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Hey, I just want to know if you could update or tell me how to fix bug with side navigation. If there is just a few menu items everything is OK but if there is more menu items then it fits in screen height and then if you scroll down there is no menu background in the part which was not visible at first. Tnx

Hi, you can put your menu in a .vbox so it will have the scroll,


you can use the collapse nav, check this page.

Hi there. Firstly, awesome theme!

Is there anyway to make a vbox scrollable without the window scrolling? For example, I want to have the following:

vbox – nav static | vbox (scrollable) | vbox (fixed)

In this scenario, the nav static, and vbox fixed are always visible on the screen, but the user content would be in the scrollable vbox and that is the full height of the page with a scrollbar?

You can use the flex vbox,

<section class="vbox flex">
            <section>Your scrollable content</section>
        Static content

sorry I got hbox and vbox confused… I want a 3 column page (1st the standard todo navbar, 2nd the scrollable content, 3rd the static content.

I changed your code over to hbox – but it’s simply stacking the sections.

Any ideas?

OK figured it out.

<section class=”vbox”> <section class=”scrollable”> <section class=”panel”> <section class=”panel-body slim-scroll” data-height=”500px”> TAA TAA TAA </section> </section> </section> </section> <aside class=”aside-xl bg-black dker”> Testing A </aside>

This did the trick for me.

After update, File Input not working !! (Button render with default style)

Any ideas?

if($(this).hasClass('btn-next') && $step.find('input, select, textarea').data('required') && !$step.find('input, select, textarea').parsley( 'validate' ) ){
....line 186 “Missing in last update plugin.js

solved move plugin.js after bootstrap.file-input.js

Yes, you are right.

Hi, I want to make main navigation on top, but it is not working in tablet and phone http://goo.gl/nmCWLN


You can still use the off screen nav as other pages.


Hi, i have make off screen nav class but it not pop out check it http://goo.gl/nmCWLN

The structure is still not right. the #header then #content, and target the offscreen to the #header.

how to put a select2 element into a ajaxModal?

<a class="btn btn-icon btn-default btn-sm pull-right" data-toggle="ajaxModal" href="modal.html">

is necesary add the js code

$(”#id”).select2({ tags:[“red”, “green”, “blue”], tokenSeparators: [”,”, ” “]} );

hi, you can call this js code when the modal shown. check the bs docs: http://getbootstrap.com/javascript/#modals

$('#myModal').on('shown.bs.modal', function () {
  // do something…

When i copy and paste content from other blogs or website, this editor keeps the style and html tag from the other websites. I don’t want this to happen. How do I change it so that it’s just normal text?

I mean the wysiwyg editor.

You can copy to other text editor then copy to the wysiwyg


We have a screen with a insane number of combo box. In this the user can choose a differents options, and we need any solution to make this usable. Like put a background color in the button or a external line or…to tell apart the option selected. Any idea or solution? Its possible make a different background or other depending the option selected in the combo box?

Thank u

you can config a class on each of the options. then listen to the “changed” function on the combobox, ( http://exacttarget.github.io/fuelux/#combobox ) use the ‘selectedItem’ to get the selected option’s class, and set this class on the input.

Can you provide e-commerce update soon.

Hi, there is no e-commerce plan. it’s a admin template.


I am trying to use the morris.js donut chart that is in the chart.html template page.

I copied the code:
                 <section class="panel">
                    <header class="panel-heading">
                      Donut flavours
                    <div id="hero-donut" class="graph" />

And put it on the page i wanted (the page included all the script files that the template page did), but it does not show the graph. It just shows a blank space.

How do i do this?

Use the firebug or Chrome console to see any error happens.


no error happens, what could be the problem?

Make sure you have get the morris js included and call the morris donut function correctly.

is it possible to combine two side navigation collapse navigation and only icon in the same page ?, give me idea please.

<aside class="bg-black dk aside-sm nav-vertical only-icon" id="nav">
 <aside class="aside bg-dark dk" id="nav">

Put the nav-vertical on the #nav, and remove the if( $(’.nav-vertical’).length ){ return; }

in the js/app.js will works.

When are you going to additional update? If you additional updates, I’ll purchase it.

Just updated one week ago, Thanks

Hi! After add an event in calendar.html, I want to remove event on the calendar.

please check and fix it.

thank you!

Hi, you can check the calendar api here. http://arshaw.com/fullcalendar/


The demo page seems to be over its bandwidth limit. Can you please fix it? :) thanks

It’s back, Thank you

Hi Flatfull,

I am sorry for newbie question, but what do I have to do to update this version from the last version? I imagine others might find this useful too. I have made so many edits I am not sure what to change to bring it up to newest version. Thank you.

Hi, the 1.2 have ie and form wizard fix. so need check the app.js and app.plugin.js, and Fontawesome 4.0 have change all the class names. “icon-” => “fa fa-”


Hi, I’ve bought this template. How I can disable responsive style and transform it whith fixed layout? Thanx

you can add ’.layout-box’ class on the html tag, Check this page http://flatfull.com/themes/todo/mail.html and there is a button “toggle box layout”.


Came across something that I’ve fixed. Thought I’d share it with everyone.

If the fullcalendar is in a tab you need a bit of extra js to render it. Below is the code that I used that works, I’d love to get some feedback about this, has anyone else had this issue?

$(document).on('click.bs.tab.data-api', '[data-toggle="tab"]', function (e) {

Thanks for this code snippet. it’s really useful, it’s same as the sparkline, need render it again when it’s tab shows.

Thank you!

Interesting… but what does the pack contain? Is it well organized? Do I have access to the less file or just the compiled css?

I’d like to know that before I buy it, thanks!

Yes. you can get all the less files and separate css/js fies after purchase. it’s well organized.


Can’t scroll with arrows e.g. on this page: http://flatfull.com/themes/todo/widgets.html

Can drag the scrollbar to scroll


I’m trying to get scrollable class to work inside a tab, is this possible? code works perfectly while outside a tab but inside it stops scrolling and just goes down the page. I’ve redesigned the mail page and want it to replace the folder content with the email instead of adding the email content on the right. Is there an easier way to do this with a data-toggle function or is tab better?

Do you have any plans on extending the theme?

I’d love to see: Worldmap with Google API jQuery Knob

You need set a height on a div when use the .scrollable class. I think you can use js to hide the folder and show the content when one item clicked.


If I buy a regular license I can use the theme design for a social network that I am developing?

It’s depend on what’s your app type. more regular license details here


Yes. included.