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Discussion on Slide - Music WordPress Theme

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Hello!! How can I change the language in the months and in the days of the event list? I want change to spanish, please. (I’m sorry for my english :( )

Hi, please make sure you translate both Slide theme and Slide Music Core plugin. Please check our docs page: https://docs.smartwpress.com/how-to-translate-slide-music-wordpress-theme/ Let me know if you need more help or something is not clear!

Thank you!! :) Another question, please. How I delete the option “SHARE:” in the Events pages?

Please go to Settings – Slide Music Core Settings and use the dedicated option.

I received information on warnings activities regarding not proper usage of Google fonts. The problem is when the font is loaded with every page call from Google server instead from local (my server).

In fact Slide theme uses Google fonts, and we had selected specific fonts like “Roboto” or “Radjahni”.

So I rolled back and replaced everything to “Default” manually, on all pages where used, on all settings (Slide, Elementor…). ​I installed a cache plugin to delete all caches. But there’s still a Google font loaded from Slide core “default_fonts.css”: body, textarea { font-family: ‘Roboto’, sans-serif;} #logo, h1, h2, h3, h4, h5, h6 { font-family: ‘Roboto’, sans-serif;}

How can this be changed to something uncritical (a sans-serif font)? Or is the way Slide theme uses Google fonts is uncritical (in Germany)? Thanks

Hi, can you please tell what is the warning that you are getting? I don’t see a problem not storing the fonts locally.

I now had some time toevaluate this. Meanwhile I got an theme update, with enclosed the Local Google Fonts plugin. This finally solved the issue so that fonts are preloaded and cached on the server.

Ok, thanks for your feedback!

Hello, follow some questions before purchase:

1 – How many musics can we have in the player?

2 – There’s any way to also show deezer button ?

3 – Google pagespeed isights and gtmetrix show a bad score in your theme, any chance to update with performance?

4 – There’s other styles of discography available? With blueray to more modern look instead of vinyl ?

5 – Can we use musics from spotify to play in your player?

6 – The video gallery page can show youtube videos?

7 – We also receive the homepage PSD after purchase?

8 – Demo images included?

9 – Last update was in 11 may 2022 any new update comming?

10 – Theme is compatible with latest wordpress and elementor version?


Hi, please check my answers below:

1 – How many musics can we have in the player? There is no limit of songs that you can add in the player.

2 – There’s any way to also show deezer button ? Can you please tell where you want to show the deezer button?

3 – Google pagespeed isights and gtmetrix show a bad score in your theme, any chance to update with performance? The speed metrix are more related to server side optionizations, not related to the theme itself. There are dedicated plugins that you can use to increase the page speed score.

4 – There’s other styles of discography available? With blueray to more modern look instead of vinyl ? There are two styles of discography that you can use, available as Elementor widgets. One is the vinyl layout, the other you can see on the demo below, on Latest Released section: https://slide.smartwpress.com/demo2/

5 – Can we use musics from spotify to play in your player? The music player available as Elementor widget is meant to play self hosted audio files, or files located on external server (but you still need the direct link to the audio file)

6 – The video gallery page can show youtube videos? The video gallery is based on a dedicated custom post type, wher you can add YouTube or Vimeo videos. The gallery itseld will show the video posts, while inside the video post you can see the embedded video.

7 – We also receive the homepage PSD after purchase? Yes,

8 – Demo images included? You have the option to import each of the existing demos, then replace the content with your own.

9 – Last update was in 11 may 2022 any new update comming? Yes, we are preparing an update quite soon.

10 – Theme is compatible with latest wordpress and elementor version? Yes, as it is specified in the theme description. We’ve never had compatibility issues with the latest software versions.

Awesome, thanks:

2 – Show the deezer icon here: https://i.imgur.com/1Qjdm6j.png

4 – I saw but the limit is only 1 big thumbnail and 4 small thumbnail? or we can add more and it will create a mansory grid or something like that?

And another questions:

11 – This “next big show” widget with counter can automaticly get the latest upcomming event from your section automaticly?

