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Discussion on Slide - Music WordPress Theme

Discussion on Slide - Music WordPress Theme

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-add new option to single video page builder element to show the video details

- add new option to music player element to download or purchase the media file from a custom link

where can i find those add ons?

Hi, Both options were implemented for WPBakery version of the widget. I strongly recommend you to use the new Elementor widgets instead, that offer more customization options. If something is missing, just let us know and I will extend the existing widget options. The second option is available for the slide music player Elementor widget. Let me know if something is not clear.

i think we have to enable the elementor widget first right? under the Elementor -> General -> Post types

also, the thing is that all of our pages are currently made with WPBakery, if we do the switch and start using Elementor for editing pages that were originally created with WPBaker, do you think that might cause and issue with the code or would be have to create the page all over again ?

If you want to switch to Elementor, you just need to create new pages based on Elementor page builder, to replace the old ones created with WPBakery. You don’t need to change the settings in Elementor, just make sure that for new Elementor pages you are using the proper page template (Elementor Template for Slide Theme) and just choose “Edit with Elementor” option. Let me know if something is not clear!

hi, im trying to use one of the module templates from Slider Revolution but it says that i cant install it unless i have a license key. i thought the template came with Slider Revolution fully activated.

Can you please send a mail using the contact form on my profile? Thanks!

yeah, just sent ya the email. thanks

Thank you, I’ll take a look!

Hi! I installed the theme and wanted to import the demo files but the “Appearance – Slide Import Demos” is missing in the menu. —> Plugins weren´t activated. Sorry, my fault :)

Hi, please make sure that Slide Music Core plugin (part of the theme package) is installed and active. The importer functionality is part of this plugin. Please let me know if something is not clear or if you need additional help!

​Hi there, I’ve purchased this theme and using it since 2018 but from day one there is a WP Bakery Page Builder license issue. I cant create ticket as there is no any support option.

Could you please provide the license or assist me in this case?

Kind Regards MD Malik saqib@creativeagency.biz

Hi, Since you are an indirect purchaser of the premium plugin, you cannot receive and license key for the plugin itself. These are the rules on Envato, it is not something that we can change.

But you have the full rights to use the premium plugins included in the theme package (we’ve already paid extended plugins licenses to be able to distribute them for free to our customers) and you can update the premium plugins with the theme (after a theme update, please go to Appearance – Install Slide Plugins). Each new theme version comes with an upgraded version of WPBakery and Slider Revolution. Please let me know if something is not clear!

hi, i wish to do the update on the theme, but it say… Please Note: Any customizations you have made to theme files will be lost. Please consider using child themes for modifications. This worries be because we have completely customized the design to a more carnival circus look… take a look: https://www.flipfloptheclown.com

As long as you only added custom CSS to Appearance – Customize – Additional CSS, feel free to update the theme. You will not loose any changes.

thank u

Is everything ok after update?

is there anyway u can make the navigation more easier on the video gallery, photo gallery and blog page? Go to https://www.flipfloptheclown.com/videos 2 c what we mean. We currently have close to 200 videos up on our video gallery page. As u can c that’s a lot of video pages the user needs to scroll through. Currently is up to 18 pages and there’s a lot more videos that will be uploaded soon. The current design is perfect for a small up and coming band or artist, but for those that have been doing this for about a decade like us, then those people will come across this issue. If you could add the page numbers on a dropdown menu for the user to choose from or make it more streamline like YouTube has it where the pages load up as you scroll down and the user also has the option to sort the videos by old to new, new to old or most popular. If you can add those features we believe this template design will not only be suitable for small up and coming artist and bands but it will also be suitable for even a mainstream artist or band.

Hi, I have added to my TODO list a new option, to show pagination at the bottom of your videos page. Would that be ok for you?

yeah! u should also consider adding pagination both on the top and bottom of the video pages. because sometimes the user does not want to have to scroll all the way to the bottom of the page in order to be able to navigate themselves around the video pages. And the sort features too. and not just the video section, but the other main sections too. photo gallery and blog section too. All of that should give much improvement on the user’s end when navigating themselves on a website with tons of content to display.

OK, I’ll keep in mind. Thank you!

on the events page…. https://www.flipfloptheclown.com/events is there a way we can just not have it display past events and only display upcoming or current events? and if there are no events available for it to then say the default message “No events for now, please check again later.”

Yes, you have this option to show only the upcoming events. Just edit your events page and change the page template according to your needs. Let me know if you get stuck!

we just changed it to upcoming events and it just shows nothing since there are no events in the near future. can we add a message saying that there are no events for now or something like that?

Ok, thanks for notice, I will prepare this for the next update!

Hello, We are really interested in buying your template for a customer, but before we do we would like to know if it would be possible to build a “One page” website using elementor and this template ?

Thanks in advance !

Yes it is possible. You just need to add unique IDs to your sections and then add the proper URL’s to the menu. If you get stuck, please use our support system and I will help you.

Can I stream or embed songs or albums from Spotify and Soundcloud?

You can add embedded code anywhere on your content area. Let me know if something is not clear or you have more questions.

Asking specifically if your theme support streaming from Soundcloud and Spotify. I see you have something similar in your demo. Can I do same?

