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This is what I have been looking for whole day. I love foundation framework and some part of your design. I also need woo commerce with login page, my-page, my orders as well. I believe that I am able to create these pages with woo commerce. is it right?

and I believe that foundation 4 doesn’t support IE8. then any hack for IE8? how much it supports IE8? 70%? 80%?

1 more thing. I have a revolution slider plugin and I just wonder if I can put revolution slider on the front page instead of your slide. I think it’s possible. but I just want to make sure.


is there any discount for 1st purchaser LOL

For mobile http://www.pirenko.com/samba/shop/ .. somehow I cant click. I use galaxy note2 with chrome. On ie8 I was not even see any of pages. I dont know now but it was. I will check them out soon. Thanks If u use foundation 4, I believe it doesn’t support ie8. I used 3.1 for ie8 last time. Any way I hope It is fine with ie 8.0 maybe 80% could be fine.

I’ll try to test with that samsung in about 5 hours. In IE8 you should be able to see all pages now. Cheers!

Hello again,
The Samsung situation has been fixed. Thank you for reporting that :)

I love this theme! Super customisable, great page templates and Pirenko’s support is always fantastic!

I’ve been looking for a left hand navigation theme for a while but not found one that ticks all the right boxes. This one totally exceeds my expectations.

Great, thanks!

Fantastic work my friend, fresh & colorful, really wish you all the best, you should stick to vertical menus, you’re really good at it;

Thank you my friend ;)

Hello, Pre-purchase note. The menu is working fine on iPad but not on Nokia Lumia 920. Would you please check it out? By the way, excellent theme.

On mobile I have tested it on a iPhone 4, iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy Note II and it seems to be fine. Can you please send me some screenshots? Send me a private message through my profile page if you have a minute. Thanks!

Great theme Pirenko, Just wondering if it was possible to have the front page video be full browser like the slider images – at the moment it is just halfway across.


Well you can try that with some custom CSS, but the video will be cropped on the sides as well as the controls… Is this what you want?
Thank you for your kind comments!

Hi, Is it possible to build several portfolio pages, each with its own filterable subcategories ?
For example:
Portfolio 1 : Street Photography > New York / Paris / London
Portfolio 2: Nature Photography > Birds / Landscapes / Macro
Thanks !
(Great work !!!)

Yes and you can use different layouts for each page. Thanks!

WOW! Awesome template, bookmarking now :)

Thanks ;)

O M L!! (Oh My Lordy) AMAZING #Pirenko Does it AGAIN! Absolutely Gorgeous, Fluid, Unique, Clean AND So much so on mobile even?!! YES! AND page builder and woo too?? Ahhhhh I Don’t know if I can wait for the right web client of mine here before I buy this INCREDIBLE Theme!!

Thank you for your kind comments Sterling :grin:

It looks great, I will definitely recommend this to my customers, cheers, good luck with sales!

Thank you greenline ;)

First of all THANKS! for an amazing theme. I cannot believe how similar this is to what I have spent the last month putting together wireframes for my personal site.

Since I won’t have any ‘team members’ or a need for that section at all. I was curious, how can I go about getting a ‘full-width’ image on a particular page? Exactly as you do in the video tutorial for the team member. When I apply an image, and specify it’s dimensions, it’s still constrained by the parent container.

Thanks again, for a great theme.

You can achieve this in two ways:
a)create a slider with only one image and make it show like here: http://www.pirenko.com/samba/corporate-style/
b) create a page with sections and make the section background the image you want to use
I have set up some help videos here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nlSJUrW0-n0&list=PLWiviR4wWrsEwB95voMUNiVIqJma9xNmV
Send me a private message if you need help with this.
Thank you for purchasing :nerdy:

Perfect. Took some figuring out, but got it. Thanks again.

Cool! I’ll be around if you need me ;)

i would love to buy this theme if only was based on roots theme framework http://roots.io/, one the features i would like in this theme is to able to hide the fact i am using wordpress, roots theme has a clever theme template wrapper which allows to reuse parts of the same code. also have ajax search of posts .

