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Awesome template!

I’m wanted to add a little more parallax effect to the site – something like what is seen here: I want the images to slow at a slower pace than the content. Any ideas/tutorials? Is this an easy concept to implement?



Yes it’s easy, you just need to change a value in a JS file.

Mind pointing out where to make the change? Which JS file and which line should I change? Thanks!

I will gladly help you when you purchase the template.

Thanks for the info on the update for the flickering scenario and the other. This is what I’m getting as form submission:

New message sent from your website: April 11th, 2013, 10:47

My Contact Form

Form URL: -----------—-


: Testy Testerson

Email Address



: This message is for testing purposes.

I attempted to move the

tags in the index page code, but it wipes-out the formatting on the display of the form labels. Attempted to find a fix, but no success. It’s obviously not a major dilemma, but if there was an easy fix, I’d love to hear it.

Thanks for the quick response.

Sorry. It formatted my code. Here’s how it looks in email:

New message sent from your website: April 11th, 2013, 10:47 My Contact Form Form URL: -------------------------------------------------------------- <p>Name</p>: Testy Testerson <p>Email Address</p>: <p>Message</p>: This message is for testing purposes. --------------------------------------------------------------

What email client are using? It seems it doesn’t support HTML.


I can’t get it work to highlight the current scrolling position. Do you have an idea?

Here is an example:

Best regards, Alex


That is a different javascript plugin, I guess it’s possible to implement it, but it would requires some javascript knowledge in order to make the behaviour similar to the one used by SCRN.

I may try adding something similar in the next update.

Hi Rodbor

Will the template support other video than Vimeo and YouTube? I am trying to embed videos from another site into the Work section, but I get an error message telling me the preview image can’t be found (although I am not actually changing the image file, but the Vimeo url it points to) ...

Any idea why that is?

Cheers Deats

Re: my above message – I see it’s a js thing. If I wanted to add a source from a certain website, is there an easy way to do that? The videos can be embedded. I don’t have much experience with js. Cheers Deats

Hi – no, I don’t have access to the swf file. If I email you the website I want to embed videos from is that something you could look at? Or give me a steer on how to do it myself?

Also, I’ve uploaded a version I am working on to my site – and am getting a lot of flicker on the background images when they scroll. I see this was a bug a little while ago – but thought it would be fixed in the version I have. Is it just to do with their relative position? How do I fix that? cheers Deats

Ok, send me an email with the website. About the flicker, I will replace the slider with another one, that should fix it.

Great – thanks so much. Sending you stuff now. DTS

I’m having issues with the descriptions of portfolio items. In some cases, it is four lines. In other cases, it is three lines. With the inconsistency, the layout is a bit off. Am I missing something?


Hi, what version are you using? HTML or WordPress?


The downloaded version of SCRN includes the following style on line 722 of layout.css, inside the max-width: 1024px @media query:

#intro .bg1 {
    background-size: 120%;

This style seems to be absent from your demo, and causes the #intro background image to repeat in non-desktop breakpoints – on my downloaded version.

Is it the demo or my download that is out of date? Can you explain why you’re forcing the background-size to 120% in the @media query rather than just applying background-size: cover throughout?

Other than this little glitch, I think this is a fantastic template. Thank you for all your hard work on it!


The demo is out of date, I will update it soon. About the background-size, you’re right, I should have used background-size: cover.


I would like to apply this template to several html files in a website.

I was wondering if was possible to have a main menu for changing html files, and then a secondary menu to navigate in the same page.

Is possible to add to this template a secondary menu?

Thank you!!!


Yes, I guess that is possible. Is just a matter of editing the code.

Great template! easy code to follow, simply love it.

Just one question. The hight of the “section” images. The images I wish to use are not as high as the images in your framework. What is the best way to handle this? Where can I sent a lower height so that I don’t see image repeat in these sections?


You can easily change the height in the layout.css file. Find these selectors: #separator1, #separator2 and #separator3. And change the height property.


I can see that I can change the size of the separator itself, default it is set to 500px, but it is the image behind it. For example, the images I am using within the separator all of a hight of 792px. On some screens it looks OK but on most you can see the image repeat both across x and y. Not sure how to stop that.

Hope that makes sense…



You have to play with some values on the nbw-parallax.js file. Go to lines 71, 79, 87 and 96 and you’ll find this line: bg1.css({‘backgroundPosition’: newPos(50, windowHeight, pos, 400, 0.2)}); the value 400 is the vertical position, try playing with these values.

I have a pretty ignorant question but how do you setup the contact form? Such as the email server to use and the email address the form is supposed to email to?



It’s explained in the help file. Just open the contactform.config.php and add your email.

Hi Rodrigo,

Your theme is just great and very easy to adapt, nice work dude! I have just one question concerning the contactform: I’d like to add several more textfields, an upload-functionality + captcha verification. As I saw within the folder-structure, the upload-functionality & captcha-verifciation is already provided. How can I include them? And how can I add more textfields which the user has to fill out and which should be send to me afterwards?

Thank you in advance for your clarifications! Best regards, Peter


Send me your files to and I’ll do that for you.

Nice template. Is it possible to add sub pages instead of having all on the front page?


Yes it’s possible you just need to have some knowledge of HTML/CSS, and do some copy/pasting.

Hi! I can’t get the contact form to work. Could need your help on this:


It seems you have the older version. If you download the template now you will find instructions on the help file.


In your demo, the navbar starts below the large image. Is it possible to have the navbar starting at the top?



Yes you can do that easily.

Noob question :)

When I upload the theme (using FTP or just .zip) I get an error which states that the style.css can’t be found.

What should I actually upload? Thanks a lot in advance :)


That’s because you have the HTML version. The WordPress version can be found here:

Great work! Love this website. 2 Questions: 1 – on the pricing tables I keep getting an line going through the last li and I can’t figure out why the CSS is doing this. 2 – on the parallax images in the background, is there a way to make it so it does not repeat the bottom of the image at the top or make it so the image does not tile visibly? Thanks!


1 – I’ll need to look at your code, if you want you can send me your files (

2 – Yes, you can use this on layout.css in the separators: background-size: cover;

You mentioned that highlight the current scrolling position is a different plugin. What would be the easiest to use with your template?


I don’t know, I have to read the plugin’s documentation.


Really like the template, bought it a while ago but never got around to editing it. A little new to website stuff and I’m having trouble with the contact form. I’ve added my email address in the contactform.config.php file and uploaded the whole cfg-contactform-4 to the site in the main directory, but it doesn’t seem to do anything. Not sure if I’m missing something or what. Site is Here are 2 screencaps just to show how I have it set up. Let me know if you need any more info from me.

Thanks, Ian


Could be some PHP setting on your web host, you should contact them.

Regarding your recent upgrade, what files need to be updated specifically as don’t want to override all the work I’ve don’t so far …

Also anyone with problem on contact form, just update the permission on index.html file to 755, these enables the document to write etc and process the contact form



Thanks for the tip. I believe I answered you by email.