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Hi, I’m having trouble getting the contact form to work… I’ve added my email address in the config file and have also changed the permissions of index.html to 755 but when I test the form after hitting ‘send’ I just get the spinning loader & nothing happens… Are you able to advise? Thanks.


Are you testing it online? If yes this could be some PHP setting on your web host, you should contact them.

I’m having trouble changing the background images, For some reason when I name them and place them in the images folder they dont show up. I’ve change the names in both index & Layout.css and still the background doesnt show up. Please help.

Hi, sorry for my late response.

Try cleaning your cache.

Hi FD,

I sent you a email wiht my in log. I had a problem withe link to the different pages. I use the follow link: It only works for some pages but not all.

Can you look into it?

How come the background images, used as sepperator, behave differently in this HTML-Template than in the Wordpress Template? I just purchased the HTML Template as I don’t use Wordpress – but I would like to see the same behaviour as in the WP-Template: fixed backround images that do not move.

Which lines of code do I need to alter to get thesame effect?

Other than that: Great work and I am happy to have bought it.

Okay, never mind.

I went through nbw-parallax.js and changed the return value of “newPos” to a fixed “0px” – I guess there is an easier way as the functioncall itself isn’t needed any longer but for the moment it does the trick


Or you could simply delete the nbw-parallax.js file.

The contact form with this theme includes garbled html within the contact form email when sent to the website owner.

I contacted Rodrigo, the creator, and asked for support to fix this and received a one-liner back saying there was nothing he could do.

You created the theme – how is there nothing you can do?

I answered you by email.

Could you Please answswer my question, too. I sent it via Mail.


I believe I have just answered you.

Hello, love the framework… but parallax is not working on chrome… any thoughts?


It was tested on various chrome versions and the parallax worked perfectly.

also not working on ipad….

With the new coming update that issue will be solved.

any idea when that update will be :) and i got chrome working…that was my bad :)

Hopefully next week, after I finish a new template.

Hi, nice work on the template, really like it.

Was wondering why bg1.jpg shrinks when viewed in different resolutions while the other bg’s don’t.


That’s because I used in the media queries: background-size: cover;

You can apply it too to the other bg’s.


We really like this design for my sister’s dessert company!

However, when I uploaded it tonight after our edits not a single image is visible. I even took it off and uploaded the original files from the Themeforest download just to see if it was my edits or what, and no images were visible either.

I see everything fine on my computer files but after an upload, not a single image is visible.

I noticed the index had a different permission code than the rest of the files in the file manager of my webhost so I changed it to 755, to match the rest of the files but that didn’t help.

So this is clearly some dumb thing on my part. But…help? What could it be? A huge local magazine spread is coming out this week on my sister’s gourmet treats and we REALLY need the website up and going!



Try changing the settings in your FTP client. From ASCII mode to Automatic mode.

Thank you for the suggestion but my FTP client was set to Auto. I worked with my hosting service live chat support and they found that some how this template was affecting the .htaccess file so that the file was blocking images? They said you’d know why this was. So they commented the file out and now images can be seen and the site is functional.

Thank you for the quick response and the beautiful theme. We quite like it!

The problem was on your hosting service side. This template doesn’t change any .htacess file.


Just purchased this theme and got the following error when trying to install. Please help!

Broken Themes

The following themes are installed but incomplete. Themes must have a stylesheet and a template.

Name Description themeforest-2862569-scrn-responsive-parallax-template Stylesheet is missing.


That’s because this a HTML template.

The WordPress version can be found here:

Thank You rodbor!

I am interested in purchasing this theme but seeing an issue with the way the font displays in certain browsers (google chrome and safari). When I look at the preview sample it appears that the main title text is cut off (only showing the top portion) – however, when I preview the page in firefox and internet explorer it displays correctly. I checked this with all your other website projects and they all work great on chrome which is my default browser. If you have an email address I can send you a screenshot or let me know if this is a common issue (wondering if the particular font is the issue or something to do with parallax). Had a geek squad tech work on my comp on my end all night to see if it was an issue there but they could not pinpoint the issue. Any and all feedback would be greatly appreciated – you do amazing work!


I can’t replicate your issue. But it could be some weird error with that particular google font (Oswald). Changing to another font probably fixes it.

Hi, great template. Is there anyway to create an actual portfolio page instead just a lightbox? please advise. thx


You would have to code it by yourself because this template only have one html page.

Hello! I am wondering why the fonts do not resize correctly for mobile devices, words layer on top of each other terribley and I would have assumed since you said it was responsive it would not do this.


I tested it on all iOS devices, and some android devices. All worked correctly. Can you send me a screenshot where the text isn’t correctly formatted?

Any issue of this nature is easily fixed with media queries.

This is the error on my android, it shows up on the default browser as well as htc chrome, the error also exists in chrome for desktop and the parallax flickers the entire time.

The problem I am having is the fact you are admitting you haven’t tested it, yet you are advertising it works with modern mobile devices. I should not have to waste my time with an incomplete product.

Still requesting a refund.

As I said, it is easily fixed with some media queries for your device.

There are thousands of devices in the market, is natural that some problems arise. But it should be easy to fix them.

I can’t replicate your issue on Chrome for desktop, I don’t know if you changed something.

I can help you, but if you want a refund it’s your choice.

Can I add a video to the top of the landing page?


Yes, you can use something like

Hi Rodbor, Any updates on disabling parallax on the ipad/iphone? or making it not as choppy?

Thanks :)

Hi, I just returned from vacations, so I will begin to work on the updates this week. Expect it soon.

hi, can the form validate be changed to stop empty fields in the form ? I can send mail from the form without a name or message ! don’t really want this to happen :)

Hi, I can add it for you with my form generator, and then give you instructions how to install it. Contact me at

cool thanks

Hi there, when I want to customize the theme, I click on SCRN options and nothing shows in the dashboard! What is going on? Please help!

Hi, I think you wanted to post in the WordPress version here:

Sorry will post it there