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for Feature Availability

Great theme with excellent support, clean and modular code, fully functioning widgets, properly working demo, and many many options!

for Customizability

Great theme - completely customizable, feature rich and excellent support.

for Design Quality

I knew WordPress was the best option when I needed to upgrade my website, but I don't usually like using WordPress. I've built websites on many systems and even had a WordPress blog, but didn't enjoy the experience. I searched for "easy WordPress" hoping to find simple directions or videos. That search showed me the Total WordPress theme with its simple drag and drop system. I'd had trouble trying to design a pretty site with regular WordPress, but was able to create one that everyone oohs and aahs about with Total. It also functions well. Thank you.

for Code Quality

Its fast, the code is nice you can do nice things with this theme.

I had a few issue with others but the optimisation of this one is awesome you got this kind of loading time : Load time
1.54 s even under 1s was possible for a soft site with flat design.

You can do basically everything with this Theme.

The support is great I mean they do in time what you expect.

The documentation isnt dat bad but isnt the best out of there.

The demos are freaking good.

Just buy it and close your eyes.

We use it for our company and its great.

If you compare to the7 divi etc themes this one in term of speed is better thats why I definitly recommend them now.

for Code Quality

Don't underestimate the security of having a theme development team that is on top of updates and is constantly looking to improve functionality, add features that make sense, and respond to issues when they arise. Take a look at other comment sections for some of the other themes and see how active they are in responding to clients or if the last time they updated their theme was 6 months ago - it speaks volumes people.

Thanks for putting out a first class package. Total is my go-to theme for any new client I bring on. Great work AJ!

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