Yes, you can. For SoundCloud, you can use the dedicated input from the album custom post type, to replace the music player in the single album post. For both of them, you can add the embedded player in the post content area, this approach being standard for WordPres.

Hello guys, i have finally decided to change my theme just because after working on it for over a year, i finally got stuck because the theme was not compatible to “any” of the plugins i used to add particular feature like , Name your price, Pay your price, deposits, crowd funding.

Unfortunately all plugins failed due to the themes functionality which uses ajax to add items to the cart. even after disabling ajax it didn’t work.

I am looking for a theme that can add above mentioned features using woocommerce plugins. Especially Name Your Price plugin. I want to avoid ajax add to cart functionality because even after disabling it from my theme options it didn’t work.

Here is what my page which has this problem.
https://www.hodst.com/wp/product/p-a-n-i-s-y-n-t-h-w-a-v-e/ When i add an amount and hit “add to cart” nothing happens.

Kindly tell me is your theme compatible with Name your price, pay your price, deposits and crowd funding plugins ?

Hi and thank you for being interested in Slide theme. Regarding your question, the theme was not tested with the plugins you mentioned. Since the theme itself does not overwrite the standard WooCommerce functionality, everything that is meant to work with WooCommerce should also work with our music theme. Please let me know if you have more questions.

Hey thanks for the reply, i just bought blocksy because i have realized the kind of features i am looking for it’s best to try a theme builder service. So let’s see.

ok, thanks for notice :)


nelmat Purchased

All installed and demo content in with no issue – unfortunately no footer has imported – please can you help?

Hi, I will help you with this, please check my answer on the support system.

buenas compre el tema slide music pero intento editar las paginas de album , artista , video fotos en otros ya que la pagina de hogar me deja editar con eleventa y quiero saber con que otra plataforma lo podre editar ya que me aparece este mesnaje cuando intento editar con elementos me dice que me comunique a the content de la plantilla para que me otorguen permiso para poder editarlo con elementor saluods espero y me puedan ayudar

Hi, can you please post your message in English? Also, since your already purchased the theme, feel free to use our ticketing system here: http://smartwpress.ticksy.com/

Good I bought the slide music theme but I try to edit the album, artist, video photos in others since the home page lets me edit with the sale and I want to know with which other platform I can edit it since this message appears when I try to edit with elements it tells me to contact the content of the template so that they grant me permission to edit it with elementor saluods I hope and they can help me

Hi, For better understanding, can you please post the exact URLs of the pages that you are trying to edit? Also, please post the details on our ticketing system here: http://smartwpress.ticksy.com/


How to translate “No events for now, please check again later.” ?

I can’t find this string neither in the theme or in the core plugin.


Thanks for notice. I will prepare a new theme release with the updated version for slide-music-core.pot.

Hi there, I just updated to the latest version of this theme and Slider Revolution is telling me that version 6.4.8 is installed, but that I should update to 6.5.7. That’s quite a version difference. The problem with Slider Revolution is they are known to have security issues and my site could be left vulnerable if I am that far out of date.

Also, is there a way to convert old WP Bakery pages to Elementor?

Thank you,


Hi, I will prepare a new theme update with the upgraded version for Slider Revolution plugin. Also, regarding to your pages created with WPBakery, there is no easy way to convert your pages to Elementor, you just need to rebuild the content with Elementor for these pages. I strongly recommend to do this, since the Elementor widgets are more flexible and easy to use. Let me know if you have more questions.

​Hello, I am searching a way to filter my events by location and by date. https://pasteboard.co/OAjrzzuTHK4w.png Could you tell me if it is possible to filter by location and by date ? If so, how can i ? :) If not possible, do you think you will add this functionality in the following updates ? Thank you very much for any help.

Hi, at this moment you choose to show events by event type (upcoming, past, all events). Unfortunately, event filter is not implemented, but I will add this to my TODO list for one of the following updates.

Hi there. I want to thank you for the frequent theme updates and staying on top of it… many theme developers crawl off and disappear in a short time. I have asked you this question before and today I want to give it my undivided attention. The featured video link on my front page at johnericbooth.com continues to not work properly. The popup is successful but results in “An error occurred. Please try again later. (Playback ID: tM8_mseO6o7fDqqD). I am using the short version of the YouTube link https://youtu.be/qBy9eo65Xso – Thank you sir!

Thanks for the URL. As I see, the video ID is missing from the source code. Can you please check if the video ID was correctly inserted in the widget settings? If you want, I can take a look on this, please open a support ticket here:https://smartwpress.ticksy.com/submit/#100012518

I tried opening a ticket but the system will not accept my purchase code to move forward. I tried both using the Envato verify and inserting purchase code. HELP!

It looks like your support service expired and you need to extend it. Please check the following URL: https://help.market.envato.com/hc/en-us/articles/207886473-Extending-and-Renewing-Item-Support Let me know if something is not clear.


ADAGE_BF Purchased


Previously translated string isn’t anymore.

“No events for now, please check again later.”

It doesn’t display anywhere in theme or Slide Music Core plugin .po files.


Please update Slide theme to the latest version (there is a recent update released yesterday), then go to Appearance – Install Slide Plugins and update the plugins that are part of the theme package. Please let me know how it works.


ADAGE_BF Purchased

Works now! Thanks.

No problem, the string was there, most probably you did not have the plugin updated.