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tobiasema Purchased

Hello. I am using visual composer on the Total theme. Using the post grid creates absolute links (www.site.com/image). I have relative links (/image) every where else on the site. Is there a way to have relative links on the post grid?

Oh ok, for staging purposes that makes sense ;) How is the stagging setup though? From my experience most people using stagging sites do not use relative URL’s they either change the URL’s after making the site live via a DB search/replace or the stagging process changes it automatically when moving live.

So the reason it won’t work on some Post Grid styles for example the default one is because the Visual Composer sets the image as a background using preg_match to set the absolute URL to make sure the image is defined correctly for the CSS.

Can you share the function you are using for this via a gist? gist.github.com

So I can take a look and see if it’s possible to tweak it accordingly.

- AJ


tobiasema Purchased

Below is a link to the gist (assuming I inputted it correctly). I’ve had an external request to pursue this and would like to make it as efficient as possible. Thus I have been looking for a solution that does not require me to utilize the DB.


Thanks. This is a pretty complex request, do you mind opening a ticket and requesting it be sent to me “AJ” so I can add it to my pending tickets and get back to you asap? http://wpexplorer-themes.com/support/

I think it would be easier for me to help then via the comments also so I can “star” the ticket.

By the way, if possible can you send FTP logins for the stagging site so I can test a couple things for you?

I do believe we can do all of this via the functions.php file as well without editing any template files, which would be ideal.

- AJ

Hi WPExplorer,

Great theme. I’d like to put a background within the page.

Fir example, this page: http://brookside.connormarc.com/about/

Under the “About” title..

What’s the recommended size to use for a full-width page background? And does it encompass both the content area and the sidebar, or just the content area?

Thanks, Marc

Hi Marc,

I am glad you like the theme!

Here is the guide for adding row backgrounds – http://wpexplorer-themes.com/total/docs/full-screen-rows/

The size doesn’t matter because it’s a background and monitors are different sizes you need to just select a background that will look good across all devices. I recommend using an overlay for the background as well – http://totaltheme.wpengine.com/features/builder-modules/backgrounds-overlays/

Because your page has a sidebar if what you want is a full-width area under the title you may want to use a slider instead – http://wpexplorer-themes.com/total/docs/adding-sliders-top-pages/ – it would be impossible to add a row and background into your page content and have it magically moved above the content and sidebar.

Or you can consider altering the page title to give it a nice background – http://wpexplorer-themes.com/total/docs/page-header-backgrounds/

- AJ

Thanks AJ,

You gave me a lot of options to consider.

Will go over them and determine which is the best one to use.

Much appreciated.

Sincerely, Marc

You are welcome if you have any other questions just let me know!

Another question :) Is it possible to add a single staff item to a page? Using this page as an example: http://www.sherdog.com/events/Titan-FC-41-Titan-Fighting-Championship-41-54547 I would like to add two figthers per row in separate columns and have users be able to click each one to go to their detail page.

You can use the single image and link to the staff post. But maybe this is something best done as a new custom module/shortcode for the site. You may want to consider adding a new custom post type called “Fights” in which you can have the ability to choose the 2 fighters that will be fighting against each-other and on the front end it would be able to pull the data and display it. It envolve more work of course creating something custom for the client, but would be much easier to update.

Hello to my favorite problem-solver! So, I have 2 questions… I have 246 people I need to upload in my website. I used wp-all import to do the heavy lifting for me. Problem is, the free version doesn’t allow me to upload images, so, I’m looking for an alternative to upload them all at once. Do you know another cool plugin that could do that? On the other hand, this IS regarding the theme. I was searching through the docs and I found this post http://wpexplorer-themes.com/total/docs/staff/ regarding a Child theme for this. Because there are a LOT of people and I would like to have, for example, this one I made with the visual composer (I would like the title above the text, not the image), http://teachersrightinghistory.org/staff-member/roosevelt-eleanor-2/

I know I can’t do those tweaks in the customizer. So, can it be done adding code to the child theme?

Thankkkkkkkk you!

Hi there,

  • I don’t know of any alternative to the wp-all-import this is the one I usually recommend. Also they are using Total for their site it seems – http://www.wpallimport.com/ – ha cool!
  • I agree, using the VC for 246 people is NOT a good idea. You can do this easily with CSS though. Enable the media for the staff posts via Customize > Staff > Single and then you can use CSS to move it to the side. Once enabled if you aren’t sure I can help with the CSS. The best would be to position it absolutely probably. Otherwise you can easily make a new single-staff.php file in your child theme with custom code for this.

- AJ

Ok, so I’ll buy the plugin then. Total is awesome! Everyone should be using it =)

On the other hand… my css knowledge is 0. I’m starting a course tomorrow, so hopefull you’ll be seeing much less of my questions here =)

I change it a bit. I would like for all the pages to look like this: http://teachersrightinghistory.org/staff-member/roosevelt-eleanor-2/

Is it hard?