12 – In elementor can we use container instead of sections with your theme?


Hi, 2. The player offers this option to add a custom link (custom icon and custom link) 4. You can show more than five items. The layout is grid, not masonry, and you have the option to emphasize the first item in the layout. 11. Yes, the widget automatically selects the next event, based on the event posts that you can add. We’ve created custom post types for events, so you can have an internal management of your next and past events. 12. I am not sure I understand what you mean. The theme works with the default, free version of Elementor. All the custom widgets we have defined are working like any other Elementor widget.

we were learning about XML-RPC and were told that having it turned on will significantly increases our site’s attack surface. do u think we should disable it and if so can u recommend a plugin for that?

Hi, you can use one of the available WordPress plugins. We did not test a particular plugin for this.

the slider revolution themes now have social media links on them. but we cant seem to figure out how to edit the info on them. the the slider revolution site dont have much info on the topic

we figured it out! thanks to this video we learned about some new feature called Global Layers and was able to fix the issue! https://youtu.be/cYYsBp9V9Hc

Thanks for reply!

so on our home page for some reason it has a hearer code that we did not add and we cant figure out how it got there and how to take it out. go here to see it… https://www.flipfloptheclown.com

it says the page title as a h1 header

we just noticed that every time we gonna make a new page it automatically does that and adds the page title on top as the header. and if u leave the page title blank it will still leave the big header space on top of the page. it never used to do that before. and now we edited our homepage and the system added the page title on top as a header. how can we remove that?

Just change the page template according to your needs. The standard page templates inserts the page title in the header area.

my wordpress is recommending that I install imagick. Do u think i need that plugin for this theme?

No, we don’t use this functionality in the theme. But WordPress core might need this functionality to work. Where do you see this recommendation?

its on the site health tool.

Site health is a standard WordPress tool, my suggestion is to follow their recommendations.

Hi, I just purchased the theme and I’m interested in using the layout option that isn’t displayed on the demos for the events page, the one with the event cards instead of the chart, but I can’t find where to change or add those elements. I’ll appreciate the help, thanks.

Hi, the events cards is a Elementor widget that we have created for Slide theme. Simply edit a page in Elementor and search for “events cards” in the widgets list.


I started translation process using Polylang plugin, for DE and EN. But some things don’t work as expected and I can’t find any reason. So homepage is in an undefined status at the moment…

Which translation plugins are known to work? Is Polylang one of them? Or Translatepress?

I translated posts, and also added post categories i​n both languages, assigned the posts accordingly, but the News page using the slide theme template always uses the same (DE) language post. How to handle posts in several languages?

I created a duplicate Home page (home_en), but opening domain URL alswayss tries to open EN version instead of defined standard german home. Why?

Do I have to also translate slide theme and music core? I already did following your tutorial, but I’m not sure if it works?

Do I have to use Polylang for Elementor plugin additionally and also translate Slide templates, widgets etc.?

I hope you have some helping ideas on that. Thanks in advance. Markus

Hm, I’ll try. What I can say: when I use “Slide Blog Post” Elementor object, and I select the english post category “News” it still shows the German post. Any idea?

I finally restarted the PC, deleted the English post and created it anew. Now it seems to work. Maybe it was a cash topic inside Wordpress? However…

I don’t really think you need to restart the PC since this cannot affect your Polylang options. If you think is a cache issue, you can just delete recent website cache from your browser.

Hi, is it possible to add the music tracks to the player from Spotify? Thank you so much

Hi, you can add media files based on URL. So you can use both self hosted files, or media files hosted on different server. But I cannot tell if you can add music from Spotify.


lukeeqm Purchased

Hey guys. Loving the theme so far! It works great (wearewildr.com). My support has expired but I’m wondering how to access the mobile menu. There’s a ‘share’ icon in the top left corner of menu header that I would like to delete.

Thank you!

Hi, your mobile menu icon is on the right side of the menu bar. Why would you want to delete the share icon?

