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Discussion on Stroyka - Tools Store Angular 13 eCommerce Template

Discussion on Stroyka - Tools Store Angular 13 eCommerce Template

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No, the implementation of these features is not planned in the near future.

i have purchsed but dowloaded theme was yellow one ,how to change the theme colour to red


Open the src/scss/_custom-variables.scss file, then uncomment one of the following lines:

//@import 'themes/theme-red/theme-variables';
//@import 'themes/theme-blue/theme-variables';
//@import 'themes/theme-black/theme-variables';
//@import 'themes/theme-green/theme-variables';

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Our team is falling in love with this tempelate. could we get locales working (same like in Vue version of it)? it would be great if you could add the compare service as well. Also is it possible to change ””document. location”” parts of it (i think it is working for search and categories filter collapse ) as we are planning ssr they are saying it would be problem for ssr on the fly.

Thank you for your amazing work.

Yes sir, what we have seen in the template are the best examples in all aspects. so looking at your example doing locale prefixed URLs and some examples changing the URLs would be great.

i may be mistaken based on my theory knowledge, shop-sidebar component seems to have (:66) document, but i may be mistaken it could be because i don’t understand what Angular Universal means by document and location

Thank you for your prompt responses

”...so looking at your example doing locale prefixed URLs and some examples changing the URLs would be great.”
I am currently working on an HTML version of the “Stroyka Admin” template, so I might implement multilingual support with locale-prefixed URLs after I’m done with it.

“shop-sidebar component seems to have (:66) document”
This part of the code is wrapped in a conditional construct:

if (isPlatformBrowser(this.platformId)) {
which prevents this code from being executed on the server side where the document object is undefined.

Awesome we look forward to your works ahead and appreciate it, I checked your REDPARTS angular tempelate, which is also awesome we are definetly buying it .

Mr Kos9 this tempalte is very advenced and well organised you may save my time. thanks. but i faced some problems in building when ended the building he is not running the project when i choose the index.html file he is loading and loading only loading i tried, what u think mr kos9


”...when i choose the index.html file he is loading and loading only loading…”
It looks like you are opening index.html via file:// “protocol” – this won’t work. You need to open this file via HTTP protocol.

thanks sir he work me that protocol. How can i make file:// protocol sir.

“How can i make file:// protocol sir.”
No way. Angular app cannot run through file:// “protocol”. This is due to the browser security policy. As I said earlier, you need to use an HTTP server to serve Angular app and open it in a browser using the http:// protocol.

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Your theme is perfectly functional like the one in linck https://stroyka.angular.themeforest.scompiler.ru/themes/default-ltr/ ?

“In short, if I add my products will this shop work?”
No, this template requires additional work to start selling.

Do you have a template ready to start selling?


Too much work to make it work with the exist backend..


Thanks for your feedback. Can you point out which part or aspect of the template made it difficult to integrate with your backend (authentication, product listing, checkout, etc.)? So that I could better understand what is worth improving in the template in the future.


Template is good and well structured.

- Structure – Basically BE structure is different e.g. Product and Category (which – is normal) and I had to change them all over the code. For example page-category.service.ts I had to change from this.listState.items; to this.listState.listProducts and this take me a while to figure it out. - Slugs – I am not using slugs and I had to replace it everywhere. - Filters – I am currently on this part and still investigating how it works, but probably I have to change this one to make it work properly.

In my opinion you need to be an experienced Angular dev to make it work smoothly. I’ve learned something new from this template about Angular/typescript.

If you are interested in a back-end implementation, see eshop-api, here there is a demo of how to call the api in Angular 11: https://github.com/woodsy-forest/eshop-api-angular

Hi, is there a way to change the search dropdown with a single textbox and when the users press the enter key they are redirected to the Categories page with the search result?


Your support has expired. You need to renew your support to ask questions in the future.

Also, please use the support form on this page to ask questions, not comments.


In src/app/shared/components/search/search.component.ts:

  • Add to the beginning: import { Router } from '@angular/router';
  • Add private router: Router, to the constructor.
  • Comment out: this.form.get('query').valueChanges.pipe( ... ).subscribe(products => { ... });
  • Add method:
    search(): void {
        this.router.navigateByUrl('/CATEGORIES_PAGE_URL?query=' + encodeURIComponent(this.form.get('query').value)).then();

In src/app/shared/components/search/search.component.html:

  • Add (keydown.enter)="search()" to the .search__input.

Thanks, I’ve already extended my support, I will continue on support page

Hi. Can I hire you? How much cost your hour?


“Can I hire you?”

zip does not contain a valid theme: missing template “layout/theme.liquid” I want to upload the file to shipify.How to do this.


“How to do this.”
This is not a Shopify theme, so it cannot be uploaded to Shopify.

Hi, I found a bug in the offcanvas cart, when is opened in an iPhone, items are overlapped.


“I found a bug in the offcanvas cart, when is opened in an iPhone, items are overlapped.”
Open the src/scss/header/_dropcart.scss file and append to the end:

.dropcart--style--offcanvas {
    position: relative;
    z-index: 1000;

P.S. Please do not use comments to contact template support. There is a special form for this on the support page.

Hello I have prepurchase question.

1) This template are based on HTML? 2) All process comes with this template? I mean adding to cart and all are working 3) I just need to upload to my hosting and modify files? 4) From where can I add new products?


1) No, this is not an HTML template.
2) I don’t understand what you mean by “working”.
3) No, you will also need to integrate this template with your backend.
4) This is just a frontend template with no content management functionality.

I need to check the style of cart page on mobile, “Page Not Found” when click on “Cart”


I fixed the links in the mobile header.

Hi is their a plan bootstrap version non angular of this available


Bootstrap version already available.

When we click the items inside the “account menu” the menu is not closing in the downloaded cede, but its working in the live preview. Can you please fix that.


Thanks for the bug report. Fixed in version 1.16.1.

P.S. Please use the form on the support page to ask questions after purchase.

Hi, Thank you for your help, I really like your layout and your search function part. Here comes with a questions: I am not in the auto parts business, is it possible for me to change the garage indicator, see on the home one page.

Thanks in advance.

Answered here

Hi, do you plan to migrate to Angular 13? when? I want to buy the template


Yes, but I can’t say when.


I’m interested in buying this code, however, can i get the design file after i buy it? maybe figma or psd file ?


“can i get the design file after i buy it? maybe figma or psd file ?”

Hey! Nice template! Btw, i find, that, filter products by category is not working! Can you implement this? Thx in advance!

And reset filters Button is not working!

This template is not supported. This means that I will answer your question for the last time.

“filter products by category is not working! Can you implement this?”
No. You can independently change the algorithm for filtering products in file /src/fake-server/products-list.ts in function testProduct.

“And reset filters Button is not working!”
In file /src/app/modules/widgets/widget-filters/widget-filters.component.ts, find:


and replace with:

this.filtersForm.setValue(formValues, {emitEvent: false}); this.pageCategory.updateOptions({ filterValues: this.convertFormToFilterValues(this.filters, formValues), });

Ok, thank you! I can implement the algorithm myself! I just pointed out that these things don’t work! Anyway, thank you and nice template!

Hi Kos, I have purchsed Stroyka Theme. I thought it is include all the features but it is only Angular Theme. But i want to download React Theme. Can you replace license of Angular Theme with React Theme.

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