No it is not hard to achieve that look for all items. That would be very easy. Keep this page as a reference and I can help with the code if needed.

Been trying to figure out this Pricing Table formating issue….

I have a bulleted list, but want to remove the bullet in the last line. But every time, it messes up the spacing. Is there a way to keep the spacing between lines the same while removing the bullet?


Oh I see what you mean you want to add text after the bullets. yes this is because of the reset of the last bullet item as mentioned above via the last-child method. the only way around it is really is to add a spacing shortcode above the text. It’s important for the theme to remove this margin.

Example shortcode:

[vcex_spacing size="20px"]

- AJ

worked perfect! THANK YOU!

Sure thing!

I do see your support license has expired, just a heads up. If financially you can renew your license I would really appreciate it or if you purchase a new theme license for another site/client it will also renew the support. If financially you can’t at this time I understand and I will continue to provide support. Thanks!

- AJ

Hi Aj

when is the version with “demo importer” releazing?


Hi AJ, You’ve developed a beautiful theme. thanks for working so hard on it :)

How can I paste a picture here if I have some questions

You can not actually upload images to the comments, however, you can use any online image sharing website to share pictures via the comments.

If you purchase the theme you can also submit a private ticket which will allow you to upload screenshots – http://wpexplorer-themes.com/support/


louboulos Purchased

Hey AJ!

I have a problem in one of my sites not showing images on the media drig VC element.

There is a gallery here but it doesn’t show.


What is wrong? I am using all the latest versions


If you need the WPMU Dev plugin can you re-enable it so I can re-test the page and see if there is any error in the console? Thanks!

- AJ

I enebled it again and the gallery still works.. :/ not sure what was the problem..

Maybe it was a caching issue. Whenever you enable a new plugin or update anything be sure to clear all browser and site cache.


louboulos Purchased

Hi AJ!

At http://styleyourvintage.com I am using Subscribe by Email plugin to notify users of new posts but the post in the email show like this: https://www.dropbox.com/s/uq8yxf6kk1zwqxo/312123.png?dl=0

I changed some of the settings that were supposed to fix that but they didnt.

I have no idea how to change that. Any insights?


This is something to ask the plugin developers about. My recommendation would be to test using the “Excerpt” function for your posts and see if the plugin will grab the excerpt because it’s impossible for it to display the shortcodes. I left a comment on the plugin page (you mean the one on code canyon, right?) to see if there is a filter available to return a custom excerpt function.

That said, I would HIGHLY recommend disabling the Visual Composer for your posts. First because you aren’t really using it for blog posts but also because if you ever want to switch to another theme or remove the Visual Composer you’ll be left with the shortcodes. I looked through various posts and it’s mostly text and images (like blog posts should be) so disabling the VC for your blog would be best – http://wpexplorer-themes.com/total/docs/enable-disable-vc/

ps: Your site looks really good! I love how you set things up, super clean and slick.

- AJ

Thank you AJ :) writting the first sentence at the excerpt seems to bypass the shortcode!


mpx4 Purchased

Hello AJ,

Thank you for your answer regarding a possible correction to the Post Type Archive VC module.

I’ll wait for the upcoming new theme version.

Have a nice week-end,



teegirl13 Purchased

Thanks for the help earlier in the week!

I’m having trouble with making a login/private page. I created a login page (http://614.a9e.myftpupload.com/residents/) that links to (http://614.a9e.myftpupload.com/resident-resources/). Do I set the secondary page I want password protected to private so someone can’t just send the link to anyone or to password protected and somehow it forwards them to that resident login page I created? Also I created a new user as a ‘subscriber’ and it doesn’t seem to work on that login page I created. I’m confused as to how to set that login box with the new user login credentials and be sure they only have access to that page and not the site.

Also do you know any code that would force all phone numbers on the site to not appear like a blue link in IE? Nothing seems to work when viewing in IE.



I sent you the exact code to use in a previous comment for hiding a page on the site. Here it is again:

Regarding your question, this is a bit tricky. The login part is easy, you would just create a new user in WordPress with the name and password you want and a subscriber role. You can create the login page with the Visual Composer since Total has a login form module. Now to restrict access to the pages is more complex you can use a plugin for this, or you can use custom code in a child theme to redirect non-logged in users back to the login page when trying to access the specific page. Example:
function my_redirect_users() {

    // Prevent access to page with ID of 2
    if ( is_page( '2' ) ) {

        // Redirect by default
        $redirect = true;

        // Check logged in user
        if ( is_user_logged_in() ) {

            $current_user = wp_get_current_user();
            if ( 'username_to_test' != $current_user->user_login ) {
                $redirect = false; // do not redirect this user


        // Redirect user
        if ( $redirect ) {
            wp_redirect( 'REDIRECT_URL', 301 );

add_action( 'template_redirect', 'my_redirect_users' );

So for the login page what you did looks correct to me. You just need a standard login form. From what I understood there is going to be a global resident login/password, right? If so then you just need that single user to give people the name and password. They should be able to login with that form you have added to the site. Then you add the code above and modify it to redirect users.