That live search bar probably can be implemented with a plugin, but I don’t really now. The search form can be moved up (but still inside the left bar) if needed with some custom CSS.

is there a way to disable the 3d effect on side bar just want it to slide in.

Yes, this is an option.

The collapsed menu doesn’t work on the latest version of safari. Cheers.

It seems to be working here… Safari 6.0.5 on MACOSX 10.8.5. If you have time please explain me exactly what happens or send me a private message.

Hi, can the video show reel be set to start playing automatically on page load?


Sure… I just made that change to the theme preview: http://www.pirenko.com/samba/video-showreel/
Thanks :)

Wow cool. Thank you.

Great theme > thinking of buying it. ?: I like this portfolio layout: http://www.pirenko.com/samba/grid-portfolio/ – but I need the project title and just a little unique content below each one? Is that possible – the sorted categories at the top of this page looks really nice. Also, on the individual portfolio posts, is there an option not to include the image? I’d like to customize each one with some content and shortcodes. Instead of woo commerce, I like cart66 – and I’ll incorporate this in these posts. Finally, though, I heard mention of the IE8 compatibility issue earlier in comments, is this being worked out or is it not possible. I also tried viewing the site (not in a themeforest frame) on my smartphone (Nexus 4) – but it couldn’t bring it up. Not sure why. I really do like your theme though.

Well the image is supposed to fill the width and still be proportional so you can try and make your images relatively wider (your width/height ratio must be higher).
I hope this was clear. Cheers!

OK – after viewing the portfolio page with the skills choices at the top of the page – the selected choice with become a white box completely when selected, though it does go to the page. Also, in the ipad, it seems that when the menu is expanded, the body content is pushed to the side and grayed out somewhat. Is there a fix for this, or is it part of the theme. I’d like the content not to respond in this way if possible. Thanks.

Both things are behaving like expected. If you want to change any of these behaviors send me a private message please.

Hi, Will the time.ly plugin work with this theme? Thanks.

I haven’t tested with this theme, but I know that it works with my latest 2 themes. Let me know if you want me to set up a test page.

Hi again, I’ve been testing on Safari on iPad and the 3D menu doesn’t work : once opened, it shrinks every time a new picture gets loaded in the home page slider, and Safari eventually crashes. With menu opened by default now, I open a portfolio item and the menu appears both collapsed and expanded, overlapping the portfolio item content. Hope you can fix this :-)

OK, I’ll try in a few hours when back home :-)

It’s not solved but … I figured out that it happens only within the Pirenko frameset ; If I close the top bar in the demo everything’s fine. So that’s not an issue actually :-)

Oh… I forgot to ask that… Thank you for your feedback!

Hi there! Loving the theme… could you please point me in the direction of where the code info is to use the shortcodes?

Many thanks!

You don’t need any shortcodes, because they are all created with the help of the Visual Composer. Please take a quick look at this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8hBecwTKOrs&list=PLWiviR4wWrsEwB95voMUNiVIqJma9xNmV
Let me know if you still need help with something.
Thanks ;)

WOW! I didn’t realise it worked like that! Amazing.. will prob take some time getting used to, but looks much easier (once I get the hang of it) Great! Thanks again :)

Great ;)

hi can you please fix this bug Fatal error: Call to undefined function is_woocommerce() in .../samba/inc/helper.php on line 482

should add if isset()

Thank you for reporting this. That line of code should be like this:
if ((is_single() && get_post_type()=="post") || (is_archive() && (PRK_WOO=="false" || (PRK_WOO=="true" && !is_woocommerce()) )))
This small fix will be included on the next update.
Thanks once again :nerdy:


Pre-Sales Questions:

- Can blog categories be displayed in Masonry style also? (Cause on demo they appear classic style)

- Can different blog categories be displayed in different styles? (for example: Category 1: Masonry style – Category 2: Classic Style)

- Can it be used on WP Multisites and won’t have much issues with plugins?

Thank you. Sarah

Do you have any active plugins? If so please turn them off for a moment. If you still have trouble please send me a private message and I’ll look into this matter.

I have turned all plugins off and the problem persists. I will send you private message.

Ok, thanks!