Discussion on Vega HTML5 Responsive Template

Discussion on Vega HTML5 Responsive Template

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hi, what is the meaning of “built with Foundation, LESS and the powerful layout engine Isotope”.. if i want to make some serious changes i have to work with foundation and less? i know you told me it’s okay also dreamweaver but i’m afraid dreamweaver is not enough. please. i also wish to know if you can give help if i need after buying your template.

Foundation, LESS and Isotope are all frameworks which have nothing to do with the editor you’re going to use. You can use Dreamweaver, Coda or any kind of text editor that suits your needs.

Changes can be done, but you should be aware that some parts are coded through javascript and need some programming knowledge from your side.

i have the same question of niko1980: “how i can change the black back behind the logo to transparent?” i really don’t know how to do. thank you.

You have two options.

If you think you’re going to do heavy changes and need your own playground, then you should probably create a new stylesheet to work with. Create a new stylesheet inside the css folder and name it, let’s say “custom.css”. Now link it inside your index.html document in the head tag like this, right before the closing </head>
 <link rel="stylesheet" href="css/custom.css">
Now you can feed your changes inside that file. In your case you must target the logo container and change the background, which can be done like this:
#header h1 { background-color: transparent; }
That’s it!

The second option is to edit the provided LESS stylesheet, find the logo background on line 77 and edit it. Once you’ve done you need to compile the .less file into a compressed .css file with one of the apps linked in the userguide. I prefer this solution as it keeps the whole site lightweight, it’s up to you.

Any idea why this theme flickers in my Vista Chrome (just uninstalled and reinstalled it to be sure)? On my larger desktop its fine.. only my smaller laptop display.. it seems to have to do with the dimmer ..as it like dimmers for 10-100ms then resets and starts dimming again.. its bizarre. I love the theme so hoping its not a bug and just my laptop.

Hmm I removed those two divs like you suggested and anything with a semi-transparent background (i.e. lower thick semi-trans background black bar near bottom holding “NEW PROJECTS ” or “HELLO, WE ARE VEGA …” those too still flickr and why I suggested this is to do more with the semi-transparent gradient (or flat) background than with those images/div you suggested. Any other ideas? Thanks Emanuele!

I’ll screen record for a bit so you see what I see.

Contact me privately, thanks.

Hi flashedge! Great work! Can you please help me with couple of questions?

1. Blog. I’ve noticed “Search” isn’t working and “Next” / “Previous” buttons not working. Also posting comments seams to be not functioning. Generally, what is the purpose of these buttons and how blog supposed to be working with them? Will search engine index every post on this blog in good SEO way?

2. URL structure. AJAX transitions are awesome. However, will search engine index # hash versions of main page? As i know, it won’t, probably unless it’s #!. What search engines will index? Every page.html? Any recommendation to make nice clean search engine result page to redirect users to domain.com/#page instead of page.html, while keeping SEs indexing correct data from those pages?

3. AJAX transitions bring the same page title in browser history repeating VEGA VEGA etc. Is it possible to parse different page title on a fly? (Something like it does in Flash deep-link with swfaddress).

Many questions here ) I’ve tried to be as short as possible.

Thanks for answers! By the way, i’ve already implemented page title :-) HTML5 version is good of this theme. Wordpress would make an alternative, but i like convenience of HTML . Just a thought.

Have a nice day!

Would you mind sharing your solution for parsing the page title?

I was in a rush to fix this, so to parse page titles i’ve used simple javascript. I believe there is another better way possible with jQuery code inside AJAX transitions or something. I will download your update soon to see how you’ve done it ;)

Hi! nice work, thanks for this great theme!

i’ve a question, how can i place two placemarks on the google maps? thanks!

In net.flashedge.app.js you’ll find a function called “createMap” where there is a row with the markers. It actually parsed automatically the one of the document, but you can add as many as you want. Line 614 looks like this:
markers:[{address: a}]
Add more markers, like this:
markers:[{address: a, address: b, address: c}]
Where b and c are your own variables to configure.

You can read the whole documentation of gMap here: http://www.smashinglabs.pl/gmap

Once you’ve done the changes you either link the uncompressed javascript or minify it to replace the old one.

OMG ! This is the best website template I ever seen! I love your work!

Please could you do Wordpress version, please!!!

