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Interesting pattern!

I have a couple of questions: 1. What features has the template? 2. Can I use it as a planner? 3. Can other users of my site to use it, too? 4. Do I need to refine it?

1, what you see is what the features. 2, You can use it as you want. 3, You can not charge you user if you only have the regular license. 4. you can refine when you want to.


I see in the demo that app.v2.js is minified but other as the calendar js are not, you deliver all js code when purchased?

Yes. all the js are seperated when purchased. Thanks

Hi, I’m trying the calc() use in css, but it doesn’t work in any of its forms (-webkit-calc, -moz-calc, etc)

Is there any hint to make it work? I’m working in a developer site, not public url sorry.


check your browser version, http://caniuse.com/calc

Hi, Is there any good way to disable responsive in todo template? I want to have desktop version only.


I am trying to user Tab widget on home and in content area. Every time I click it slides down and hides tab navs above it. It works on app pages but not on landing page. Can you help with this?

Remove the lines 30-38 from “js/landing.js”

Can you support me how to use my flickr account for gallery. Thanks

check this flickr api open “js/grid/gallery.js”, change the
method: 'flickr.interestingness.getList',
method: 'flickr.people.getPhotos',
api_key: 'Your api key',
user_id : 'me'

Hey, love the theme and am using it in several projects successfully. But since Bootstrap 3.1.0 was released some days ago, I was wondering if you’re planning on updating todo to Bootstrap 3.1.0 any time soon? :)

Working on it. Thanks

Another +1 for Bootstrap 3.1 support :)

Working on it, Thanks

Hi, Im trying use form in a modal, but when I click on in “calendario” (central button in the first image) show the modal window on the right, and I dont know why. I want to show modal window in the center, of course.

The code to the modal windows is the same in form.html in To-Do v1.1.2.

You can see the images.

http://grab.by/u8jG http://grab.by/u8jK


Use the chrome developer tools or firebug to check the element and see what’s going wrong.

Is this mobile first?

It’s base on Bootstrap, it’s mobile first.

First of all thank you for your excellent theme. You contributed a lot to the app developers. Very impressed.

Please confirm can I fix this theme as a boxed layout with responsive features. then only I can buy.

Check the http://flatfull.com/themes/todo/mail.html, there is a “Toggle box layout”, see if it’s you want.

Thank you!


from the bootstrap documentation, I can see that rows must be placed within a container (see http://getbootstrap.com/css/#grid), but I don’t see that in your theme, even though your theme is built on bootstrap. Is it because you have renamed the .container-class or is it not needed anyway ?

thanks Thomas

“Rows must be placed within a .container (fixed-width) or .container-fluid (full-width) for proper alignment and padding.” i did not renamed the .container-class, only if you want fixed-width layout you can put the row in a .container.

in admin template the pages are full width.


Hi, sorry for not being too clear in my initial question.

I am trying to figure out the structure of the template, and what I meant was, that according to the bootstrap docs, the structure should be something like:





- col-

On some of your examples pages it seems you don’t use the container-class, but still use the row and column classes (see eg. the page source of http://flatfull.com/themes/todo/invoice.html). Instead you use the hbox and vbox-classes. And on others you don’t use the row and column classes at all (eg the mail-page http://flatfull.com/themes/todo/mail.html)

So my question is what the difference between using the .container or .container-fluid and the hbox and vbox-classes are and when to use what, and also when to use the rows and column-classes.

thanks for an awesome theme

best regards Thomas

.container class is not necessary to use the .row.

.hbox > aside or .hbox > section have the same height. but .row > .col do not have the same height.

.hbox and .vbox are some like the css flexbox. but flexbox only works on ie10+ for ie.

you can see lot of .hbox or .vbox like css used in the JIRA system


I’ve got several CSS issues with the latest release, but before I go into them I see that the demo uses app.v2.css whereas the latest release I’ve downloaded (purchased yesterday), uses app.css. How come?

the demo merged the csses, Thanks

hello, great job ! :)

I would need to know what’s the best way to start a new project with your web app ?

starts with index.html … and I add the features ( your components ) that I need ?

or start to modify your example ?

thanks AC

You can start a blank page with the basic layouts and navbar. then if you want components, find in the theme and copy to your project page.


Hi, I’d like to discuss purchasing a version with uses above and beyond the Extended license. I would also like to discuss customization of this theme developed by you. How can I contact you for pricing?

Hi, You can contact me via my profile page( http://themeforest.net/user/flatfull ). the bottom message form at the right panel.


Hi, I would like to know how can I use the sortable list function with two different lists. I need to drag elements from one list to another.

Thank you!

First of all! really awesome template (& script!)...

Maybe it’s a stupid question,.. but I can not found it on the docs..

How can I work with the restfull api? I do not know where or what I have to change (replace backbone, how?)... any trick please?


epiceditor not find the dom target. you can initialize the epiceditor in the notes.js.


Not find the dom taget, but is your template as is. I did not change nothing… Anyways, sorry about my ignorance… how can I do it?

You can initialize the epiceditor in the NoteView -> initialize function (notes.js). and it must have the id=”epiceditor” check the documents https://github.com/OscarGodson/EpicEditor


Hi, What theme are you using to present the todo? Thanks

http://flatfull.com/themes/todo/index.html is the admin template. http://flatfull.com/themes/todo/landing.html is the admin landing page.

they are both included in the purchased download file.


Hi, What theme are you using to present the todo? Thanks

Thank you for the excellent theme, this is the first theme that I can fully use on ASP.Net without any modifications, just “plug & play” :P

Thank you! :)