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I managed to translate almost everything, but I can not find how to change the “all” of the filtrable galley. How do this?


I think you wanted to post on the WordPress version:

Hi, Is it easy to add some form of spam protection for the contact form?


As you can see in the demo, the contact form has spam protection.

same problem as shred444 Chrome 31 (Mac) first header image appears fine, but the rest disappear when you scroll near them any issues?

Are you really sure this isn’t an issue with your setup? Have you tried cleaning your browser cache or reinstalled it? Because I have tested with the same setup and can’t find anything wrong. I have reviewd the code and there’s nothing there that can cause your issue.

just tried from different machine (old macbook) and its good, so may be it’s because, Retina? may be shred444 runs retina too?

I don’t have a retina macbook to test it, but I’m going to ask around.

There is something funky with the dropdown. Can you please check it out. the dropdown trigger by hover not the mouse click. thank you.


Yes it triggers on hover, that’s the way it was coded.

Hi there,

I wanted to expand the gallery in the portfolio section.. All my pictures are showing up, no problem so far. BUT: there are always 7 ‘example-img.png’s following in the gallery!

So in the gallery its img1, img2, img3 and 7 times example-img.png; I don’t know what I’m doing wrong here! Deleting the example-img didn’t work neither!

Plus: I’d like to integrate a gallery in the flexslider!

I already contacted you via mail, in the help-section of your profile.. Within I sent you the parts of the code, concerning these problems!

I’d appreciate an answer very much!



I’m not supporting that version anymore. But you can send me your files to my email ( and I will take a look.

Why do images appear poor quality on a mobile device?


What images? And what mobile device are you using?

Awesome design :D Agaiin GLWD


Contact form error: An error occurred and the response from the server was empty. Any thoughts on how to fix this?

Hi, Did you test it online on your webhost? If yes, does your webhost have php installed?

I am the web host (I have my own server) and yes I have php installed. Any other ideas?


Great theme but problem with background separator images on chrome (os x). I have tested this with preview site and original files from download. All other browsers seem to be okay.



What chrome version are you using? I’m testing it on v33 on OSX too and everything is working.

Hi Rodbor. I disabled all my extensions and it is working now. Cheers

how do I enable pitch and zoom on mobile version?


What do you mean? Pinch the images or the layout?

You can’t pinch and zoom on a responsive layout. It is made to adapt to the size of the screen.

hi in the base style sheet the lists section has been commented out – is it supposed to be like that?


also do you have examples of what all the lists for this template look like already somewhere? thanks

Hi, sorry for my late reply. Somehow I didn’t get the notification for your comment.

I didn’t add any list examples you have to style it yourself or use the example in the skeleton grid system (base.css).

I’m trying to create project pages for the individual videos in my gallery, see http://timothyleeds, but I can’t figure out how to embed the vimeo player where the slider currently is. I want no slider, but vimeo that can be viewed on mobile, iframe embed?

Can this be done?

Yes, you can embed the code from vimeo, that should work.

Just replace the flexslider code with the vimeo code, between:
<div class="twelve columns"> ... </div> 

Hi, We are loving this template. However, have come across a problem. We tried something with a script in the footer.php. It did not work, so we replaced the footer.php with the original code. This should have put the footer back to it’s original. Now we are getting an error message on the page: Fatal error: Call to undefined function mysite_after_main() in /home/content/l/i/n/lindanicole/html/wp-content/themes/SCRN/footer.php on line 10

Can you help correct this? Thank you.


I think you wanted to post your message on the WordPress version:

Sorry about that – will do.


Do you support a video background at the header?



No, but that can be achievable with a plugin.


I have a problem with the contact form, nothing really happens when it’s sent. I saw that in another comment you mentioned the “process.php” file. Unfortunately I cannot find this file anywhere, so I guess it makes sense that the form isn’t doing anything… Where can I find this file and where do I have to put it to make the contact form work?

Thanks for your help and best!


I’m sorry but your info shows you didn’t buy my template.

Hello there!

I’m needing the fonts, to edit in a better way the PSD. Could you send me the files, please?



You can donwload the fonts in the google web fonts page:

Search for “Source Sans” and “Oswald”.

Hello Rodbor,

I’m curious as to why the images in the portfolio gallery only have the overlay that displays the lightbox button when the browser is fullscreen. The images themselves are still able to be clicked when not fullscreen, but only to display the more detailed project view above the gallery and without the mouse-hover overlay.

Ideally, I’d like to have a simple grid of images that can each be clicked to open in a lightbox with no project title, description, or mobile link. I’ve removed the text I mentioned to allow myself the plain grid structure, but cannot get the hovering overlay with lightbox button to appear on a not-fullscreen browser window. Additionally, if I remove the “View Project” for mobile link, is it possible to have the images be tapped on a mobile device to appear larger on the screen?

Any help is appreciated. Thank you for your time.


Sorry for my late reply, I moved back to my country and it took a while to have everything back in order.

About your issue, I coded it this way but have been looking forward to improve it. I will add it to my list of improvements to be published in the next update. I will try to have it ready somewhere in April.

Hi. I managed to change the dark background in the contact section by updating the index file. However, the page I created with my services template in it is set at the bottom to “white” but it will not update to white. The blog page I also designated with the blog page template is set to white but will not update, it remains black.

Nevermind. Figured it out!

Hi, How can I fix the intro bg image to show in iphone5 and ipad, I’ve been doing some tests and still does not show the first background image. Does anyone has the same problem? Thanks

Nevermnind! I could make it work! :)

Beautiful usage of your template: :D