I like this theme and have been using it for a couple years now. Can’t figure out how it order soonest events to further event order on the main events page (not homepage) since there is no order option.

If you are using the events template, then you can simply change the page template. There are three templates available: Events – All, Events – Past and Events – Upcoming. Each template is sorted according to the type of events that are displayed. The sorting option that you mentioned is the default one for the Events – Upcoming page template. You can create two or three different pages, based on each template, and show your visitors all your events, both upcoming and past events. Let me know if something is not clear!

That worked. Thank you!

Thanks for notice! :)

Hello, I want the header with the main menu to be transparent. Where do I find the right settings? Thanks for help.

No, the menu background color is not affected by the underneath object. The transparency option for the menu works 100%. Please go to Appearance – Customize – Menu Colors and change the option called “Menu bar background color”. Just make sure to use the transparency selector under the color control.

... now I’ve got it. Thanks. :)

Great! :)


“Single Video” WPBakery element don’t seem to be able to read the videos anymore.

Une erreur s’est produite. Veuillez réessayer ultérieurement. (ID de lecture : GHpYrhQ0YdbveryP)

On Single Vidéo pages, the video work great. Not on the WPBakery “Single Video” widget.


Hi, please open a support ticket here https://smartwpress.ticksy.com/submit/#100012518 and send us more details about the error you are getting. Long time ago we introduced full Elementor support for the theme, so I strongly encourage you to switch to Elementor page builder, since it is easier to use and much customizable and faster solution. If you still want to use the old WPBakery widgets, then please open a support ticket and we’ll take a look on your setup.

I can’t rebuild the whole site with Elementor now… It’s a huge work I’m not willing to do.

My support expired so I can’t open a ticket. Isn’t there another way to contact you ?


Yes, you can renew the support period from your Envato account. I will check the single video widget anyway and prepare a fix for the next update, in case I’ll be able to reproduce the problem. Are you using YouTube for your video?

Please add Anghami to social profile or allow us a custom tool to add our own “social media” icon to the social profiles bar on the home screen

Hi, I will add this to my TODO list.

I purchased this theme some years back, after importing the demo version, I tried changing the logo from (Slide Theme Settings) Under Appearance but after uploading my logo and click save. The logo still won’t change, I don’t have any suppport available, but I think there should be a way for solve this problem without paying for extra support, please kindly let me know how to fix this myself. Thanks

Hi, please check if you have a custom logo applied to the home page. Just edit the home page and navigate under the content area for the dedicated custom meta box.

Hi, I am looking for a solution to have a page with an index of song titles on the left, arranged vertically, and lyrics appearing on the right side corresponding to the selected song.. Probably using tabs, each selected song title would display it’s lyrics on the right side, with a unique background for each song. Probably need to use templates? Do you have any features with this theme, any templates that would facilitate this? Thx

Ok, I understand you do not have this functionality. Regarding “users might be able to get the entire media file from the page source”, do Itunes, and Amazon, for example, are they subject to that issue as well?

You don’t have to answer here Alex, I’’ reply from my email….cheers

Thanks! :)

Hello, i would like to ask for a solution, how to change in event plugin months from english to another language. Thx a lot

All the event months can be translated, you just need to translate Slide theme and Slide Music Core plugin. Please check our docs page regarding the translation of the theme: https://docs.smartwpress.com/how-to-translate-slide-music-wordpress-theme/

Hi there. Considering purchasing the theme and had just a quick question as it relates to font choice – we are in no way limited and can use Adobe and / or Google web fonts for menus and body fonts, correct? Thank you!

Hi and thank you for being interested in Slide theme! Regarding your question, the theme provides settings that allow you to use any Google font (both through the theme settings, globally, or individual, for one of our custom Elementor widgets). But it does not support Adobe fonts, you need to add extra code to be able to use a custom Adobe font.

Hello, Very nice theme, Is it compatible with RTL ?

Hi and thank you for being interested in Slide theme. Unfortunately, RTL was not implemented for this theme. While you have alignment options for all the Elementor widgets, the theme default styling does not implement RTL.


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