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Hi, why is the Direction Nav not working properly in the Flexslider, you can see them there if you highlight on a web browser and it shows to link to an …/bg_direction_nav.png (WHICH I HAVE DOWNLOADED AS WASN’T WITHIN IMAGE FOLDER) but they are not visible as they should be! What is the correct code for this to map < > appear on left and right side of Flexslider.


Can this be answered please? I also sent you an email with regards to adding some more functionalities? Did you receive email?


Sorry, can you send re-send the email?

Nevermind, I found your email.

Just purchased the template. Question: Can I add more elements to the contact form? Like a dropdown menu or a selection box. How can I make it work? Thanks in advance.


Send me an email ( with all the details and I will generate the code for you.


I need to know if this theme supports multi-language plugins, and if so, which ones.

Simple plugins to alternate between po files would be great.

Thank you.


No, this template doesn’t support any plugins. But can try asking to the WordPress version author here –

Hello, My wife purchased this template… I’m having an issue with the contact form. All email received through the form is like this?

Please help? Chris

Begin forwarded message:

From: Mail Delivery System <> Date: 15 August 2013 15:53:43 GMT+01:00 To: Subject: Mail failure – no recipient addresses

A message that you sent contained no recipient addresses, and therefore no delivery could be attempted.

—This is a copy of your message, including all the headers.

To: Subject: New message sent from your website From: Reply-To: MIME-Version: 1.0 X-Mailer: PHP/5.3.26 Content-type: text/plain; charset=utf-8 Message-Id: <> Date: Thu, 15 Aug 2013 15:53:43 +0100

New message sent from your website: August 15th, 2013, 9:53

My Contact Form

Form URL:

Beautiful template!

Any updates on disabling parallax on the ipad/iphone? or making it not as choppy? The images are all out of whack when viewed on iphone, etc. But everything else looks wonderful.

Thank you! Elizabeth


Sorry for my late response, I had to take a week off. I’m finishing something and then I will update this template with that functionality.

This is a damn steal for the price. Thanks for putting in the effort and putting out a quality bit of work for so cheap.

I’m wondering if there’s a way to fix the backgrounds for very large displays (iMac 27” or rotated displays)? The images tile vertically and it ends up looking broken.


Sorry for my late response, I had to take a week off.

Your best chance is having bigger images. But you can try playing with the scroll speed in the nbw-parallax.js file.

Hi. Love the theme. I have been working with it for awhile now and I am very close to launching.

I need HELP with one thing. For some reason, I cannot get the social links to work. I’m obviously missing something obvious but I just can’t see it. Can you take a look?

my site is at

I can send you files as needed, but it should be obvious. I am referring to the Facebook, Twitter, and Vimeo buttons directly under the title “Vitamin.” The links do not work.

Any help is appreciated.


Sorry for my late response, I had to take a week off.

In the index.html just add your links inside the link tags here, for example:
<li><a href="your_link_here"><img src="images/icn-twitter-intro.png" alt="" /></a></li>

Nope! Didn’t work. That is the code I’m already using. I cut/paste anyway to try it and it isn’t working. It is the weirdest thing. Could you take a quick look and see what I’m missing?

I am just about ready to launch and this is one of the only things holding me back.


I checked your site again, and your social links on the top were working correctly.

I’m trying to use help.html to set up my contact form, but none of the images are showing up.

I downloaded the files a 2nd time to make sure I had all the images available, and I did. Can you either provide the images or send a screenshot of the instructions?


Really, I’m just having issues getting the form to clear and show the “thank you” message when “send” is clicked. Everything else works great. Help is appreciated.


If you download the template again you’ll find the corrected help file.

About the contact form, are you testing it online on your web host?

Hello Master. Does the theme of Cyrillic characters? Thank you for your work


Sorry no.

In looking to purchase, I notice that the heading text is chopped off throughout the page as I view it in Chrome. I’m looking at:

Is this a glitch or am I missing something? I see it mentioned a couple of times in the comments with no real solution. Just want to make sure before I buy.


I can’t replicate that issue, but there was another user that reported the same error.

I guess it’s better to use a different font, I can help you if you need.

