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I currently use wufoo for all my order forms and contact forms and as they are really complex, cannot move away, do you think I can embed the code into this template without issues?



Yes, you can embed any code you want.

I’m using the Safari browser on an iphone and imac and the site continually blinks when in responsive mode. This happens specifically at 360 width. This not only happens with my site but your original site as well. Any help would be appreciated.

Hi, maybe next week.

Hi, I’m checking in to see if you were able to take a look at the flickering problem on Safari yet?

Hi, I’m working on it.


For some reason the contact form is not working for me, it shows that it’s attempting to send but never sends anything I just see the animated gif and it never sends anything. Is there any way to fix this? Thanks for your help.



Can you send me your files so I can take a look?

I am honestly very disappointed. After buying a Parallax template from AVA themes that didn’t work properly I bought this 1. Now I am trying to get support from both developers to see if I can at least get 1 site working. A refund of $15 at this point is pointless, no one can refund the time I put into working on these 2 sites for past 2 weeks. I understand supporting these issues must be annoying but these developers SHOULD NOT BE ALLOWED TO SELL TEMPLATES THAT HAVE THESE PROBLEMS.

My MAIN PROBLEM with this template is with Internet Explorer 9. certain divs are not aligned properly, the parallax separator is also not aligned, and the scroll menu (suppose to follow viewer while scrolling up and down) is also not aligned and causes even more alignment problems once you start to scroll down. I have been patiently waiting for a solution and just received a message that I have to wait till Monday.

I felt I should make this public knowledge because I did read many comments before purchasing this template and thought I would not have any MAJOR problems that I couldn’t get support on. And If $15 is to cheap to provide efficient (and timely) support, my advise is double or triple your prices! My clients use Firefox, GC, & Safari and haven’t even notice these problems yet… but there is no way possible I can accept their final payment knowing this website doesn’t work properly in IE9, and I’m going on over 1 week delaying collecting a payment that I desperately need.


The original template works in correctly on IE9, I don’t know what you changed in the code that caused those issues.

Send me your files to my email and I will take a look.

This template DOES WORK IN IE9. My PC has some issues loading the Active X scripts, I reinstalled IE and my OS… weird… but It works on other PCs. Sorry for hassling you rod!

I owe an Apology to Rodbor. Please delete any negative comments I made about SCRN – Responsive Parallax Template by Rodbor. My computer will not load Active X and other Scripts even after I reinstalled IE and my OS. But I have tested on another PCs and see it is only my computer. I apologize for any inconvenience.

Hi, that’s ok, glad to see everything is working.

what do you recommend using for SECURITY and ANTI-SPAM for this type of website?


I can implement the anti-spam for you, just send me your files.

Does this theme use any server side scripts (e.g. PHP)? I’m trying to put together a website that will run from my dropbox public folder.


The contact form uses PHP.

Why does the demo flash white about every two seconds on my iPhone? (4 running 6.1.2 using both Safari and Chrome)

You have to close the frame that Themeforest adds to the live previews.

Very much enjoying this theme so far, how can i turn off the responsive part for mobile phones?

Kind regards


This was built with a responsive grid system, so I think it’s not easy to disable it.

Thank you for the well designed theme.

I have quite a few design show case to put in the ‘work’ section. I wonder if it is easy to add in the the filterable portfolios myself (for example, Or would you be consider to add this into the theme – it is such a valuable function for work/portfolio section.

Many thanks.


I had already planned to include a filterable portfolio in the next update. I’m finishing something and then I will release it. I expect it will be in the first week of April.

Hey there, just bought your template and its working just fine… there’s only one thing that’s different to your life preview:

When I change nothing on your template: The pictures in the intro and the second seperator repeat vertically (in small browers (like on a smartphone or just a very small browser window))... The first and third seperators are working just fine… Can’t find any difference between them in the index.html…

I tried changing some settings in the nbw-parallax.js, which only changed the position of the background jpg in the normal sized browser window…

Someone already asked that question and you answered that a bigger pictures should work out.. It doesn’t… . I changed the jpg size a few times… Again: You can see a difference in a normal sized browser window, but not in the small ones….

Please help me out!! Thanks again…


Can you send me your files so I can take a look?

