http url and not https. How can I change that.

I can do nothing about it.

As a say the problem is fix.

Dear Author,

this is my new site web.


I have some problem with the home page of the site:

1 – no background images appear;

https://www.footvolleyrimini.it/wp-content/uploads/2022/03/foot-2.jpg https://www.footvolleyrimini.it/wp-content/uploads/2022/03/foot-3.jpg

2 – I would like to disable the ability to click on the images, because I do not want it to appear under the content


can you help me please?


You are using a coming soon and I can’t see your live site.

But, you should add “Google Maps JS API Key” via theme options which generates parallax background invisibility issue by JS error.

You can use a “right click disable” plugin for non-clickable image/content.