Seiko - Shopify Theme

Seiko - Shopify Theme

Seiko - Shopify Theme

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  • SEO Optimized
  • CSS 3 / HTML 5
  • Responsive and Retina Ready
  • Bootstrap 3.X
  • 6 Headers
  • 3 Footers
  • Instagram widget
  • Newsletter Signup Popup
  • Sticky Header Smart/Always
  • 8 Home Pages
  • Ajax add to cart on/off
  • 2 full ajax carts – header/bottom
  • 2 Quick view types
  • Blog 4 layouts
  • Gallery
  • 404 page
  • Faq page
  • Contact Us page
  • Wishlist
  • Typographica page
  • RTL
  • Lookbook Page
  • Video tutorials
  • Banners online creation
  • Grid online creation
  • Well documented
  • Social sharing pages/products
  • Color Swatches Ready
  • Custom Tabs in Product Page
  • 2 Product pages
  • Any size of main image in product
  • Simple and Configurable Products
  • Configurable Swatches
  • 3 designs of product carousels
  • Product Labels (New/On Sale)
  • Special price countdown
  • Product Reviews
  • Ajax Infinite Scroll Modul
  • Listing Grid Preview Small/Big
  • Listing Product per page 2/3/4/5
  • Ajax Attributes Filter – static
  • Ajax Attributes Filter – sticky
  • Grid & List mode
  • Multilevel Simple Navigation
  • Multilayouts Megamenu
  • Labels on Simple & Megamenu
  • 2 animations of Megamenu

* Images from demo are not included in theme files.
* Seiko theme has Isotope Commercial Developer License


October 24, version 1.9.0

- added sorting of Size filter collection
- added some words to language file
- fixed collections toolbar localization
- fixed payment icons aligment if social icons are absent in  footer_3
- fixed en language mistake in word
- fixed contact form page
- fixed option enable/disable zoom main photo on product page
- fixed search autocomplete
- fixed order of options in product page
- fixed header simple dropdowns navigation (removed 1st item as heading)
- updated de.json localization file (with customer help Sven Budak)

June 15, version 1.8.0

- added super fast new product quick view
- added logo preview for sharing home page link
- fixed product options (swatches)
- fixed header-7 social icons
- fixed megamenu hover with  touch screens
- fixed enable/disable wishlist heart icont in Header 6
- minor fixes

May 4, version 1.7.0

- added add to cart button ajax 'adding' process
- added words All, Item, Items in visual shopify translater
- added ability to show pre-order status in products
- fixed price_format error
- fixed product options
- fixed product options max qty
- fixed rendering all cart's html in IE 11 after ajax add to cart
- fixed  labels in megamenu (worked only in simple dropdowns)
- fixed big space in   'out of stock'  product page
- minor fixes

March 3, version 1.6.0

- added option set 2 product preview per row
- added countdown in mobile also
- fixed ajax add to cart in product page
- improved product options
- fixed search result page pagination
- fixed product stack appears on product page at once after add to cart
- fixed 'select options' instead 'add to cart' buttons on product previews
- added wishlist enable/disable option
- moved Seiko title from gray box to settings (was in languages)
- fixed currency (price with no decimals)
- fixed blog posts in search result
- removed downcase filter for configurable options in product page

Januar 26, version 1.5.0

-updated spanish locale with help Daniel Gottschalck (themeforest customer)
-added option enable/disable quick view button in product previews
-added lazy load for carousels
-added enable/disable newsletter popup only for home page
-added option bottom product stack  alignment left/center/right
-added option tabs alignment left/center/right
-added option  enable/disable sale/new label
-added option  variant images instead color pics
-added countdown days/hrs/min/sec to translation file
-added shortcode individual product tab
-added password_message to password protect page
-added changing coming soon date opening for countdown in theme options
-added option show/hide out of stock products
-added fullslider linking (not only button)
-added option enable/disable product inventory count
-added option enable/disable gray box under Instagram widget on Home Page
-added option enable/disable zoom on main photo in product page
-added option enable/disable currency dropdown in header
-fixed count of products in search result page
-fixed currency conversion
-fixed product image popup(zoom)
-fixed sometimes popup with Unprocessable Entity after ajax addtocart
-fixed collection toolbar ajax filter if sidebar was disabled
-fixed products price in vertical carousel(layout 2)
-fixed adding to cart of some products was with page refresh
-fixed pagination  in  search result page
-fixed categories filter in collection closed by default
-fixed predefined home page
-fixed theme color in colors settings
-fixed dark style of sticky header
-fixed google rich snippet price showed without float
-fixed sold out in product preview
-fixed disabling sticky header in all headers but the default
-fixed product preview style in search result page as  in collection
-fixed changing compare price for variants on clicking them
-fixed 'Departments' word from header added to translation file
-fixed footer logo svg

November 17, version 1.4.0

- added showing newsletter subscribe popup in mobile
- added dynamic sku changer (by clicking on option swatches)
- added contact map link generator (as description under map textarea for contact page)
- added showing 3rd level megamenu items in mobile
- added option product sku show/hide
- added option show/hide color pics in product preview
- added option show/hide search in header
- fixed cookie error in console
- fixed cart dropdown in sticky header in mobile
- fixed search result product previews resolutions
- fixed translation of some words in theme files
- fixed product previews like in demo home page now in theme

November 08, version 1.3.0

- added 4 new banners to Online Banners Editor
- added header 7
- added footer 4
- added dropdown header cart type Compact
- added home page instagram widget
- added new product preview/hover
- added option of centering navigaton alignment in header
- added white body background
- fixed collection description margin
- fixed header sticky - type always
- fixed home page slider autoplay
- fixed currencies in top cart and bottom stack after ajax add to cart

October 26, version 1.2.0

- added invetory count for product and product varinats
- added option logo for sticky header
- added option disabling banner in footer 2
- added first available product variant autoselection in option swatches
- added theme style for reset_password template
- added section in documentation for slider caption animations 
- added newsletter popup
- fixed product tab description
- fixed colorization
- fixed product options swatches
- fixed collection fullwidth content if sidebar empty
- fixed disabling ajax add to cart
- fixed options filter price currency convert

October 14, version 1.1.0

- Added Google fonts 
- Added more colors changes for theme
- Fixed filter options in collection
- Fixed product price change after choosing options
- Updated local doc and online