Hello rodbor,

I added an additional separator (separator4). It worked out quite well, except for the special effect (that the picture moves) the other separators have…

I added in nbw-parralax.js

//apply the class “inview” to a section that is in the viewport $(’#intro, #separator 4, #separator1, #separator2, #separator3’).bind(‘inview’, function (event, visible) {


//if the new section is in view… if($newBG.hasClass(“inview”)){ //call the newPos function and change the background position $newBG.css({‘backgroundPosition’: newPos(0, windowHeight, pos, 850, 0)}); //$secondBG.css({‘backgroundPosition’: newPos(50, windowHeight, pos, 1550, 0.3)}); bg5.css({‘backgroundPosition’: newPos(50, windowHeight, pos, 1000, 0.2)}); //call the newPos function and change the second background position

and in layout.css

} #separator4 { width: 100%; height: 500px; position: relative; }

separator4 .bg5 {

background: url(../images/bg5.jpg) repeat 0 0 fixed; margin: 0 auto; padding: 0; position: absolute; z-index: 200; width: 100%; height: 500px; }

is there anything else I have to change? Thanks

Hi, sorry for my late response.

If you send me your files I can do it for you. (

Also I read that there were problems with the contact form, was that only in the wordpress version? or also in html? Just to make sure I get all the emails… I have the version from oct 2012.

If your contact form works you don’t need to do anything. The older contact form was not working correctly on some hosts.

Hi, I bought the template and I have been customizing it this week and it is great.

I’m just having a hard time adding content using inside the photographs section. I can only add an image at this time.

Can you tell me how?

In future releases it would be great to have one of those section not just presenting a simple sentence but content similar to the “Team” or “Contact” section for example.

Hi, sorry for my late response.

In the next version you will be able to add content to the portfolio items. I expect to release it this month.

I meant content inside the “seperators” where you have a picture with only a text sentence on top currently. I would like to add content inside “div” inside those areas.

I also still have the bug where your unmodified theme and my version have the pictures in the intro repeat vertically (tiling) in reduce width inside browser and ipad, iphone. It happens locally and on 2 different test servers.

After close to 20k in sale I hope this issue can be resolved. See I want to buy the theme for other clients once I know what is wrong.


1 – Yes you can add any content inside those areas, just assign those divs position: relative; and a z-index higher than the backgrounds.

2 – I’m trying to replicate this issue and come with a fix.

Hello. What I need to change (and where) to a bg2 and bg3 no horizontal gluing? U can see it Thanks!


What do you mean with horizontal gluing?

Hi Rodbor, I´ve been using and tweaking the template to suit my needs, everything works great, but I need to put a link either in a photo or the title text inside the prettyPhoto gallery but I can´t make it work properly. Do you know a way to doing so?

Thanks in advance


add this inside the <a href=""></a> tag:

Hi thanks for the tip I needed a little more tweaking but manage to make it work correctly

Best regards

I am curious. I would like to have the Home page be Parallax but the rest of the site be my current Theme – MySiteMyWay – Dejavu. Is it possible to: > Use this theme as the home landing page but the balance of the site as my current > Tie in my current site navigation into the parallax navigation > Sections of the parallax >> Can it support videos that are stored elsewhere other than YouTube >> Support scrollers other than the one shown > Are the codes notes logical, clean & notated <!- Comment ->

I appreciate your time in answering these and elaborating. We work with nonprofits and would like to include parallax in our offering. This one seems to have a business like application while other are to 1-page only designerish Thank You Joe JOhnson

Hi, I answered you via email.

Hey there im pretty new here, ive got some (beginner stupid) questions regarding this template.

1- im currently using cargo collective for my website, is it possible to embed the code in there?

2- can i easily add more projects in the work section?

3- is it possible to add videos in the projects of the work section?

thanks alot and btw i love this template and all othere ones too, really awesome job. m_r


1 – I never used cargo collective, so I really don’t know.

2 – Yes you can.

3 – Yes it is.

Hi! I’m checking lots of Parallax based Themes here, and the Menu doesn’t work in mostly of the themes. When you click on a button, the page simply does not scrolls down to the referent content.


I can confirm the menu correctly is working in all the browsers.

Great template. I have two issues with which I’m hoping you can help…

1) When I receive the email from the contact form, it contains

tags in the info. I’ve attempted to move the tags outside of the tags, but then the formatting is off. Any suggestions for cleaning this up?

2) My site flickers on iPhone, and seems to be timed with the flexslider. I’ve spent a long time working on the code, but can’t seem to solve it. Would appreciate any insight.

3) Also on iPhone, intro page repeats, rather than filling the frame.

My test site is here:

It’s important to note that PrettyPhoto didn’t work right on iPhone, so I went with FancyBox. Don’t know if any code is conflicting, so would appreciate any help.


1) What kind of tags?

2) This will be fixed in the next update, I’m finishing something and then I’ll work on thois.

3) Go to layout.css and in the media queries you’ll find this: #intro .bg1 { background-size: 120%; }

You can remove or tweak this.