Discussion on Unity - WordPress Crowdfunding Theme

Discussion on Unity - WordPress Crowdfunding Theme

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Hi there, I liked the theme. I have few questions however before asking.

1. In the campaign or donation page, instead of direct donation, can you help me by keeping different grocerry options? Please refer to this page to understand my requirement: https://www.donatekart.com/Allahabad-Navnirman-Kusht-Rogi-Ashram/help-durgalal-to-fight-leprosy

2. Do you support RazorPay or any other payment gateway of India?

Thank you.

Hi there, thanks for contacting us.

1. Our theme doesn’t support this idea.

2. You can check payment gateways that the theme and the donation plugin support here: https://givewp.com/addons/category/payment-gateways/


Hi, I love this theme and already gave it a 5-star rating. I need help with something. Since this theme is not using Woocommerce I cannot use an affiliate plugin to allow people to promote campaigns and get a percentage when people donate from their affiliate link. Do you guys have any suggestion how I can have an affiliate program attached to campaigns?

Hi there,

Thanks for choosing our theme. For your issue, please contact our support team at https://wpopal.ticksy.com/submit and attach your site info also, they will check and support you. 


​i installed the theme and imported the demo… but it seems many pages are missing, pls check the header navigation – home, there is only 1 homepage option, but when i checked your demo link there was 4, also the blog details page. Many images are not imported as shown on the live demo u have.

pls provide the full data so that i can edit according to my own images and text

thank you

Hi there,

Thanks for choosing our theme. For your issue, please contact our support team at https://wpopal.ticksy.com/ and attach your site info also, they will check and support you. 


I have already created a ticket but haven’t received any reply yet, pls check my ticket id – 3048771

I did not find the child theme when i recently download the file. Please send me child theme. I want to change and make update on elimentor version. ​And neither the blog page nor any other pages except home page seems working. I cannot see the bacground image in my blog pages or other pages as in demo.

www.nyanopan.org my email: rimalpramod@hotmail.com


Hi, you can use this plugin to create a child theme: https://wordpress.org/plugins/child-theme-configurator/


Hi, the theme is great, i’m using it for my no profit and it’s going well.

In these days i’m getting some issues with the 3rd party included plug ins that don’t allow me to update them (so it gives critical errors on many fronts). Mostly it’s about “deprecated” functions.

How do i fix those? How can i update them (js visual composer and revolution slider)? Ty

Hi there, which plugin are you mentioning?

js visual composer and revolution slider, or at least, that’s what the debugger says

Please contact us via this email support help@wpopal.com, we’ll help you. Thanks,

Unfortunately the support falls short. I already acquired 02 real estate themes at ENVATO and I had no problems. Unfortunately I have no way of evaluating.

Hi there,

Thanks for choosing our theme. If you are facing technical issue, please contact our support team at https://wpopal.ticksy.com/ and attach your site info also, they will check and help you.


Não adianta! Esse suporte deixa a desejar. Tenho que recorrer a um freelancer, fora da equipe Opal.

The live preview seems to be down, gives the following message:

“Revolution Slider Error: You have some jquery.js library include that comes after the revolution files js include. This includes make eliminates the revolution slider libraries, and make it not work.

To fix it you can: 1. In the Slider Settings -> Troubleshooting set option: Put JS Includes To Body option to true. 2. Find the double jquery.js include and remove it.”

Please check the theme demo here: https://demo2.wpopal.com/unity/


how do i change the give form button “Donate Now” to other text ?

Hi there, thanks for choosing our theme. Please contact our support at https://wpopal.ticksy.com/, they will guide you. Thanks,

​Buongiorno ho acquistato questo pacchetto, questo tema non viene aggiornato da un bel po, mi chiedevo se posso aggiornare a wordpress 5.5.X e fare update del page builder elementor dalla 2.9 alla 3.X senza arrecare malfunzionamenti alla struttura del template. PS È previsto un update per il tema?

Hi there, you can update the theme with WordPress 5.5. Before update, please backup your site. And the theme is not compatible with Elementor 3.x, please see this https://www.wpopal.com/elementor-3-0-issues-announcement/. Thanks,

thank you

I can’t preview this theme. I am getting ” Server Redirected You Too Many Times” error. Its a real shame because I wanted to purchase this them badly. Going with something else as I’m short on time.

Hi there, thank you for informing us. The demo is working well. You can check here: https://demo2.wpopal.com/unity/

Hello Sir, I am interested in the Crowdfunding themes based on a share in revenue or Equity, not in donations or rewards?

does this theme compatible with that?

Best Regards

Hi there, thank you for contacting us. Our theme is for donation, not for share in revenue. Thanks,

Does this support login and sign up functionnality ? To let people post their projet ?

Hi there, thank you for contacting us. For your question, just site admin can add and publish a project on Unity. Thanks


We would like to use this site as a landing page. Is it possible to link the campaigns to our crowdfunding platform? In other words: the funder can register for the campaign by registering in our platform and the % automatically changes on the website?

Thanks in advance.

Hi there, yes you can use our theme as a landing page and link the campaigns to your crowdfunding platform. You can link the register form to the register form of your platform.

Hello Opal-WP. A thousand congratulations for the design of your themes, they are excellent.

I fraternally request an update of my Unity theme

I have a question: A couple of years ago I bought the Unity theme for wordpress. It went very well, but for reasons of force majeure I left it, including the site I had. These days I reinstalled the theme it works fine, except for one problem: the plugin does not work and on the contrary “breaks the website” Check with the developers of the plugin and in their pages of the site this if the site is kept inactive in the that the Unity theme was installed the usage permission is lost. One solution they suggest is that the author of the topic can reapply for permission to enable the plugin in the topic that I bought it some time ago. My question is is it possible that as the author of the Unity theme you can contact the creators of the plugin to request a permission for my theme that was inactive for a while? Would it be an update? If possible, this favor would be greatly appreciated.


Hi there, for your issue, please contact us at https://wpopal.ticksy.com/ or email help@wpopal.com and attach your site info also, our developers will check and help you. Thanks,

Hi, when is an update compatible with wordpress 5.4.x expected?

And don’t forget to backup your site and then update. Thanks


you’re welcome :)

Requested Refund, this does not work as expected.

Good day – I do not see the register/login button on your demo, or the option where a user can create a campaign.

Hi there, with Unity, only admin has the right to create a campaign and users can donate for that campaign. Thanks :)

Do you have a theme where a user can create a campaign and the site owner take a small percentage. Bonus if it works with Gift and Woocommerce

Hi there, sorry we don’t have, just admin can create a campaign. Thanks,

Good day – will it break the theme if you use givewp plugin instead of charitable

Hi there, it’s better to use the plugin that comes along with the theme because it has been made to be compatible with the theme. If you want to use GiveWP plugin, you need to re-style it. Thanks :)

I have problems with importing data

Hi there, please send your issue to our support email help@wpopal.com, we’ll help you. Thanks,

I see your theme no longer uses Visual Composer. I have an old version of your theme I would like to run updates on but every time I do I get a fatal error. Will this theme still work with VC? I keep having an issue with my masonry media grid not loading but when I run theme or VC updates I get a fatal error.

Hi, the theme has been updated to use Elementor.

What is the best way to handle a site that was built using this theme and VC?

Please send your issue to our support email help@wpopal.com, we’ll help you. Thanks,


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