Discussion on Vega HTML5 Responsive Template

Discussion on Vega HTML5 Responsive Template

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Hello! Congratulations about the template, it’s awesome. I’m trying to open files with extension .php but it isn’t work very well.

When I open just html, the ajax load perfectly but when I call a php file nothing happens.

Any idea?

I’m not sure, but you should maybe adapt the net.flashedge.app script to load php files instead of html files. Locate inside the script the ”.html” parts and replace them with ”.php” – safe and minify the script by adding a .min suffix like the existing file.

I’ll include a check in the next update to detect the extension automatically.

It’s works. I just replaced .html to .php. But I needed to change too this line: window.location = ”#” + (E(this).attr(“href”).substr(0, E(this).attr(“href”).length – 5)).replace(/./, ””)


window.location = ”#” + (E(this).attr(“href”).substr(0, E(this).attr(“href”).length – 4)).replace(/.[\\\/]/, ””)

Because .html is 5 characters and .php is just 4. If you does not make that change, it wont work. The anchor always will be missing the last character.

Thank you!

Thanks for sharing! I’ll add this in the next update for other users. :)

Hi my friend i have problem with the contact form when someone send me a message the mail i receive it doesnt show the email that user left me or his name or anything else…the only thing i receive is dots….....

It sounds like you’re getting an empty form. I need to inspect your site to find out what’s wrong. Contact me privately for assistance.

Hey thanks for your last reply! Still working it out.

Another question today – is it possible to disable the background image slide when viewing the site on mobile phone devices? It takes a while to load up and I don’t want users to wait that long under 3G connection.

Thank you in advance. Have a great day! Cheers, arkcrft

Try to add the “hide-on-phones” class to the bg div. It should not show up on mobile devices this way. I’m not sure if it’s still cached though, you might need to code a check on your own to disable the container.

How can I keep opaque effect front of the slideshow in version mobile?

For performance reasons the background fades out and is hidden when not in the viewport of the mobile device. This way the memory usage is kept low and the scrolling is smooth. The opaque effect is kept anyway.

You might try to disable this by commenting out the block around line 103 of the net.flashedge.app script where you’ll find a comment about this. Remember to rename the file with a min suffix and to minify it.

Last question: And to increase more opaque in normal background, do you know wich line in js need I adjust?


Just edit the ”.opaque” class or create a new one in your custom stylesheet with the same name that overwrites it.

Great theme! lovely to edit and everything is in order.

one question Audio looping, how to get it off? i just like to get one intro sound and then without audio.

Thanks for the kind words.

You can disable the audio looping by removing the “trackEnded” event block from the net.flashedge.app script which is near the end of the file around line 1807. Remember to save the file with a min suffix and minify it for good results.

Thanks! ( I tried to find settings from audio.js…)

Super cool support, just with 15$

Vega theme won’t install….

I keep getting the following message: “Unpacking the package… Installing the theme… The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

Theme install failed.”

There’s a file in the folder called ‘styles.css’ – but If I try and rename this by dropping the ’s’ off styles – it doesn’t work either.

Please can you help.

Hi Matt, I’m sorry but this template is not a Wordpress Theme. Feel free to follow me to be notified when the WP Version will be released.

Hey great template! Simple question… Locally the site navigates correctly, however when I upload it to the server each of the links has a ”#” added the the start of it, which is not an accurate link so it keeps reloading the index file. Any idea where this might be coming from. again it works fine locally and it happens on all browsers. I’ve tried clearing out the cache.

I should note that this is in a subdirectory for testing. I haven’t tried putting it in my root on my webserver yet. So where I’m seeing this issue is www.mysite.com/newsite

The main page will come up, but if I try to navigate it looks like this: www.mysite.com/newsite/#reel.htm

If I take out the # it works fine (if I add an “l” at the end). Where is that coming from?

Thanks for reporting. Version 1.1.5 had an issue with deeplinks which was fixed in version 1.1.6 – you can download it from your dashboard. Overwrite the js folder and you’re set.

Quick question.. maybe someone already asked it but thought I’d ask anyway since you’re (Emanuele) obviously the UI god here.. just was curious how to make it so when the top menu opens it doesn’t push down / animate the body below?

There is an option provided for this and is documented in the userguide.

still waiting for wp version :) ready?

