Unity - WordPress Crowdfunding Theme

Unity - WordPress Crowdfunding Theme

Unity Wordpress Crowdfunding Theme is clean, fully responsive built on a powerful and flexible WPO Framework and Bootstrap 3.0 that empower user to start working on it in a few minutes.

Unity is built on top of Easy Digital Downloads and Crowdfunding by Astoundify, two free, open-source plugins.

This super flexible module enable you to set up everything simply with visual composer. You can easily create or change the site that meet your desire of future online store. It’s not just super flexible theme, it is the combination of tons of features.

Highlighted Features

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  • Compatible with Wordpress 4.0 , 4.1 , 4.1.1
  • Compatible with WooCommerce 2.3.5
  • Wordpress Customizer Supported which allow you configuring theme’s functions via Wordpress options
  • Support Wide Screen 1170px, 980px
  • Support and Include Visual Composer Page Builder
  • Support and Include Revolution Slideshow
  • Shortcode Supported
  • Built-in WPO Framework Version 2 and Bootstrap 3.0
  • UNLIMITED predefined color schemes: red, orange, blue and green
  • HTML5 and CSS3 Support
  • Full Responsive Theme
  • [NEW] Integrated Mega Menu Module With Lightweight Megamenu Editor Tool
  • [NEW] Integrated Vertical Mega Menu Module With Lightweight Megamenu Editor Tool
  • Support multiple post types: blog, porfilios, video, news, slideshow
  • Included a lot of widgets in this
  • Valid XHTML and CSS markup
  • Eeasy control theme such as skin changer, font-changer, modules – position via Control Panel Module
  • Easy Use and Easy Customize As great for customwork
  • Support Add Custom Javascript, Css, Change Background
  • [NEW]Impletemented Awesome Font
  • [New] Support Sass Development
  • [New] Support WPML & RTL Language
  • [New] Live Theme Edtior to create unlimited Theme Skins Without Coding
  • [New] Support Adding Custom Css and JS Code In Theme Control Module
  • [New] Easy install datasample, theme, modules on existed Site

Supported plugins

The theme comes with an extensive help file to help you understand how it works. Drop us a notice at: Submit A Ticket Now if you encounter any problem or have questions, you will be supported by our best Wordpress developers who will help you solve any problem within 24 hours.

Note: You need to purchase a license for WPML separately.

Updates History:

Version 1.6.3 – Updated 15 Jun 2016
  • Updated to compatible with WooCommerce 2.6 , Revolution Slider , Visual Composer 4.12
Updated 13-Aug-2015
  • Update to fully compatible with WooCommerce 2.4.3
  • Edit some Visual Composer elements to make fully compatible with Visual Composer newest version
  • U    unity/woocommerce/single-product/tabs/tabs.php
    U    unity/woocommerce/single-product/add-to-cart/variable.php
    U    unity/woocommerce/content-product_cat.php
    U    unity/woocommerce/emails/email-header.php
    U    unity/woocommerce/order/order-details.php
    U    unity/woocommerce/content-product.php
    D    unity/vc_templates/vc_column_text.php
    D    unity/vc_templates/wpo_facebook_fanbox.php
    D    unity/vc_templates/vc_flickr.php
    D    unity/vc_templates/vc_posts_grid.php
    D    unity/vc_templates/vc_toggle.php
    D    unity/vc_templates/vc_single_image.php
    U    unity/vc_templates/wpo_gallery_grid.php
    U    unity/vc_templates/wpo_gallery_filter.php
    U    unity/vc_templates/event_countdown/event-layout-1.php
    U    unity/vc_templates/wpo_brands.php
    U    unity/vc_templates/wpo_social_counter.php
    D    unity/vc_templates/vc_gmaps.php
    A    unity/vc_templates/vc_gmaps.php
    U    unity/vc_templates/vc_row.php
    U    unity/vc_templates/wpo_testimonials.php
    U    unity/vc_templates/wpo_portfolio.php
    U    unity/vc_templates/wpo_gridposts.php
    U    unity/vc_templates/wpo_productcategory.php
    U    unity/vc_templates/wpo_counter.php
    U    unity/vc_templates/wpo_reassuarence.php
    U    unity/vc_templates/wpo_event_countdown.php
    U    unity/vc_templates/wpo_campaigns_featured.php
    U    unity/vc_templates/wpo_facebook_like_box.php
    U    unity/vc_templates/wpo_inforbox.php
    U    unity/vc_templates/wpo_campaigns_tab.php
    U    unity/vc_templates/wpo_product_deals.php
    U    unity/vc_templates/vc_progress_bar.php
    U    unity/vc_templates/wpo_all_products.php
    U    unity/vc_templates/wpo_pricing.php
    U    unity/vc_templates/wpo_verticalmenu.php
    U    unity/vc_templates/wpo_megablogs.php
    U    unity/vc_templates/vc_column.php
    U    unity/vc_templates/wpo_campaigns_frontend.php
    U    unity/vc_templates/wpo_products.php
    U    unity/vc_templates/vc_accordion.php
    U    unity/vc_templates/vc_text_separator.php
    U    unity/vc_templates/wpo_category_list.php
    U    unity/vc_templates/vc_video.php
    U    unity/vc_templates/wpo_frontpageposts.php
    U    unity/vc_templates/wpo_event_frontend.php
    U    unity/vc_templates/vc_pie.php
    U    unity/vc_templates/wpo_team_list.php
    U    unity/vc_templates/wpo_category_filter.php
    U    unity/vc_templates/wpo_team.php
    U    unity/vc_templates/vc_accordion_tab.php
    U    unity/vc_templates/wpo_service.php
    U    unity/vc_templates/wpo_title_heading.php
    U    unity/vc_templates/wpo_megaposts.php
    U    unity/vc_templates/wpo_event_accordion.php
    U    unity/tribe-events/list/single-event-2.php
    U    unity/tribe-events/list/single-event.php
    U    unity/inc/functions/theme.php
    U    unity/inc/vc/class/all_products.php
    U    unity/inc/vc/event.php
    U    unity/inc/vc/theme.php
    Updated 29-Jul-2015
  • Updated newest version of Crowdfunding plugin
  • Updated newest version of Event Calendar
  • U    unity/tribe-events/default-template.php
    U    unity/tribe-events/month/single-day.php
    U    unity/tribe-events/month/single-event.php
    U    unity/tribe-events/month/nav.php
    U    unity/tribe-events/single-event.php
    U    unity/tribe-events/modules/meta/organizer.php
    U    unity/tribe-events/modules/meta/venue.php
    U    unity/tribe-events/modules/meta/details.php
    U    unity/tribe-events/list/nav.php
    U    unity/tribe-events/day/nav.php
    U    unity/tribe-events/day/single-event.php
    U    unity/contents-download.php
    U    unity/templates/breadcrumb.php
    U    unity/templates/campaign/single.php
    U    unity/contents-portfolio.php
    U    unity/inc/frontend.php
    U    unity/contents-gallery.php
    Updated 4-Jun-2015
  • Updated compatible with WooCommerce newest version 2.3.10
  • Add function to customize Campaign Button on Main Menu
  • Version 1.2 – Updated 27-Apr-2015
    • Updated compatible WordPress 4.2
    • Updated newest Visual Composer version
    • Updated compatible with WooCommerce newest version
    • Fixed problem about Security Vulnerability Affecting
    Version 1.0.0 – Created 30 Mar 2015
    • Release Unity WordPress Theme