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I have the Total Theme setup and working. I’ve installed WPML and is all setup also. But I have a problem with the portfolio categories, it doesn’t seem to support translating. I have 6 categories and I see no way to translate their names, and even when I switch to spanish and add another category, it will mix with all the ones in english. Its really frustrating because I have all the rest configured and the most important part for me, is not working. Anyone solved this in any way?

Hi there,

For WPML you need to first enable translation for your taxonomies (Portfolio categories are a custom taxonomy) as mentioned in their docs here: https://wpml.org/documentation/getting-started-guide/translating-post-categories-and-custom-taxonomies/ – please have a look.

I’m happy to help with anything else, just be sure to log into the correct account used to purchase the theme or if you haven’t yet, please purchase a license to access support, Thanks! ;)

- AJ


Gulle Purchased


I used the “WP Custom Menu” Element to integrate a menu into a page. The menu has parent and child items. When I view the page the parent items open the submenu on click. I need to change this. The parent menu items should open the link (not the submenu) and when the link is loaded the sub items of this active parent should be shown.

Thank you.

Hi there,

So you need to disable the javascript for the toggles, this can be done via a child theme by adding this code to your functions.php:

add_filter( 'wpex_localize_array', function( $array ) {
    unset( $array['menuWidgetAccordion'] );
    return $array;
} );

Now there won’t be any toggle affect and the child items should be visible when active (pretty sure this is normal behavior), if not let me know it’s an easy CSS tweak.

- AJ


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Hi, im using the vanilla layout with header style 1, left logo, right menu. i cant figure out where to set the height of the logo though, its displaying very small in this style despite a logo height of 160px set in the logo section of the them. please could you advise on this. thanks

Hi there,

By default the Vanilla demo has text for the logo so there wasn’t any custom settings defined for logo height. If your logo is being restricted you have 3 things you can check:

1. Appearance > Customize > Header > Logo > Apply Height (if enabled it applies your custom logo height value).

2. Appearance > Customize > Header > Logo > Max Width (if you have added any max-width values it could shrink the logo vertically also)

3. Appearance > Customize > Header > Sticky Header (if you selected a shrink header style the logo gets manually set to a fixed height so you need to edit it there or select the standard sticky header style)

If you can’t figure it out, share the URL so I can inspected it and know exactly what’s up ;)

- AJ


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Hi, I installed a custom action to my footer and now I have that strange 15px margin (white space) above my footer again. I went back to the previous instruction you gave me which was WPBakery Page Builder > Templates > Footer and remove the extra P tag BUT the template is no longer there… I am guessing that is from adding the custom action? Do you know how to fix this? Thanks!


awatson777 Purchased

Vology.com is the site

Hi there,

I do see an empty p tag in the footer builder (both at the top and bottom of the content). If it’s not there in the editor (my guess is it should be) this could be coming from a plugin. But you could just remove the margin and not worry like this:

.footer-builder-content > p { margin: 0; }

- AJ

ps: You have an empty row at the bottom of your footer builder doing nothing if you want to delete that also – https://cl.ly/f61f0e

HI AJ, Hope all is well! How difficult would it be to add back in the image alt tag to certain elements of Total (i.e. image banner, featured image, etc…) Thanks!

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Ah, I’m dump I was checking the spam but in my main email that gets redirects from this one, but spam doesn’t redirect ;)

HA! Sent a reply – check your spam just in case ;)

Hi AJ, hope you are doing great! I have these questions and not sure if they are theme related. If they are not, I would really appreciate your help.

1. First issue, is my Facebook Pixel was working fine until recently it stopped receiving date, I have checked my plugins and it is activated fine.

2. Second one, is my Google search console and Google Analytics, does updating the theme affect them in anyway? meaning do I need to always submit a site map and do all the steps every time I update?

Thanks so much!

Hi there,

I’m doing well, thank you for asking!

1. Can you share a sample URL so I can inspect the code?

2. No, you should only submit your site map once, depending on how popular and how much authority your website has, Google will crawl your sitemap when they see fit. However, if you made a giant update on the site structure such as changing permalinks or deleting/adding a ton of content in a small window (1-7 days) it could be a good idea to re-submit the sitemap to ensure Google re-crawls it sooner than later and takes note of all your changes.

