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How do I make the link look like ‘Purchase’ on Samus?

http://samus.ecibir.com/ (I’d like contact to look as Purchase)

Hi AJ,

Regarding your help with my sidebar, It now looks like this and that is much more how I like it :).

Yet, there’s one thing I don’t know how to fix. My front page is now okay, but my other pages aren’t. On example is my submit page.

I want this page to look like this but changing the CSS for this, also affects my frontpage

conclusion: My front page should stay the way it is, but I also want my other pages to have a with ‘blocked’ background area for the content.

Am I making sense?

Thanks so much!

Kind regards, Inge

Hi Inge,

You will have to do 2 things:

  • Your homepage is currently set to the blog page template. Don’t do this because it will be hard to style things separately. Instead go to Settings > Reading and make the front page display your “latest posts”.
  • Then you can target your pages with CSS exclusively like this:
body.page .content-area{ your edits }

Because all the pages will have the classname “page” added to the main body tag.

- AJ

In the bottom footer in the Total theme demo, how do you get the copyright info to be on the left and the menu items to be on the right? Customizing Footer Bottom->Copyright->Copyright 2016 Total WordPress Theme – All Rights Reserved : this copyright info is right, the menu items (icon+home,icon+contact,icon+service) is left . (Cleaner demo). I don’t know.


The copyright should be on the left by default and you can add a menu to the right. However, if you imported one of the demos where it was centered or you tweaked things then it may not be on the left anymore.

If you go to Appearance > Customize > Footer Bottom there is an option to alter the location: https://cl.ly/3s2f0S1h3c3D – To have it on the left side make sure it’s on “default” or “left” (same thing).

To add the menu on the right go to Appearance > Menus and create a new menu and assign it to the Footer menu location.

- AJ


I have multilingual website and I’d like to change the main page for custom post types so that path shows right on breadcrumbs. I changed the Main Page on Post Type Editor but it cannot be done to both languages. (When I try to set it up the page gives a message: ”Settings saved and rewrite rules flushed.”) The main page of custom post types is still not showing on site breadcrumbs to neither of languages. Any help?


What plugin are you using for translations? The theme includes code to translate the ID of the defined page for WPML and Polylang already. The ID passes through the Total wpex_parse_obj_id() function to translate it – https://cl.ly/0V0C1l3d1b2q

Also is your theme up to date?

- AJ

I would like to create slides with Slider Revolution on the template “classic-carousel” (free template) but I do not understand how and where to download it.
Thank you for your help.


Because the Slider Revolution sample sliders are sooo huge they aren’t included with the download package because it would take way too long to download :( Unfortunately they created it in a way to try and force people to buy the plugin to receive the free templates.

However, if you submit a ticket here – http://wpexplorer-themes.com/support/ – we can email you any of the templates you would like to test out.

I will add a new documentation article explaining this, sorry for any confusion!

- AJ

On Layout, the description for desktop width is, “For screens greater than or equal to 960px.” And the description for medium screens width is, “For screens between 960px – 1280px.” Is that correct? That would mean there is overlap in settings from 960px to 1280px? Or should the desktop width description actually be “for screens greater than or equal to 1280px”?

Also, is there a way to make “Tablet Widths” be full-width (no padding/background color showing) – like for Mobile? I set the main container width to 100% but still getting the boxed look here. (I do want to keep the boxed for large and medium though.)

Thank you SO MUCH for being so responsive to questions and being willing to help. It is wonderful to see a theme developer being willing to support their theme outside of just basic bugs and willing to take feature requests into consideration.