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Hi, after upgrade theme, Redux framework plugin it was damaged and i can´t register my theme, could you help me please?

Hello Kry89,

Try to delete the theme completely and clear your server and browser cache, then re-install the latest version of the theme, this should fix the problem.

Contact our support team if you still have problems after this.

Kind regards.

before I purchase this theme, can I use one “BUSINESS 03” theme but pick and use photos from other demos? Does the license allows to do it?

Hello Pixel-hustler,

The photos are not included in the demo data because of the images copyrights, we can give you the link of the site where we purchased the images.

Kind regards

shame it took so long to reply, I have purchased theme already only to get notified that photos are not included :/

Hello Pixel-hustler,

All the items you see on themeforest need to replace the images you see on the demo with placeholders.

Hope that you didn’t bought the theme only for the images.

If you want our team can give you the links to the sites where you can buy those images.

Kind regards

How do I change the formatting of the font used via the WPBakery testimonial element?

Hello Caroline,

Please contact our support team and they should be able to help you with that!

Thanks in advance,

Kind regards

How do i turn developer mode off?? I’ve used this theme for years and never seen this notification…i purchased this theme to be able to USE it.

Hello Paulmambo,

You probably have an other plugin that trigger this off, try to disable the custom plugins you are using.

If you this have problem after this, please try to update the theme.

Kind regards

hi, is it possible remove the menu border that appears when menu background is transparent? https://i.imgur.com/4wcZbaT.jpg

Hello Fluidissimi, thanks for purchasing Thefox!

Yes, you have this option under Thefox > Header styling.

Search for “Transparent header border color”.

If you have more questions please contact our support team.

Thanks in advance,

Kind regards

How can I change the css for the alerts message content type – e.g. to change the colour of the background or the alert type logo?

Hello Nbreakwell,

Please contact our support team and they should be able to guide you.

Kind regards

Hi. Using the WPBakery plugin in the theme, can you get elements to animate on short pages? As the element(s) are in the viewport when the page is loaded, they are there when the page loads.

Regards Wayne

Ignore this. I found an additional plugin to achieve this.

Glad to hear that!

Do not hesitate to re-contact us if you have other questions.

Kind regards

SnapChat is missing in social links , how to add it ?!

I did and they didn’t solve my issue

kindly still waiting for a solution to my issue , ticket #1738076

Hello Baytech,

Our support team will get back to you as soon as possible.

Thanks for your patience.

Kind regards


I see in the mainlatest-matche that you use this function msp__get_match_team_main_score(). My question is….it’s possible to use not only main score? maybe use other result?

Hello StabiloCode,

This code is not from our theme but from one of your custom plugin.

Kind regards


jennsc Purchased

i cant active two plugins… layerslider wp and wp bakery page builder… how can i active those two…?


jennsc Purchased

i found out where to active but it says the code is invalid…. so how can i do it ??

Hello Jennsc,

The plugin are activated, what you are trying to do is to activate their license, which is not needed, please check this article for more information.

Please try to contact our support team if you want more information.

Kind regards

hello, how can timeline blog view be enabled for all archive pages? is timeline only possible using the blog type=timeline element in visual composer?

Hello Reneerushbrook,

Unfortunately this is not possible without modifying the theme index file.

Kind regards

Demo content cannot be imported

Hello Lifei6868, thanks for purchasing Thefox!

Check this article, if you still have problem after this please try to contact our support team.

Kind regards

Hi, does your theme support custom widgets in the header? An example in the attachment. https://wmpics.pics/di-ZAJF.jpg

I need custom widget areas:

Custom widgets after Navigation, Custom widgets after Logo, Custom wİdgets before Logo, Custom widgets Topsection Left, Custom widgets Topsection Right.

Hello Rooter84, thanks for contacting us!

No we don’t support custom widget before and after the logo.

Do not hesitate to re-contact us if you have more questions.

Kind regards

Not sure if this is a bug or if something changed but I had a Recent Blog Posts element on my page and now it no longer works. Instead of showing recent articles, it just shows the most recent article. I haven’t changed anything on the page. I know my support has ended but I wasn’t sure if this was a theme issue or a WPBakery issue. Thanks!

Hello Chsfomaha,

There is no known issue about blog with the theme so it is probably a bug related to a plugin.

Did you update or install anything lately.

The issue is probably related to some changes you made.

Kind regards


We bought The Fox Theme and a few days ago the support expired. We were going to renew the support but we´ve noticed that it costs $41 for 6 months, however if you buy the theme again it would be $76.63 with 18 months support.

My question is, can we buy the license again without installing all the stuff again and get the 18 months of support? I´m ok to pay for renewing the support, but to be honest, I don´t get how it´s possible to get 1 more year of support for almost the same price.

Hello Caterideas, sorry for the late reply!

This is Envato that set the price % for the support license, some people do buy new license instead of extending because of the price not being so different.

If you want more information about the support you could try to contact Envato to know why the price is set like this.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have more questions.

Kind regards

The changelog is incorrect – it is repeating an earlier change. The date of the last change is 2018.10.31? (there is a 2018.10.13 date change shown after the 2018.10.31 one?)

Anyway – after updating to the latest version using the WP theme upgrade method, WooCommerce reports there is an issue with one of the theme templates;

“TheFox_child_theme/woocommerce/emails/customer-on-hold-order.php version 2.5.0 is out of date. The core version is 3.5.0,”

Please can you correct this error? No need to open a support ticket – this is a general theme error and will affect all users using WooCommerce, not just me.

Thank you, David

Hello David,

For the changelog thanks for letting us know.

Regarding the child theme, this is something you modified not us, our child theme doesn’t include the WooCommerce templates part.

But most of the time it is not important if the version are outdated because WooCommerce team just “Bump” the version number some time and don’t even change anything in the files itself.

If you see error on your site then you may need to update the files.

Kind regards

The theme won’t upload. I get an internal error message or “the link you followed has expired” message right after the upload fails.

I increased my limits on my php.ini file and also tried uploaded with different PHP Versions (7.2,7.1 7.0 and 5.6), and did didn’t upload.

Can you help please?

Hello LuxWebDesign,

This is a problem related to the server settings, you can find the recommended server settings in this article : recommended settings

If you still have a problem after this try to contact your host support to ask them if there is any error on the server side.

They should be able to change the server settings in order to make everything work.

If not you can use the ftp upload.

If you need more help please contact our support team.

Kind regards

Hi, It’s possible to translate the members of the staff section?


xmarleenn Purchased


Unfortunately, Google Maps doesn’t work well right now. This message appear: For development purposes only.

I don’t know what to do. Im using the latest version of the theme.

​Can you help me? Thanks in advance.

hello, am interested in buying your theme and gone through the whole template designs and they are nice. but i noticed that none of the templates have any sample of section diagonal divider. is it possible to do that in your them?? as i am not a developer