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I’m trying to update jquery and jquery-ui (just to be able to use HTML in the tooltips).

If I don’t include bootstrap.js I get the default theme for the tooltips (working fine, but I don’t like the theme). If I include bootstrap.js, the tooltip theme is lost (No CSS) and the tooltips behave unexpectedly. bootstrap.css is the one that gives the theme to the tooltip, but it’s not working (possibly, because the new version of jquery-ui uses a different classname)

My question is: can you share your experience on how to update the JS libraries and keeping the same functionality? Did you do it already?

My only goal is to use HTML on the tooltips (which doesn’t work on jquery 1.8.3). 1.9.1 does work.



Sorry for delay. Current tooltip plugin is a part of Bootstrap framework, it’s not an external plugin and by default it supports html, you can check it here. Regarding newest jquery versions – i’ll push an update very soon for Amsterdam, including latest jquery and jqueryUI versions.


Hi Kopyov,

I have an issue with UNIFORM on Amsterdam. I cannot do manual checked RADIO change.

Try with default forms.html of Amsterdam theme, just add ID to your toggle radio example, like :

<div class="radio inline"> <input type="radio" name="question11" checked="checked" id="question_on" /><label class="toggle-label">Checked</label></div> <div class="radio inline"><input type="radio" name="question11" id="question_off" /><label class="toggle-label">Unchecked</label></div>

And try to execute JS change like that:

$('#question_off').attr('checked',true); $('#question_on').attr('checked',false); $.uniform.update();

Nothing happens… Any idea?

I tryed on UNIFORM demo page, working fine.

Thanks for help!

Fixed: need to use repaint() method of iButton, radio are not handled by uniform ! Thanks Kopyov ;)



The pop option that you have provided (modal), when we click on the outside (dark) section it closes. Could you please tell us exactly which code is prompting that trigger. We need to added an Ajax code their to fetch data.

Thanks in advance.

There is no issue as such. We only want to know which code you are using to close the pop-up (modal) when one clicks on the ‘X’ button on top right or the dark background outside the popup. We need to add a Ajax code to fetch data at the time of closing.

There is no any custom code for such feature, it’s a built-in feature. If you need to disable close button, you can try to use
closeButton: false,
Please check plugin documentation for more info.


Where do we add this code?


What is name of icon set you used in main nav?

I want have some other icons in main nav, how can i do that?



Those icons are custom made, some of them were taken from IconSweets2 icon set. Actually you can use any 16×16 pixel icons for main nav.


I’ve been waiting a few months now for the update you promised.

Hello Kopyov,

I tried to view this theme on my iPhone to make sure it was responsive…It was, BUT, the page wasn’t locked down. It would scroll left and right if dragged with a finger. This is not the correct behavior of a responsive layout…(it should be locked in one position and only scroll up or down). Is there a setting that will lock it tightly on the screen?


Hi. Thank you for pointing out this issue, but I’m checking it on ipad right now and i dont see any issues, it works like it should. Can i see your page online? I believe you removed 1 line of code from head tag in html code. Thanks


First of all you have done great job I really like your template. I have question about loading your template into iframe. I found that grid does not work correctly in inframes

example: http://jsfiddle.net/5fNf3/

Do you have any propositions how to fix it?

Best regards and thanks in advance


Grid works correctly, your iframe has 900px width, in this case the grid is responsive and has 100% width. You can remove responsiveness from main css file if you don’t need it.


Still a great admin theme! I cant add this to my toolbar. https://github.com/wwalc/insertpre Are there any modified configs?

Amsterdam doesn’t have CKEditor, it uses CLEditor as a WYSIWYG editor.


Ups, I understand, I placed it a year ago and forgot. Sorry.

Hi, on iPhone and 3 columns mode i don’t see third column. http://jsfiddle.net/5fNf3/5/

oh great when i can recieve this update if i buy it now ? and I want to give advice? for small screens make switches, right and left, for different columns – it will be very comfortable.

Once an update will be ready and uploaded, you’ll get an email that item has been updated, right after that you’ll be able to download an updated package. Currently i’m working on updates for all of my templates, so Amsterdam should be updated very soon.


do you offer professional services for customization of this design ?

I do, but depends on timeframes, currently overloaded, sorry

Hi, on 15’ laptop and 3 columns mode i don’t see third column.


Third column appends to the first one if screen size <=1364px, this parameter can be changed in the template js core.



We are waiting over a year now for a update. You keep promising that you will release an update soon. Where is it?

I need that update for jQuery.


Viewing your theme to create 2 sites
similar to these for a client:



The first site is a single web page with; 3 columns, many links and a few


The second site has many images in a gallery
and the capbility to sort and link images to different categories

Can your responsive theme emulate these 2 web sites?

Thank you,
Sue Gibson



I really like the Amsterdam theme (as well as the others you have been published, great work! :)). I’d like to buy it and I’m quite certain about that, however, I’m kinda new to PHP and HTML. What exactly is being provided when purchasing the package? The best way to deal with would obviously be the live demo as source code or something like that.

Please, reply to this message and acquire another customer. ;)

Hi there.

Please send me an email via profile page form ;)