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How do I change the default settings of the ‘Button’ shortcode under the shortcode dropdown within the edit post interface? Im looking to make it fool proof so my editors shouldn’t have to change the settings every time.

Hey AJ,

I’m trying to get the button default to work via the snippet you provided in the second link. I added it to my functions file in the child theme and it doesn’t execute. Did i miss something? Was I supposed to do anything with the snippet in the first link?

Oh yes sorry, add a higher priority to the filter – https://wpexplorer-themes.com/total/snippets/editor-shortcode-insert-defaults/ (see the added 40).



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I am using style four for the header and menu but I need to decrease the height, how can I do this? One las thing, is there a way to have an image as background for the header?

Sorry I need to reduce the menu height thanks.

Thank you for clarifying. There isn’t a built-in setting but it can be done easily with custom CSS – http://wpexplorer-themes.com/total/docs/making-css-edits/

Here is an example of what the code would look like:

body .navbar-style-four .dropdown-menu > li > a {
    height: 30px;
    line-height: 30px;

Change the 30px to the height you want. The default theme height is 50px.

- AJ

Nice! Thank you very much!


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Site just went crazy today…..All over I now have this “CSS ANIMATION =bo” in place of all my content. Domain is my user name.com I have made any changes in last 24 hours and when I pulled site up today these are the messages I found in place of all my content. When I log into my editor these are all I see In place of the content I’ve been working on for a month…...Please help ASAP


This comment was first submitted right before I went to sleep ;) So I wasn’t able to respond sooner. As long as comments are posted during my working hours I am much quicker at responding. But in general support is provided within 48 hours. This is a good rule incase the developer has an emergency or it’s the weekend.

Any ideas on why I was getting that CSS line of code in place of all my content?

It’s impossible to know without looking at the issue. Since you didn’t make any chances and WordPress site can’t make changes on it’s own the only thing I can think of is someone else made changes, the server was down and wasn’t parsing correctly or the site was hacked. My recommendation would be to maybe try changing your password and making it really strong and if you see the error again submit a private ticket with temp FTP logins so we can have a look for you – https://wpexplorer-themes.com/support/

Also Im getting this every time I use front end visual editor:

This can be a browser or server related error. My first suggestion would be to try in a different browser (sometimes browser addons can break things) if that doesn’t help try increasing your memory limit to PHP – http://wpexplorer-themes.com/total/docs/increasing-memory-limit-to-php/

Were you getting this error before? If not, have you installed any plugins recently? If so, they could be causing the error and you may want to try disabling them to test. the script mentioned in the error isn’t coming from the theme itself so it makes things a bit harder for me to troubleshoot without looking closer.

- AJ

Aj, is there an email where I can send screenshots showing the conflict? I’m running a debugger each time it shows and every error is ” vc” followed by multiple errors.

Of course you can always submit private tickets here as long as you have an active support license – https://wpexplorer-themes.com/support/ – I have a great support guy helping me there, but if you want me to help you personally request your ticket be sent to AJ and I’ll take care of ya.

- AJ

Hi again, my man. I’m playing with a newly create image size via the ‘wpex_image_sizes’ filter wanting to reference it in the `partials/cpt/cpt-entry-media.php’ file. I named the size `my_post_type-archive`, but when it gets filtered through `’wpex_’. $post_type .’_entry_thumbnail_args’`, the image size is pulling up a different image size (`cpt-image-size`). https://gist.github.com/MikeiLL/f3e4b916a7fd1332451a44263af52feb. If I just pull in the array, minus the filter I get what I want, which is the size being `services-archive`. Can you point me to where that filter might be pulling in the other image size? —Mike iLL


Have you throught of using the Post Types UI plugin for your custom post types? It allows you to automatically enable image size for your post type and it auto adds it to the image sizes panel – https://wpexplorer-themes.com/total/docs/adding-custom-post-types/

Otherwise you will have to also hook into the wpex_’. $post_type .’_entry_thumbnail_args as you mentioned…

add_filter( 'wpex_my_post_type_entry_thumbnail_args', function( $args ) {
    $args['size'] = 'my_post_type-archive';
    return $args;
} );

When you add new image sizes the theme can’t know where they should be used, so you need to also filter out the image arguments to tell it what size to pull.

