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How can I insert tiktok icon in social artist profile ?

Hi, I have added this to my TODO list and it will be implemented for the next theme update. Thank you for your suggestion!

Hi, your feature request is implemented and will be available for the next theme update, that will be released today.

I have this theme on my top ones to purchase next. Question, does it have a ‘Coming Soon’ pre-installed demo page?

Hi and thank you for being interested in Slide Music Theme. Unfortunately, the theme does not provide a coming soon functionality, that is because there are a lot of free plugins providing this functionality, like this one: https://ro.wordpress.org/plugins/coming-soon/

Pre-purchase questions:

1) Is it possible that a user can download the free albums as a .zip folder so they don’t have to download the tracks individually? 2) Is there an option for login/register? 3) Is it possible to make it mandatory that the user must be signed in before downloading the tracks? 4) Can we bulk upload tracks instead of uploading them one by one to an album? 5) Can we offer credit based subscription model to customers where they’re limited by number of albums in their download list based on the plan selected?

Thank you!

Hi and thank you for being interested in Slide Music theme! Regarding your questions: 1. Yes, you can place the .zip file somewhere on your server and add the link to the package anywhere in the content area. 2. & 3. You can use a third party plugin, like “Content Control” for this. 4. Yes, you can upload multiple files at once in the album section. 5. To achieve this, you need to use a WooCommerce extension, like “WooCommerce Subscriptions”. While the theme offers compatibility with WooCommerce plugin, you need to use an extension to implement subscriptions. Please let me know if you have more questions!

Some WordPress themes I’ve downloaded from Envato have a 1-click feature that adds data/photos to the initial installation to make it look close to the demo. Does Slide have that feature or one like it?

I purchased and installed fine but when I import the main demo it freezes on the last step (Importing content, sit back and relax, this might take a while). I have let it run several hours and I am on a fast, hard-wired internet connection.

I’ve purchased and installed the theme with no issues. When I click the import for the main demo it imports author and post categories but freezes on the content (Importing content, sit back and relax, this might take a while). I let it run for several hours but it does not progress from there. Suggestions?

Hi, most probablt, the importer process is killed by your server, please open a private ticket here: https://smartwpress.ticksy.com/submit/#100012518 and send me credentials and the URL for your WordPress installation. I will help you.

Unable to setup demo pages as I get this message: Sorry, you are not allowed to access this page.

Hi, please open a ticket here: https://smartwpress.ticksy.com/submit/#100012518 and send me the URL and credentials for your WordPress. I will help you.

There is a bug in the event calendar which cascades dates, titles and locations of events (in a disorganized manner).

I’m referring to the class=”event_list_entry event_title_img clearfix”

Here’s a link to the website in question: https://www.tjashagafner.ch/evenements-a-venir/

I have tried an array of different css tweaks, but since this website is for a client, who needs this to be fixed ASAP, I am going to stop trying to play the hero.

Which is why I am asking you, what’s wrong with this css class that’s simple not including and formatting all list elements?

Please revert your changes and let me know, I will take a look. Also, please send me credentials to the website by email. Thanks

I have purchased the theme, now I am customizing my website. I am using demo1 of slide music theme. I want to implement few functionalities. 1, Add download button on the music list on discography page. download button for each song. 2. Add like button and like count on each song. 3. Add search functionality to search audio files. It should search entire site and list the songs in the results. 4. Where are the page template files, for instance where is single artist page template? where is single album template? If found are they editable? Are these all doable with the existing product or do we have to install/buy some other plugins?

Hi, the existing search functionality is looking for results in the entire website, since is based on the default WordPress search functionality. If your album content contains the name of the songs, they will be shown in results. 2. I’ve added this to my TODO list.

Hi, Two questions. 1. Suddenly the theme’s page builder is not working. I guess there is an update available for WP bakery but I cannot update it. This is the message – There is a new version of WPBakery Page Builder available. View version 6.4.1 details. Automatic update is unavailable for this plugin. To receive automatic updates license activation is required. Please visit settings to activate your WPBakery Page Builder. Got WPBakery Page Builder in theme? Please let me know how to handle this.

2. There is an update of Slide Music theme available, as I can see here on Themeforest/evanto account. How to update theme? Do I need to create a Child theme? Can a child theme be created now when I have almost completed more than 95% of my website?

It is really easy to update the theme, you don’t need a child theme for this. Just use Envato Market plugin which is part of the theme package. Install, activate and configure the plugin and you will be able to update the theme directly from your Dashboard. All your settings and content will be saved. Also, after updating the theme please go to Appearance – Install Slide Plugins and update all the plugins that are coming with the theme. Please let me know if something is not clear of if you have more questions!