Thanks for the kind words. WP Version is under development. :)

great work! I was wondering if the player can remain seen versus “hiding”?

Uhm, not directly. I guess if you hardcode it you can get a fixed music player, but it was designed to be autohidden all the time.

hi, how can i fix the navigation buttons, beacause de doesnt go to the real url ..

can you help me?

Sure, what’s you issue? If you need to open pages without ajax, you have to include the target attribute.

anyone can help me with the deeplinks?

I checked the main menu behaviour, and there was indeed a small glitch which prevented external links from working. I’ve fixed it. In a few days the update will be available for download which includes this fix.

All you need to do is include a target attribute in your links and it will skip the Ajax loading process this way.

Can I use a video as my background?

I guess you can by replacing the background divs with the video. I didn’t include such feature because the whole site was running very slow during my tests. I chose to skip this for now.

is there a way for me to disable all dynamic loading/jquery transitions so that when I click a menu open it just loads the page like normal, and not dynamically?

Yes, put inside your anchor tags in the target attribute “_self” and the ajax loading will be skipped.

Im still holding out for the WP version, but just a heads up, i know you said earlier you dont have any i-devices but on an iphone 4 the site is very slow to run, it resizes perfectly, but not very “responsive” Hope you can get this fixed, as soon as a WP version is out its a day 1 buy from me

Are you referring that slight lag that occurs while scrolling? I could notice it on the 3GS, barely on the 4S. It seems like it depends on the background cross fade. I’ll look into this and see if I can tweak it further.

Wordpress version is under development. :)

Hello man! I have a question here. I’m using portfolio with 4 columns. I’ve noticed how images resize depending on screen size. I use a lot of graphic design/typography images and they resize differently on screens. For example, i’ve used 450px wide images like in your example. They look perfect sharp and clear on my ipad and iphone, but on desktop images shrink. This makes them totally crap looking. Pixel fonts will become unreadable etc. I am sure there is a trick to fix it. So images wont resize on any screen, they will just roll over in a grid and look great on every screen? Could you please point me in a right direction to fix it?


There is a tiny resize script built-in Foundation which takes care of the images. You might try to alter the width of the columns or pick up one of the other combinations like the 3 or 2 columns provided in the download package.

Some browsers don’t have a very nice antialiasing on resized images, but in my tests it performed quite well on all major vendors.

No problems.

You’re right about browser antialiasing – it works pretty good on photographic content in my tests too.

After playing with Foundation framework and its resize functions, i wouldn’t touch it. It’s perfect. There are some alternative hardcore solutions beyond the scope of this template.

We can’t carry a giraffe in a tiny box?! Or can we? :-) Take care! ^

Hey thanks for the response on the ajax loading! Another question I have now, is basically I want to disable the internal box scrolling area, and I want the browser scrollbar to work and scroll the entire site (kinda like the way it works when viewed on a phone, you scroll the entire site, logo and navigation meny and all instead of just the content area). I want to do this because when viewed on an ipad horizontally, or on lower desktop resolutions, not enough content area is showed in my opinion and if you have alot of content you have to scroll through it in a very short content window.

If I can change it so the entire site scrolls, not just the content area, no matter the resolution or device its being viewed on, that would be awesome! I think it has something to do with the @media only stuff, but I can’t figure it out.

Uhm, I see what you mean. I’ll add a new option to allow a global scrolling in the next update. The media queries are only rules for tablets and mobile.

Is it possible to place a video on the homepage? Maybe in the place of the 3 bottom sections…


Sure, why not? It’s just a container to be replaced.

hi, Is it possible to add more than one Vimeo video on the page? Thanks.

Yes you can, but there are a few down sides for using more video containers on the same page.

If a user clicks all of them he will download the videos at once and likely experience a choppy playback, videos might overlap each other if played together and music doesn’t disable itself as the listeners don’t have an unique event anymore.

The best thing is to create fake images with a play button which will load a new page and launch the video automatically by using the data-autoplay attribute set on true. This way you keep memory usage low and the whole experience will be smooth for your users.

I see. Thanks for reply.

I’ve just uploaded your theme to my server and it shows up fine in all browsers except Chrome.

What kind of issue do you have?

hello are you thinking of doing a version of wordpress?

The WP Version is under development.

tanks, can you tell me how long it will more or less?

By next month it should be released.