Make sense?

- AJ

Are youreferring to https://wordpress.org/plugins/custom-post-type-ui ? Hadn’t considered it. Am guessing that that would be an approach which would add more database calls to the rendering of each page, wouldn’t it?

Yes, that plugin.

Yes it adds a few more but I wouldn’t support it unless I did my own testing to make sure it doesn’t slow things down. I tested many plugins as well as compared to using custom code and this plugin performs very well. Maybe it adds 0.001 extra in site speed, that’s just an example – but basically I don’t believe it would be any noticeable change. A lot of customers use this plugin and it really makes things easier when working with Total.

But of course if you prefer to use custom code you can as well ;)

- AJ

I’m trying to update my theme, but I get this error:

Installing Theme from uploaded file: themeforest-6339019-total-responsive-multipurpose-wordpress-theme-wordpress-theme.zip Unpacking the package…

Installing the theme…

Destination folder already exists. /customers/8/3/1/midlanecarriers.com/httpd.www/wp-content/themes/Total/

Theme install failed.


Sounds like you are trying to install the theme rather then update it. When updating a theme you have to either update via FTP or use the recommend Envato Market plugin to update via the dashboard (easiest). Please see the docs here: http://wpexplorer-themes.com/total/docs-category/updates/

If you try to “install” it via the dashboard WordPress will give you an error since the theme is already on the server unless you delete it first. But I don’t recommend doing that because you could lose your widget areas due to how WordPress saves widgets.

If you do have any troubles with the Envato Market plugin or uploading via FTP please let me know so I can further assist!

- AJ

ps: I noticed your support license has expired, if at this time you can renew your support license I would really appreciate it. You can also purchase a new copy of the theme for another site/client and it will also renew your support. If financially you can’t at this time I understand but would really appreciate it since I spend a lot of time and money supporting and updating the product – thank you!

Hello AJ

How I can block pages from search results or from users to visit such 404 error page. I want to use pages for only conditional logic to visit.


There isn’t any built-in settings for this since it’s so specific. You can do it fairly easily with some custom code though in your child theme. By using the template_redirect action hook along with wp_redirect you can prevent access to pages from non logged in users, example – https://wpexplorer-themes.com/total/snippets/restrict-content-access-user/ – and via the pre_get_posts filter you can exclude content from the search results pages.

- AJ

ps: I noticed your support license has expired, if at this time you can renew your support license I would really appreciate it. You can also purchase a new copy of the theme for another site/client and it will also renew your support. If financially you can’t at this time I understand but would really appreciate it since I spend a lot of time and money supporting and updating the product – thank you!

Hi, I’m working on a custom sitemap for my site and I’m trying to display the categories featured images from the Total theme category featured images module in a loop.

Please suggest the best way to achieve this. Thanks.

If you aren’t making a custom PHP template check out the “Categories Grid” module in the Visual Composer.

If you are making a custom template it’s very easy to get the image ID and you can use Total helper functions to crop the image if needed and output the image as HTML. Example: https://wpexplorer-themes.com/total/snippets/get-display-term-thumbnail/

- AJ

Hi mate, i’m starting translating staff items with wpml and i have one issue.

If you open this site: https://vctoursmadeira.com/staff-item/touest01/ you will see the left side bar menu appears with correct options.

Now you change the flag to british..and you will see a strange left side bar lol

Can you help me on that? thankz;)


Have you asked WPML about this yet? I can definitely help with WPML related issues if it’s a known theme conflict but for general WPML help you should be contacting the plugin developers – they know their plugin better than anyone so they should be able to help you much quicker but also since it’s not part of the theme it is outside the scope of support ;)

I do work closely with WPML though so if a customer has an issue and the theme needs a fix they will email me and let me know.

My guess is that your menu is being translated – https://wpml.org/documentation/getting-started-guide/translating-menus/ – can you double check your settings?

- AJ