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Beautifully and very nice theme. Good luck with your sales :)

Looking great! :) Good luck!

Strong work WPExplorer! 8)

Looks good theme AJ :)

Thanks dude 8-)

Looks awesome! Good luck :)

This is a hard work for sure. Good luck. ;)

Oh yes, this one took me a long time. I re-made my entire framework that I usually use ;)

Very impressive theme! You had all the options I was looking for…and more!

That’s good to hear, please let me know if you have any questions or issues. We’ll be setting up a dedicated site just for supporting this theme with some extra docs and video guides soon ;)

Thank you for the purchase!

I’ve tried installing the theme at my wp-admin site, but with no luck. I’ve uploaded the 11.3 MB total.zip file as well as the 24.6 MB zipped folder. Is there a specific file I should be uploading to WordPress via the wp-admin site, or do I need to use an FTP? Thanks.

Cool, keep me posted. Let’s get this bad boy up and running for you!

Thanks! Finally got it launched via the cPanel. Now the fun begins. :)

Great work! :) GLWS !

{CONTACT FORM 7 description has one misspelled word: “Withing”}

Thanks ;0

Looks amazing folks, great job! =)

Yes every homepage has the new design, look and feel according to the niche, hard work and good work.

Great looking theme – versatile, clean and well thought out.

Very tempting indeed…

Enjoying it immensely so far, but I would give this feedback.

Unless I’m mistaken – which is wholly possible – the menu options are a tad dull. I tried a background colour expecting it to only display behind each menu item (like a oblong button), but it’s just one long long coloured bar, which was far from attractive. It would be nice to have subtle styling options…

And if I can slip in one cheeky support question – I’ve popped in a teaser box on the homepage and now I have “Sample Heading” coming up – and do you think for the life of me I can find where to edit that to read what I need it to?!?

Tis ok – my VC wasn’t fully loading in the browser – got all of my options now…

The background option for the menu items is actually more for header style 2-3, but I do like your idea of adding maybe a background to the links so they look like buttons for style 1, it would require a little adjusting of the menu, but it would be cool as you said ;)

Glad you got the VC working now! Thanks for letting me know and again sorry for the delay in support. Once i get back from visiting family for the holidays I’ll be much much faster! I just don’t like hiring support staff because no one knows my theme’s like I do ;)

Awesome! A complete theme!!!

Very nice theme! Good luck :)

Clean theme man! GoodLuck with sales!

awesome theme ! very light, very clean.

btw: does it kiss well with w3 total cache? :)

I haven’t tested it thoroughly with W3 (I use WPEngine, so I don’t need any caching plugins), but I don’t see why not!

The theme doesn’t have any functions built-in that require caching to be disabled. Should be fine, if you do have any issues though, we’ll fix them up!

I am working on a landing page for this theme and we’ll be testing with a lot of plugins and making a big list of all the ones we’ve tested ;)

Very Good Design, GLWS ;)

Looks great. Good Luck with Sale! ;)