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why they are so many things missing on Tables? Like buttons, dropdown menu, progressbar, badgets etc ? If you see tables of other themes like Metronic they look so powerful.

They are just a sample content. Anyone can add buttons, dropdowns, badgets in the tables. It’s not part of the tables itself.

When I turn on stick left panel (also turn on sticky header), my left menu no longer opens/closes. Does something else need to be activated for the menues to work with the sticky options?

Turning sticky left panel will also turn on sticky header. I do it that way but the left menu still opens/closes. I am not sure why it’s not working in yours. What browser are you using?

Any browser on OSX

That’s weird. I’m using mac here and works fine.

Is it possible to load only the content instead of the entire page everytime something like ? Try to navigate and see

Yes you can through javascript

yes I mean if its already implemented or I have to do it on my own.

I can make one example in the next version release

I also have no idea why my main browser scrollbar keeps disappearing. Something conflicts with something and then I can’t scroll. Drives me bonkers :)

This can be deleted. I saw the css fix when i searched. Thank you

Adjust CKEditor height issues with chrome? I edit the CKeditor config file and put config.height = ‘800px’; I see it works in Firefox, but in chrome it is still the same height when it’s default. Any ideas?

I went into the Themepixels css for the CKeditor and edited the following css. That worked in Chrome.

.cke_panel { visibility:visible; width:120px; height:500px; overflow:hidden; background-color:#fff; border:1px solid #b6b6b6; border-bottom-color:#999; -moz-border-radius:3px; -webkit-border-radius:3px; border-radius:3px; -moz-box-shadow:0 0 3px rgba(0,0,0,.15); -webkit-box-shadow:0 0 3px rgba(0,0,0,.15); box-shadow:0 0 3px rgba(0,0,0,.15); }

I also left: config.height = ‘500px’;

In the config.js for CKEditor. I am not sure if there was a better way, but that is what I did for now to get it to work in multiple browsers. If anyone knows of a better way, I would be happy to hear it.

is there any way for tables, to open a information box on record level like the (+) button this example ?

Yes i can make one for that. Ill take note on that and be included in the next release

I am having problems with the <link href=”css/style.inverse.css” rel=”stylesheet”>

Changing the style of the page, please advise. I am placing the code right below the <head> per instructions. Thanks

just put it under the default css like this below
<link href=”css/style.default.css” rel=”stylesheet”>
<link href=”css/style.inverse.css” rel=”stylesheet”>

Perfect, thank you for the really quick response!!! It worked great

Great :) It would be really nice if you can give some ratings. Thanks

Keen to buy this theme, but one quick question:

How modular is the css, is it all compiled into one file or can I pick and choose the module I want (and decide whether I want to include the media queries) without having to go through a huge css file deleting bits?


Hi, css for this theme is in one css file. The skin color css though is in different file also the css for jquery plugins

Are the images responsive for this? If not will will that be correct?

Yes it’s responsive


I’m interested in this theme but i have one question, Does it come with PSD included?

Yes. Read the description. Thanks


I will be purchasing this template in the next couple of weeks and was wondering if it has a “Sorting / Nested” lists example page like I have seen in many other templates… I couldn’t find it in the demo page and I assume this is part of bootstrap? Will be something I definitely need and hope it’s included in the next update. If not, will have to do it myself! :)

Thanks for a great Admin Template and look forward to using it!

Could you provide me a link? So that I can see what you mean. Thanks

Purchased this theme last week. Noticed there are no less files. Is this something you could either provide now or add in your next update? Thanks

LESS support is still ongoing. It will be available in future release. I’m currently working on RTL support right now. Thanks

Hi! Someone asked if it would be possible to load only the content instead of the entire page and you said you would include an example in the next release. When is gonna be that? I love the layout but the fact that it reads the entire page is a deal breaker to me. If you could tell me when is it coming out or if I could easily do that, I appreciate. Thanks

I will add it in the next release. By 1-2 weeks from now I will release 1.4 version

Hi , i’m interested in this theme but first i would like to know if with the regular license i can create an app like (getresponse,mailchimp,and other email providers) since i will be using this only to display informations calculated in a backend php script .

Yes you can use regular license.

Hollow dear, i need to do custom work, can you do it for me?

I can’t accept custom work for now.

Please see the graph attached which is causing issues.

Will this get sorted?


What browser and os did you use on this one? Did you resize the page on this screenshot?

Hi this is chrome on Windows 7. This is a resized page, but i thought this would be adjusted by bootstrap/responsive

For now the chart plugin is not supporting responsive. It would be fine in mobile though

Hi, sorry for another bug report – amazing theme which i will be buying shortly, but I’m hoping these coding issues will be resolved.

Got an issue with the dropzone upload section – just tested it out. and when trying to remove the file it has the following error:

This is showing when you hover over the ‘X’ button on the file itself.

Please do you know when the two above errors will be resolved?

Many thanks,

p.s any ETA available on the updated version? About to start development, but probably makes more sense to start after update.

Also, if you could include some sort of pricing table features which fit in with the theme, this would be great, and for me would complete theme!

In my demo in the form I have an action of /file/post and that folder is not existed that is why it has an error. To solve the problem change the action value to any folder you like and make sure it’s existed. Example below
<form action="files/uploads/"> dropzone here </form>

Thanks for the fix – can’t test it yet as waiting for all clear from developer to buy the theme.


I’m looking to purchase your ‘Bracket’ admin template, and am wondering if it will be relatively simple (and more importantly possible) to have a web developer combine this with another template, whilst still carrying across the logic included in yours?

For instance, the form validations and login screens etc…? Thanks in advance, and I look forward to hearing back from you at the earliest possible time

I’m not sure what your goal is but if I am a developer I can easily combine this to another template. All you have to do is not to break the html structure and simply copy its desired css..

Is there a widget that has a scrollbar? Is there a way to make a scrollbar appear when there is too much information and you would just like to have it scrollable to view instead of a very long list or table?

I’m not sure what you mean on this…you mean you want to have a widget that the content is scrollable?

generally i am just looking to be able to having a vertical scrollbar so that the panel area will be a fixed height and if there are 40 records, it may show 10, then the scrollbar will allow you to see the rest.

In the panel widget, you can try add custom styles but before that you have to add another class name to “panel-body”. Example
<div class="panel-body panel-body-custom">
In your css add the following
.panel-body-custom {
  height: 300px;
  overflow: auto;

With that, you can now have a vertical scrollbar if there's many content inside of it.</pre>

Hello, could you please show how to render a toggle switcher turned off by default? When I put on the page, it renders turned on switcher. Thanks

Ok, found it. In your custom.js all toggles are on by default on 70th line. I think it should by something like: // Form Toggles jQuery(’.toggle’).each(function() { $(this).toggles({ on: $(this).data(‘toggle-on’) }); }); As it said in

So you figure it out already?

yes, thanks