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I can’t seem to figure out why the image that I uploaded in an icon box is pixelated. The file is 512×512px and the width and height in the icon area is set to 70×70px. What am I doing wrong?

Here is the website: http://ccglobalfoundation.org/


First of all the site is looking great! Kudos ;)

I’m not seeing any pixalation – https://cl.ly/mchO

And the image is rendering at it’s native size so there isn’t any downsizing going on either – https://cl.ly/mbzg

Did you already manage to fix the issue?

- AJ

I’m using the Woo Commerce plugin but under their settings option, I can’t change the size of the images (they are way too big for what I need them for). Is this to do with the theme? If so, how can I edit the image sizes?


Sorry for any confusion. Because the Total theme has a better image cropping function then the default WP cropping all the image resizing settings for WooCommerce will be located in the theme settings at Theme Panel > Image Sizes. Total also has a few additional options not included by default in WooCommerce ;)

- AJ

Thanks for the quick response AJ. I’ve just located these settings and have tried to resize each image, however, what happens is that the images just become more blurry. Is there anyway I can maintain the quality but make the images smaller? I’m not technically-minded I might add. Thanks again,

By default the images should keep their quality the theme doesn’t change the quality when you resize the images. Can you share a sample URL so I can see what’s going on?

ps: If you are using the JetPack plugin’s Photon CDN that does compress images and alter their quality.

Buddypress dynamic pages not showing sidebar Hello! I just read the lenuis and WPExplorer conversation that was posted 4 months ago, about the buddypress pages that were not showing the sidebars. Has this issue been fixed? I created my Buddypress pages today and I have the same issue. Thanks for your help.


By default main BuddyPress pages will have a right sidebar on all the pages unless you’ve altered the default page layout at Appearance > Customize > General Theme Settings > Pages – because BuddyPress inherits the layout of your standard pages.

Profiles will have a right sidebar because it’s the default layout of the theme.

I just double checked and when testing locally I do see the sidebar on both instances.

But you can always tweak the layout via a theme filter – https://wpexplorer-themes.com/total/snippets/altering-layouts/

Currently there aren’t any specific options for BuddyPress in the theme but I can add some for the next update. Besides options for layouts, maybe custom sidebar, what else would you recommend?

Thank you for your suggestions!

- AJ

Hello AJ,

I just wonder if Portfolio items (and CPT posts) are by default included in the site’s RSS feed, or if I must add a function like this one I found some time ago :

function myfeed_request($qv) {
    if (isset($qv['feed']))
        $qv['post_type'] = get_post_types();
    return $qv;
add_filter('request', 'myfeed_request');


No in WordPress they are not included by default. But they have their own separate feeds like site.com/feed?post_type=portfolio

Hey there,

I’m setting up my header menu’s, and of the format options listed, styles 1-6, there is no possibility for a header menu with no logo. So whichever I choose, there is a gap of space left where the logo would go, even though I’ve uploaded no logo. Is there a way to get rid of this space, so that the full-width header menu has no space?

Example: I have style 3, “bottom navbar centered”. See there’s a gap between the top menu and the header menu. That’s what I’d like to get rid of. Help much appreciated.


Hi there,

You can remove this easily for header style three with a little CSS like this:

#site-header-inner { display: none !important; }

I’ll go a head and look into adding a new option to disable the logo completely, that’s a great idea! Although I am working on some new Visual Composer modules to make the header builder function even better – https://wpexplorer-themes.com/total/docs/header-builder/ – so in the future people may not even choose any of the default headers and just use the builder ;)

- AJ

Wordpress Updated to 4.8.2 and now media uploads isn’t working. Others have issued updates to deal with this, so I was hoping you could advise with a quick solution because this hinders any further site developments if images cannot be added through media.


This is AJ the theme developer.

Unfortunately I am not familiar with any bug in WordPress preventing images from being uploaded. Everything should be working 100% in WP 4.8.2

This is my advice:

  • Clear all site and browser cache.
  • If you still have issues try disabling all 3rd party plugins to see if any are breaking things.
  • Last, If you still have issues try in another browser.

If you still can’t get things working let me know and I can take a look for you.

- AJ

ps: I noticed your support license has expired, if at this time you can renew your support license I would really appreciate it. You can also purchase a new copy of the theme for another site/client and it will also renew your support. A support renewal is around $41 so if instead you purchase a new license of the theme you essentially will get a new license for only $17 to use on another site and a support renewal. If financially you can’t at this time I understand but would really appreciate it since I spend a lot of time and money supporting and updating the product – thank you!