And as long as your Google Analytics code was added properly to the site there is no need to worry there, the only issue would be if you manually inserted the code into the Total theme files because during the update the files get replaced so the code would go away. If the code is added via the WP admin or child theme you are fine, no need to worry ;)

In fact for the majority of sites even worrying about Google doesn’t make much sense, focus on quality content, social marketing and overall exposure (backlinks). If your site is popular enough within your niche and you have good authority, Google will make sure it ranks you well ;)

- AJ


I have some presales questions. 1) Do you have pages/templates that are built with Elementor? 2) Do you add anything (widgets/blocks) to Elementor? 3) Do you have any booking appointment features? If so, in which demo can I see that?


Hi there,

This is AJ the theme author.

1&2. The theme doesn’t have built-in templates for Elementor or custom widgets. It has been tested with and it works with Elementor (there are 2 functions – header/footer builder – that allow you to set a template from Elementor as the header or footer, but that’s pretty much it). The theme is primarily built around WPBakery so all the examples in the live demos and all the custom modules are for WPBakery, there aren’t any custom widgets for Elementor.

Now, if you don’t have much experience with Elementor there are tons of ways to get templates for example this nifty plugin by Envato which works with any theme: https://envato.com/elements/template-kits/

I do plan on making some demos for Elementor in the near future, but I don’t have an ETA for that as currently I’m working on some newer, more modern looking demos for the theme using the included WPBakery plugin (formerly known as visual composer).

3. Booking is something best done via a 3rd party plugin since it’s a pretty large functionality it becomes added bloat in a theme (the primary audience for premium theme’s doesn’t require booking). If you would like help with some recommendations I could do this.

Now, the theme is well coded, so it should work with any plugin you throw at it and if by any chance there is ever a conflict between a 3rd party plugin and the theme we can always have a look and if it’s theme related patch and update the theme.

Please let me know if you have any followup questions.

- AJ

Hi AJ,

What would be the best way to go about adding a ‘Buy Now’ button to sit beside the Add to Cart button on a product page?

I’ve installed the Quick Buy plugin sits on top or below the quantity of the product and in a different style than the ‘Add to Cart’ button. Is there a way to use the Quick Buy plugin to create this new button or what would you suggest?

Thanks! Scott

I just changed it to that setting, had it as a shortcode on the product page. If you refresh the page you’ll see where it ends up with that setting, which is slightly worse positioning.

Under the Button Styling tab there’s a place for ‘Button CSS Class’ would I put something in there that could make the fix?

The position is correct now ;) You just need to add some custom CSS to position it next to the add cart button.

And yes, it would be a good idea to enter “button” into the css class to get the general theme styles.

Ok cool.

Unfortunately the support that I’ve found on the web for this plugin is about 2 pieces of content that were not very helpful… which is why I’m asking all the questions.

I entered button into the field for Button CSS Class but it didn’t change anything…. also there’s a box for Button Internal Style, and then they give these examples:

Css Class Used : wc_quick_buy_button,quick_buy_button,quick_buy_{pid}button,quick_buy{pid},quick_buy_{ptype} pid Refers to product id. which will replaced dynamically ptype Refers to product type : quick_buy_simple | quick_buy_variable

Any thoughts on what to put in this box?

What kind of custom css would I need to position it next to the add to cart button, and where would I insert that code?

Thanks!! Scott

No matter what I do, every page and post shows a meta-date of April 21, 2016. this shows up in Google before the meta description.

WP was installed in 2015 and I don’t even think I have a date for a page or post that matches that. Even brand new posts are all showing that page in Google. I have looked through the database and the Total files and customize settings, but at a loss why every page/post shows this particular same date in google search engine.


This is AJ the theme author.

This could just be how Google is showing your site, the date doesn’t necessarily come from your website. More likely Google indexed your entire site on that date and it’s the one that got used. You can use SEO plugins to add date tags to try and tell Google the correct dates based on the post/page publish date (I recommend Yoast SEO) but even then it’s at Google’s discretion what they decide to show and you can’t “force” a change. The more popular the site the more likely it will get updated and quicker though…

If you do want to share the URL I can definitely make sure nothing looks weird in the code for you.

- AJ


Oh nice, what was the issue?