It’s still under development. Feel free to follow me to be notified when it’s ready.

my client is waiting for this theme (WP version). :(

I’m sorry, master-t. There is a lot to do for making it work flawlessly under Wordpress. Better delay the release than selling an half-baked product.

I’m a freelance animator and wanted an HTML 5 template to redo my website, so I bought this one. Beautiful design and very easy to customize. A steal at $15! Great work Flashedge and a big thank you!

Comments like this fill me with pride in what I do. Thank you, I really appreciate it! :)

Hey Emanuele -

Finally bought the template and just wondered do I get update notifications sent to my email? Or how do I know when version (currently 1.1.6) updates occur just re-download and check? Would be nice if there was a ‘current version’ field on the public profile for Vega. Perhaps the download filename changes slightly if there’s an update? Cheers!

Nevermind found it. Though the question about how to know when new Vegas are out is still open to reply.

Updates and new files are announced through twitter.

There is a full change log in the history section of the documentation and also in the description page. You can find your downloaded version directly into the code of each file.

Hi, nice template. The only problem I am having right now is for the images that I want to display on the portfolio or gallery section. When the images are viewed through a regular size laptop (15’‘) the image looks cut off.


It’s meant to be that way. You might tweak the size and position with a custom stylesheet if you’d like.

Hi Flashedge,

Great template! I have a query if I may. I would to have the background slide only change when a menu item is clicked. Can you think of a way this can be done?

Many thanks.

The background is global unless you disable ajax and reset the behavior so it loads a new background for each page. To do so try adding a target attribute to the menu items you’d like to reset the background.

Hi Flashedge, I’m having problems getting the youtube video to play. I tried pasting in the video ID, but only get the loader. Works fine on Vimeo vids.


Any ideas?

YouTube videos should work fine as long you set them to be public from your dashboard.

Hi there,

I am interested in purchasing this but I am very curious to know more about the music player.

-first, you mention on a previous comment to hardcode so that music player stays visible and doesn’t autohide. Do you provide more instructions on that after purchasing? -Second, where does the music load from? From a mp3 or is it possible to link to sound cloud song?

many thanks

The music player is based on audio.js and its behavior is managed through the net.flashedge.app javascript as it need to interface itself in some pages, like the portfolio page that detects other sensible areas and hides the music player whenever it’s not focused.

It loads mp3 files and uses a flash fallback for the browsers that don’t support html5 music playback for such files. I have no clue on how you could interface it with sound cloud.

Thanks for your answer.

Could i then insert this javascript player into your template? It seems much more complete and can link to music files on soundcloud servers http://codecanyon.net/item/fullwidth-audio-player-jquery-plugin/841563

Sure, if you strip out the footer music player it won’t initialize. Replace it as you wish. :)

I’ve noticed that the scroll feature for anyone without a scrolling touch pad or scrolling mouse is very difficult. Is there any way to correct this? The user has to click and drag up about an inch and then repeat.

I got a lot of mixed feedback about the scrolling. For these reason I included additional options to allow everybody to stick to a different kind of scrolling.

If you’d like to scroll the whole layout, set in the main div the data-globalscroll to true. Another option to swap the iScroll script with jScrollPane is data-iscroll located in the shell div which can be set to true for a traditional scrolling behavior.

Also, the contact page in explorer 9 shows only a very small section of the map…like maybe 150px total.

It sounds like you have a small resolution on your setup. That’s the minimum declared in the styles.css file, you can tweak it through the custom stylesheet for your needs.

Now I’m testing it in IE8 and it works but look horrible… Logo is huge and text area at the bottom is very small (like 100-150px tall)...and thats just the homepage.

This template uses features provided by newer browsers and it might happen that it’s not quite the same in older versions of IE.

The scrolling falls back to native scrollbars, some animations are skipped and a few effects are just not supported. It works more or less. Though I’ll check again if there is something to be fixed.

If you have further issues to report contact me privately. Thanks for your effort.

Hello, first i will say : Great Template thx a lot !! I have only one question: how can i use the blog function in it ? its my first time with HTML5 , Ajax and im sorry for my question. can u help me how i can use these function ? thx a lot ;)

The blog is only the front end of what it could be. It will make sense once hooked with a content management system like wordpress. You can either omit it or integrate the code with a back end.