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Hi Can i change the dimensions of the footer widgets please. Thanks again.

Hello curiousworld,

Yes that can be done. Kindly let me know what width is required. Also send me the site URL so that I can suggest correct CSS.


Hi, I would like to put the latest News/Blog title and author in the sidebar widgets. Can I do this automatically or does it have to be manual.

Hello curiousworld,

Latest news/articles can be shown using Recent Posts widget or by using the [post_list] or [plain_list] shortcode. These will not show author name, but only date.


Hi, I would like t re-arrange the social media icons in the Walk Social Icons widget but cannot seem to find it in the code. Seems easy enough but cannot find the correct .php file. Can you point me in the right direction please?

Hello pegallivan,

The file is located inside wp-content/plugins/walk-shortcodes/widgets/widget-social-links.php. You can re arrange from line no.s 63 to 98 in the file.


When going to upload…upload has failed due to style.css not being found. Any suggestions?

Hello JaridFriederick,

Thank you for purchasing theme. It will be required to install theme only archive, and not the entire download. You can download installabe theme archive from your downloads section.

Alternatively, unzip the main download and look for the folder named ‘walk’. This is actual installable theme which you can zip and upload to WordPress via Themes > Add new.


hi, i would like to have bilingual site English & Arabic( Right to Left). Will this theme support. Thank You

Hello nandugan,

Yes Arabic and RTL languages are supported. But in order to have two or more languages on same site you will need to use a language translation plugin like WPML. If you wish to use single language, then WPML is not required.


Hello, I’m getting this error on my website:

Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at /home/chrisko22/public_html/ in /home/chrisko22/public_html/ on line 1171

Do you have a new version of the Walk Theme that I could upload? Will doing this erase all of my content?


Hello Chris,

It seems you are using old version of the theme. The latest one doesn’t have this file in the includes folder. However, that version is also compatible with latest WordPress. This particular error arises due to any extra whitespaces above or below php file.

You can either update to latest version by downloading it from your themeforest account, or replace the wp-content/themes/walk/includes/init_custom_widgets.php file with the one I am sending to your email. You can replace the file using FTP or File Manager of your hosting account.



A client of mine has this theme and wants to add another page to his navigation menu. When I add the page, the menu runs on to two lines. How can I reduce the padding between the existing menu items so that the entire menu fits onto one line?

Thanks so much for your help! Sarai

Hello Sarai,

Sorry for the inconvenience, but in order to get support you will need to log in from the actual purchase account. Or you can send me the purchase code from your client (along with this query) at xconsau[at]gmail[dot]com. I will suggest a solution after purchase verification.


Hi Saurabh On the walk template which I bought, how do I get the preview image to show for blog posts ie when I have the last 5 blog posts show as a widget on the right side of my pages? Many thanks Paul

Hello Paul,

Inside Appearance > Widgets, instead of using WordPress Recent Posts widget, use the “Walk Recent Posts” widget. It will show recent posts with featured image thumbnail.


Hi Suarabh – one last question. Evert time I add an image ie at the top of my post, no matter what I try , the text is right up against the image ie I cannot get a paragraph break or any space between the image and text below. I am used to using html etc etc but for this specific theme only it seems a problem. Love the theme! Just this one issue at moment. Many thanks!!!!!! Paul

I might have just worked it out in that large image was set as left align rather than no alignment and it caused this problem.

Hello Paul,

Thanks for figuring it out. Removing alignment class will work too.


Hi, great theme thanks! Have a question. I want to use larger images for the homepage slider and different length sliders for other pages. What is happening now is the images are defaulting to 980×342. I would like the homepage 980×493 and all other pages 980×100. Where do i make these adjustments? Also the homepage ( even though page type is full width) is showing all posts, comments, archives etc above the slider, how do i get rid of this.? I also have some customisation i would like done, willing to pay for your time ( not alot, just design for widget boxes) can you please let me know an email address or somewhere that i can send a file to you to show you what i would like? Many thanks in advance


Navigate to WordPress admin’s Appearance > Editor. Next, click on child theme’s style.css file and add these rules at the end of file:

.featured {
    border: none;

.container {
    -webkit-box-shadow: none;
    -moz-box-shadow: none;
    box-shadow: none;

/* Gap between slider and content */
.primary .wrap {
    padding-top: 30px;

Save these changes. Next, check the site by clearing all browser caches. Please be aware that the grey shadow was actually around page container, so removing it will remove the shadow from entire container.


Thank you ! Great support! I really appreciate it. I only have one more question. i need to customise the secondary widgets for the footer to look like this… And three on the bottom instead of 4 in this design, is this possible?/ Thanks in advance


Yes that is possible, but will need some customization in core file and CSS file. Kindly email me at xconsau[at]gmail[dot]com. I will send you the files.


Hi Saurabh – On the walk theme, I added an image in the post and set it to left align but the the shows over the image. How do I solve this? Many thanks. Paul

No problem. Sent you the fix.

As ever. Brilliant support from you Saurabh. Thank you.

You’re welcome. :)

Hello Saurabh, Quick question for you! One of my clients uses your theme and for whatever reason the mobile text is formatting itself weird. I’ve posted the text directly from notepad and made sure it has/had no extra coding. I have about 5 pages doing this right now. Check out this on your mobile device please (Screen size is I’m talking about is Standard iPhone 7 or smaller):

What can I do so it goes the full sentence width?

Hello again,

The text shown in picture is expected behavior of text on mobile. Since the screen size reduces, the text wraps itself according to screen width. If you are mentioning the unwanted line breaks, those are occurring due to br tags inside the text content. See

To fix this, edit the page in “Text” mode of editor and remove these tags. You can separate paragraphs with p tags or use a complete line return in “Visual” mode of editor.

You can disable mobile feature or responsiveness by navigating to WordrPress admin’s Appearance > Walk Options > General > Disable responsive.css file. Check this option and save settings. In this case, all text and formatting will be same on mobile as on desktop.


Hello Saurabh,

I am using the Walk theme in the “wide” layout mode.

I have installed Visual Composer and set a row to full width. However it seems that maybe the theme is not allowing that content to go outside of the body width. Could you suggest anything I could try to make this work. Is it possible with this theme?

Thank you, Kevin

Hello Kevin,

The theme has a main wrapper container which restricts the width of all inner elements. Since VC row is added inside the content area, it is unable to expand full width. Kindly send me the URL of page on which this row is added. I will check and suggest appropriate solution if possible.


Hello, Is this theme PHP 7 compatible? I ran a test and it shows the Walk theme and Walk Shortcodes are not. Thank you.

Hello kdenkers,

The theme has been updated with full compatibility with php 7.0+ and latest WordPress. Kindly download latest version and update the theme.


Thank you Saurabh.