If you want each user to be able to create their own account you can use Gravity Forms which I use on my site – http://www.wpexplorer.com/members/ – to create a sign up form with an activation process. My activation works by having the user click a link in an email they receive but you can set it up with manual approval so that an admin has to log in and approve the new user. This could be something a new resident would go into the leasing office and when signing the lease create their account with the leasing manager/assistant.

To be honest though, this is all way beyond the scope of support. I do need to focus my efforts on bugs and future updates. So there isn’t much more I can provide for this topic, but really hope it is enough to get you on the right track!

- AJ


teegirl13 Purchased

I’m sorry I guess I thought the previous code was for more than one password protected page vs a single one at the time. Sorry, I didn’t mean to take you away from the other stuff but thanks so much for going above and beyond I really appreciate it.

No worries! I’m still here to help if you need it ;) I’m just trying to hard to get the 3.6.0 update finalized – http://wpexplorer-themes.com/total/upcoming-update-changelog/ – which is going to be awesome!

If we don’t chat before then, have a nice weekend!

- AJ


catecorp Purchased


Hi I would like to add in a sidebar categories of my portfolio. So far I can not find an option that allows me to add categories portfolio separately.

it’s possible? How is it done?

I would to get something like the image:



Great! You are welcome ;) Have a wonderful weekend.

Thanks! you too… Last question, if you look my pagination is not woking, surely something is missing me : http://rocketsweb.com/disenosweb/

This is actually a WordPress issue. Because your Portfolio item slug is “disenosweb” and your main page is also “disenosweb” it breaks pagination. You have to go to Portfolio > Post Type Editor and change the main slug to be something else such as ‘disenos-de-web” or change the main page slug.

Does that make sense?

Cool site! Hopefully you will buy more Total theme license for your clients in the future ;) I am releasing a new demo importer this weekend – http://wpexplorer-themes.com/total/wp-content/uploads/sites/2/2016/08/demo-importer.png

- AJ


techbots Purchased

I love your theme! But I am having an issue I can’t figure out. I have 4 columns of text (as an inner column) that I want to be responsive and go from 4 across (25%), down to 2 across (50%) at a certain screen width and then down to just 1 column across (100%) for phone width. Within Visual Composer there is a setting for the columns for responsiveness but it only allows me to set it for desktop, wide tablet and phone – not for tall tablet. So what happens is it goes to one column for wide tablets, even though I want it to stay at 2 columns across. I’ve tried overriding this in CSS but have only made more of a mess of it. How can I fix this to do what I want?



Ok I see, so you are using the column offsets for this, unfortunately the CSS used by the Visual Composer triggers at 992px and is a bit tricker to modify. I would recommend instead removing the column offsets completely and give your row a unique classname via the General settings for the row, something like ‘offset-row-on-tablet-portrait’. Then you can use CSS instead to target this specific class and make the columns 50% where you need it via media queries. Make sense?

- AJ


techbots Purchased

Thanks! ~ I will add a classname so I can override the CSS.

If you need help with the CSS override, let me know and I’ll be happy to help!

- AJ

Hi, when will the next update be ready? I was hoping with the next update it will allow us to import the demos from within the admin console

Hi. I am finishing the update this weekend! And yes you will be able to upload the demos via the admin please see the upcoming changelog here – http://wpexplorer-themes.com/total/upcoming-update-changelog/

As long as I don’t get too many support questions today I should be able to finish it up ;)

Thank you for your patience,

- AJ

Hi, I need to display different Post Layout Elements on a Portfolio Single Page, based on Portfolio Categories.

I have two different categories, so what I need is:

If Portfolio Category is “X”, display “a”, “b” and “c” elements, else [Category “Y”] display “d and “e” elements

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance

This is pretty advanced stuff so it would require child theme edits – http://wpexplorer-themes.com/total/docs/child-theme/

You could use this functionality – http://wpexplorer-themes.com/total/snippets/add-new-portfolio-single-blocks/ – to add/remove blocks based on the category the post is in.

However, if you need more advanced functionality or if it requires many edits it may be best to instead either create different post types rather then using portfolio categories and creating unique single-type.php files in your child theme for each type or creating a single-portfolio.php file in your child theme that checks what category a post is in and then displays it’s content accordingly.

- AJ