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I’m trying to add a URL to the top bar but can’t figure out how to get it there without the entire URL displaying. This is what I’m putting in:

font_awesome icon=”user”

I’ve tried getting rid of the wp_login_url part but this doesn’t help. Any suggestions on what I’m doing wrong?

Never mind my above comment, seems to have resolved itself.

Hi I use Theme Office v. 2.1 theme for many years. I can’t update php because of the theme. Is there a new theme I can buy to replace Office 2.1 ? Thanks

You can purchase any theme you want, this is really a matter of your personal preference. Of course if you decide to switch themes there will be some work to do in terms of resetting things up because everything will be so different.

If you want a quick fix to update PHP and keep the older office theme I don’t mind helping with that. Simply let me know what error notice you are receiving and I can show you how to fix it or send a patched file to update via FTP.

- AJ

Hi, I have a problem with the page “Theme Panel”->”Custom Actions”: is empty.

After some research I realized that the problem is the incompatibility with the “Seo ZOOM” plugin: it have a this style: ”#post-body-content #post-body-content, #post-body-content #SZ_meta_opti { display: none; }” Unfortunally, the ID “post-body-content” is the same.

How could I solve the issue?

Thank you


This is AJ the theme author.

Unfortunately you’ll need to contact the plugin developer, because this is a huge mistake on their part.

The post-body-content element ID is a core WordPress element so it should never be targeted in such a way via CSS. Their second piece of code is fine:

#post-body-content #SZ_meta_opti { display: none; }

Because it is targeting their own element “SZ_meta_opti” but the first part is targeting the core ID which is not good at all.

Also if the plugin CSS is affecting a theme admin panel it means that their CSS is being added on the entire WP admin where it’s not needed. They should only be loading their custom styles for their own admin panels and not everywhere which is very easy to do and follows best coding practices.

- AJ


tyeardley Purchased

Hi, I’ve created a slider revolution for my webpage here http://www.sandypaws-filey.co.uk/site/

This works fine on desktop, but on mobile devices it just shows the static first slide and doesn’t transition through the slider? I’ve checked all my settings… any advice would be much appreciated.


I’m not seeing any auto transition on desktop either, it seems to be disabled.

Now, Slider Revolution is a massive plugin if you are only displaying a simple image slider (without fancy effects or overlays) I would highly recommend just using either the Total Image Slider or Image Carousel module instead which is a much smaller and more efficient slider functionality.

I made a quick video to show you: https://cl.ly/f5b756

(both of these support autoplay also).

- AJ


neileve Purchased

Hi AJ,

I checked the Total docs and the comment section here, but could not find an answer to my question.

Is it possible to have a full screen background image on mobile and tablet to be cropped in profile style so it fills the screen? So if you hold the mobile or tablet in profile position it shows a full screen crop of the background image?

E.g. on the homepage https://fluks.io/ the background image with opacity filter is responsive and above and below you see the opacity filter.

Is it possible to have a crop of this image in a profile format, so this crop fills the mobile and table screen? And, is there a css for this for mobile landscape as well?

It is a bit difficult to explain. ;-) but if you check above mentioned website, you will see what I mean.

Thanks a lot in advance!


Hi Evelien,

The only way in CSS to fill an area with a background is using a “Cover” style background Like this: https://cl.ly/ed84a5

But as you can see the way the browser handles the image is it tries to fill the area with the whole background while keeping it’s proportions so you may end up with some of the image not really displaying nicely and you may have to mess with the background position. Also cropping your image prior to setting it as a background could potentially help.

There is no way to define different background on different screen sizes in WPBakery, there are some plugins that can allow this though but I haven’t tested them so I don’t know how well they work – https://codecanyon.net/item/responsive-pro-addon-wpbakery-page-builder-formerly-visual-composer/21279498 – and it adds a lot of extra settings really bloating things up.

The alternative is to use custom CSS to target your row and apply different cropped versions of the image or different images based on a media query – https://www.w3schools.com/css/css_rwd_mediaqueries.asp

- AJ

ps: Cool site!

Hi AJ,

I noticed that you start to add more and more “profile” features to the Total theme.
Hmmm… if this goes on, at a certain point maybe I could drop the Userpro plugin. How far do you want to go with profile features? I think it will take a long time until you reach the features of Userpro? Userpro also has Mycred integration, but I am not sure how long I am going to use Mycred, I think reward-points are good to start things up, but not in the long term perhaps? Do you plan integrating anything like Mycred? Here is an example Userpro profile integrated in my site: https://utopistlist.com/profile/Utopist/

BuddyPress seemed to be very hard to work with so I dropped that idea, but I wish that my site would be pure Wordpress. So I made my profiles with Userpro.

Do you have any recommendation for user profiles?


I’m not sure what you mean by “profile features” you are referring to.

Honestly, I wouldn’t add any custom functions such as “Mycred” to the theme as this is plugin territory, I don’t think it’s even allowed according to the ThemeForest theme developer guidelines.

The reason you would never have this type of thing in a theme is because if you switch themes you will lose all your user functions so it doesn’t make sense to have in a theme. Best located in a plugin so you can freely switch themes if wanted without losing those custom user functions. Especially if these require saving user data to the database (there could also be a GDPR concern here)

- AJ

Hi AJ,

I would like to insert a graphic image with transparent background into the header with its bottom sticked to the header bottom, and exact left-right positioning, that would also be responsive/fluid, in other resolutions.

Could you recommend a method for inserting an image into the header with a such accuracy in positioning?

Example illustration:


Thank you.


You would need to insert the image as static HTML (not a background) using theme hooks – https://wpexplorer-themes.com/total/docs/action-hooks/


// Insert image into header
add_action( 'wpex_hook_header_bottom', function() {
    echo '<img src="IMAGE_URL" id="erikalleman-header-image" />';
} );

Then position it with CSS using absolute positioning.

Making it fluid/responsive is going to be almost impossible without either targeting the item via CSS at different breakpoints or using some advanced javascript mechanism.

- AJ

Hi, one of my customer have the TOTAL theme. Is it possible to add simply an horizontal bar in the header menu, before the social bar , on page top ? i need to display a bar with 1 txt and 2 little horizontal pictures (200×20) ? can you help me plz ? The header menu wil have 3 levels : added bar + social bar + menu.


You can use hooks to insert any custom code anywhere in the theme – https://wpexplorer-themes.com/total/docs/action-hooks/

- AJ

Hi AJ – not sure if I mentioned this before but something is buggy with the “bullets” element. Can explain more if I didn’t previously mention this. Also replied to your email – let me know when you can about that …and if it went through ;)

With the Ticons (theme icons)? Yes, this is a known bug fixed for the upcoming update. I thought I sent you the fixed file? If not I probably sent it to someone else.

Yes, I got your last email and just replied.

- AJ

ps: I’ll send the patched file.