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Hi AJ I am asking you a general wordpress/woocommerce question rather than a theme question in the hope you can direct me towards an answer. I have set up a new Bulk action on the Products page to Duplicate Products based on the product_duplicate() function. Everything is working fine including various changes I am making to the new product status, etc. My problem is that we need our products linked to the User/Author that created them so they can edit and update them. When I as Admin duplicate the products I become the new Author of the duplicated product. I need the duplicated product to be linked to the Original Author. The Author ID does not feature in the WC_Product info. but It is in the WP_Post info, so I changed post_author back to the Original author ID. This has no effect on what is shown in the table. Feel free to bat this into outer space, but if you are able to quickly point me in a direction to edit the author I would be very, very grateful. I have exhausted all the Google searches I can think of! Hope you are keeping well and were able to grab some ‘quality time with your brother. All the best, David

Hello! I was wondering if there’s a way to center the content and/or both the content and icon for the Icon Box. For now I’m just using padding to align the content to the center, but I’d like for all of them to be consistent. Is there a setting that I’m missing? I have looked through the settings for the Icon Box but didn’t see anything. Thank you!

Hi AJ, can I please ask your advice about the Woocommerce single page layout? I would like to have a templatera template file display permanently on every single-product.php page at the bottom, under the description and I’m a bit lost on how to it…. I need to put the templatera file ( either the shortcode [templatera id=”13710”] ... or the php <?php echo do_shortcode(‘[templatera id=”13710”]’); ?>) into the single page ‘woocommerce_after_single_product’ hook area…. which should then make the template file appear at the bottom of each product page.

I would prefer this extra snippet to be in my child theme’s functions.php file rather than edit the actual single-product.php page.. Is this possible, can you advise on how I could do this? Many Thanks, Chris.

All sorted. I’m late to the hooks party but I’ve arrived – hooks.. absolute genius. https://wpexplorer-themes.com/total/docs/action-hooks/ love it!

Is it possible to add slider to woocommerce category page?

unable to set the default font, size and color for the body.

i have edited Topography->Body to put in my specified settings .. but it is still default to Georgia, 16px and grey color.

Hello AJ,

I hope you manage to have some summer holidays like I’ve just done (in the Spanish Basque region, very nice, friendly people).

For my own quick browsing, I’ve tried to make a private page (paged) with full content of my blog posts (which are short) in one column, using modules Post Types Grid or Blog Grid or Recent News (or even Blog Carousel).

But only the 1st post displayed content (using “-1” in VC module content field) : http://www.pnet.fr/blog-full-contents.png

Maybe you have a better idea …

Maybe also (nirvana) to have the same formatting in the list as the single posts … (I’m dreaming ;-)