Hi there, I’d like to request a refund please

Hi, the message that you are getting in media upload is not related to the theme, but to the server configuration. Please increase the maximum allowed file size. Take a short look on the tutorial below: https://www.wpbeginner.com/wp-tutorials/how-to-increase-the-maximum-file-upload-size-in-wordpress/ You can ask for a refund using the URL below: https://help.market.envato.com/hc/en-us/articles/202821460-Can-I-Get-A-Refund-

thank you

No problem


sakruh Purchased

Hi, a happy customer here. However, I have few suggestions for the next release – hope you don’t mind :)

  • 1) Is it possible to use static assets (jquery, other js libs, css libs etc..) from publicly available cdn (google, aws etc..) in your theme package? This will improve page loading performance with a considerable amount.
  • 2) In a blog post can we have responsive embeds (soundcloud, youtube etc.) as in album page? Album detail page embeds are all responsive which is better.
  • 3) It would also be cool to have other music streaming embeds such as spotify, youtube playlist for the album detail page instead of soundcloud only.
  • 4) In the home page, the cover photo next to the music player should be square, it is not perfect square right now.
  • 5) Can you provide more content share options in blog post? only fb, twitter, pinterest right now.
  • 6) Can we have a better styling of album categories (maybe for blog post categories too)? It is just simple text appearing next to each other (in home page and albums page). Maybe a simple bordered text looking like a button? I am sure you can come up with a better design anyway :)

Hi, regarding #2 and #3, can you please open a private support ticket here: https://smartwpress.ticksy.com/submit/#100012518 and send me the URL for your website? I will take a look on your pages. Regarding #5, I will add this to my TODO list. Please keep in mind that for Instagram, there is no “share” functionality.


sakruh Purchased

Done done :) Thanks for the great support!

Thank you, we’ll continue the discussion on your private ticket. :)


New theme update v1.1.0.3 was released today, 10 August 2020, regarding the following changes:

-- ----
    - update Slider Revolution to the latest version (6.2.17)
    - extend album page builder element with a new option that changes the album cover aspect ratio
    - add new social option - TikTok - for artist profile
    - add new page builder element that shows all videos, with category filter

Hi! I recently installed Slide and am receiving the following message, “If you updated to WP 5.5, please DON‘T SAVE any projects in Slider Revolution or Essential Grid until updating to versions 6.2.18 and 3.0.0 respectively.” Is an update planned in the near future? Thanks!!

Hi, I will release an update for Slide with the latest version of Slider Revolution today. Thanks for notice!

Hi, the update is now available for download. Please let me know if everything is ok.


New theme update released on 30 August 2020, regarding the following changes:

-- ----
    - update Slider Revolution to the latest version (6.2.22)
    - update WPBakery Page Builder to the latest version (6.3.0)

Can there be an option to import individual pages of a demo. and for vinyl to also have a CD option?

Hi, regarding to the first question: at this moment you can only import any of the existing demo, but not only the home page. If you need one of the existing homepages, and you don’t want to import the entire demo, please let me know and I will help you. Please open a ticket here (https://smartwpress.ticksy.com/submit/#100012518). Regarding the CD option: At this moment only vinyl is used as visual effect when showing the albums. Please let me know if you have more questions.

Is it possible to add a bandsintown button to social media? since that’s what we prefer to use.

Yes, it is possible, I have just added this to my TODO list for the next update. Thank you for your suggestion!

Importing Thunder Demo: Fails WordPress version 5.5.1 Current theme: Slide (version Current plugin: Slide Music Core (version 1.3.8) PHP version 7.3.22

Error Details

An error of type E_COMPILE_ERROR was caused in line 238 of the file /srv/htdocs/wp-content/plugins/slide-music-core/import/utils/import_utils.php. Error message: require_once(): Failed opening required ’/srv/htdocs//wp-includes/functions.php’ (include_path=’/:.’)

Hi, this looks like a file from WordPress core is missing on your installation. Please check your setup or open a private ticket here and I will take a short look on your setup. https://smartwpress.ticksy.com/submit/#100012518

Default Install via Wordpress.com hosting. Might be clean installs of Wordpress 5.5.1 that don’t have it. Also tried on dreamhost.com Wordpress install with same issue

Can you please open a support ticket and send me credenetials for your WordPress? I will take a look on your setup.

Hi, Is it possible to add a full width header playing an autoplay video (from Youtube or Vimeo) with sound in the homepage?

Yes, it is possible, by creating your page with WPBakery and adding a Slider Revolution object. Please let me know if something is not clear or you need more help.

Hi, new theme update – v. – released on 09 October 2020, regarding the following:

-- ----
    - update WPBakery Page Builder to the latest version (6.4.1)

Hello, I’m having an issue with the ‘blog’ page. The title of the page is inheriting the name of the most recent WordPress post. I can’t even hide the H1 title with CSS because something on the page is overwriting is. How do I simply set the title of the blog page? Thanks

Hi, what is the Slide theme version that you have installed?


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