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I bought the samba theme. This does not look like the demo. Why? I’m missing many pages. Pages do not appear inside home, blog, portfolio or store. I only see the pages inside the page section.


Thank you for purchasing!
The theme feature called sample install does not include all the demo pages. Also the menu is structured in a different way, but you can easily change it under Appearance>Menus.
If you need a particular page from the theme demo please send me a private message (contact form on this page https://themeforest.net/user/pirenko ) and I’ll assist you with that request.

Ok! Thank you very much Pirenko. I´m going to write you

Ok, thanks :)

Hi, can the menu stay open on the right? I want a right vertical menu but I don’t want it closing every time someone goes to a new page. Thx

Thank you for reaching us!
Yes, you can have that. Basically, you can have this type of menu behavior https://www.pirenko.com/samba/ , but with the menu positioned on the right side.

what do i need to purchase to make my visual composer work again? I click add element, and select my item,, and not things happens.. i click all day.. and nothing happenes… do i need to pay a yearly fee to use the visual composer. PLease let me know where to make a payment so i can use this again.. THanks

I believe I need ver 4.11.2.. can u guys update that on your end for this theme.. I just called into work, and will be taking a leave until I am able to resolve this issue.

OK, so yeah.. the ver you were providing is 4.3.xx and does not update.. i needed 4.11.2 I now have 5.0.1 installed and it is working….. sorta. I am adding thinks to the homepage and saving them yet the live homepage is still just showing a single image fullscreen and not scrolling to show additional content.

Thank you for purchasing!
About Visual Composer updates/version: it seems that you are using an old version of the theme and/or that you have not updated the bundled plugins accordingly.
If you go here https://themeforest.net/item/samba-colored-wordpress-theme/5691055 and check the theme changelog, you will see that on most theme updates we also update Visual Composer. At this moment, the version provided is fully functional and compatible with the latest WordPress version.
In the future please check the theme documentation or the video tutorials on YouTube to see how to update the theme and bundled plugins. Please be aware that if you buy and use a Visual Composer version that is different from the one that is included with the theme (which you seem to be doing now), we can’t ensure that it is compatible.

When using the Page – “Fullpage Slider” page template, how can i add content underneath the slider image? as to scroll down to see content?

If you still need help, please send us a private message (contact form on this page https://themeforest.net/user/pirenko ) with the WP login details for a quick check.

i know its something so simple.. just takes days to resolve is frustrating.. ok

We just replied to your private message. Cheers!

Olá bom dia Tudo bem? Lembra de mim? Posso escrever em português correto (do Brasil!Desculpe :-)?

Estou com um problema e não consigo resolver! Comprei o SAMBA em dezembro2016 ( 3e5295c7-3cd6-4b56-8748-cc23acf54ad3 ) e instalei no dominio www.adventurecamp.com.br .

Toda vez que vou editar a página HOME01, ela perde os LINKS das imagens dos logotipos e Não funciona! É necessário colocar os links tudo de novo! As vezes nem mexo nas imagens, apenas edito um texto e quando salvo ele perde os links. SAMMY W.

Conseguiu entender?Poderia me ajudar?  Prefere inglês? Obrigado.

Sim, podemos falar em PT. Por favor envie uma mensagem privada (formulário de contacto aqui https://themeforest.net/user/pirenko ) com os dados de login no WordPress para eu analisar a situação.
Obrigado :)

Bom dia! Fiz os updates de WP e de Plugins. Mas o problema continua! Como posso enviar PRINT SCREEN para você olhar?

Obrigado! SAMMY W.

Olá novamente,
Já recebi o seu email e vou comentar em breve. Cumprimentos!

Obrigado! Caso Adventurecamp resolvido!


Ok ;)