Hi there. simple question. I can’t get the table centered. any ideas?



Sorry but you don’t seem to have bought this template.

Ok, I noticed that you have the WordPress version, you should post your question here:

Hi, I’ve purchased this theme two days ago. Just wanted to let you know that it’s a mess on android 2.3 browser. Plus, I had to implement a way to load lighter images, since they are always loaded 1920, even on mobile. Finally, pictures of the background are not placed nice, and I had to edit js.

OK, since it’s not working on half of the android devices (2.3 still represent 50% of android devices) you should not name it “responsive”. Selling it as a responsive theme it’s really unfair.

When I spend 17$ for an html theme I expect it to be bugs free (for the majority of the devices/browser) and that it does what it says. Since I need it now, not on the next update, that’s the reason I bought it, I have to spend my time fixing bugs and creating a responsive layout.

Sorry, I’m not satisfied at all.

2 months for the ‘new version coming’ has been a long wait…

Yes, I had to travel several times.

Our website broke with Chrome Version 29.0.1547.65 . It was working fine until recent chrome updates Parallax is broken once the browser width is > 1025px. Please advise.


What do you mean with broken? I’m using Chrome 30 and can’t find anything wrong.

I am also seeing issues with Chrome 29 (Mac) and Parallax. Background images aren’t loading properly. Can you help figure out what is wrong with this?


Did you try disabling the Themeforest frame?

I’m using a Mac too, I tested in all browsers and can’t replicate your issue. I will investigate further.

Have you tested with chrome on mac with the browser window expanded behind 1025px wide? Once it crosses that boundry, the separator images dissapear


I’m traveling at the moment and I’m using a laptop with a small screen, so I can only test it when I return home, wich will be next sunday.


I would like to ask if i could replace my old blogspot template with this one, or it’s only for wordpress???

Thank you in advance…


This version is only HTLM, and there is another version for WordPress.

So, too replace a Blogspot template you would need to have a good knowlodge of HTML/CSS.

Hello, the template is not displayed correctly on iphone and ipad. Do there exist solutions?

Thank you :-)


You seem to be using the WordPress version. This is the HTML version.

You should post your question here:

Sorry I do not understand. I have other sites wordpress which I can visualize without problems on iPhone and others smartphones. Can you explain me please ? Thank you

I’m not the developer of the WordPress version. You need to post your question here:

Hello, I wish to change the background of the menu. I sought on the Colorization & Fonts but I did not find the solution. Thank’s in advance :-)


Are you using the HTML or WordPress version?

I really love this template!

Any idea on how to reposition the three background images? I shortened some of the “pages” and the effect is not quite right now.


You have to play with some values on the nbw-parallax.js file. Go to lines 71, 79, 87 and 96 and you’ll find this line: bg1.css({‘backgroundPosition’: newPos(50, windowHeight, pos, 400, 0.2)}); the value 400 is the vertical position, try playing with these values.

hello! master.

this is beautiful design. Ilike it. but, I have a ploblem.

I had downloaded to All files. so, For test, I was uploaded to the server file of all. but, It is not possible to see the Main image??Default?image? in iPhone.

iPhone5(iOS6) iPhone4(iOS6)

I bought two licenses. Do not have much time to complete. I expect a answer?ASAP.


In the layout.css file, go to the bottom and delete this:

#intro .bg1 { background-size: cover; }

The?main image was displayed correctly. Gracias?


There is an error with the PrettyPhoto / Isotope code, which you can see for yourself on the Live demo.

When you sort the Portfolio items into “Web”, “IOS” or “Print” then try opening the PrettyPhoto for the portfolio item by clicking on the magnifying glass, PrettyPhoto then stops working.

I think the solution would be to recall PrettyPhoto after the page has changed dynamically, but I am not a developer (just a graphic designer), so can we get a fix for this please.

Apart from this error, no other problems with this template.

Many thanks,



I will come with a solution by the end of this week.

Hi Rodbor. It now been 40 days. I’m sure you’re busy but I really need a fix for this error. Can I trouble you to make this a priority now?

My thanks in advance,



Will be fixed this week.