Discussion on WordPress Theme Creation With Underscores

Discussion on WordPress Theme Creation With Underscores

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I need css file! not scss file


I want to convert my HTML template to wordpress. And after converting my html theme to wordpress i want to submit my wordpress template to themeforest for sale.

Please tell me, can I able to do this after completing your course?

Thanks in advance

I like this course so far. I’m in the sass section. I really like all the typography, phi, rem, em, and mixins etc. Great stuff. The one part that really confuses me is the part about segregating the sass customizations to allow for a future update of underscores. I thought the point of underscores was as a starting point for a custom theme and there is no concept of getting theme updates. Can you explain a little more about what you mean by this and how/why someone would want to update to a newer version of underscores? Wouldn’t there be many changes to the php templates, functions and javascript? Maybe I’m missing something. Otherwise, I love the course so far. Lots of valuable info for the price. Good teaching style. Thanks.

Glad you’re enjoying the course! The best thing to do is ask a question to Kezz directly in the forum, you can find it here: https://forums.envato.com/c/project-making/envato-courses-and-tutorials

This is probably not as usefull as exprected as you’re required to learn sass first. This does not make much sense, really. It’s like learning Butterfly stroke when all you really want to do is learn how to swim.

If you’re looking to create WordPress themes, then this course approaches it from a different angle – using Bootstrap: https://themeforest.net/item/building-wordpress-themes-with-bootstrap/14806107?s_rank=1

I bought this course just a month or so before Tuts+ moved to Envato and now I’ve lost access to the course for some reason. I did initially have access after Tuts+ became EnvatoTuts+ but for some reason a few more months passed and now it’s no longer one of my courses. I have contacted EnvatoTuts+ Support and replied to David Appleyard’s email dated 12/18/15 about the transition to Envato, so I hope someone fixes this, otherwise I’m not going to have much faith in buying from Envato in the future.

Hi Nate,

Sorry for any confusion. These courses on Envato Market are separate from the Tuts+ subscription – you can still log into Tuts+ and access your courses here: https://tutsplus.com/

Sir good day, the root folder of the _s is different from this course because their is no content.php. Can you please help me? Thank you.

Hi, if you have a questions about this course, you can ask the instructor herself as she’s very active in the forums: https://forums.envato.com/c/project-making/envato-courses-and-tutorials

You can message Kezz by including @kezzbracey.


I am planning to convert my one of HTML template to wordpress. Please ensure me, can I able to do this after completing your course? After convert I wanna submit my wordpress template to themeforest. If this course is not adequate for whole work please also suggest me some courses.

Thanks in advance

Hi, this course may be a better fit for you: https://themeforest.net/item/building-wordpress-themes-with-bootstrap/14806107

It takes you through the process of converting an HTML portfolio template into a fully functional WordPress theme using Bootstrap.

Thanks a lot for your valuable reply.

My folder structure for my _s theme is different than the one in your video. In my root folder I do not have a content.php, it is in the template-parts folder and it does not look like the one that you are using. Therefore, I am having trouble figuring out how to enable the featured image. I don’t know if there was an update since the video of _s but they don’t match at this point. If you don’t know php you will not be able to continue with this part. I think since we paid for this we should at least have an update.

Hi, thanks for your question. I have spoke to the instructor and she checked out the minor change in the _s theme.

The reason you may be confused is that where previously the new code was being added in between two closed off sections of PHP, now that same location is right in the middle of a PHP section hence HTML in there won’t work. It just needs to have the PHP tags adjusted accordingly.

If you can send me a message using the form on our Author profile (https://themeforest.net/user/tutsplus) then I can send you an updated version of the “content.php” file in question with the appropriate adjustments made.

Course is nice, in the sass step its goes too fast. She dont code much just command copy comand paste code. But the all codes is at the files in this course

Its better if you know sass,

My option to the next underscores course Take a HTML theme and transform into a underscores theme using bootstrap or flexbox or foundation

Thanks for your suggestion, we’ll definitely keep that in mind for future courses.

I couldn’t download the file. ????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Do check out the help page on “How To Download Your Item” and file a support request using the link at the bottom if you’re still having trouble.


I like the look of this, I want to take it if you can show me what to do once I am ready to start making my own theme on what I build here. Say I buy a bootstrap html design on here, how do I implement it? I’m not just talking basic, add a home page and blog I mean I need to know how to add a great site that i may need to work on for a client in the real world with added features. Is there a course that shows me that and if so please advise me so I can plan ahead to take this and carry on with the latter.

many thanks for your help.

Glad you’ve enjoyed this course! Tuts+ learning is self-directed, I’d recommend that you have a look through our library of courses and choose your next course based on what you want to learn next.


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